Coursera Plus Discount 2023 — $309 OFF (September)

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Here’s the official Prosperityforall + Coursera Plus tie-up, which helps our users get a Coursera Plus subscription at a discount of $309.

Note: This Coursera Plus discount offer is for a limited time only, so make sure you don’t miss out on it!

Coursera Plus Discount 2023 — Save $309 🎯

Save Flat $309 On a Coursera Plus Annual subscription


For more information on the pricing plans, refer to the following tables.

Coursera PricingDescriptionCost
1. Single learning programLearn a single topic or skill and earn a credential$49 – $79month
2. Coursera Plus MonthlyComplete multiple courses and earn credentials in the short term$59/month, cancel anytime
3. Coursera Plus Annual (Save $309)Combine flexibility and savings with long-term learning goals$399/year, 14-day money-back guarantee,

Here’s the step-by-step guide to help you claim Coursera Plus’s $309 discount offer.

How to Claim Coursera Plus $309 Discount Offer (Step by Step)

Let me quickly enlighten you by delivering the instructions on how to get the Coursera Plus discount offer.

STEP #1: Visit the official site using the exclusive link to activate the Coursera Plus coupon.

Click On Coursera Plus Yearly Offer

STEP #2: After clicking, you will be directed to the official Coursera Plus page, where you just need to click on the “Start 7 Days Free Trial”

Coursera Plus Pricing

STEP #3: Log in to Coursera Plus and enter the required details like name, country, and necessary information. Ensure that you are filling all the details without fail.

Coursera Plus Discount - Sign Up

STEP #4: Once you have entered the details, you are ready to make the payment online via any debit or credit card in Coursera Plus. 

Fill Your Info On The Checkout Page

STEP #5: Voila! You have availed of the Coursera Plus 7-day free trial offer.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Coursera Plus:

In Coursera Plus, you are basically getting a plethora of benefits in terms of education. Let me highlight all the best reasons why you should choose Coursera Plus. By using Coursera Plus, you get:

  • Specialization in specific courses.
  • A real degree in the comfort of your home.
  • An accredited certificate on completion of courses.
  • Lifetime access to the desired courses in Coursera Plus.
  • An opportunity to learn in-demand skills via self-paced learning.

Coursera Plus delivers one of the best learning experiences, where courses are handled by industrial experts and professional educators in various niches.

Look at the benefits! You are receiving a Coursera-accredited certificate that will boost your resume by taking your favorite courses in the comfort of your home.

In fact, Coursera Plus also features degree programs from prestigious universities. We have also done a detailed review of Coursera Plus here.

Who Is Coursera Best For?

Coursera offers courses on various subject categories like Computer Science, Information Technology, Data Science, Personal Development, Language Learning, Math and logic, and many more. If you’re interested in learning about any of these subjects, then Coursera is the right platform.

It also offers different course types, such as guided projects, regular courses, professional certificates, special certificates, degrees, and mastertrack certificates. Apart from individual subscriptions and course types, Coursera also offers enterprise plans for businesses and organizations. There is a Coursera team plan also available for businesses with small teams.

To help universities improve their students and teachers’ knowledge, Coursera also offers a customized plan in their Coursera for Campus plan. This plan is best for college students who want to expand their knowledge and get accredited for the courses they take.

What is Coursera For Business?

Coursera provides solutions for companies who want to train their employees in various skills through Coursera for business. It enables companies to provide online courses, certifications, and degrees to their employees. It is designed to help companies upskill their workforce and provide customized learning experiences tailored to their business needs. Over 3800 companies use Coursera to develop their companies’ talent.

Coursera For Business

Some key features and benefits of Coursera for Business:

  • Access to over 7,000 online courses and Specializations from top universities like Yale, University of Michigan, Stanford, and more across business, technology, data science, and other domains. Companies can select relevant content to upskill employees.
  • Option for companies to develop customized learning paths and content for their teams. Coursera works with them to understand skills gaps and build targeted programs.
  • Analytics dashboard providing insights into learning trends, progress, and ROI within the organization. Companies can track employee development.
  • Coursera Certificates and Degrees allow employees to get industry-recognized credentials in high-demand skills like data science, digital marketing, project management, etc.
  • Role-based learning paths for critical business roles like Sales, Marketing, Finance, Technology, etc., to drive role-based development.
  • The dedicated admin portal and learning experience for organizations to easily manage and distribute learning.
  • Integration with existing company LMS and HR systems for a streamlined learning experience.

Coursera Plus Cost Explained

With the benefit of Coursera Plus discounts, you can slash the original pricing of Coursera Plus easily. Firstly, you need to understand the pricing of Coursera Plus. Here’s the detailed breakdown of Coursera’s cost.

Coursera Plus Pricing

Single Learning Program: The single learning program can cost from $49 to $79/mo, depending on the course you’ve chosen. You can access all the courses from the learning program you’ve chosen. After completing the course, you will also get a course completion certificate.

Coursera Plus Monthly: The Coursera Plus monthly plan costs $59/mo, giving you access to more than 7,000 courses and specializations from leading universities and companies. You can earn as many certificates as you want. You can also choose a professional certificate program from Facebook, Google, and more. You can also try this plan with a 7-day free trial.

Coursera Plus Annual: Coursera Plus annual plan costs $399/year, and it gives you everything from Coursera Plus monthly, and you can save up to $309 if you pay upfront for the yearly plan in comparison to the monthly plan. This plan also gives you complete flexibility allowing you to learn everything at your own pace. You can also check the Coursera Black Friday page for more active deals and stuff.

Although the discount might not promise the degree, you can still use the Coursera Plus discount on audit courses and annual subscriptions. 

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Final Thoughts — Coursera Plus Discount 2023

Especially if you are a student and want to learn in-demand skills at an affordable price, then Coursera Plus with a free trial would be the right option for you.

Let me recall the rewards you’d be getting: A real degree, an accredited certificate, hands-on learning, excellent instructor quality, and study materials. Somehow, if you’re not satisfied, Coursera Plus is also backed with a 14-day money-back.

What more could you ask in a learning platform? Go ahead and consider Coursera!

FAQs Coursera Plus Coupon!

What is the difference between Coursera and Coursera Plus?

In Coursera, you can only enroll in free courses, while in Coursera Plus, you get access to all the premium courses, and you can enroll in as many courses as you want. After paying for the Coursera Plus subscription, you won’t have to pay a single penny to access the premium courses.

Is it worth paying for a Coursera certificate?

If you’re looking to improve your skills or trying to learn a new skill using one of the Coursera courses, then it is definitely worth paying for a Coursera certificate. You can include it in your resume as additional skills & learnings.

Is there a free trial available on Coursera Plus?

Yes, Coursera Plus offers a 7-day free trial of all their courses. If you don’t want to get charged for the subscription, then you should cancel the free trial before it expires.

Does Coursera Plus offer any money-back guarantee?

If you choose the annual subscription of Coursera Plus, then you will get the option to ask for a refund within 14-days of the purchase.

Is there any Coursera Plus student discount?

No, there is no available Coursera Plus discount that helps you claim the discount on Coursera Plus. If you have any queries regarding this, you should contact Coursera support directly.

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