7+ Best Udemy Courses (Updated 2022)

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I had heard that Udemy is an excellent platform for learning, so I searched for the best Udemy courses on the internet. I did not know which niche to pick from the best Udemy courses.

Guess what I did? I blindly took random courses from the best Udemy courses, and the experience was unexpected. I got a certificate and gained immense knowledge from the best Udemy courses, and so I decided to write a detailed review on the best Udemy courses. 

If you struggle to choose from the best Udemy courses, this article might help!

In this article, I talk about the best Udemy courses, who is suitable for the best Udemy courses, the benefits of taking the best Udemy courses, and my final thoughts on the best Udemy courses.

I religiously took some of the best Udemy courses, and so I will be listing them down below:

  • Graphic Design Masterclass –  Learn GREAT Design
  • The Complete Digital Marketing Course
  • Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch
  • Artificial Intelligence for Business
  • Web Developer Bootcamp
  • Instagram Marketing 2022
  • Microsoft Excel Basics

What is Udemy?

Udemy is one of the best online learning platforms that serve quality at its finest. Every course in Udemy is curated by an experienced instructor in a specific field for easy understanding.

Most in-demand career and creative courses are available in Udemy. All you have to do is choose the desired course from a specific instructor based on the ratings, and you are good to go! Plus, Udemy is not constrained with reasonable courses for the namesake. 

Meaning, you get a plethora of options in various categories from marketing to music to business to design to development, including IT courses like ethical hacking and many more.

All the courses in Udemy are broken down into simple lessons so that there is no pressure to be taking all the lessons at once, especially if you are a self-paced learner. In case a course on a particular subject is dry, the instructor in Udemy will ensure to make it engaging and exciting.

The best part about Udemy is that you get plenty of learning resources simply by enrolling in a course. Additionally, Udemy also provides certificates of completion which is a great benefit.

What’s more? You are also exposed to be taking exclusive lessons and homework in Udemy. Say you are taking a programming course on Udemy, you get an excellent coding exercise.

About the pricing in Udemy? It lies on the affordable side since the Udemy team does not develop the courses, and they act as only a platform for people to buy or sell a course.

All the courses in Udemy are taught by real-life experts, and you get lifetime access which means you can save the courses for life. Udemy is user-friendly and can be accessed on mobile too.

How to Choose From the Best Udemy Courses?

It is natural to get overwhelmed to choose from the best Udemy courses since the options might be unlimited and so I created an exclusive guide on choosing from the best Udemy courses. 

Using the guide, you can find the desired course from the best Udemy courses within minutes. You simply have to check if the below-listed criteria are available in the best Udemy courses:


Do not compromise on quality even if the course is at affordable pricing. Since you are paying for the content, it must be worth it. Ensure that the desired Udemy course has a fair ratio of ratings and reviews because that will tell you how likely the course will benefit you.

Trust me, it works! You only have to look at the feedback stated by the old users and students.


You do not want an elementary teacher to teach business maths, do you? 

Likewise, ensure that the instructors allotted for the desired course in Udemy have prior experience and knowledge about the subject they are teaching. It’s vital.

All instructors in Udemy are experts, so there is a possibility that they are just a Google search away to check for authenticity. You can simply type out the instructors’ names, and the search results will show their work experience and how effective their teaching is.


Although people say that the budget should not be a stopping factor if there is something worth investing in, especially in studies and education, they regret after purchasing for some reasons.

Hence, even if the budget lies on the affordable side, you must closely check the quality and the originality of the course. In some courses, scammers might try to sell scraped content from elsewhere. In case the course is expensive, do not neglect it, check if it is worth buying.

Ease of use

Most products that we use today have been modernized. Thanks to technology! 

Similarly, you need to look out for a user experience that can smoothen the usage of the desired product. This applies to all things that you are using or buying, including courses on the internet.

Most courses offer additional benefits like mobile-friendly usage, downloadable resources, lifetime access, offline files, no lagging, and an easy interface. All such benefits seem small, but they create an immersive impact in a person’s user experience, and so you have to keep an eye on it.

In my experience, Udemy has been a readily available platform to take courses on, but yes, you should check if the desired course in Udemy has specific benefits and has decent ease of use.

List Of The 7+ Best Udemy Courses For 2022 (Editor’s pick)

Looking at hundreds of “best Udemy courses,” you might have been confused with which course to start with or which is the best Udemy course – Don’t worry. I did the homework for you.

1. Graphic Design Masterclass – Learn GREAT Design

Instructor: Lindsay Marsh

Pricing: Rs.490

Duration: 26.5 hours

Overview: Designing can be challenging, especially regarding the elements and theories that go into the making of a spectacular design. With Lindsay’s course in hand, all such complexities can rest since the course will educate everything about design briefly. You get to learn to curate brand logos, deal with color theories, and create illustrations from the basic level to the advanced level. To make it easy, you also get downloadable resources to keep up. In fact, after taking the course, I worked on two different commission projects on designing.

Best Udemy Courses - Graphic Design MasterClass

2. The Complete Digital Marketing Course

Instructor: Daragh Walsh and Rob Percival

Pricing: Rs.490

Duration: 22.5 hours

Overview: Ever wondered how to make money using digital marketing? “The complete digital marketing course” in Udemy is the right course for you since the course boils down to email marketing, general analytics, SMM, SEO and many more topics that help in leveraging digital marketing in general. I was amused by the fact that you can simply implement the strategies taught in the course into affiliate marketing, and you are all set to start earning money!

 Digital Marketing Course

3. Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch

Instructor: Zaid Sabih

Pricing: Rs.490

Duration: 15.5 hours

Overview: If you are worried about losing security to an unknown stranger online, then it might be a sign to start learning ethical hacking so that you are aware of the things that are dangerous and protect your data from getting leaked. The course teaches the principles of ethical hacking with adequate hacking tools and experimental sites. The concepts were well-explained, and I was able to learn the basics at a faster pace.

Learn Ethical Hacking From Scartch

4. Artificial Intelligence for Business

Instructor: Krill Eremeko and Hadelin De Ponteves

Pricing: Rs.490

Duration: 15 hours

Overview: Due to the fast advancement of AI in the world, most businesses are struggling to keep up with the trend of implementing AI into their business, and so the course on “Artificial Intelligence for Business” in Udemy will teach you to take AI to the next level in the spectrum of a business. By using AI, things are simplified, and workload is minimized. Therefore, topics like building an artificial brain, implementing AI into business, and mastering the AI framework are discussed, so the demand for basic python knowledge is required. I somehow survived.

Artificial Intelligence for Business

5. Web Developer Bootcamp

Instructor: Colt Steele

Pricing: Rs.490

Duration: 47 hours

Overview: Computer languages are harder than learning French, but the Web Developer Bootcamp can ease out the process of understanding HTML, JS, CSS, and even Node. What if I told you that the course could teach you to develop basic games and applications? Yes. That’s possible after completing the course. I was taught about Bootstrap, using HTML, preventing security exploits, implementing user authentication, and many more. It is a fun yet mind-blowing web development course. I also enjoyed the bonus of practicing with coding exercises.

Web Developer Bootcamp

6. Instagram Marketing 2022

Instructor: Benjamin Wilson

Pricing: Rs.490

Duration: 7.5 hours

Overview: Marketing via social media can be a tedious process considering the ads, strategies, and constantly changing algorithms. The Instagram Marketing 2021 course in Udemy breaks down the ultimate secrets of Instagram marketing with ways on how to increase followers, meet success, gain sales, and attract potential customers. Not kidding, I was able to see the difference in my Instagram growth after implementing the strategic secrets taught by Benjamin. Plus, I was taught how to evolve as a brand in social media, especially Instagram.

Instagram Marketing

7. Microsoft Excel Basics

Instructor: Kyle Pew

Pricing: Rs.490

Duration: 18 hours

Overview: Do you know that you can actually do math calculations in MS Excel? I never did until Kyle discussed the basics of Microsoft Excel in a course in Udemy. I mean, I had not used MS Excel previously and thought it was only to enter data, but there is more to it. In the course, Kyle narrowed down everything about MS Excel, including formula usage and the formation of reports. Additionally, you get to learn about the advanced features in MS Excel that you might not know.

Microsoft Excel Basics

Who is Suitable for the Best Udemy Courses?

Udemy is a versatile platform. In my experience with Udemy, I did not see any restriction on choosing a specific course which means Udemy welcomes every user with open hands.

Struggling to draw? Finding trouble with coding? Trying to master baking? Learning the art of designing? or building a new business? Udemy has the best courses in all niches. 

In case you are still baffled about choosing Udemy, let me make it clear. You can take Udemy if:

  • You do not have any foundational knowledge about a specific subject.
  • You need logical guidance and instructions from a real expert.
  • You are trying to excel in a passionate field but not sure how.
  • You require helpful resources to keep up with the learning.
  • You are excited to learn a new subject on a budget.

Basically, Udemy is a complete package for learners of all fields, which is also budget-friendly. 

Best Udemy Courses: Benefits

Learning a new skill from a well-renowned platform is an added advantage, especially if you get fruitful takeaways. Udemy is one such platform where you are getting several benefits. As mentioned earlier, Udemy provides the utmost quality in its courses.

The Benefits of Udemy Include:

  • Most courses are beginner-friendly.
  • Experience of learning from real experts.
  • Break down of complex concepts in all niches.
  • You are provided with a certificate on completion.
  • Additional helpful resources to keep up with the courses.
  • Availability of courses in different categories on a budget.

Therefore, choosing Udemy is a great option even if you are a beginner since you are getting the experience of learning from experts directly with additional resources. Last but not least, you are even credited with an acclaimed certificate on completing the desired course, which is excellent.

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Final Thoughts: Best Udemy Courses (2022)

I don’t want to brag about Udemy again but looking at the bright side of getting ultimate benefits by taking creative courses on Udemy while sitting at the comfort of my home wearing my PJs; I feel like Udemy has transformed the conventional way of learning lessons from in-person tutors.

Udemy has become a part of life. In fact, I run to Udemy to take courses on literally anything that I would like to learn about since there are hundreds and hundreds of courses in all fields.

Since all the best Udemy courses are self-paced, you can take the courses whenever you want, wherever you want, and however, you want. Isn’t that the freedom that you want as a student?

You are allowed to take breaks, receive resources, and practice exercises in the best Udemy courses. Unlike other competitors, Udemy is budget-friendly and easy to use. That’s a sign?

Yes. This is the sign for you to take the course you have been passionate about in Udemy!

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