Coursera Plus Review (2024): Sharing My Verdict!

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Coursera Plus is one of the most trusted and complete e-learning platforms today. However, it is better to go through an honest and reliable review before investing a considerable amount of money. So often, the internet can leave you confused with so many recommendations and fake reviews. That’s why I have brought you this unbiased Coursera Plus Review to help you make the right decision.

Hence in this article, we decide to end your misery by providing you with an unbiased review of Coursera Plus and our overall experience on the e-learning platform. I will cover some of the essential aspects of the e-learning platform, like its comprehensive functionalities, basic elements, pricing, ease of use, etc. In addition, there is also a section on the most popular courses on Coursera Plus in 2024.

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of Coursera Plus’s features and whether it fits your needs or not. 

With that, let us plunge into the article!

Coursera Plus Review- In A Nutshell (2024)

Coursera Plus is an excellent learning platform with thousands of courses. Whether you want to study data science, psychology, history, business, or arts, Coursera Plus caters to everyone’s needs when it comes to variety. As a result, you will never find a scarcity of courses in any field on Coursera Plus.

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Other than that, Coursera Plus makes sure you learn to provide you with the best courses from experts and professionals teaching in world-class institutes. It gives you academic studies, but it also has self-development and research-based programs. Top IVY league institutes conduct these courses like Yale University, Oxford University, Stanford University, etc. 

Coursera Plus- Key Features

Before moving on to the next step, it is vital to know the key highlights of Coursera Plus as an e-learning platform so that you get a clearer picture.

Coursera Plus Key Features:

  • Unlimited access to all the courses 
  • 7000+ courses from over 170 prestigious universities
  • Improve your professional skills with 1000+ firsthand projects and labs
  • Time flexibility 
  • Schedulable deadlines 
  • 30+ certificate programs
  • Earn unlimited certificates through courses
  • Exceptional customer support

Coursera Plus – User Interface 

Coursera Plus has a user-friendly interface, and you can easily navigate through its website, which makes it beginner-friendly. The home page of Coursera Plus consists of a dashboard where you will find all the necessary tabs like a search bar, pricing option, account tab, online degrees, etc. 

If you are a new user, do not worry, as Coursera Plus does not provide you with lavishly created websites. Instead, it keeps it simple for you to understand so that you can focus more on learning rather than being caught up in unnecessary issues.

Coursera Plus- Customer Support

Coursera Plus has highly-functional customer support available 24/7, 365 days a year. You can contact its customers support through their customer portal or via email. 

Customer support will help you with any issues you face with your account, like login issues, misplaced account settings, resetting your password, or deleting your Coursera Plus account. They will also guide you through setting up your Coursera Plus accounts and help you find your second Coursera account if you have more than one. 

Coursera Plus- Our Top Picks!

To give you a brief idea about what kind of courses you will find on Coursera plus, below are some of the top-rated courses in 2024. 

1. Python for Everybody Specialization

This course covers all the basics of Python and data science, so if you are a beginner curious to learn about python, you can take up this course. 

Python For Eevrybody

Key Highlights:

  • Database Management System
  • Programming language fundamentals
  • JSON, XML and SQL
  • Python Semantics and Syntax 

2. The Science of Well-Being by Yale University:

This course is for free and is taken by 2.8 million people on Coursera. This course is research-based and will engage you with different activities to increase your happiness. It is a highly influential course, and we strongly recommend you take it. 

The Science Of Well Being

Key Highlights:

  • Practicing gratitude
  • Happiness
  • Meditational skills
  • Savoring small things in life 

3. Google IT Support Professional Certificate: 

This course is best to start a career in IT. However, it is designed for everyone, and people who do not have prior IT experience can also take it. In addition, this course will prepare you for your next IT job opportunity for 3-6 months. 

Google IT Support

Key Highlights:

  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Command-line connection
  • Light Weight Directory Access Protocol
  • Domain Name System

4. Applied Data Science with Python Specialization 

This course is provided by the University of Michigan and in learning everything about Data science with python. It is a specialization course with five stages. However, this course is not recommended for beginners as it requires a little prior knowledge about Data Science.

Applied Data Science

Key Highlights:

  • Conduction of  statistical analysis
  • Determination of data visualization
  • Applied machine working
  • Compare affinity of social network

5. Excel Skills for Business Specialization

Develop practical Microsoft excel skills with this course. The best Coursera Plus specialization is to learn and master MS  Excel skills.

Excel Skills For Business

Key Highlights:

  • Basics of Microsoft Excel
  • Different uses of Spreadsheets, Pivot Charts, and Charts
  • Microsoft Excel VBA
  • Microsoft Excel Macro 

Coursera vs Coursera Plus: Key Differences 

The major difference between Coursera Plus and Coursera is how you choose to enroll in its courses. In Coursera, you can audit free courses, but you will not get a completion certificate. You can get a completion certificate in the verified track, where you must pay a small fee. This is how you can purchase single courses on Coursera. But with the Coursera Plus subscription, you get access to the entire course library, and you will have to pay just $399 every year.

Both of them have their own advantages. If you want to enroll in a single course, then buying that course is a good option rather than purchasing a Coursera Plus subscription. But if you want to enroll in multiple courses simultaneously, then the Coursera Plus subscription is the right choice. Coursera Plus also allows you to earn as many certificates as you want.

Coursera Plus- Pricing Explained

Although you can buy individual courses on Coursera, Coursera Plus has proven much more convenient for bundle courses. While the a la carte system works for many, we advise you to go with a Coursera Plus subscription as it is more reasonable for a course package.


Coursera Plus has a simple pricing range for its users. The first option is their monthly subscription, perfect for people who want to take up an individual or a small number of courses and have a targeted approach. It starts at $59 a month.

The second subscription is Coursera Plus’s annual subscription, where you can take up unlimited courses in a year and earn completion certificates. It is priced at $399 per year. If you do decide to buy Coursera plus subscription, then I’ll recommend you should check out the Coursera Plus discount here.

Coursera Plus- Pros and Cons 

To help you better understand Coursera Plus, here is a unique pros and cons list to find out all about the e-learning platform. 

Coursera Plus Pros:

  • Reasonable range of courses and degrees
  • Offers free individual courses 
  • The quality of the courses is top-notch
  • Enables offline learning
  • Guided assignments 
  • Enhance your knowledge with projects and quizzes
  • Massive course calalogue
  • Partnerships with educational institutes

Coursera Plus Cons:

  •  Some entry-level courses require prior knowledge
  • A degree is comparatively more expensive than courses

Who is Coursera Plus Ideal For?

Coursera Plus is a robust e-learning platform and provides some of the best courses from traditional and brilliant institutes. Experts lead the courses from the fields that have immense knowledge and experience. 

The variety of courses on Coursera Plus is comprehensive and does not compromise the quality of the content. For people who want an e-learning platform that is reasonable in price and is affiliated with top universities, Coursera Plus is the best learning platform. 

Coursera Plus is like an affordable online college with all the amenities like courses, guided projects, specializations, professional certificates, master track certificates, and degrees. Plus, it benefits you from achieving all of this without stepping out of your house. 

Coursera Plus enables you to learn from any part of the world and is perfect for people who cannot afford to travel to pursue different courses and degrees. It provides a learning platform to everyone bound by responsibilities or restrictions and is best for people who have other commitments.  

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Final Verdict: Yes Coursera Plus Worth The HYPE!

Undoubtedly, Coursera Plus ranks on top when we list the existing e-learning platforms today. It has all the functionalities and tools one can ask for in a learning platform. Whether you are a student eager to learn new things or someone who wants to enhance their professional skills, Coursera Plus tailors to everyone’s needs. 

With Coursera Plus, you enable the most potent form of learning from top mentors worldwide. So if you are someone who wants to take up unlimited courses and keep learning new things or refining your knowledge of a particular subject, we would suggest you give Coursera Plus a shot. 

We hope this article helped you decide whether Coursera Plus meets your requirements or not. So, over to you, are you going to give Coursera Plus a try? Let us know in the comments section below!

FAQs On Coursera

Is there a free trial available on Coursera plus?

Yes, you can try Coursera plus for seven days with an exclusive free trial. During your trial, you can access all the courses on Coursera and try their lessons to see if their courses are worth it for you. If not, you can always cancel the free trial to avoid getting charged for the Coursera Plus subscription.

What is a specialization on Coursera?

In Coursera specialization, you can find a combination of multiple courses related to one topic or skill. For example, in Coursera’s “Python For Everybody,” you will find five different courses on Python that will help you learn everything about Python. At the end of this specialization, you will also earn a specialization certificate, adding value to your career.

Does Coursera offer refunds?

Coursera does not offer refunds on their monthly plan, but they do allow users to request a refund if they have purchased the annual plan of Coursera plus for 14 days of the purchase. They also need to qualify the terms & conditions to get their refund request approved.

Who should not use Coursera?

If you’re looking for a learning platform where you can learn new skills from celebrity instructors or looking for self-healing, self-help, and personality development related courses, then Coursera is not for you.

Do Coursera certificates add value to your resume?

Yes, Coursera certificates add a lot of value to your resume. Unlike other online learning platforms, Coursera courses help you learn a new skill or refine an existing one, and for that, they offer you certificates as proof that you have learned this skill. Most Coursera courses are from famous universities like Stanford and many more.

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