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Here’s the official Prosperityforall + Coursera Plus tie-up, which helps our users get a Coursera Plus subscription at a discounted price.

Note: This Coursera Plus discount offer is for a limited time only, so make sure you don’t miss out on it!

Coursera Plus Discount And Deals – May 2024

Timeline Coursera Plus Discount & Promo

Coursera Plus Discounts And OffersExpires
Get a $299 discount on Coursera Plus Annual plan31/05/2024
Access Coursera Plus for just $1/month31/05/2024
Try Coursera Plus free for 7 days31/05/2024

The current offer by Coursera Plus is a steal deal to get your hands on some of the best courses in the industry at a discounted price! To add a cherry on top, your purchase is backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured that your money is in safe hands!

Note that the offer is applicable only on the annual plan.

How Much Can You Save With Coursera Plus Discount?

The current Coursera Plus discount gives you savings of $309 + 7 Days Free Trial. 

If you go with the monthly plan, you will be paying $59/month. Considering the monthly cost, the annual charges are $708. However, you can grab the same plan at a flash half price using the current discount mentioned above – $399 only. 

The best part about using our Coursera Plus discount is that you can try Coursera for free for seven days initially. Although you will have to enter your payment details, you will not be charged until your free trial is over. 

Furthermore, your money is in safe hands with its 14-day money-back guarantee. This means you can grab a full refund if you are not satisfied within the first 14 days of your purchase. 

How to Claim Coursera Plus $299 Discount Offer (Step by Step)

Here’s the step-by-step guide to help you claim Coursera Plus’s $309 discount offer.

STEP #1: Visit the official site using the to activate the Coursera Plus coupon.

Click On Coursera Plus Yearly Offer

STEP #2: After clicking, you will be directed to the official Coursera Plus page, where you just need to click on the “Start 7 Days Free Trial”

Coursera Plus Pricing

STEP #3: Log in to Coursera Plus and enter the required details like name, country, and necessary information. Ensure that you are filling in all the details without fail.

Coursera Plus Discount - Sign Up

STEP #4: Once you have entered the details, you are ready to make the payment online via any debit or credit card in Coursera Plus. 

Fill Your Info On The Checkout Page

STEP #5: Voila! You have availed of the Coursera Plus 7-day free trial offer.

About Coursera Financial Aid & Scholarships

Coursera also offers financial aid for students who cannot afford to pay for courses. When you are selecting the course, next to the price, you can see the financial aid option available. 

Once you click on it, you will be given a form to fill out. Remember, Financial aid is not available for every course and for everyone. 

We have covered an in-depth guide on Coursera Financial Aid and scholarships that will give you all the insights on how to apply, terms and conditions, and other details. 

Coursera Plus Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Currently, Coursera Plus Black Friday deals are not live yet. We are expecting the sale to go live by the last week of November and are anticipating higher discounts. 

Until then, you can keep an eye on our Coursera Black Friday page or simply use the existing coupon code. 

We will keep this page updated as soon as the deals are live. 

Although the discount might not promise the degree, you can still use the Coursera Plus discount on annual courses and annual subscriptions. 

What you will get with Coursera Plus Discount?

In Coursera Plus, you are basically getting a plethora of benefits in terms of education. Let me highlight all the best reasons why you should choose Coursera Plus. By using Coursera Plus, you get:

  • Specialization in specific courses.
  • A real degree in the comfort of your home.
  • An accredited certificate on completion of courses.
  • Lifetime access to the desired courses in Coursera Plus.
  • An opportunity to learn in-demand skills via self-paced learning.

Coursera Plus delivers one of the best learning experiences, where industrial experts and professional educators in various niches handle courses.

Look at the benefits! You are receiving a Coursera-accredited certificate that will boost your resume by taking your favorite courses in the comfort of your home.

In fact, Coursera Plus also features degree programs from prestigious universities. We have also done a detailed review of Coursera Plus to help you understand all the amazing features offered by Coursera Plus!

Coursera Plus Cost: Which Plan Is Best?

With the benefit of Coursera Plus discounts, you can slash the original pricing of Coursera Plus easily. Firstly, you need to understand the pricing of Coursera Plus. Here’s the detailed breakdown of Coursera’s cost.

Coursera Plus Pricing
  • Single Learning Program: The single learning program can cost from $49 to $79/mo, depending on the course you’ve chosen. You can access all the courses from the learning program you’ve chosen. After completing the course, you will also get a course completion certificate.
  • Coursera Plus Monthly: The Coursera Plus monthly plan costs $59/mo, giving you access to more than 7,000 courses and specializations from leading universities and companies. You can earn as many certificates as you want. You can also choose a professional certificate program from Facebook, Google, and more. You can also try this plan with a 7-day free trial.
  • Coursera Plus Annual: The Coursera Plus annual plan costs $399/year, and it gives you everything from Coursera Plus monthly, and you can save up to $309 if you pay upfront for the yearly plan in comparison to the monthly plan. This plan also gives you complete flexibility, allowing you to learn everything at your own pace.

Coursera Plus Testimonials 

Coursera Plus has helped thousands of users worldwide. According to the platform, 87% of people have reported that they have seen career growth after opting for Coursera Plus. 

Here are some testimonials from different users to understand what they have to say about Coursera Plus. 

  1. James Peterson, Data Analyst –⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

   “Subscribing to Coursera Plus has been a game-changer for my career. The unlimited access to a wide range of courses allowed me to upskill rapidly. I’ve completed several data analytics certifications that have directly contributed to my job performance. Highly recommend it for continuous learning!”

  1. Sarah Chen, Marketing Manager –⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

   “Thanks to the Coursera Plus discount, I’ve been able to enroll in several top-tier marketing courses without worrying about individual course fees. It’s an incredible value, especially for professionals seeking to broaden their expertise. The flexibility and course variety has made it an indispensable resource for my professional development.”

  1. Arjun Patel, Software Engineer –⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Subscribing to Coursera Plus was one of the best decisions for my professional growth. As a software engineer, staying updated with the latest technologies is crucial. Coursera Plus has given me access to a plethora of courses in emerging tech fields, enhancing both my skills and my resume. It’s a fantastic investment for anyone in tech.”

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Final Thoughts: Get $309 Off On Coursera Plus

Especially if you are a student and want to learn in-demand skills at an affordable price, then the Coursera Plus discount with a free trial would be the right option for you.

Let me recall the rewards you’d be getting: A real degree, an accredited certificate, hands-on learning, excellent instructor quality, and study materials. Somehow, if you’re not satisfied, Coursera Plus is also backed with a 14-day money-back.

What more could you ask in a learning platform? Go ahead and consider Coursera!

FAQs Coursera Plus

What is the difference between Coursera and Coursera Plus?

In Coursera, you can only enroll in free courses, while in Coursera Plus, you get access to all the premium courses, and you can enroll in as many courses as you want. After paying for the Coursera Plus subscription, you won’t have to pay a single penny to access the premium courses.

Is it worth paying for a Coursera certificate?

If you’re looking to improve your skills or trying to learn a new skill using one of the Coursera courses, then it is definitely worth paying for a Coursera certificate. You can include it in your resume as additional skills & learnings.

Is there a free trial available on Coursera Plus?

Yes, Coursera Plus offers a 7-day free trial of all their courses. If you don’t want to get charged for the subscription, then you should cancel the free trial before it expires.

Does Coursera Plus offer any money-back guarantee?

If you choose the annual subscription of Coursera Plus, then you will get the option to ask for a refund within 14-days of the purchase.

Is there any Coursera Plus student discount?

No, there is no available Coursera Plus discount that helps you claim the discount on Coursera Plus. If you have any queries regarding this, you should contact Coursera support directly.

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