Skillshare vs MasterClass — The Ultimate Comparison!

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MasterClass and Skillshare are the two most popular online learning platforms available. I was confused about choosing one from the other, so I took a few courses on MasterClass and a few in Skillshare separately.

I loved a few things about both platforms, followed by some downsides; hence, I decided to write a full-fledged comparison of MasterClass vs Skillshare entirely.

In this article, you’ll find an overview of both the platforms, how it works, who it is best suited to, the pricing plans, some best features, and the ease of use. I will also recommend a few courses on both platforms if you plan to learn a new skill or are confused about choosing a course in MasterClass or Skillshare.

Here’s my quick verdict:

MasterClass (Clear Winner) — My Experience!

Compared to Skillshare, MasterClass has A Grades celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, and Samuel L. Jackson comes together to teach various skills — cooking, acting, music, business, personal development, gardening, etc.
What’s more, the lessons are in-depth and valuable information available. You’ll also get PDF workbooks, assignments, and practical tips with courses. MasterClass all-access pass membership starts at $180 yearly which includes access to 150+ MasterClasses available on the platform.
Choose, MasterClass if you’re looking to learn from the world’s best minds.

Towards the end, I answer the verdict – “which is the best learning platform?”

Skillshare vs MasterClass – In a Nutshell

BudgetAffordable Expensive (Value For Money)
InstructorsExperts World Experts & Celebrities
Introductory coursesFree courses availableNo free course available
Additional ResourcesLess likely to receivePDF workbook, assignments, and practical tasks
Difficulty levelBeginner-friendlyMost courses are advanced
Course qualityVaries from course to courseWell-executed HD qualit

Before diving into the review, let me quickly brief you on MasterClass and Skillshare.

MasterClass Overview

MasterClass is an online learning platform established in 2015. A-grade celebrities from various creative fields worldwide come together to teach you your favorite subject, from cooking to writing to singing in simple video formatted lessons.

MasterClass Overview

The platform focuses on creative learning, where they also provide additional workbooks with fun assignments and tasks to get going with the course.

Note: If want to get detailed insights into MasterClass. Here’s the in-depth review of MasterClass.

The best part about MasterClass is that with their exclusive pricing plan, All-Access Pass, you can access 100+ courses in 10+ niches taught by creative professionals.

Skillshare Overview

Skillshare is an incredible e-learning platform where anyone can curate a course on their own and produce it for the world on any topic, from music to writing to fine arts. We have done a detailed review of Skillshare here.

Skillshare Overview

Though the instructors are not celebrities, they are professional experts trying to break down complex learning into easy understanding through a course.

An added advantage of Skillshare is that the prices vary from course to course because a different instructor handles each course; hence it depends. On ProsperrityforAmerica, we do review online courses and platforms to help you choose the right platform.

Skillshare — Budget-Friendly Choice

Compared to MasterClass, Skillshare offers decent quality courses (but not as in-depth as MasterClass). You can find courses and classes on any topic from — cooking, acting, marketing, business, hobby, etc. They have over 35,000+ classes available in different niches. As per my experience, I would say, Skillshare is for some looking to learn a hobby. Such as learning to bake, cycling, and panting. Or you’re someone looking to learn something quickly but not looking to go in-depth in that thing. Lessons are short ranging from 10 minutes to 2 hrs depending on different courses. You can choose Skillshare if you have a limited budget.

Skillshare vs MasterClass: Key Differences

Here are the key differences between Skillshare and MasterClass.

  • Skillshare offers more than 40,000 courses that are divided into three major categories: Create, Build, and Thrive. Compared to Skillshare, MasterClass only offers 150+ courses across 11 categories.
  • MasterClass is more popular because it has celebrity instructors, and students get to learn from their real-life experiences. Not many people know about Skillshare, but it still has more students than MasterClass.
  • Anyone can become an instructor on Skillshare; all you need to do is sign up for Skillshare’s teachers’ program and verify yourself as a teacher. Not anyone can become a MasterClass instructor, you need to be a famous personality in your field; only then you might get contacted by MasterClass to be an instructor.
  • MasterClass only focuses on teaching its course, whereas Skillshare also makes sure that you’re ready to apply what you’ve learned from its courses.
  • The quality of Skillshare courses varies; some can be really good, whereas some are very bad. All MasterClass courses are built with consistent quality, and the production of these courses is world-class.

What’s the Key Takeaway in MasterClass and Skillshare? 

You must wonder what key takeaways from MasterClass and Skillshare are and how MasterClass is different from Skillshare. Well, no more doubts. I got you.

MasterClass Key Takeaways

MasterClass has systematic and organized courses provided with guided workbooks to learn outside the course as well, which is helpful for users.

You are also directly taught by celebrities who have achieved big in their professional field; hence the instructor quality in MasterClass is promising.


There are many case studies, student sessions, and exclusive content additionally added in various courses in MasterClass, making it a good choice for learners.

An interactive community hub is one of the ultimate features in MasterClass because you can contact the instructor to raise any queries or doubts if there are any.

Skillshare Key Takeaways

The courses in Skillshare are different, and lessons are not correctly arranged which can lead to confusion in keeping up with the course for extensive learning.

Skillshare creatives

Though the instructors are qualified experts, the teaching is average, and there are no additional materials provided along with the course, which can be disappointing.

The best part of Skillshare is that you can submit your project and get it reviewed by the instructor directly, which is engaging and also effective in learning.

Skillshare vs. MasterClass: Lessons 

The working of an online learning platform is easy peasy even if you are new to the concept of e-learning where you are not physically attending classes in a room.

I’ll differentiate it across each learning platform below for better understanding:

MasterClass: Lessons

In MasterClass, the learning is made easy where the lessons of a specific course are well-structured with an average of 10 minutes per lesson depending on the subject.

Apart from taking lessons, each course in MasterClass comes with a PDF formatted workbook with a detailed explanation of chapters, glossary sections for unusual terms, and some great insights into the subject you are learning.

Here are some of the most popular courses in MasterClass, which can be an ultimate choice if it is your first time taking a course in MasterClass:

You are also given fun and creative assignments for gaining practical knowledge. A student-dedicated community hub is available for students to share feedback.

Skillshare: Lessons

In Skillshare, there is no standard format for the lessons since the courses are created by different instructors differently. It varies from course to course.

The courses in Skillshare can be anywhere from 5-10 short lessons to 30 long lessons varying according to the depth of the subject and the instructor’s teaching style.

There is also an exclusive student community like MasterClass where you can share feedback and engage with other ongoing students. Still, this feature in Skillshare is different where it actually feels like a classroom. 

Winner: MasterClass wins because it produces high-quality content with in-depth coverage of the desired subject.

Skillshare vs. MasterClass: The Instructors

The instructors are clearly the success behind any learning platform because if the quality of the instructors is insufficient, students won’t bother to come back.

In this case, both the learning platforms have incredible instructors with relevant experience who have excelled in various fields but are quite different.

MasterClass Instructors

In MasterClass, the instructors are world-class celebrities from different creative fields like Gordon Ramsay teaches cooking, Christina Aguilera teaches singing, and James Patterson teaches writing, which is unbelievable.


Likewise, even subjects like economics are taught by a well-known economist, Paul Krugman. Hence, there is no doubt about the quality of the instructor. 

Each instructor in MasterClass is professionally acclaimed and has prior experience.

Skillshare Instructors

In Skillshare, although the instructors are not celebrities or famous public figures, they are well-qualified and have relevant knowledge about the subject.

Skillshare Teacher Directory

Since Skillshare is an open-source for anyone to become an instructor and conduct a course, it might be quite challenging to find the right course with the best instructor because the quality of the instructor is not constant throughout the platform.

If you are baffled about the instructor’s quality, you can simply hop on the reviews section in Skillshare to pick the course with the most thumbs-up.

Winner: MasterClass wins since the instructor quality is not constant in Skillshare. Still, MasterClass courses are led by world experts only.

There is a wide variety of niches that both the platforms cover and have exclusive benefits differently. The courses can go from basic cooking to understanding magic to learn science, which formal schools do not teach.

The options are limitless, but both platforms do not have the same courses in the same niche. I have chosen the most recommended courses on both platforms to try out to build a skill or enhance your craft.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the platforms.

MasterClass has 100+ courses in 10+ different niches, which are taught by creative professionals worldwide. Let me quickly list the most recommended courses:

1. Hans Zimmer “Teaches Film Scoring”

Instructor: Hans Zimmer

The number of lessons: 31 lessons

Duration: 5 hours

Suitable for: Aspiring music composers, beginners into music production, and experienced film scorers who’d like to learn from Hans Zimmer.


Quick verdict: In the course, he talks about his signature style of music composition, experienced as a music composer in the film industry, and drops some exclusive tips on improving by giving a trick “to mix electronic music with orchestra beats.”

2. Serena Williams “Teaches Tennis”

Instructor: Serena Williams

The number of lessons: 10 lessons

Duration: less than 2 hours

Suitable for: Anyone who would like to learn tennis from the basics and Fans of Serena Williams as she talks about her life journey as a tennis player.

Serena Williams MasterClass

Quick verdict: In the course, she teaches tennis from scratch, some ground-breaking techniques, and insights into the game of tennis, which is quite insightful.

3. Christina Aguilera “Teaches Singing”

Instructor: Christina Aguilera

The number of lessons: 23 lessons

Duration: 4 hours

Suitable for: Any aspiring singers, beginners who’d like to improve their vocal range and evolve as a singer, and Fans of Christina Aguilera to know her lifestyle.


Quick verdict: In the course, she talks about the various aspects of singing, gives advice on improving, and discusses different singing styles and how to do it.

Skillshare has brilliant courses handled by experts in multiple niches. Let me quickly suggest some most recommended courses in Skillshare:

1. Intro to UX: Fundamentals of Usability

Instructor: Marieke McCloskey

The number of lessons: 10 lessons

Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Suitable for: Any designer, developer, product manager, and people involved in the process of UX development or someone who’d like to learn UX basics.

Intro To UX

Quick verdict: In the course, she teaches the basic principles in UX designing and smoothening the user experience in easy lessons in a detailed way.

2. Baking Basics: Make Perfect Pastries Every Time

Instructor: Umber Ahmad

The number of lessons: 9 lessons

Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Suitable for: Any beginner who would like to learn the art of baking and experienced bakers who’d like to learn different baking styles with minimal ingredients.

Baking Basics-Make Perfect Pastries

Quick verdict: In the course, Umber teaches baking and the science behind it. She also talks about her baking style and shares unique baking techniques to follow.

3. Plants at Home: Uplift Your Spirit & Your Space

Instructor: Christopher Griffin

The number of lessons: 10 lessons

Duration: 50 minutes

Suitable for: Any gardener, plant lovers, and plant enthusiasts who’d like to know the importance of gardening and how to do it properly.

Plants At Home

Quick verdict: In the course, Griffin shares easy steps in building a plant base at your home, discusses taking care of plants, and also talks about common issues faced by plant owners. It is a detailed course on growing plants.

MasterClass vs Skillshare: Features Compared 

Though both platforms offer courses in different niches, they have unique features that differentiate them from one another. They are:

MasterClass Key Features 

In MasterClass, you get ultimate video quality equivalent to the quality of the shows on Netflix, and there is no compromise to the audio quality as well.

Additionally, MasterClass provides resourceful workbooks to their students to get going with the course, which has great insights, assignments, and fun tasks.

Another great feature that I found in MasterClass is their quick lists section which beautifully curates all the relevant courses under one roof to avoid wasting time.


The courses in MasterClass are self-paced, which means you can take them whenever you want. You can also stream courses on any device from mobile to tablet to pc to even your TV, which is flexible and easier to use MasterClass.

Skillshare Key Features 

In Skillshare, the features are simple yet significant. Like, there are exclusive workshops that you can use, where helpful learning resources are shared by the instructor for a course regularly.

The best part about Skillshare is that anyone can teach a course, which is a great feature that Skillshare has included.

Anyone Can Teach On Skillshare

Video annotation is also available in Skillshare, which is absent in MasterClass.

Like MasterClass, you can stream courses on any device you want in Skillshare.

Winner: Although you get resourceful workbooks, tasks, and assignments in MasterClass, Skillshare allows anyone to become an instructor. Skillshare wins!

Skillshare vs MasterClass: Ease of Use

Despite everything else, the ease of use of a product helps decide if it is worth it. I mean, it is easier to choose if you know how user-friendly a product is.

In this case, it is about learning platforms; hence I’ll share my experience of it.

MasterClass Ease of Use

The courses in MasterClass were top-notch, where the instructors provided relevant examples throughout the course while also breaking down complex theories.

It was not constrained to one specific niche, but all the courses were equally great. The user experience was smooth, and I was able to take courses with no hassles.

The lessons did not feel like college lectures but well-structured celebrity shows, except that you’ll be learning while also enjoying the platform. At least, I did.

Skillshare Ease of Use

Although the courses in Skillshare varied from instructor to instructor in the same niche, I was able to learn from different instructors on a budget.

The only drawback with Skillshare is that they don’t produce workbooks or learning materials along with the course but only an extended workshop separately.

Even if you are not a beginner or an amateur, you can find courses on all difficulty levels according to your understanding which is absent in MasterClass.

Winner: MasterClass wins since the interface is well-designed and the support for mobile applications is very responsive, whereas Skillshare is lagging.

MasterClass vs Skillshare: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of MasterClass and Skillshare.

MasterClass Pros

  • All the video content available on MasterClass is in high definition.
  • Classes are short, and you can finish a course within a single day.
  • Instructors of MasterClass are celebrities from all over the world.
  • You can save a lot on an annual MasterClass All-Access Pass.
  • You also get workbooks from every course that are downloadable.

MasterClass Cons

  • You can not enroll in any course of MasterClass without buying the subscription first.
  • MasterClass is not for those who want to hone a particular skill.

Skillshare Pros

  • Skillshare offers students to gain real-life skills that they can use to grow in their careers.
  • Skillshare has a smooth interface that is really easy to use.
  • You can use the Skillshare Premium with our exclusive 30-day Skillshare free trial.
  • Anyone can create courses on Skillshare and start earning.
  • Courses from different categories are available.

Skillshare Cons

  • Content quality completely depends on the instructor, so that it can be really good or really bad.
  • You don’t get accredited for Skillshare courses, so that you won’t be recognized in the professional world with these courses.

Which is Best Suited to You? 

The suitability of a platform is essential; hence I have curated the learning platforms in a way that you can choose the learning platforms based on the following aspects:

MasterClass is suitable for: 

MasterClass is a great choice if 

  • You are someone who is an amateur or an experienced professional because not all courses are beginner-friendly.
  • You are someone who likes to learn with appropriate study materials and helpful workbooks apart from the lessons.
  • You would love to learn from your favorite artist/inspiration directly and get advice on improving your craft.

Skillshare is suitable for:

You can enroll in courses offered by Skillshare if

  • You are a beginner and would like to learn from different experts separately.
  • You are someone looking for an effective learning platform on a budget.
  • You are a teacher and trying to build a course for students across the world.

The Pricing Battle: Which One is Affordable? 

Pricing plays a vital role when it comes to making a purchase. Likewise, you have to look for the pricing plans if it is worth the investment or not. 

Let me list down the plans of both the learning platforms briefly:

MasterClass Pricing Explained 

MasterClass has an exclusive pricing plan where you can buy an All-Access Pass at $180/-, which is billed at $15/- per month, and get access to all the courses. There are other pricing plans available, you can check the official pricing on the site.

Yes, you heard it right. By buying the All-Access Pass, you get access to 100+ courses available on the platform in 10+ creative niches, which can be taken simultaneously.

Note: Get detailed insights into MasterClass cost.

For example, you can learn film scoring by Hans Zimmer while also learning beat-making from Timbaland. This way, you can learn multiple skills quickly.

I’d recommend taking a course from different niches per week to learn four practical skills in a single month. I used this pattern, and it worked! What’s more, MasterClass also allows you to gift MasterClass membership to your family, friends, and peers.

Skillshare Pricing Explained

Skillshare has exciting plans which might surprise you. Let me quickly list them:

Skillshare Pricing
  • An Annual plan which is the most recommended plan in the platform is priced at $13.99 per month which is billed as $168/- annually. 
  • The next plan is on a monthly basis which is priced at $32/m only, which is great if you are someone who is looking for courses on a budget.
  • Both the plans give unlimited access to all the courses in Skillshare along with a free trial of one month, which is an excellent way to grab potential users. Check the detailed comparison between Skillshare free and premium here.

Use these Skillshare discount codes to save a few extra bucks on Skillshare.

Alternatives to MasterClass & Skillshare (Updated)

Even if you are not satisfied with both the learning platforms for some reason, don’t worry, I got a few more options for you to give a try because I would like to ease out the research process for you. Starting with:

  • Udemy

Udemy is another excellent online learning platform that has countless options to choose from because the platform has a course for every topic

Related Read: Check our detailed Udemy vs Skillshare comparison here.

It is also accessible through a mobile application which has made it easier for users to take courses. 

The pricing is inexpensive and not-so-low as well; hence it lies in a fair budget.

  • Coursera

An e-learning platform that follows the standard way of teaching, which is considered “traditional,” is Coursera. It has instructors from top colleges like Standard and Yale teaching specific courses in the simplest way possible. 

You also receive certificates on completion of a course, which is great. Also, the pricing in Coursera starts from $29/- and can go up to $99/- only.

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Final verdict – Skillshare or MasterClass?

After going through several courses in both learning platforms, I have come to the ultimate verdict of declaring the best learning platform on the internet.

Overall: Based On Above Skillshare vs MasterClass comparison

  • MasterClass can be given 4 out of 5 stars 
  • Skillshare can be given 3 out of 5 stars

The masterClass is the best learning platform on the internet for various reasons like well-structured lessons, provision of exclusive workbooks, and top-notch quality.

I could also take multiple courses simultaneously without paying extra money with their exciting All-Access Pass, which allows users to take all the 100+ courses.

The best part about MasterClass is that the instructors are famous celebrities who inspire millions worldwide. This way, I was directly taught by my idols.

The courses were fun and engaging and did not follow the basic format of teaching. 

Although I could find a few similar points in Skillshare, MasterClass excelled in all aspects of teaching and became my go-to learning platform.

While pricing was appropriate in Skillshare since each course varies, it was all clubbed together at one fair plan in MasterClass; it was easier.

However, Skillshare is a good learning platform to become an instructor and teach a course. The MasterClass is a great choice for learning a skill effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How different is MasterClass from Skillshare?

MasterClass has well-structured lessons, provides workbooks, and also fun assignments. The courses are handled by celebrities worldwide in all fields.

Is MasterClass a better option than Skillshare?

Yes, MasterClass is an excellent option over Skillshare since you can simultaneously take multiple courses taught by celebrities in different creative fields.

What do you get with MasterClass?

You get additional helpful workbooks and creative assignments along with each course taken in MasterClass.

What are the courses that Skillshare covers?

Skillshare covers various courses, from animation to gardening to journaling. There are plenty of options to choose from.

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