9+ Best Udemy Alternatives For Learning Online In 2023

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Do you want to know if there are any reliable Udemy alternatives for online learning?

It makes sense why online classes are so popular right now. In contrast to the skyrocketing cost of education, online courses are typically very economical, very flexible (both in terms of geography and timing), and self-paced.

Additionally, it is not surprising that consumers frequently prefer Udemy when seeking websites that offer online courses. Udemy is an excellent alternative for taking lessons online because it has a large selection of courses on various topics. But there are several reasons why you may want to switch from Udemy. 

Udemy does not offer accredited certificates. The pricing of Udemy can also be a little heavy on pocket. Furthermore, there can be various platforms that provide better or the same courses at flexible pricing! 

Therefore, we bring you a list of handpicked online learning platforms which can be your alternative to Udemy. 

We have reviewed each platform in detail, so you can understand which platform is worth investing in! With that, let’s get into the details below.

Top 9 Udemy Alternatives: In A Nutshell (2023)

Before we go into the details of our list, here is our quick table of comparison of the best alternatives to Udemy!

Sr. No.PlatformBest for
1.SkillshareActive Learners
2.CourseraAccredited course
3.UdacityData science and programming
4.Nas academyContent creation, business, and crypto
6.Master ClassLearning from industry celebrities
7.CodecademyLearning Coding
8.PluralsightLearning Technical Skills
9.DatacampLearning Data Skills

Now that you have an overview of all the platforms, let us review each platform in detail below! 

1. Skillshare

Rating 4/5
Ease of us4.5/5
Price 7-day free trial, $159 USD per user per year
Best forActive Learners 

Given how close it is to (and perhaps even outperforms) Udemy, we believe Skillshare to be the greatest Udemy substitute.

This online learning platform, which was founded in 2010, offers more than 500 free lessons as well as subscription-based unrestricted access to premium classes. You can get access to some of the best courses in various fields like art, tech, science, computer, and more. Besides, you can also curate your own course and sell it on the platform!

Udemy Alternatives - Skillshare


  • Free courses: Skillshare provides around 2,000 classes for free or 10% of its total course offerings.
  • Affordability: The cost of Skillshare is reasonable, especially if you sign up for a yearly contract because you’ll save almost 50%.
  • Free trial: Skillshare gives you a one-month free trial of its premium Premium membership so you can enjoy and peruse the whole collection of its lessons.
  • Community engagement: Skillshare has a very active community, which makes its lessons engaging and enjoyable.
  • Open platform: Anyone who satisfies specific criteria can offer a course on Skillshare.


  • There aren’t any certificates given out once you complete a course, whether they be official or not. It’s a place for self-improvement.
  • Skillshare concentrates on entrepreneurial and creative areas. Therefore, compared to other platforms like Udemy or Coursera, its selection of courses is less diverse.
  • The quality of the accessible courses can differ from course to course at Skillshare because anyone can develop their own course.

2. Coursera

Rating 4/5
Ease of use 4/5
Price $399 per user, per year
Best for Accredited courses

Coursera is the best Udemy substitute. Unlike Udemy, which offers a wide range of topics, Coursera’s courses are mostly academic in nature. They provide both free and paid courses, and for the latter, the completion certificates are also approved.


Additionally, through partnerships with reputable colleges, Coursera offers full-time master’s and bachelor’s degrees. They currently partner with more than 200 universities and businesses.


  • The cost of the course is much less than that of a standard college or campus-based course.
  • Courses of the highest caliber are offered at renowned universities and businesses, taught by the industry’s foremost authorities.
  • Learn while not connected to the internet by downloading course materials using the Coursera app. Consequently, you may study and learn while on the go, which is ideal for a flight.
  • Coursera has partnered with some of the best universities, such as Stanford and Imperial College, to offer online degrees that are accredited once you finish a course.
  • The majority of the courses are available without any strings attached if you don’t require a completion certificate.


  • Some courses require prior knowledge about a subject which may make it hard to understand for beginners. 

3. Udacity

Rating 3/5
Ease of use 4/5
Price Most courses free, Nanodegrees: $399 per month 
Best for Data science and programming 

Udacity provides educational opportunities for subjects including data science, business, and programming. Its courses are created to teach you practical skills that are based on real-world projects and that will make you employable.


The educational offerings from Udacity are either paid single courses or Nanodegrees. There are several standalone, paid courses in the Nanodegree learning program. The Nanodegree consists of 3 or 4 courses and will inevitably take longer since each course can take up to a month to finish.


  • You can obtain a certificate from Udacity if you successfully finish one of their Nanodegree programs. 
  • Udacity offers a number of free courses that you can take. This is a fantastic method to discover more about this well-known e-learning community.
  • High-quality content is created by Udacity in close partnership with (industry-leading) partners like Google, AWS (Amazon), Mercedes, or Nvidia.
  • Their backend is simple to understand and use.


  • Udacity is not a very affordable platform. 
  • Udacity courses have a more solitary approach rather than building a community. 

4. Nas academy 

Rating 4/5
Ease of use4/5
Price Depends on the course. Range: $29-450.
Best for Content creation, business, and crypto. 

Nas Academy is an online learning platform that assists creators in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to advance as professionals and begin making money. This Udemy substitute provides a selection of potent online courses for authors, learners, and companies.

Nas academy 

You can use these courses to upskill your existing skills or learn a new skill from the scratch! When taking a course, the interface is simple to understand. Moreover, the website is easy to navigate, making it easier to browse through their course catalog. 


  • Unlike pre-recorded classes, you can get immediate feedback and learn directly from trainers who are actively working in their respective fields.
  • Graduated students have become successful with over 500,000 followers in less than a year, using our tried-and-tested formula.
  • Programs are all about learning by doing.
  • Tap into our global network of professionals who have established businesses and get exclusive insights into the behind-the-scenes.


  • Fewer courses compared to other Udemy alternatives on the list. 

5. LinkedIn Learning 

Rating 4/5
Ease of use 4/5
Price Free month trial, $26.99 per month 
Best for Businesses 

LinkedIn Learning is for those looking to advance their professional standing, this Udemy substitute is ideal. This LinkedIn subsidiary offers classes in three subject areas: business, technology, and creativity. This site might be a wonderful option to try out with 17,300 courses to pick from and a whole Learning path to help you study better—it also provides a free month trial!

LinkedIn Learning 

Experts with “real-life” experience provide the videos. This is done to make sure that students are acquiring useful skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace, so boosting their self-assurance and professional competence in their respective professions!


  • When you finish a course and post it on your LinkedIn profile, you’ll receive a certificate.
  • All courses are self-paced, so you can pick the time that works best for you to learn. If you find that you need a refresher, you can always go back and retake a lesson.
  • The language selector for the entire website, as well as the courses, are all available in a variety of languages.
  • A one-month free trial granting you access to the 15,000+ online courses and other resources.
  • When you’re on the go, it’s quite useful to be able to download courses to the mobile app for offline viewing.


  • LinkedIn Learning only focuses on Business, Creative, and Technology. 
  • No accredited certificate i.e. certificates are not affiliated with traditional universities like Coursera. 

6. MasterClass 

Note: Check our detailed Skillshare vs MasterClass comparison here.

Rating 4/5
Ease of use 4/5
Price $15. (individual) $20( Duo) $23 ( family)
Best for Learning from industry professionals 

MasterClass is a little different from other popular online learning systems. You might recognise some of the celebrities and VIPs that teach the courses online. What separates this Udemy alternative from others on the list is that the courses are offered directly by some of the A-class celebrities from the same field. You can learn directly from the celebrities with the courses based on their experiences. 


Its more than 100 classes fall into ten different areas, including Science & Technology, Arts & Entertainment, Design & Style, and more. Each instruction lasts 10 minutes and there are typically 20 in a class.


  • The best teachers are the ones who excel in the practical world and are the subject they teach. By connecting experts like Gordon Ramsay (Chef), Dan Brown (Writer), or Spike Lee (Filmmaker) with students across the world, masterclass really steps up to its name.
  • MasterClass’s courses and lessons are the first things to remark; perhaps this is because you get to watch celebrities teach you about a subject you are enthusiastic about.
  • Compared to other platforms and the chance to interact with Celebrities, the platform is quite affordable.
  • You will see how well-produced the MasterClass films are after watching the first one for just ten seconds. They exude a strong sense of the movie.
  • Small tasks and assignments in between the courses. 


  • No credited certification. 

7. Codecademy

Rating 4/5
Ease of use 4/5
Price Free trial, $149.99/year (student). 
Best for Coding 

As the name suggests, CodeAcademy is primarily for coding enthusiasts. Codecademy provides instruction in 10 different subject areas and 14 different programming languages. Many of its courses are beginner-friendly, making them ideal for anyone with no prior expertise.


The platform offers a basic plan that is free and a pro plan that costs money (includes a 7-day free trial). Peer support, practical projects, step-by-step instructions, and certificates of accomplishment are all included in its courses.


  • Its interactive coding lessons are simple for complete beginners to understand.
  • Codecademy offers a fundamental free plan that lets you take advantage of interactive classes and regular exercises.
  • Strong feeling of community among coaches, advisors, or recent grads to help with any concerns and worries you might have.
  • Create your own projects that are worthy of a portfolio to present to prospective employers after acquiring expertise in the field.
  • 14 different programming languages, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and many others, are covered by Codecademy.


  • Like with other platforms, no accredited certificates are provided. 
  • Limited information about the instructor who created the course.

8. Pluralsight

Ease Of Use4.3/5
Price10-day free trial, $299/year
Best ForLearning technical skills

Pluralsight is an online learning platform that offers technical skills courses to help learners learn the necessary skills to get advancement in their careers. It offers two different libraries depending on the plan you choose. In the standard plan, you get access to the core library, which includes over 2500 courses; in the premium plan, you get access to the expanded library, which gives you access to over 7000 courses.

Pluralsight Overview

If you are planning to develop skills in subjects like Cyber Security, Software Development, Information Technology, IT Ops, and more, then Pluralsight is the perfect Udemy alternative for you.


  • It comes with a 10-day free trial or 200 minutes of free video lessons that give you complete access to whichever library you choose.
  • To check your retention of the course material, your need to finish short quizzes.
  • It has a comprehensive range of technical & skill courses.
  • Pluralsight courses are designed in a way that suits really well to tech teams or individuals.
  • You can download the course materials and take them offline whenever you want and wherever you want.


  • Courses are only focused on technology-based subjects and topics.
  • It doesn’t offer any free courses; once your free trial is over, you can not get access to any course material.

9. Datacamp

Ease Of Use4.4/5
PriceFree plan, $25/month
Best ForLearning Data Skills

Datacamp is another great alternative to Udemy that is best for helping students learn more about Data Science. They offer courses that can help you build or improve data skills and get better job opportunities in the industry. Datacamp offers more than 400 data courses that can help learners in building their careers in data analytics and science. The platform already has over 9 million learners, and the numbers are increasing rapidly.


The data analytics and science industry is expected to be worth over $230 billion by 2026, so it would be best for you to learn data skills. The instructors of Datacamp are also experts in their fields and passionate about teaching. If you are interested in teaching at Datacamp, then you can apply for it and choose the subject you want to teach.


  • Datacamp has one of the biggest userbases in the Data Science space, and their community is also big.
  •  Instructors earn via royalty, meaning they get paid a royalty whenever a learner completes their courses, so teaching at Datacamp is also a good option.
  • You will learn the practical skills that are needed in this new technological world.
  • You can become a full-time data scientist and get paid really well for your skills.
  • Datacamp also has free courses that you can learn from.


  • Datacamp does not offer any refunds.
  • To become an instructor at Datacamp, you need really good qualifications and the teaching skills to match that qualifications. So it is quite hard to get in as an instructor.

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Wrapping Up! Best Udemy Alternatives (2023)

Udemy is a great platform but it might not be the best fit for everyone. Nevertheless, we listed all the top alternatives to Udemy that you can give a try! If you are overwhelmed with the options, we recommend going through each platform carefully and picking the one that fits your needs and budget. You can also opt for free trials and see if a certain platform is right for you!

We hope our list helped you select the right Udemy alternative. Which one do you find the best? Let us know in the comments section below! 


Which is the best alternative to Udemy 2023?

There are numerous platforms that offer excellent online courses. Our top Udemy alternatives include Coursera and SkillShare. Both platforms provide a catalog of hundreds of online courses that you can enjoy!

Which Udemy alternative is best for creative courses?

If you want to learn from the experiences of experts in the field of creativity, we suggest trying MasterClass. The exceptional quality video lessons will help you understand how these A-list celebrities broke into the field and their secrets to success. 

Which is the best free Udemy alternative?

Udacity has some of the top free courses that we love! As an alternative to Udemy, you can find courses in various niches on Udemy that you can enjoy for free. 

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