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Do you think that the courses on Udacity are the best for you? Are you looking to get the best discounts on your favorite courses on Udacity? If so, then you have come to the right place.

Udacity is one of the most famous practical education-providing platforms on the internet that is famous worldwide. But this fame costs a lot to its users. The courses on Udacity are one of the most expensive courses. The key reason behind their prices is the level of accreditation that comes with their certificates.

The only problem with this is that there are many students online. These students are looking to get Udacity’s courses at the lowest price possible. Therefore, the coupons that lessen the price of these courses are their go-to option.

If you are also one of these students looking to get the best and most useful Udacity coupons, we have your back.

In this article, we have listed working coupon codes of Udacity that will help you grab the best discounts, along with a step-by-step guide to redeem them. 

So, let’s get into the details below!

Available Udacity Discount Code (2024)

If you’re wondering what these codes are for, let us tell you that these codes are like the activation passwords of the coupons on Udacity.

By entering this code, you can recall an Udacity coupon code and get the dream discount on your favorite course.

Therefore, below are the best Current Udacity Coupon Codes without further ado.


BACK2SKILLS is the currently active coupon code of Udacity. They are offering a whopping 60% discount on some skills, such as Python, Data Engineering, Product Management, JavaScript, and Deep Learning & Neural Networks.

This offer is only limited to these skills, and it will expire on 1 September 2023.

2. Claimable Discount

Udacity has come up with the idea of asking its user a question about their status and income as a student or working individuals. Based on their answers to this questionnaire, the algorithm of Udacity awards a coupon code that users can use to get a certain amount of money waived from their course bill.

The offer that one gets on the platform can go up to 70%. Therefore, this coupon code is better than most of the other coupon codes available. But there is still the catch of giving the correct answer to the questions it asks you.

3. 15% discount on Prepaid Orders

Since Udacity is a subscription-based website, it needs to ensure a constant flow of users on its platform. Besides getting more new users to assign to its programs and courses, it also tries to get the existing users to cling to the platform for as long as possible.

The additional 15% coupon that it is giving out on paying upfront for a 5-month subscription is a clear example. This is less than a coupon code, as you can apply a coupon code over it. But its effects are no more minor as you get a 15% upfront discount on a large sum of money.

Getting 5-month access also provides you the apt time to prepare and complete everything. The best perk about this discount is that even after its validity expires, the amount you paid after its reduction will be the amount you will then be paying monthly.

How To Redeem Udacity Coupon Code (Step By Step)

Now that we know about the best coupon codes that you can use on the platform of Udacity let’s get to learn more about how you can use the coupon codes to get that discount of yours.

Udacity is a platform with a user-friendly UI, so you can rest easy knowing that it will not be a headache for you to apply your coupon code as all that you need to do is simple enough. 

Therefore, to end the wait, below are the ways to redeem Udacity coupon codes on Udacity.

Step #1: Visit the official website of Udacity or click HERE. 

Udacity Coupon - Overview

Step #2: Select the course that you want. 

Udacity Coupon -Select A Course

Step #3: Click on Enroll Now on your screen. 

Udacity Coupon -Pricing

Step #4: Sign up using your Gmail or Facebook account, or you can simply enter your email to proceed. 

Udacity Coupon - Checkout

Step #5: On your screen, click on “I have a coupon code.” 

Udacity Coupon - Order Detailed

Step #6: Next, enter the coupon code as it is and click on apply. 

Udacity Coupon - Coupon

Step #7: Tap on ‘review order.’ 

Step #8: Enter your personal details as asked on the screen and tap on ‘continue with checkout.’

Udacity Coupon - Personal Information

Step #9: Select your preferred payment option and make the payment. 

Congratulations! You have successfully grabbed the best Udacity discounts. 

Udacity- In a Nutshell

Udacity is a reasonably good platform for learning about real-life work topics other than theoretical studies. The only giveaway in the deal is its courses’ price, but it becomes affordable after you pick and enter an appropriate coupon code.

Note: We have done a detailed — Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Review.

The courses on the platform are for all different levels of learners, so beginners, intermediate, and advanced sections of students can all take advantage of the platform. The instructors on the platform are experienced professionals who have a respectable amount of experience in their field of work.

So, as an endnote from our side, Udacity is considerably one of the best educational platforms present online and is an excellent fit for anyone who wants to get industry-level knowledge on various subjects. We have also done a detailed review of Udacity that you can check out.

What Type Of Courses Does Udacity Offer?

Most of the Udacity courses fall under the “Tech” category, but it is not the case for all the courses. You can find all kinds of courses on Udacity that can help you learn real-world skills that can help you in shaping your career for the better. These are the course categories available on Udacity:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Computing
  • Product Management
  • Data Science
  • Programming & Development

Under these course categories, you will find different courses. For example, in the Artificial Intelligence category, you will see these courses:

Udacity Artificial Intelligence Courses
  • Machine Learning Engineer For Microsoft Azure
  • AI For Healthcare
  • Intro To Machine Learning With TensorFlow
  • AI Product Manager
  • AI Programming With Python
  • Artificial Intelligence For Trading
  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • AWS Machine Learning Engineer, and so on.

Udacity Scholarship Programs

Udacity ties up with top technological companies from all over the world, and they offer scholarship programs to their students. Right now, there are three scholarships available, and their details are given below:

Udacity Scholarship Program

1. Cognizant Skills Accelerator

The eligibility for this scholarship is that you must be 18 or older and living within 90 miles of one of the Cognizant city office locations. They will teach you everything about Java Programming during this program. The last date for applying for this scholarship is 30th September 2022.

2. AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program

The eligibility for this scholarship is that you must be a high school learner or above. In this program, you will learn programming with Python. The last date for applying for this scholarship is 30th September 2022.

3. AWS Machine Learning Engineer Scholarship Program

You must be 18 or older to apply for this scholarship program. This scholarship is for those students who are looking to develop advanced skills in machine learning. This program focuses on Machine Learning engineers. The last date for applying for this scholarship is the 15th of September, 2022.

4. OneTen & the Blacks In Technology Scholarship Program

This OneTen/Bit scholarship is for those learners who want to advance in their careers by learning skills like business analytics, front-end web development, digital marketing, and more. This program helps them prepare for high-tech jobs in the industry. Only black job-seekers who are without a 4-year degree from the US can apply for this scholarship. The last date to apply for this scholarship is the 15th of May, 2023.

Udacity Pricing | Available Udacity Promo Codes

Udacity is one of the least flexible platforms for payment methods. The substantial price tags in each of its courses do not help this fact as it makes most website visitors back off from purchasing without even giving it a second thought.

There are a lot of other websites that also provide certifications at this price point, but they are often inclined to get more traffic due to their versatile payment methods. On the other, Udacity just gives the buyer two choices that go with the usual marketing scheme.

But this form of payment is quite efficient as it reduces the number of overwhelming options. As of now, Udacity offers two forms of subscriptions to each of its courses to the users. Yes, we have also listed some of the working Udacity Promo Codes to help you save a few extra bucks on Udacity. The two forms of subscription are:

  1. Monthly access: The price tag of monthly access to almost every course on Udacity is $399 without a discount. It gives you monthly access to your enrolled course, and you can choose whether to renew it after a month or not.
  2. 5-Month Access: The price tag for this 5-month access is $1995. When you choose this payment method, you get to have an additional 15% prepaid discount, after which you can even switch to the monthly price if you need more time to complete your enrolled course.

More Coupons & Deals

Conclusion: Udacity Discount Coupon (2024)

Udacity is an excellent platform for you if you want to learn about the theory of many different industry-leading skills and how to implement them in real life to gain clients and score jobs. The best thing about Udacity is its teachers, mostly professionals who have served more than a few years in their respective fields of work. 

These Udacity coupon codes mentioned in the list above will help you get your desired course on Udacity at the best prices. All of these coupons are listed as per their availability in 2022. We will keep this content updated with the latest coupon codes. So, if your Udacity discount code is not working, make sure you come back and check again in a while. 

FAQs On Udacity Coupon Codes

Is getting a Udacity subscription worth it?

The answer depends on your goals and the field that you are looking to get a course for. If you choose the right course and it seems of the best price to you after applying the best coupon in your arsenal, then an Udacity subscription is worth every penny you put into it. 

How long are the Udacity coupon codes valid?

The coupon codes are available only for a limited time. Although there is no official expiry date mentioned as of now for the codes, you can quickly grab the discounts before it expires. 

How much can I save from Udacity coupon codes?

You can save up to 70% through Udacity coupon codes. You can save anywhere between 25% to 70% with various discounts available. 

Can I cancel my Udacity Subscription anytime that I want?

Yes, Udacity provides the choice of canceling your subscription anytime that you want. Which subscription you choose does not matter as both of the subscription options allow canceling anytime you want.

When will the Udacity Sale go live?

The thing is, Udacity offers discounts from time to time. In order to check the ongoing Udacity deals, make sure to check our Udacity Coupon post.

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