"Our goal is to help you make right decision while choosing online courses and platforms"

Alvin Parker "Founder"

Alvin Parker is the founder of ProsperityForAll. Alvin’s background has been in machine learning for around 9 years. After his graduation from the University of Michigan, Alvin planned a trip around the globe. While traveling, he had to keep hi skills brushed and sharp. The only way to learn on the go was online. But while choosing online learning platforms, he was often stuck. BIASED REVIEWs on the internet were of no help. Making the RIGHT decision was hard. Having faced such an issue, Alvin thought of starting a blog that helps other people like him. That’s how ProsperityForAll was born, It is The ONE-STOP LEARNING DESTINATION. Alvin also runs several successful online ventures to help PEOPLE make informed decisions. Alvin also has deep roots in spirituality and self-improvement. Classes from Masterclass and Mindvalley have a special place in his heart.
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Lana Rose

Senior Editor

Lana has done masters in fine arts from The University of Chicago. She is a passionate writer and editor loves to cover about online learning and arts. She is responsible for the editorial calendar of ProsperityForAll.

Adam Cheise


Adam is a student pursuing his masters in Machine Learning and AI. He is a passionate writer and love to reviews — coding and technical courses platforms. He reviews all tech courses on ProsperityForAll.

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Mike Stuart

Growth Expert

Mike is the guy who is responsible for mange the organic traffic and growth for ProsperityForAll. When it comes to expanding, he has good understand has subtle approach to organic growth. 

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