Mindvalley Review 2024 – Should You Buy It (TRUTH)

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I have been using Mindvalley for a good few months now, and after trying a variety of different courses, I can say it’s genuinely life-changing. The practical lessons were easier to implement in my day-to-day life, making me so much more confident and present. 

Therefore, in this Mindvalley Review, I will talk about my personal experience with the platform. 

You can expect me to talk about different categories and courses within each. I will also talk about the subscription plans, which Mindvalley is best for and much more. 

I have shared my unbiased opinion on Mindvalley so you can decide whether it’s worth it or not. 

So, let’s get into the details below!

Mindvalley Review: In a Nutshell 

Using Mindvalley has been the best decision of my life. Not only do I get access to so many quality courses, but the learnings I have had so far are absolutely mind-blowing. 

FounderVishen Lakhiani
Courses CategorySoul, Mind, Body, Relationships, Career, Entrepreneurship, Parenting, Performance, and much more
Best ForImproving self-esteem/ confidence, Chakra Healing, Enhancing your concentration, memory, and fast reading, Non-verbal communication.
Mindvalley Monthly Subscription$99
Mindvalley Membership – All Access Pass $499/ Year, equivalent to $41.60/Month
Mindvalley Membership Pro$699/ Year, equivalent to $58.25/ Month
Mindvalley BenefitsExtensive resources
Free CoursesPractical tips for implementing
Each lesson is divided into smaller parts for a better understanding.

Why Should You Trust This Mindvalley Review?

When does the trust factor come into play despite going through countless reviews on different sites, blogs, and articles? How do you know if a review is legit or not? Here’s the screenshot of my subscription and Mindvalley level.

Well, I have diligently taken the following courses on Mindvalley, and I have a personal experience with each course. I have also shared my honest reviews of each course after going through them.

  1. Duality by Jeffery Allen
  2. SuperBrain by Jim Kwik
  3. SuperReading by Jim Kwik
  4. Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani 
  5. Speak & Inspire by Lisa Nichols
  6. Wildfit — Eric Madness

Pros and cons of Mindvalley (What I Liked & Disliked)

Everything has its positive and negative sides. Similarly, Mindvalley also comes with various pros and cons. After going through their courses, here are some of the pros and cons that I encountered. 


  • The courses are extremely high quality with a well-structured syllabus. 
  • All the course materials can be learned online or offline. In a situation where you do not have access to the internet, you can still access the materials without the internet. 
  • When you complete your courses within time and indulge yourself completely, they really help in improving your outlook towards life. 
  • For real-life situations, you can get valuable advice from experts. It is great when you are stuck in an unwanted situation and do not know where to seek help. 
  • The Mindvalley learning community is filled with an engaging atmosphere where you can interact and understand every single aspect of the course. 
  • Personally, I found Mindvalley Membership to be a great value for money compared to the individual courses.


  • The price range for individual courses can be expensive to many users.
  • When taking the course, I felt like the videos could be more informative and explanatory to understand things from a wider perspective. 

Who is Mindvalley Right For?

As much as the platform is highly empowering and full of practical learning, unfortunately, Mindvalley isn’t for everyone. So, how do you differentiate whether you’re the right fit?

Check out the bullet points below:-

  • If you enjoy self-help podcasts/ book 
  • Anyone who wants to better themself constantly
  • You’re looking to learn soft skills 
  • Unbalanced energy
  • Improving confidence/self-esteem
  • Developing inner voice 
  • Chakra healing
  • Strengthen your concentration and memory
  • Fast reading
  • Improve your relationship both personally and professionally
  • Learn the art of body language

Who is Mindvalley not for?

Mindvalley is a self-development platform with hundreds of self-healing courses that majorly focus on life, health, fitness, relationship, and mental development.

Mindvalley is not suitable for:

  • Anyone who wishes to see overnight results.
  • Anyone who has unrealistic dreams and goals.
  • Anyone who cannot implement the learnings.
  • Anyone who cannot allot time for themselves.
  • Anyone who cannot follow a module diligently.

If you are taking Mindvalley, you need patience, time

What is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is one of the most popular and leading platforms right now that offers multiple self-development courses with an astonishing 12 million students globally. The courses revolve around money, relationships, work, entrepreneurship, mind, body, and soul. 

One of the best parts about Mindvalley is that real-life experts teach its courses. These experts include Jim Kiwk, Marisa Peer, Emily Fletcher, and more. Mindvalley offers premium quality self-development courses, seminars, mentorship programs, and more to bring out a focus on spiritual development. 

When discussing self-development courses, Mindvalley plays a vital role in changing one’s life through their courses, especially mine. Multiple online learning platforms provide self-development courses, but Mindvalley takes the lead with their well-curated courses that actually help you improvise your lifestyle. 

Another attractive part about Mindvalley is that you will never face any confusion when picking the right course. Known as Quests, you can opt for any course out of 30. When you are getting started with Mindvalley, you will be allowed to take an assessment test that acts as a guide toward picking the right course for you. 

Once you choose your ideal course, you will enjoy the learning process with their attractive lectures and teaching methods, which we will discuss in this post. Overall, Mindvalley has truly an inspiring effect through its nourishment program for mind, soul, and body and can be safely labeled as a ‘transformational course.’ 

Who is Behind Mindvalley?

Vishen Liakhiani, a Malaysian businessman, founded Mindvalley. Before establishing Mindvalley, he moved to Silicon Valley, where he was extremely stressed about the constant work culture.

Vishen Lakhiani
Epic things start with small humble steps. Pay respect to your beginnings. And if you’re just starting out, know that it’s ok to be sucky. To be small. To be messy and chaotic. Just make sure to never stop dreaming. – Vishen Lakhiani

His career started as an engineer and eventually as a senior leader at a startup company in 2001. After dealing with the constant exhausting work culture in Silicon Valley, Vishen went for an advanced self-development course, which led him to his spiritual development journey. During the same journey, Mindvalley was founded. 

Vishen believes in taking human consciousness to the next level with these life improvement courses, and hence, today, he is solely dedicated to guiding millions of people globally. Today, Vishen actively works as a motivational speaker and activist who works towards spreading the importance of the subconscious mind. 

Besides, he is the author behind the famous The code of the extraordinary mind’ book, which was ranked as #1 on Amazon bestsellers. From taking classes on various subjects to delivering a perfect speech, Vishen continues to evolve with a bigger picture in his mind. 

Mindvalley Instructors: Who Are They? 

One thing that’s for sure about Mindvalley is that you will not be disappointed with their course. One of the main reasons why I am confidently speaking on this is due to their professional instructors. 

MindValley Instructors

Mindvalley brings out some of the top experts in the field from all around the globe. One of them is the founder itself, Vishen Lakhiani. No, you won’t find popular celebrities here who are simply there to sell the course due to their name and popularity. Instead, Mindvalley compromises top experts and speakers in the specific field who have spent years learning their teachings. 

Success comes from having dreams that are bigger than your fears.
– Bobby Unser

Some of these self-help teachers include Ken Honda -one of the best-selling authors; Jim Kwik Superbrain, who is an expert in mind hacking and brain training. Neale Donald Walsch, who is a spiritualist and the author of ‘Conversations with God.’ 

Instructors of Mindvalley are one of the major reasons why Mindvalley is exiling globally. They ensure to bring together the top instructors from various fields in one single platform. In the beginning, when I was about to start my course, I had no idea who these teachers were. 

I spent an hour researching the teachers of my course and understood that they were actually experts in the specific field who had spent years understanding each aspect.

Mindvalley instructors are the real deal of Mindvalley and one major reason why you do not want to miss out on the teaching from the experts themselves. 

What Kind Of Courses is Available on Mindvalley?

Mindvalley offers various quests (courses) that are divided into various categories. Each quest comes with a dedicated timeline. This means you will get an idea of how many days it will take for you to complete the course. 

MindValley Courses

Additionally, you will be given the date for your next intake after every lesson to inform you in advance about the course. Let’s take a look below at their various categories and courses offered in those categories. 


Performance is one of the areas where everyone wants to exile. Whether it’s habits, behaviors, beliefs, or work, we all want to reach our best potential. The performance module comes with exactly these courses, which help you strive for better performance. Some of the courses include: 

Performance Category
  • Super Brain
  • Everyday Bliss
  • Super Reading 


When you are trying to heal your body, it does not necessarily mean you have to start working out or follow a strict diet. This module guides you to the path of maintaining a physically fit body with various methods. Some of the courses include:

Body Category
  • 10x Fitness
  • The Mastery of Sleep 
  • The Mindvalley Yoga Quest


One’s brain is the most essential body organ that enhances productivity and focus. Understanding and pushing yourself to work better starts with the brain. This module consists of courses that lead you towards the development of your brain to increase your productivity and mental health well-being.  

Mind Category


Besides helping you with your body, mind, and soul, Mindvalley helps you step out of your comfort zone and become your own boss. With the courses in this category, you can work towards setting up your business and ride on the journey of successful and impactful entrepreneurship. Some of the courses include:

Entrepreneurship Category
  • Hero Genius Legend 
  • Lisa Nicholes- Speak and Inspire
  • Be Extraordinary 


Whether it’s the childhood trauma you are carrying or you went through a breakup recently, healing your soul is the first step towards having a good life. Most people often end up ignoring the spiritual healing of their souls and continue to neglect reality. This later causes major problems in well-being and productivity. 

Soul Category

Some of the quests that you can find useful for spiritual healing are: 

  • Life Visioning Mastery 
  • Energy Medicine
  • Duality 
  • Unlocking transcendence 


Relationships often create a huge impact on our lives. Whether it’s your spouse or your work colleague, relationships mend the workflow of your life. This module helps in understanding the importance of communication to lead a healthy relationship. 

Relationships Category

Some of the quests that will be helpful for you to mend your relationships include: 

  • Mastering Authentic Network 
  • Conscious Uncoupling 
  • Conscious parenting mastery 


Working is the most crucial part of one’s life. Whether you are working for yourself or for someone else, you will find various obstacles in dealing with the work environment. Backing up from work is not the right solution. Therefore, this module brings all the essential courses that will motivate you to work to become the best version of yourself. 

Career Category — Mindvalley

Some courses under career include: 

  • Money EQ
  • Speak and Inspire
  • The New Psychology of Winning

Parenting, Kids, and Teens

Becoming a parent and raising a child is more than what the world portrays it to be. Guiding your kids in the right direction and maintaining a healthy relationship as they go through their adolescence period is one of the most challenging parts of a parent’s life. 

Kids, Teens, And Parenting Category — Mindvalley

Therefore, this module brings all the essential quests that help you build a perfect foundation for parenting your kid(s). Some popular courses include: 

  • Be Extraordinary for Teens 
  • Little Humans

Mindvalley Mentoring

If you are serious about your personal growth and want to take mindfulness for yourself to the next level, then you should enroll in Mindvalley Mentoring. It is a 100+ hours training program taught by more than 80 well-known Mindvalley Instructors, including Vishen Lakhiani himself. It is a personal growth accelerator program where you get coaching directly from Vishen and his peers.

In this program, you get access to workshops, training videos, films, and interviews featuring experts from all over the world. You get access to the inner circle community and virtually meet with a few selected students of this program. It is one of the best things for students who want one-on-one coaching from Vishen Lakhiani.

What’s My Experience with Mindvalley? (Truth)

We have seen various popular quests divided into various categories. However, you may find yourself confused about which quests you should pick. 

I have already curated the list of the best Mindvalley courses available, which you can check.

Mindvalley is a transformative program, and it guarantees life-changing rewards. In my experience with Mindvalley, I could sense its impact on my life.

I took these courses from different aspects of life in Mindvalley:

Below, I have shared some of the top courses that I’m extremely impressed by. Let’s take a closer look at the courses below. 

1. Duality by Jeffrey Allen

Duality is a self-healing course that helps in carefully removing all the negativity and toxicity from your life. In Duality, Jeffrey teaches how to hold power over manifestation and believe in yourself to be rewarded in life. 

Duality is recommended to anyone trying to overcome a traumatic past and lead a happy life ahead, especially if you have been stuck in a toxic place.

Results I Got From Duality —

I wondered if there was a button to remove unwanted past and traumatic life experiences from your memory system. Luckily, I discovered Duality. Through Duality, I learned that you do not need a button but manifest your goal better to achieve it.

I was also taught that “staying positive” will not always work, and you need to feel things in order to overcome them in the future. Now, I can have an optimistic mindset and handle tricky life situations better. Thanks to Duality!

With promising results and compelling life advice, Duality is worth taking. You will learn the art of manifestation and neglect triggering factors from your life.

2. Lifebook Online by Jon and Missy Butcher

I have already done a detailed Lifebook Online review which helps you get an insider’s view into Mindvalley’s Lifebook.

Lifebook Online is literally a Lifebook that focuses on the twelve unique aspects of life and helps in enhancing life for betterment. In Lifebook Online, you will be taught how to deal with various dimensions of life and tackle the problems that arise.

Lifebook Online is best suited for people who can give time and energy to themselves and build a strong foundation in understanding manifestation. 

Results I got from Lifebook Online –

To be honest, I was completely drained in the majority of life aspects, including relationships, finance, growth, and even self-care. Lifebook Online was basically a savior at my lowest point. 

Although life was happening, nothing was exciting until I started incorporating the learnings I observed in Lifebook Online. 

I was guided to create a mind map to picture my life.

The map gave me a new perspective, and I gained a vision to direct my life on the right journey. The whole experience with Lifebook Online was personalized.

Before taking the actual course, I was told to take an assessment test through which my instructors, Jon and Missy Butcher, analyzed my strengths and weaknesses and delivered an actual Lifebook specially curated for me. 

To straight up answer it, I’d say yes. Lifebook Online is well-crafted with real-life lessons that you can closely relate to. Lifebook Online discusses 12 unique dimensions in your life, so you can surely benefit from many aspects.

Additionally, if you complete Lifebook Online within a period, you will get a guaranteed 100% refund.

3. SuperBrain by Jim Kwik

SuperBrain is a mindfulness course that helps improve concentration and brain memory. In SuperBrain, Jim breaks down ways to accelerate your sleeping brain and use it efficiently. 

Since science techniques back up SuperBrain, you can trust the entire process and teachings delivered by Jim Kwik. 

Results I Got from SuperBrain –

Being a mind-sleeper, I was forgetful during serious conversations and life advice. Using SuperBrain, my memory power is enhanced, and I can feel my brain running.

I used to get tired of doing the bare minimum, but now, my mind is energetic, and I have a better grip on focusing on things, lectures, and even classes.  


There were no injections or science activities that I did using SuperBrain. I was taught simple mind exercises. I practiced it religiously, and finally, I mastered it. One of the most simple mind exercises is using the infinity technique to use both parts of your brain.

In fact, my workflow got smoother, and I can concentrate better at work. 

Thanks to SuperBrain!

SuperBrain is an excellent choice if you feel that your creative juices are no longer working correctly or cannot commit to your concentration or memory power. 

Jim Kwik ensures that the common issues people face are tackled with mind-controlling capabilities, including focus, vision, and determination. SuperBrain is best suited for anyone dealing with a forgetful memory or struggling with concentration.

4. Mastering Authentic Network

Category: The course falls under career growth, Business and professional life, and networking. 

Instructor/teacher: Keith Ferrazzi

Overview: Networking is the most crucial aspect of having a successful business and personal growth. Most people start their own businesses and often end up failing due to a lack of networking. One thing about networking is that its importance is neglected in school. 

Mastering Authentic Networking Course

While networking can be easy for some people, it is equally challenging for some, especially when you are an introvert. Keith Ferrazzi takes networking to the next level with networking as an art and science approach

“Success in any field, but especially in business is about working with people, not against them.”
― Keith Ferrazzi

Mastering Authentic Network by Keith Ferrazzi is an ideal course that helps you expand your network through different approaches. The course blends a perfect mixture of having an authentic network around you and how it can benefit you in the long term. 

Who is it best for: The quest is ideal for anyone who wants to build an authentic network. Whether you want to start your business or you want to interact with your clients, teammates, employees, and more in the most positive manner, MAstering Authentic Network is ideal for you. 

Price: $299 for digital access. 

5. Conscious Uncoupling 

Category: Relationships

Instructor/teacher: The quest is delivered by the relationship therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas. 

Overview: Whether you were in a relationship for 6 months or 6 years, the hurt that follows after a breakup is equal. Heartbreak can leave you with a physical ache similar to a physical wound. 

Conscious Uncoupling Course Mindvalley

After a breakup, people often end up getting stuck in a loophole that does not allow them to heal. Coping up does not happen overnight. Some people take days, months, or even years to come out from the post-breakup phase

“Until you are able to see yourself living the life that you truly want, it will be difficult for you to create it.”
― Katherine Woodward Thomas

Katherine Woodward Thomas is a relationship expert who has designed this quest perfectly to get you out of the post-breakup situation and bring out the best version of yourself. 

With this course, you will be able to rediscover the real ‘you’ and heal from the ache that has been putting you down for months or years. With or without the support of your current/former partner, this 5 step method quest proves to be helpful in growing out of hurt and living peacefully. 

After going through this course, I have been able to navigate the end of the relationship with peace and gratitude. Additionally, I personally loved this course because the instructor helped me understand how life has a bigger and better meaning than what your brain tells you. 

Who is it best for: The Course is perfect for people who are suffering from heartbreak or struggling to move on after a terrible breakup. However, it is also suitable for people who want to get out of a toxic relationship but cannot find the right way to do it. 

Price: The digital access for the course states at $349. 

6. Be Extraordinary 

Category: Mind

Instructor/Teacher: Vishen Lakhiani

Overview: Understanding where you are right now and where you want to be in the future is essential. Too many people are stuck in failing to analyze where they stand and how they can grow to their full potential. 

Be Extraordinary Course Mindvalley

By the CEO itself, Vishen has curated the course perfectly to lift your consciousness, which eventually lifts your life. After going through this course, I can safely say that Vishen has been truly helpful in understanding my potential along with the way of living my life. 

"The most extraordinary people in the world today don’t have a career. They have a mission."
 – Vishen Lakhiani

The course compiles four different levels of mind, and as a common person, you are not living with the first level of your mind. Understanding and leveling up the higher level of consciousness of your mind is what Vishen teaches you in this course. 

In other words, Be Extraordinary teaches you what your real potential is and what you can do instead of doing what society expects you to do. 

Who is it best for: The course is best suited for people who want to understand their potential by increasing their level of consciousness. 

Price: You can get the Be Extraordinary digital access for $399. 

What are Mindvalley classes like? 

Mindvalley comes with 30+ Quests (Classes), and these classes are usually divided into various categories. These categories include: 

  • Mind 
  • Body 
  • Work 
  • Soul
  • Performance
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Entrepreneurship 

Unlike other online courses, Mindvalley follows a different approach to its courses. Every course is divided into 20-30 minutes of your daily time. In these 20-30 minutes, your course will be followed by lessons and videos. After you are done with the lessons, you get the daily tasks that you need to get done. 

The tasks are the backbone of the success of your course. These tasks are given to implement the learning in practical life. For the best results, it is crucial that you follow all the tasks, no matter how silly they may sound in the beginning. 

Some of the tasks even include sharing your growth with your fellow course members. There’s another science behind why you are asked to share your goals and success with your tribe members. It is basically to push your brain for higher performance. 

No matter which type of learner you are, Mindvalley has got your back. Their classes are a perfect blend of practical and esoteric. While all the classes are based on science, you should definitely not miss out on the classes as well as the tasks given. 

Dedicating 20-30 minutes of your day and implementing the teachings into your real life will bring out significant changes. Although the classes will guide you to the right path, the effectiveness of the course solely depends on how well you implement them and how much you are willing to complete the course. 

Long-Term Impact of Mindvalley Courses

I first came across Mindvalley three years ago. Going through back-to-back downfalls really took a toll on me and had me dissociating frequently. Once, it happened on the road as well, and I crashed into two women and further into a still truck. That accident scarred me, to say the least.

I knew I needed help, and therapy was not working out. So, I turned to Mindvalley. When I tell you the courses are so well made and genuinely push you to do better, I mean it. Katherina Woodward Thomson helped me to sit in the pain. 

At first, I was not able to confront my self-sabotaging ways and the likewise the hurt the other person had caused me. The Conscious Uncoupling instructor helped me understand the conflict and some of the reasons behind it. 

Instead of taking things personally, I could see the bigger picture. In fact, she helped me in accepting things. Although things happened for some good reason, that doesn’t mean the pain I was feeling was any less or invalid. It forever changed the way I handle emotions now. 

I have realized losing people is part of life. (Especially my life since it’s full of seasonal things, people, and feelings.) So, now I just live in the moment and do not fixate on people too much. 

Yes, I still feel things intensely, but now I have much more emotional freedom. 

I have learned not to give people so much power and importance over myself. Plus, now it helps me in different areas of my life, too. Jeffery Allen’s Duality is another program that changed the trajectory of my life. 

I learned where each chakra is placed, what it does, and how to heal it. Balancing my root and solar plexus chakra was especially necessary since I struggled with poor self-image and confidence. 

That was the main reason I struggled to accept opportunities, love, and basic kindness. I couldn’t help but believe that I did not deserve it or that the other person was simply lying. To be honest, living like that is exhausting.

Thankfully, Jeffrey Allen’s mediation helped me heal these underdeveloped chakras. Likewise, I discovered the rest of the chakras’ functions and actively used them to balance my way out of a balanced life. 

So, overall, my experience with Mindvalley has been really good so far. I’m still exploring other courses and will keep you updated about each of them. 

Mindvalley Free Courses

Every week, Mindvalley launches free masterclasses that can last up to 90 minutes. The experts of Mindvalley teach these courses to help readers learn something new every week without worrying about buying its subscription. Here are some of the masterclasses that are available for free:

Mindvalley Free Courses
  • How to last your weight loss & maintain good health for a lifetime by Eric Edmeades
  • Heal money wounds using Japanese art by Ken Honda
  • Learn hacks of speed reading to recall, retain, and absorb by Jim Kwik
  • How to get 10 times stronger & fitter by The Mindvalley Health Team
  • 20 Minute energy clearing session by Christie Marie Sheldon
  • Learn 4 powerful energy techniques by Jeffrey Allen

These courses are available for free right now; they might add or remove any of the courses in the future as soon as they do; I will update this list. You can also learn from the free Mindvalley quest “The 6 Phase Meditation,” which you will find on the free courses page of Mindvalley.

Mindvalley Cost: Subscription Plans & Available Discounts

Currently, Mindvalley is offering a 40% discount on its all-access plan. So, instead of paying the standard rate ($499), you will get access at just $399/ Year. 

However, keep in mind that this offer is only available for a limited.

Let’s discuss the standard Mindvalley subscriptions: Mindvalley All-Access Plan offers two subs plans: Monthly and Annual. The platform also offers A Pro Membership, which is only available for annual billing. 

For a detailed take, check out my “How Much is Mindvalley” article. But for now, the following are respective Mindvalley subscription plans:-

Subscription PlansMonthly PlanAnnual Plan
Pro MembershipNot Available$598

Now the question is which plan is ideal for you. So, let’s breakdown:-

1. All-Access Monthly Plan – $49/ Month

Mindvalley Monthly Pricing

The monthly plan is best for anyone who does not want to commit to the platform financially. The best you can do is opt for the seven-day Mindvalley free trial. (For more insights, click on the link.) Once you have explored different courses, you can continue the Monthly subscription.

If not, you can cancel the plan. Ensure you do it at least a day before your free trial ends. Otherwise, you will be charged for the subscription.

2. All-Access Annual Plan – $399/ Year

Mindvalley Yearly Pricing

This plan is best for anyone who wants to take multiple courses. The all-access plans give you access to over 100+ courses, meditations, live lectures, and unlimited access to private social networks and global communities such as in-person events. 

The best part is that the subscription is only $33.52/month. 

3. Pro Membership Annual Plan – $598/ Year

Mindvalley Pro Pricing

If you are already a Mindvalley member and looking to upgrade your subscription, all you need to pay is an extra $98. Pro membership gives the same benefits as all-access. However, the exclusives that you do get with this plan are:-

  • Monthly group coaching and embodiment sessions with special guests and Vishen Lakhiani. And exclusive peer mastermind group.

Since you have made it till here reading my review, ProsperityForAll has a small gift for you! You can grab 60% off on your Mindvalley subscription by using our exclusive Mindvalley discount.

Mindvalley Events

Besides offering courses, Mindvalley ensures your all-around growth. This is done by conducting various online workshops, seminars, and talk shows. 

These events and seminars help you talk to the experts face to face and get an insight about the courses. Additionally, the events that are conducted help in increasing your networking by interacting with other people attending the events. 

Some of the top events held at Mindvalley include: 

  • Mindvalley Live: Mindvalley Live is a three-day self-improvement event that is restricted to only 250 participants. The event is bilingual, consisting of English and Russian language. You can attend the latest Mindvalley Live on May 7th and 9th, 2021. 
  • Mindvalley University: Mindvalley University is a global campus for Mindvalley students for transformation learning. Mindvalley University is a 21-day learning event that is accessible for All Access membership students. This event contains 100+ events and workshops on self-development by over 50 experts. 
  • Mindvalley A-Fest: Mindvalley A-Fest is an invite-only and exclusive event. However, it is open to everyone to apply for the invite. An event is a 3-day event that combines various experts, teachers, and entrepreneurs to conduct the event in the most successful manner. 

Mindvalley Platforms Availability? 

Besides providing courses, Mindvalley also comes with a handy mobile app. The mobile app comes in handy when you have to track your entire course without struggling to jump from one web page to another. 

From the mobile app of Mindvalley, you can discover courses, get new courses, and keep complete track of the lessons. Another reason why I loved the  Mindvalley app is that even in places where I could not carry my laptop with me, I could easily go through my course from my mobile. 

If you are not a fan of mobile applications, Mindvalley has another great thing in store for you. Mindvalley also offers podcasts that you can listen to while you are heading toward work or after you are home from a tiring day. These podcasts are by experts on various niches, including parenting, money, relationships, mind, body, and more. 

The couches deliver these podcasts, and you can easily leave comments or save them to listen to them later. Some of the famous podcasts of Mindvalley are by Elimy Fletcher, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tara Nicolle Nelson, Rachel Hollis, and more. 

Tune into some of the top Mindvalley podcasts.

Community and Networking in Mindvalley

Apart from the video lessons, Mindvalley is highly recognized for its global networking:-

  • Mindvalley University: 

The three-week event invites subscribers from all around the world and gives them an opportunity to learn, interact, and grow with in-person lessons. This annual event provides you with quality workshops that you can implement in your day-to-day lives. 

Moreover, for those who are bored of attending Mindvalley courses at home, having an environment change and meeting your online friends in person is a genuinely soul-revamping moment – as you get to see everybody’s tangible progress in person. 

  • Mindvalley Tribe Learning

When you first sign onto the platform, it asks you whether you want to learn the specific program individually or with people. If you choose the latter, you can complete each quest by having thousands of people alongside you. 

What it does is help you share your experience and receive necessary feedback from people experiencing the same things. It helps you understand different points of view and how each person has dealt with certain situations. 

We all live in “what ifs” – What if I had done that differently? Maybe things would have been different. Mindvalley’s features help you meet a wide range of people, and you get to learn a series of new things from their experiences.

So, feel free to interact, share your wisdom, and have fun in the process.

  • Mindvalley Discussion Boards 

As the name suggests, Mindvalley members can post their queries on the board, share their insights, and talk about different things. Basically, connect with each other. 

Another thing the discussion board is used for is dropping any official announcements related to live events, upcoming courses, discounts, and so on. Overall, it works as a notice board as well as a group chat for all the members. 

  • Course Specific Forums

Irrespective of your course, this feature helps you discuss the course in that forum. It is almost like a niche-specific Reddit community. 

You can discuss your experience with the course, ask people about their journey, track your progress, and ask for guidance if you need any. The motive of these forums is to push you to dive deeper into your course content and provoke deep thinking – 

That’s what helps you come up with questions. As you must have heard, asking questions is important since every time you ask something, you get 1% smarter as you are now aware of what you were not.

  • Access to the instructors

There is one thing about indulging in pre-recorded content, be it videos, PDFs, workbooks, etc., and there is another thing in actually interacting with these instructors one-on-one. No matter how well-explained a certain piece of work is, we all have doubts when we go through it. 

The ability to clear it by either community with the designated instructors through forums or live Q&A is incredibly beneficial. It helps you understand their thought process while curating the exercise and how/what they expected their audience. 

If you ask me, interacting with the creator of any piece of art is my favorite thing. It adds much more layer and perspective over what I have already fathomed.

What is a Mindvalley Masterclass?

Mindvalley Masterclass is a free and exclusive program hosted by renowned experts like Ken Honda, Jim Kwik, Jeffrey Allen, Vishen Lakhiani, and many more. 

Mindvalley Masterclass takes anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the sessions handled by the instructors every week, for which you can reserve the spots earlier for free. If you cannot afford the membership, you can join this!

At the moment, Mindvalley Masterclasses by Eric Edmeadus, Jon and Missy Butcher, and Jim Kwik are going on. You can reserve your spot anytime before the session airs. 

Is Mindvalley a scam?

In today’s modern world, anything we see on the internet is not fully trustable. Regarding Mindvalley, I thought the same until I took some courses for myself.

In my experience with Mindvalley, the lessons were legit, and the instructors were real experts on various compelling fields in life. In fact, some of the instructors in Mindvalley, like Jim Kwik and Ken Honda, have worked with A-grade celebrities.

Additionally, some programs in Mindvalley also promise a refund if you do not see the results within a specified period. I was planning to request a refund, but voila, I saw tremendous change in my life, including my mental growth and wisdom. 

Still, a physical activity engaged in courses like yoga or fitness also promises accurate results by simply unlocking your conscious state and observing the learning. 

I practiced meditation by following the learning modules in Mindvalley. Guess what? It eventually turned into a habit, and I can better control my life. 

If my testimony is not convincing enough, you can still hop on Mindvalley workshops for free. Plus, you can also take part in Mindvalley MasterClasses and see it yourself.

Case Studies and Success Stories – Testimonials

Mindvalley is a one-of-a-kind e-learning platform that helps an individual grow. 

All you need to do is be sincere while taking the Mindvalley course, and trust me, you are set for life. On that note, let’s go through the real-life Mindvalley experiences of some of the testimonials:

  1. Sharon Sessions – Duality, taught by Jeffrey Allen
Sharon Sessions Mindvalley testimony

“In January 2020, I set out on a journey for guidance, signs from the universe, for anything that would help me navigate the chaos in my life. I didn’t quite know what it would look like or how to find it, but as the year unfolded, I discovered Mindvalley. 

For most of my life, I had struggled with weak or non-existent boundaries. Even once I began to learn about boundaries, I only understood them on an intellectual level, I didn’t know how to really use them. 

The energy context that Jeffrey Allen explains boundaries with completely changed my relationships with myself and others. I was finally able to set my boundaries and maintain my seniority within them consciously. I am able to clear pictures and beliefs that do not serve me and use my energy to release blocks in productivity. 

Most profound is that I found what I sought at the beginning of the year–a clear path to consulting my higher self and my guides. Although I have a lot of practice ahead, I feel confident in my decisions and my path ahead. This course was truly transformative. Thank you, Jeffrey!”

  1. Milica Lazovic – Superbrain, taught by Jim Kwik
Milica Lazovic testimonial

“Before this program, I was struggling to remember things, such as PIN numbers, important dates, things to do at home, and things to buy at the store, and I was having a hard time concentrating and following through with my learning. I had a kind of morning routine, but it was not consistent.

 During this program, I have learned so much. My memory improved, my morning routine got more structured, and I could follow through better because I knew the “why” behind all these new things I had started doing.

 This program has literally transformed my whole life. I am getting up early, so happy to start my day with this program. Reading, meditation, my brain smoothy, and brain soup are the highlights of my morning. I enjoy my clean and tidy environment, and I exercise every day! 

I even started journaling almost every night, and it feels so great to take a moment in a day and reflect on all the things that I have done for myself in a day, cherish them, and express my gratitude for them.

 I am so thankful to Jim for this beautiful program/quest. It is made so well and well organized, and the concept behind it is just great. Every lesson is linked to another one, which is why it is so interesting to follow through!”

  1. Monique Sculdt – 10x Fitness, taught by Lorenzo and Ronan Diego
10x Fitness testimonial- Mindvalley

“I always considered myself fit and slim. After all, I have been an active gym member for 20 years! For most of these years, however, my fitness regimen would consist of excessive cardio training. I would step on the elliptical trainer for 1 hour a day!

Considering this, I got frustrated with the fact that I still wasn’t as defined and toned as I wanted to be. Only after starting to work out with Lorenzo Delano and Ronan Diego de Oliveira and following their 10X methodology did I see results quickly.

My body weight remained at 50kg. But I replaced fat with muscle mass. And this is now the physique I feel comfortable with. 

These days, strength training is the key component of my workout routine. I still throw in a cardio session here and there. But I see it as an addition to my actual training, something I do for fun.

After improving and further enhancing the program over the last years, Mindvalley has released it to our customers. Having gone through the program, I am excited to share it with you.”

Many Trustpilot & Reddit users found the truth about Mindvalley on Truthmind.review and you can also check out to know if Mindvalley is really worth buying or not.

Mindvalley vs. Free Online Resources

I agree there is an abundance of helpful content available on YouTube, Podcasts, Blogs, and so on. Let’s check out how Mindvalley is different and better than these free-of-cost mediums:

  • Content Quality

Most of Mindvalley’s courses are created by instructors with decades of knowledge in their respective fields. And unlike the free resources, the courses on Mindvalley are super detailed and catered to your personal needs.

Along with that, you get additional resources in the form of workbooks, PDFs, video content, and live Q&A with the instructor. The lessons are broken down into smaller chunks for you to understand and, thus, implement in day-to-day life. 

Meanwhile, the free resources you find are hardly 15-20 minutes. Even if most YouTuber content has a series, the content available lacks depth and focus on generic things. 

  • Long-term impact and cost-effective platform

Mindvalley is specially created to offer you expert-based knowledge that helps you grow in aspects of your life, be it relationships, career, personal growth, etc. In fact, the things that Mindvalley teaches you are hardly covered in any of the free resources available out there. 

The platform gives you practical techniques that, once you learn, you can use for the rest of your life – which makes it really beneficial from a future perspective. 

Yes, you pay $25/ Month and receive the entire revamping. It’s so much better than wasting money on Netflix or streaming services. 

Does Mindvalley offer any course completion certificate?

Mindvalley does offer certificates on specific programs, which you can only avail of after completing an assessment test. Upon completing and passing the test, you should receive your Mindvalley-recognized certificate.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the certificate for job applications in any field. Note that not all quests in Mindvalley promise a certificate on completion. Mindvalley has yet to roll out certificates for all.

How Is Mindvalley Better Than Its Competitors?

For starters, Mindvalley is a personal development platform that helps you enhance areas of your life such as increasing your brain’s productivity, regulating emotions, letting go of the past, practicing the art of body language, and more. 

As you can tell, these are part of the soft skills that you develop in order to better your overall life. On the other hand, competitors like Skillshare, Coursera, or Masterclass are more academic and life-focused. 

I have already covered a detailed comparison between Mindvalley and Masterclass. So, you can either read that or go through some of my personal reasons that make Mindvalley better than its alternatives:-

  • Mindvalley offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The platform offers 60-90 minutes of free weekly courses.
  • Unlike Masterclass’s marketing-focused approach, Mindvalley actually focuses value by offering detailed information and giving you additional resources like assignments and quests. That helps in inducing practical knowledge.
  • The instructors are not celebrities but practitioners with years of experience. 
  • Mindvalley emphasizes offering an interactive learning experience, which is why you get an opportunity to learn alongside a group of like-minded people. 
  • You can talk to other users on online forums, live events, discussion boards, etc. 
  • Additionally, the platform provides global events of 2-3 events that are exclusive for the members. This “Mindvalley University” program takes place in different cities and allows members to connect in person. 
  • Lastly, Mindvalley is extremely easy to use. Even if you are a first-timer, you will find everything in one place for the most part. The rest of the options just need some scrolling and clicking on icons.

The Alternatives To Mindvalley

If you still feel Mindvalley is not good enough, the following alternatives might be a better option for you:

Skillshare vs Mindvalley

In Skillshare, you get thousands of creative courses in various niches, from illustration to marketing to programming. You name it. Skillshare has it.

Creative experts and professionals handle all the courses in Skillshare. In fact, if you are eligible enough, you can also curate a course and sell it on Skillshare.

You can also participate in exclusive workshops hosted by Skillshare instructors. Comparing it to Mindvalley, it doesn’t offer in-depth quests like Mindvalley. However, you will get thousands of short classes available to get started.

We have reviewed Skillshare in detail, and you can check out to gain more insights on the platform.

Tip: We have an exclusive Skillshare discount code that you can use to get 30% off!

MasterClass vs Mindvalley

Detailed Comparison: Mindvalley vs Masterclass: Which Is Better & Why?

MasterClass is an excellent online learning platform led by world experts and celebrities like Alicia Keys, Hans Zimmer, Gordon Ramsay, and many more.

In MasterClass, you get Netflix-like quality with compelling learning modules. Moreover, you get insight into your favorite celebrity’s lifestyle and workspace. 

You can take courses in broad categories like baking courses, writing, acting classes, singing, gardening, and even magic in MasterClass, but there are no sub-categories. You can check out our handpicked list of top MasterClass courses.

Verdict: Comparing MasterClass to Mindvalley, MasterClass also offers top-notch courses, but Mindvalley courses are more oriented towards personal growth and self-development. On the other hand, MasterClass helps you learn and acquire new skills such as — cooking, filmmaking, yoga, leadership, etc.

You can also dive into our in-depth MasterClass review!

Coursers vs Mindvalley

Coursera is best for anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge about something and gets a wide range of content libraries from which to learn. The platform also includes some of the best and top universities. Not only that, but the tech-based courses are affordable and have flexible learning.

Mindvalley, on the other hand, offers expert-curated courses that are super exclusive and hands-on. Unlike Coursera, you are improving your soft skills, which include the wellness of your mind, body, soul, and much more.

Both platforms offer a seven-day free trial. However, if you consider the subscription plan, Mindvalley is cheaper than Coursera. But then again, the courses offered vary. You can also check out the Coursera Plus discount to get a discount on your purchase.

You can check out our detailed Coursera review to learn more about what the platform offers.

My Verdict: Is Mindvalley Worth It (Truth Revealed)

Mindvalley is truly worth it for anyone wanting to improve their overall well-being, be it physically, mentally, or socially. With just $299/ Year, you get access to 100+ free courses that teach you practical techniques that are easier to embed into your daily routine. 

Moreover, the lessons are divided into smaller chunks, so you get to grasp them fairly quickly.

As someone who has seen a significant improvement in my life with Mindvalley quests, I’d recommend everyone to at least opt for one course and take a step towards a self-transformation journey. 

So, go ahead and give yourself a chance to leverage the power of these amazing courses. Let me know what you think about Mindvalley in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions On Mindvalley

Can I get Mindvalley for free?

No, you can not get Mindvalley access for free. But there are many free masterclasses available on Mindvalley. They update free masterclasses weekly, and these classes are around 60-90 mins.

Is Mindvalley all-access pass worth it?

Yes, The yearly Mindvalley all-access pass is definitely worth it. Because you can get access to 50+ courses for just $499/ year. The monthly access costs $99/month. Now it’s up to you to choose.

Is there a Mindvalley app for mobile devices?

You can download the Mindvalley app from the Play Store or App Store. The Mindvalley app is totally free for everyone. You can take any masterclass you want from the app, too.

Is it worth enrolling in any course on Mindvalley?

Mindvalley courses are taught by world-class experts in their field, and you also get to interact with them on a regular basis. So I would say that it is totally worth it.

Does Mindvalley offer any money-back guarantee?

As of now, they are offering a 15-day money-back guarantee on all-access passes. If you don’t like the courses on Mindvalley, then you can get your money back without any hassle.

What are some of the best courses on Mindvalley?

Some of the best courses on Mindvalley are Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani, Superbrain by Jim Kwik, Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer, Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nichols, and many more.

Are there any Mindvalley Black Friday deals available?

Yes, there are the Mindvalley black Friday deals available which help you get 40% Off on the Mindvalley plans. Get the working discounts now.

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