About Us

As Simon Sinek Said — “Every instruction we give, every course of action we set, every result we desire, starts with the same thing: A DECISION. 

We at ProsperityforALL only intended to help you make the RIGHT DECISION while choosing online platforms and courses. 

“The ONE STOP LEARNING DESTINATION to find real and authentic reviews.” 


Alvin Parker — (The PERSON BEHIND ProsperityForALL)

Alvin Parker is the reason behind this venture — ProsperityForAll. 

Talking about Alvin’s background, he has been into learning and spirituality for around seven years. After his graduation, he visited around the globe to study different cultures and mythologies. 

While traveling around the globe, he developed a passion for online learning. But while choosing online learning platforms, he found complete BIASED REVIEWs. That wouldn’t help him make the RIGHT decision. That’s the prime reason for getting started with ProsperityforALL — The ONE-STOP LEARNING DESTINATION. 

As of now, Alvin is running several online ventures to help PEOPLE make informed decisions. What’s more, Alvin has deep roots in spirituality and self-improvement. When he is around with the TEAM — he keeps on brainstorming new IDEAS and always welcomes suggestions.