9+ Best Skillshare Alternatives To Try In 2024

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Are you tired of all the boring courses in Skillshare? You might want to look at the best Skillshare alternatives that I have come up with exclusive benefits.

I curated the list of best Skillshare alternatives considering various factors like course quality, categories it covers, pricing plans, and the additional perks that you get. 

In fact, I also recommend the most popular courses on each best Skillshare alternative to give a heads-up so that you can start learning right away!

Ultimately, I also share my verdict on the best Skillshare alternatives in the end.

The 9 Best Skillshare Alternatives (Updated)

Although Skillshare provides an excellent learning experience with compelling lesson modules, it might not be the better option for everyone due to apparent reasons. 

To tackle the hunt for the best Skillshare alternatives, I have browsed across various learning platforms that are strong competition to Skillshare. 

In fact, some of the best Skillshare alternatives are more than just an alternative. I mean, you might get rewarded with additional benefits that Skillshare doesn’t offer.

The following are some of the best Skillshare alternatives that you can try:

  • MasterClass
  • Pluralsight
  • Mindvalley
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • edX
  • CBT Nuggets
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • CreativeLive

1. MasterClass (Creativity)

Module: Subscription-based

Pricing: $180 (annual subscription)

Note: Check our detailed Skillshare vs MasterClass comparison here.

Brief: MasterClass is a celebrity-led edutainment learning platform that teaches several skills via high-quality content in self-paced modules. You will get access to 180+ courses on 10+ creative niches and categories with adequate tasks to get going. 

 Best Skillshare Alternatives - MasterClass

Recommended courses in MasterClass: 

  1. Gordon Ramsay “Teaches Cooking” (MUST TRY)
  2. Christina Aguilera “Teaches Singing”
  3. Hans Zimmer “Teaches Film Scoring”

Perks: Insightful teaching from celebrities, high-quality content, fun and engaging assignments, risk-free money-back guarantee, and flexible learning.

2. Pluralsight (Tech-based)

Module: Subscription-based

Pricing: $299-$499 (Free trial is available)

Brief: Pluralsight is a tech-based learning platform solely programmed for creative professionals who might find informative courses like IT Operations, Cybersecurity, and Web development beneficial. With preconfigured cloud stations and learning paths, Pluralsight offers one of the best learning experiences. 

Pluralsight Overview

Recommended courses in Pluralsight:

  1. C# Fundamentals by Scott Allen
  2. Core Python: Getting Started by Austin Bingham
  3. Artificial Intelligence: The Big Picture of AI by Matthew Renze

Perks: Hands-on learning, certificate on completion, beginner-friendly, skill assessment, and many in-demand courses.

3. Mindvalley (Self-healing)

Module: Membership 

Pricing: $25-$59 per month (varies accordingly)

Brief: Mindvalley is home to hundreds of self-healing courses that bring the best version of you with mental practice and exercise. Professional in-house experts across the globe teach the courses on Mindvalley. You can tackle any issue you are currently facing through science-backed techniques and guidance.

Further, you can use our exclusive discount to save 40% on Mindvalley membership.

Mindvalley - Overview

Recommended courses in Mindvalley: 

Perks: Life-changing experience, easy-to-practice modules, excellent quality, insightful workshops, exclusive community, guaranteed results, or 100% refund policy. 

4. Udemy (Creative/Technology)

Module: Individual purchase 

Pricing: $19-$200 (varies accordingly) 

Note: Check our detailed Udemy vs Skillshare comparison here.

Brief: Udemy is another excellent learning platform with various course collections under its belt ranging from marketing to designing to coding. You can find creative courses like illustrations, writing, and photography as well. Udemy is mobile-friendly and offers courses in 50+ languages, making it reliable for global users. Plus, anyone can curate a compelling course and teach it on Udemy without any hassles.

Udemy - Overview

Recommended courses in Udemy: 

Perks: Certificate on completion, affordable pricing, 50+ languages support, the option of becoming an instructor, courses on all niches, and beginner-friendly.

5. Coursera (Best for All)

Module: Individual/Subscription 

Pricing: $29-$99 per course (annual subscription at $399)  

Brief: Coursera is an e-learning platform that has partnered with prestigious universities like Stanford, Yale, and Princeton in producing one of the finest learning experiences in short and digestible learning modules. In fact, you can get an actual degree by opting for exclusive programs curated by Coursera. You also get specialization on several courses and degrees with lifetime access. Coursera is also known for its industrial-level quality and professional teaching capability. Coursera Plus comes with some in-depth courses available on the platform.

Coursera - Overview

Recommended courses in Coursera: 

  • Machine Learning (Stanford University)
  • The Science of Well-Being (Yale University)
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO (University of California)

Perks: Get an actual degree, certificates on completion, financial aid, beginner-friendly, flexible learning, practice quizzes, and provision of helpful resources. 

NOTE: Degree programs can cost anywhere from $10,000-$25,000.

6. edX (Technology)

Module: Individual (Free courses are also available)

Pricing: $50-$300 

Brief: Like Coursera, edX has also partnered with prestigious universities like MIT, Berkeley, and Harvard in taking e-learning to the next level in terms of quality, teaching, and convenience. In edX, you can audit courses for free and learn in-demand skills on design, business, marketing, and more. Additionally, you can buy verified tracks and claim an accredited certificate to boost your resume. edX offers courses in 4 distinctive languages and financial aid for students.

edx - Overview

Recommended courses in edX: 

  • Computer Science for Web Programming (Harvard University)
  • Blockchain Fundamentals (University of Berkeley)
  • Artificial Intelligence – AI (Columbia University)

Perks: Learn from prestigious universities, self-paced lessons, get an actual degree, financial aid, receive an accredited certificate, easy pathways, and beginner-friendly.

NOTE: Degree programs can cost anywhere from $10,000-$25,000.

7. CBT Nuggets (Technology/Marketing)

Module: Subscription-based 

Pricing: $59 per month; $599 per year 

Brief: CBT Nuggets is a great choice for online learning since you get easy demonstrative video content on multiple categories and virtual labs that give a hands-on learning experience. Using CBT Nuggets, you can also customize pathways for effective learning and directly reach out to the instructors. Plus, you can take up short quizzes for quick practice and also receive a certificate on completing a course.

CBT Nuggets - Overview

Recommended courses in CBT Nuggets: 

  • Certified Associate in Python Programming by Ben Finkel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Office 365 by Simona Millham
  • HTML, CSS, and JS for Web Developers by Trevor Sullivan and Ben Finkel

Perks: Hands-on learning, certificate on completion, customizable pathways, practice quizzes, professional-level teaching, and self-paced learning.

8. LinkedIn Learning (Skill Advancement)

Module: Subscription-Based

Pricing: $39.99/mo or $26.99/mo paid annually

Brief: LinkedIn Learning (Formerly Lynda) is one of the best online learning platforms that gives you access to more than 18,000 courses in different categories like business, SEO, tech, creativity, and so on. All these courses are taught by industry experts, and they keep you updated with all technological trends in the industries. With just a single subscription, you get access to the entire library of LinkedIn Learning. The best part about it is that it also comes with a 30-day free trial offer.

LinkedIn Learning

Recommended Courses In LinkedIn Learning:

  1. Goal Setting: Objectives & Key Results By Jesse Withers
  2. Interpersonal Communication By Dorie Clark
  3. Essentials Of Team Collaboration By Dana Brownlee

Perks: Completion Certificate, Hands-on Training With Instructor, Affordable Pricing, Money-Back Guarantee, Free Trial Offer, and Beginner-Friendly.

9. CreativeLive

Module: Subscription-Based

Pricing: $12.42/month or $15/month if billed annually.

More like SkillShare, CreativeLive focuses on creative education and workshops for a community of creative individuals. it provides more than 2000+ classes from more than 700+ worldwide instructors and 10+ million students.

They provide a wide range of services from live-streamed masterclasses to longer or more comprehensive courses.


Recommended courses on CreativeLive:

  1. Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived Life
  2. How to make money
  3. Get into your Creative Flow

Perks: More than 2000 classes to choose from, learn from top-notch instructors, Goal setting and learning paths, Conferences and live stream, and support from the CreativeLive community.

Final Thoughts On Skillshare Alternatives (2024)

You might not have settled for Skillshare, but you would definitely opt for the above-listed best Skillshare alternatives on various criterion factors.

The best Skillshare alternatives that I have mentioned excel in several aspects, including quality, user experience, interface, instructors, and benefits. 

If you are focused on learning in-demand courses and getting certified by professional experts, then Pluralsight, CBT Nuggets, Coursera, and edX are the best options for you.

Note that you can also get an actual degree virtually by enrolling in exclusive learning programs in edX and Coursera. As of now, only edX and Coursera offer degrees.

On the other hand, if you are a creative person who would like to indulge in an unconventional path or field, then MasterClass and Udemy are great platforms.

Last but not least, if you are dealing with self-doubt or struggling with significant issues in life, including finance, fitness, health, or relationship, then Mindvalley is the perfect fit for you because Mindvalley has several self-healing courses.

In conclusion, all the alternatives excel in different aspects yet reward somehow, so choosing the right e-learning platform depends on your needs and preference.

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