21 Best Mindvalley Courses For 2024 (Handpick List)

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As an avid Mindvalley user, I understand how overwhelming the initial stage can be. The platform offers a bunch of different courses, promising you eye-opening learnings. 

However, the question is, where to begin? 

My article on the 21 Best Mindvalley Courses of 2024 will help you narrow your pick. 

After weeks of understanding Mindvalley’s Global Trends (which change every other week), I can assure you that most of the courses on this list are consistently popular and recommended by experts and alumni worldwide.

In case you’re in a rush and looking for a quick verdict, the following are my favorite courses from popular categories: body, soul, and mind. 

🎯 Best Mindvalley Courses (Most Recommended)

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Mindvalley – Overview

MindValley is a self-education resource that covers aspects such as self-awareness, mindfulness, yoga, personal growth, efficiency, and much more. It provides high-value workshops for its participants in which they are led step-by-step to help them grow into a stronger version of themselves.

You can check our Mindvalley review here to get detailed insights into it.


The Mindvalley Academy, founded by Vishen Lakhiani, provides a strong set of masterclasses for learners pursuing mindfulness and personal growth. Indeed, they train Mindvalley community members in ways that the schools never did.

Mindvalley provides courses taught by some of the best coaches in the world, including Shri Kumar Rao, Jim Kwik, Jeffery Allen, Christie Marie Sheldon, Marisa Peers, and several others.

The Mindvalley course collection is minimal, but membership allows you access to all courses as well as a global network of like-minded students. Members may communicate across an internal social network. 

The Mindvalley application Connections drives the network. This app is part of a group of Mindvalley tools that you can download and use for meditation, accessing Mindvalley lessons, or listening to the famous Mindvalley podcast.

Check out some of the best Mindvalley podcasts to tune into!

List of 21 Best MindValley Courses of 2024

So, let’s dive into the list here.

1. Wildfit by Eric Edmeades

A transformative course by Eric Edmeades in Mindvalley can inspire a person to instantly drop that craving for ice creams and hop on a healthy diet journey to losing weight and staying fit.

In the course, Eric explains how misguided people are with the idea of losing weight. He claims that diet plays a vital role in weight gain and loss. I was surprised to hear it at first, but as I was digging deep into his quests, it started making sense, and I was taken aback.

Mindvalley - Wildfit

The 90-day motivating course also provides exclusive recipes in PDF formats, which was surprising. Additionally, you get pre-recorded Q&A sessions and practical video lessons.

"Success in life is measured, most easily, by the number of days that a person is truly happy."
 -  Eric Edmeades

Unlike other strict and scary diet conditions laid down by nutritionists, Wildfit ensures to deliver a well-crafted diet chart that helps in lowering unwanted carbs while boosting high-protein. I felt like I was handed over to the perfect diet expert who could transform the shape of my body.

Some interesting quests I found in Wildfit by Eric Edmeadas were strengthening your immunity, extending lifespan, maintaining weight balance, and improving health and wellness.

You can also check out our in-depth Wildfit review to learn how it works in detail!

2. Duality by Jeffrey Allen

Duality is one of the productivity enhancement courses I did not know I needed. 

The 8-week self-healing course by Jeffrey Allen, a spiritual guru, helps in neglecting negative energy and holding power over manifestation to get accurate results in real life. 

Although I was never a fan of manifestation, I made a small commitment to myself after taking Duality to manifest something that I’d want in life, and the result was SURREAL!


I mean, would you believe it if I told you that you could give life to your thoughts? That is exactly what happened after applying the lessons I learned from Duality by Jeffrey Allen.

"Most of the time, we assume our beliefs are true — like unchanging facts about the world.  From an energy perspective, however, nothing could be further from the truth."
  -  Jeffrey Allen

In fact, Jeffrey had a conventional job that paid him enough to live the “best life,” but it did not seem to bring him inner peace and value. Hence, he shares his journey in Duality, which was inspirational and motivating at the same time. He also drops incredible tips on handling energy.

You can leverage the power of Duality. Check my experience with Duality here to know it’s exceptional powers!

3. Be Extraordinary – Vishen Lakhiani

We have already shared a detailed Be Extra Ordinary review that will give you a complete idea about what’s inside the course!

This is one of the most popular courses in Mindvalley’s vault. This course was created by the owner of MindValley, Mr. Vishen Lakhani.

This course will help mold your mind in new ways and provide you with a whole new outlook on how you view your life. It shows you how to imagine your dreams more creatively and how to use your mind’s ability to shape the future precisely how you want it to be.

Be-Extraordinary-Course By Vishen Lakhiani

With this quest, you can set and accomplish larger goals for yourself, conquer your worries, learn how to handle your depression and anxiety, face defeat more confidently, and get back up to full strength to achieve all of your goals.

"Most human beings underestimate just how powerful their thoughts are in creating the world around them." 
– Vishen Lakhiani

It will inspire you to dream high and not only dream but to transform your visions into plans and then into accomplishments.

This is a course for someone who is trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. It makes no difference what type you are, what profession you have, or what career path you are on.

This course will help you grow as a person by allowing you to tap into the extraordinary human mind’s strong consciousness and become a stronger version of yourself.

4. Uncompromised Life – Marisa Peer

Another great course by Marisa Peer -which I loved. I took this quest before RTT because it made me comfortable with the techniques Marisa used, her language, and her concepts. Marisa knows how to work with rewiring our systems and get into a better mindset.

The eight-week course by Marisa Peer includes hypnotherapy audio recordings, manuals, access to an exclusive Facebook forum, and workbooks.

Uncompromised Life With Marisa Peer

This course will walk you through the eight transformations that will transform and improve your spirituality, self-esteem, job fulfillment, relationships, self-belief, and work ethic.

“The only risk in life is to not take the risk; not taking risks is the biggest gamble of all.”
― Marisa Peer

You will start experiencing an uncompromised life, experiencing peace, abundance, and freedom in all stages of your life without having to wait years.

Every week, there are three stages that you have to go through: preparation, rehearsal, and group coaching. The course is easygoing, so you will be fine with the curriculum. 

This is, without a doubt, one of the most successful and best Mindvalley courses, and it is well worth it for those in need of a radical shift to move into their not just healthy but also wealthy position. The subscription fee won’t matter to you after you discover your newfound richness.

Marisa Peer walks you through the basics. Check our detailed review of Uncompromised Life to explore the course in detail!

5. SuperBrain – Jim Kwik

Kwik expresses the idea of breaking into previously untapped realms of our minds without explicitly saying so. He mentions a surreal variety of topics discussed in this 30-day journey in his 5-minute promo. He uses the Spaced Recognition approach to convey everything, which I found very encouraging.

Superbrain With Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik shows students how to supercharge their brains using quick and effective techniques.

“Reasons that are tied to your purpose, identity, and values will sufficiently motivate you to act, even in the face of all of the daily obstacles that life puts in your way.”
― Jim Kwik

He accomplishes this by teaching his eight key principles for optimizing performance:

  • Increasing memorization
  • Learning more quickly and reliably
  • Accelerating the pace at which everyday activities are completed
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Changing your habits
  • Improving brain concentration
  • Growing your self-esteem
  • Improving your learning habits 

Jim Kwik does provide his students with an outstanding range of self-improvement methods. It is for this reason that I genuinely recommend this online course to everyone looking to boost their brain’s capabilities. I guess I’ll be digging into more of Jim Kwik’s work in the future.

You can also dive into the SuperBrain review to get a complete insight into the course!

6. Unlimited Abundance 

We all experience being jinxed here and there. That’s why most people (in the fear of blocking it) prefer not discussing good things, let alone on-the-way money situations.

Contrary to popular belief, the key to being wealthy is not just knowing financial planning and practicing rich people’s mindset but also the energy you’re exhibiting. 

Unlimited Abundance is a 24-lesson course (+6 bonus meditations) that centers around clearing your energy blocks and raising your vibrations. Now, you may ask, how does this whole thing work? 

Christie Marie Sheldon quotes

With 20 years of experience, Christie Marie Sheldon has healed thousands of people’s energy with her live one-to-one live coaching. 

Of course, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase her in-person (oh so worth it) class, but you can go for the recorded audio lectures, which will barely cost you $42.06/ month.

Once you start taking this course, you will automatically feel connected to your body from a love-centered place. Not only will it help you realize your stuck emotions, but it will also help you break free of them. 

Slowly, your energy level will start increasing, which will help you create a new financial reality. 

So, say bye to your guilty (subconscious) feelings of not deserving good things. This 28-hour and 52-minute course will help you become comfortable in receiving. (Which can be 3x more income than what you were having.)

Considering the 42,016 active students, it’s obvious Miss Shedon has translated her gifts through this course, which benefits you in more than just a financial way.

7. Speak and Inspire – Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols will assist you in ensuring that you never lose a profound bond again by assisting you in being a more effective and impactful communicator. 

During her 30-day coaching regimen, she transforms into your “sister in prosperity.” You will learn how to captivate people and crowds with your charm in this famous Mindvalley masterclass.

Speak And Inspire With Lisa Nichols

You learn more advanced skills as you go through the quest. By the 30th day, you will understand that you have been a more effective speaker than many of your associates. 

“When your clarity meets your conviction and you apply action to the equation, your world will begin to transform before your eyes.”
― Lisa Nichols

Mastering humor, obtaining higher-paid speeches, and obtaining further engagements are only a few examples of talents that you might learn after you complete this quest.

I will recommend this course to those doing podcasts or YouTubers who want to create an effect – inspiring, encouraging, or life-changing – and who want to increase the strength of their impact.

As an introvert, I struggled a lot with speaking in public. I have spoken about this course in detail, and you can check out my experience with Speak And Inspire and how it helped me to come out of my shell!

8. The Mastery of Sleep by Dr Michael Breus

As the name suggests, the course handled by Dr Michael Breus aims at improving quality sleep.

I was taking the course, and a fact that caught my eye was that the theory and practice disclosed in “The Mastery of Sleep” are backed up by science. Additionally, the instructor is a health expert, which means you can apply the learnings from the course with confidence. 

 The Mastery of Sleep by Dr Michael Breus

In the course, you get to learn about dealing with insomnia, the effects of deprived sleep, and how to wake up without an alarm. Breus also addresses common issues like snoring and inconsistent sleep schedules that significantly impact a person’s life. 

With only 28 days, the course promises practical guidance on bettering your sleep. I can genuinely say that I have been getting quality sleep for months. Thanks to Dr. Michael Breus!

9. Beyond Fasting by Ronan Oliveira

Ever been a victim of false advertising and got scammed? Well, I was, too, until I found “Beyond Fasting” in Mindvalley, which legitimately transformed the conventional way of fasting.

The moment you hear the word “Fasting,” the next thought is “no eating,” but that is not entirely true. In Beyond Fasting, Ronan Oliveira, an in-house Mindvalley fitness and health expert, introduces the concept of intermittent fasting, which might seem foreign to the typical crowd.

Beyond Fasting by Ronan Oliveira

You basically get to learn when to eat rather than what to eat. Although I would agree with you that what you eat is essential, the eating schedule is also equally important.

Ronan breaks down the following in his Mindvalley course:

  • The actual process of fasting (an exclusive guide)
  • Setting a goal and working towards it
  • Tailoring your food habits 
  • Planning for long-term

In my experience, I would say that Beyond Fasting is a complete package for health enthusiasts.

10. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance –  Marisa Peer

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance is a 35-day journey that will assist you in reprogramming your subconscious mind to attract more value into your existence.

Marisa Peer developed and perfected Rapid Transformational Therapy. To program the subconscious mind, RTT incorporates aspects of hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Conditioning.

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance - Marisa Peer

RTT, on the other hand, is more than just a brew of these old techniques.  Traditional forms of therapy can be time-consuming and costly, but according to Peer, rewiring the brain does not take forever. It isn’t even essential to do it in separate sessions. This is, after all, RAPID therapy.

“When you know and believe you are enough you don’t need more. When you feel and believe you are not enough you will always want more.”
― Marisa Peer

The key to this course’s success is its credibility and relatability: everyone who takes it can connect to Marisa Peer’s lessons and learn from activating their brain’s “Abundance Switch.”

This course essentially shows you how to open your subconscious, helping you to brush aside the negativity that culture instills in you and achieve heights you never knew were possible.

11. SuperReading – Jim Kwik

Like I said before, I’m going to dig into more courses by Jim, and likewise, I did. On this Quest, he guarantees that you will not only “double the reading time,” but you will also better comprehend and remember what you read.

Super Reading With Jim Kwik

This will help you advance in your career by improving your memory for interviews, workshops, and programs. This Mindvalley search is widely regarded as one of the best speed reading programs available.

“Give a person an idea, and you enrich their day. Teach a person how to learn, and they can enrich their entire life.”
― Jim Kwik

The great thing about Super Reading is that it provides you with the skills you need to deal with today’s constant flood of updates and emails without breaking a sweat.

Jim Kwik makes you re-learn how to read over three weeks, using 10-20 minute regular lessons that improve your reading comprehension and rate of information processing.

In general, reviews were mostly positive, praising the course’s usefulness. This is one of the best Mindvalley masterclasses, and it is well worth attending for students in competitive university programs, actors, and professionals looking to succeed in their careers.

12. Hero. Genius. Legend by Robin Sharma

Hero. Genius. Legend. by Robin Sharma seeks to increase the student’s overall success, self-mastery, and influence by removing the demeaning values and inner constraints that have kept them where they are.

Robin Sharma is the bestselling author and leadership guru behind The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

Hero. Genius. Legend. With Robin Sharma

He discusses topics such as overcoming procrastination, becoming courageous, delivering quality, becoming outstanding, and being a hero. I believe that the rituals, maxims, and mental mastery techniques learned in Hero, Genius, and Legend all lead to someone being one of those individuals who get out and build the life they want to live.

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”
― Robin S. Sharma

 During the quest, he goes through a few lists, including the following: 

  • The masters’ five routines
  • Ten truths to live by
  • Eight mental mastery principles to live by

Whether you are lost and need direction to discover yourself or if you have already visualized but can’t get to work on it, this quest will assist you in establishing the physical and mental routines that will help you get there.

13. The Power of Boldness – Naveen Jain

The objective of this quest is to assist you in acquiring the “key element of programming” from the world’s most influential individuals. He refers to it as “the unshakable motivation, clarity, and vision to dream BIG.” Naveen Jain is a role model. He not only thinks big, but he also follows through with his big plans over and over.

The Power Of Boldness With Naveen Jain

This is one of the best Mindvalley courses to unleash the strength inside you, whether you are feeling overwhelmed or need more confidence to achieve your potential.

"A person who sees a problem is a human being; a person who finds a solution is visionary; and the person who goes out and does something about it is an entrepreneur."
– Naveen Jain

Many people had a plan for how they decided to accomplish their huge projects. Some people did not. However, Naveen Jain shows you how to ask questions and dream bigger in order to find answers that will help you accomplish your big-hit concept.

In any case, The Power of Boldness is an incredible quest for expanding one’s horizons. It does make you think bigger and broaden your perspective on what’s achievable.

14. The Quest For Personal Mastery – Srikumar Rao

This bestselling author, TED host, and MBA lecturer is dedicated to assisting you in finding deep meaning in your life. Srikumar Rao leads you on a Mindvalley Quest to make you understand your “inner landscape.” This is a 45-day journey that involves workouts that are meant to become a part of your daily routine.

The Quest For Personal Mastery With Srikumar Rao

Srikumar Rao also mentions loving the procedure rather than dwelling on the result. So, if you don’t love life because you aren’t where you want to be, because you can’t help but worry about how far you are – or think you are – maybe this journey can help. It will assist you in getting into the rhythm right now, staying in it, using it, and being engrossed in it.

“A man will find that as he alters his thoughts towards things and other people, things and other people will alter towards him.”
― Srikumar S. Rao

This quest will have a positive effect on you as long as you are open to fresh thoughts and ready to carry out the workouts he offers you each day. I sincerely think that this journey will help you feel better about yourself and make a better life for yourself. 

15. Conscious Uncoupling – Katherine Woodward Thomas

Katherine Woodward Thomas’s Conscious Uncoupling is a 35-day regimen for those who wish to recover after a traumatic separation.

This isn’t your usual “move-on” online therapy session. Instead, Thomas presents a 5-step Conscious Uncoupling approach designed to assist individuals/couples by navigating the conclusion of their relationship with wisdom, respect, and good faith.

Conscious Uncoupling With Katherine Woodward Thomas

So many of us rush on without thoroughly recovering from our previous relationships, dooming our future relationships before they even start.

“Human beings are not meant to live in isolation. We are here to have relationships.”
― Katherine Woodward Thomas

If you’ve just been through a devastating separation from your partner or are in the midst of a failed relationship, Katherine’s thoughtful and cool disposition would undoubtedly help you. She’ll show you how to make a partnership out of your distress to obtain much-needed recovery.

The course was amazing, insightful, and emotionally enlightening for me. I’ll confess that it was also challenging, as it forced me to confront certain emotions and ideas that I’d rather have avoided. However, to recover, one must deal with the suffering. Conscious Uncoupling made that quite clear, and it compelled me to focus on the healing process.

16. The M Word By Emily Fletcher

The creator of this quest is a former Broadway Emily Fletcher, who teaches meditation in a way that not only reduces stress from your life but can help you achieve whatever goals you want. She believes if you do meditation the right way, then you unlock infinite vitality, the creativity of a superhuman, peak performance, and so many other things that you could only dream of achieving.

The M Word By Emily Fletcher

In her modern approach to meditation, Emily focuses on two different modules. In the first module, you learn to enhance your mediation practice with a step-by-step process. In the second module, you will learn to use meditation in the real world and how you can use it to level up in your life.

This course lasts for five weeks, and it has 16.7 hours of video content. To get the best results from this quest, you should follow the day-by-day schedule. You will also get two bonus video lessons: Secrets of Meditation Revealed and Travel, Kids, & Breakup Meditations.

17. Feng Shui For Life By Marie Diamond

Feng Shui is a technique that is becoming famous all over the world, but there are a lot of people who still don’t know how it works properly, and that’s what Marie is explaining in this Mindvalley quest. Feng Shui is all about mastering the flow of energy all around you so you can embrace wealth, success, and well-being.

Feng Shui For Life By Marie Diamond

Whenever I used to hear about “Energy,” I always think to myself that it is a vague concept that is not scientific at all. But according to Chinese Philosophy, the manifestation of anything depends on your mind, Feng Shui, and destiny. Most of us ignore Feng Shui, which is like the energy of our own surroundings, and this course helps you with that.

The instructor of this course slowly approaches by explaining the concepts of Feng Shui and its importance in our lives and works her way up to advanced concepts. By the end of this course, you’ll know what Feng Shui is and how it can change your life for the better.

18. Life Visioning Mastery

The Life Visioning Mastery quest is designed to increase your spiritual awareness so you can rediscover yourself and find your purpose and true calling in this world. The instructor, Michael Beckwith, will take you on a 35-day spiritual journey that help you find your purpose. Every day, you will join Michael on a spiritual journey with thousands of students, where he will help you in connecting with your true self.

Life Visioning Mastery

The instructor, Michael Beckwith, is one of the known spiritual teachers who has written books on spirituality and got the best author award for his books. The best thing about this quest is that you will learn directly from the instructor over live calls. The quest is divided into five parts: 

  • Your Spiritual Roadmap
  • Victim Consciousness
  • Manifestor Consciousness
  • Channeler Consciousness
  • Being Consciousness & The Life Visioning Process

After joining the quest, you will also get a few bonuses like access to the “The Answer Is You” program, Daily Guided Meditation, and Harmonizing Prosperity Meditation. The course has video material for 7.9 hours, and over 358K students have enrolled in this Mindvalley quest, so what are you waiting for?

19. Total Self-Confidence by Paul McKenna

Post-pandemic, most people expressed the difficulty of being in a social setting. While this can be a temporary feeling, some of you struggle with it regularly. Do you know why this happens? Lack of self-confidence. 

Negative emotions such as self-doubt, insecurity, anger, guilt, sadness, etc., can overpower your mind and, in return, make you feel that you’re less than. Sometimes, memories where you’ve been treated poorly resurface and cloud how you feel, think, and overall function.

Now, how does Paul McKenna’s Total Self-Confidence help you?

First and foremost, the course re-ignites your self-belief and helps you bounce back from negative thoughts/ experiences much quicker. 

It not only changes how you solve problems but also talk to yourself or others.

Total Self-Confidence by Paul McKENNA

The 4 hours 3 minutes course encompasses 15 lessons + 3 Hypnotic Trances, which is again equally segregated into three techniques:

  • Clinical Hypnosis: You can directly talk to your subconscious mind and turn off self-sabotaging emotions.
  • Psychosensory Therapy: Primarily releases you from negative thought patterns/ memories that stagnate your growth. Moreover, it helps in stimulating your senses.
  • Neuro-Linguistic: Help you gain awareness, increase what serves you, and deactivate what doesn’t. You also get confidence boosts by addressing your patterns/habits in areas from work, relationships, and overall personal growth.

Once you start taking this course, your attitude of looking at life will positively shift, and you bet other people will start noticing it, too. 

Therefore, if you want to become happier, more composed, and self-assured, listen to each hypnotic trance every day: It will take you to a dreamland. 

So, are you ready to embrace less anxiety and more inner certainty? 

If so, take this $99/ Month Self-Confidence course alongside 30305 students. (Make sure you’re journaling your experience for even better results.)

20. Breathwork for life by Niraj Naik

Do you ever take note of how much medications you consume? I understand sometimes it’s impossible to avoid (let’s say) deficiencies by only following a healthy diet, which is why added supplements can be necessary.

But what if I tell you that practicing proper breathing benefits you in multiple areas?

It helps you reduce blood pressure/ heart rate, avoid strains while exercising, reduce stress, enter deeper sleep, and overall increase your energy levels naturally.

By taking Niraj Naik’s nearly 5 hours course, you are learning SOMA awakening, which is a breathwork technique that includes visualization, interior body locks, relaxation, and meditation. 

Breathwork for life by Niraj Naik

This $42.60/ Month subscription helps you practice a guided meditation on getting deeper sleep, resulting in a peak energy boost to function much better when you wake up. 

Other than that, you get a series of guided meditations and high-intensity anaerobic exercises to increase happy hormones and release stress. So far, over 17,408 students are taking guidance from the World’s one of the most in-demand breathwork instructors.

Will you be one of them? Trust me, the results are unmatchable!

21. The 6-Phase Meditation By Vishen Lakhiani 

Best Mindvalley Courses

Source: Mindvalley Official Website

Negative situations are part and parcel of life. The point is to learn from what it’s trying to teach you and, thus, become stronger. Now, how do you do that? 

Easy – By practicing the five essential things: Compassion, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Counting your blessings, and Envisioning your future. Going through my detailed article on The 6-Phase Meditation will give you more insights into why Vishen emphasizes these practices. 

But for now, the course helps you slow your aging process, break free of mental barriers, radiate more open/ welcoming energy, and lead a prosperous life overall. 

Mindvalley Membership Pricing Plans

Mindvalley offers free classes that range in length from one to one and a half hours. However, keep in mind that the lessons are only available for 15 days.

Mindvalley All Access charges $499 a year or $59 per month.


You can choose whatever course you like with the ease of Mindvalley membership for only $99 a month, rather than paying $199 or $499 all at once. You can dive into the detailed pricing breakdown of Mindvalley to understand its different pricing options.

Bonus: Grab a 60% discount on Mindvalley and get access to your favorite courses. Grab your Mindvalley discount here!

MindValley is offering a 15-day free trial for the first time when you sign up. If you like, you can try each course for free for the first 15 days. If you’ve already paid for a lesson and don’t like it, you will get a complete refund with just one press. This service is valid just for the first fifteen days.

Our Mindvalley resources that you can check out:

My Closure: The Best Mindvalley Courses (2024)

While Mindvalley offers abundant high-quality courses, what I have done in this article is handpicked 21 from different categories such as mind, soul, body, etc. 

Each of these expert-curated content helps you to be better by shredding weight, increasing confidence, healing energy, and so on. However, in case you’re overwhelmed by the amount of choices, I have top recommendations:

  • Duality: Best for energy healing (avoiding negative attacks) and manifesting!
  • Total Self Confidence: Restoring your self-esteem by releasing self-sabotaging patterns and positively shifting your life attitude.
  • Unlimited Abundance: Rebuilding your relationship money by releasing negative energy that is blocking your source of abundance. 

Although these courses are highly affordable (with $1/ day, $99/ Month, and $42.60/ Month, respectively), you can always share it with your loved ones and divide the price accordingly!

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