Jim Kwik Superbrain Review 2024: Does It Help You Improve?

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To be honest, I had no idea every one of us had something called Superbrain until I took the Mindvalley course instructed by Jim Kwik.

Would you believe if I told you that you could control your brain the way it controls you? It might be surprising, but you can tweak and modify the way your brain processes. Trust me.

Though the course resonates around how the brain works, it also comes along with a list of perks you normally wouldn’t be getting elsewhere. So, as I was surfing through the internet in a hunt for self-development courses, “SuperBrain by Jim Kwik” caught my eye.

In this article, I will be sharing my experience taking the course, what all these masterclass offer, insight over quests, and also conclude by saying if I’d recommend it or not.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

SuperBrain by Jim Kwik: What’s it about?

This Mindvalley Masterclass features topics related to self-development but in areas of mental health, memory power, consciousness, and brain health.

It is designed in a way to be able to transform a person’s journey in controlling his/her brain. Normally, we tend to forget a lot of things even when we are so much younger but don’t have the answer to why is that and how is this happening. For example, I am a living witness to this.


In the Superbrain masterclass, you will learn ways in which you can retain data easily without pressurizing your brain and learn how to get the most benefit out of it.

The course also discusses the lies and myths we often hear about the human brain. Jim drops some unique and rare techniques to mold the power of our minds and increase its capabilities.


You must be thinking who is this person named Jim Kwik and why would I learn about brains from him? Does he have limitless powers or is he one of those Avengers? Well, keep reading to find out. You might be surprised.

Jim Kwik: Who is he?

Like many successful faces across the world, Jim Kwik dealt with his fair share of struggles in his schooling years. He would often be far behind in progress compared to his peers.

Fast-forward to today, Kwik is known as “the boy with a broken brain” with an ironic metaphor indirectly attached to it. Over the years, the concept of learning startled him. The processing of a brain got him in awe and helped him in focussing on how to accelerate its power.

Jim Kwik

Once he got to know the wisdom of brainpower and the knowledge behind it, he kick-started his career in teaching students ways how to take care of their brain’s health and performance.

“Our most precious gift is our brain. It is what allows us to learn, love, think, create, and even to experience joy. It is the gateway to our emotions, to our capacity for deeply experiencing life, to our ability to have lasting intimacy. It allows us to innovate, grow, and accomplish.”
― Jim Kwik

Only after he mentioned I realized that our brain is also a part of our body that we should take care of. He has thousands of students worldwide and inspired millions in terms of mental health.

Some of his top learners include Hillary Clinton, Elon Musk, Michelle Obama, and many more inspiring idols we know today have hired Jim for its mastermind in teaching them to focus better.

He has also worked in Hollywood for movies like X-Men where he coached the entire cast in remembering scripts and dialogues and has videos crossing 500+ million views globally.

He gets featured in top-selling magazines like Forbes regularly and also holds the number one spot in training shows on iTunes for his podcast called “Kwik Brain”.

His activism in helping underprivileged countries has inspired millions across the world.

In case if you are still wondering does he have the appropriate credentials to be teaching something related to mental health? well, he does and has experience of 25+ years in the field professionally.

A glimpse of how taking this masterclass is like:

SuperBrain is not your usual brain-training mobile application. The masterclass does not offer puzzles or on-screen board games to tweak your brain instantly but something serious.

It has real guidelines and techniques formatted by a professional expert. I thought the course was going to be playful, would have brain-related games, and gets over within 30 mins. I was wrong.

That’s when Mindvalley’s professionalism got in. It does not provide cheap information with low-grade methods but exclusive content that is also scientifically proven at the same time.

Since it’s a collaborative masterclass, there is an option of group learning where students get to communicate and interact with fellow mates who are on the same journey but I opted for solo learning because I don’t like socializing and I could learn directly from my instructor.

Also, the time slots cannot be modified but you’ll still get scheduled slots you can choose from.

Now, the actual flow of the course:

  • The masterclass starts with an introductory video.
  • Next comes the benefits offered by the course.
  • A quick guide on how to learn faster and better.
  • A step-by-step procedure on proper note-making.
  • Mindful morning routine to get started with the day.

The points listed above are only mentioned to give you an idea of what it’s like to take this masterclass because when I enrolled for the SuperBrain masterclass, I had no idea what to expect.

So, I have covered all the headings and sub-headings Jim will be teaching throughout the course. Also, you get bonus videos apart from the lessons offered in the course.

It greatly helps in being on track with the course. You get to learn how to overcome procrastination, build muscle memory, and speed-reading at an appropriate pace.

What did I learn from SuperBrain by Jim Kwik?

I learned so many things that I didn’t know I would be learning about.

The masterclass is well-scripted and curated for 34 days in total. I had continuous classes back-to-back. It did not feel like listening to a college lecture but a motivational video on Youtube.

The instructor usually takes two weeks to complete one section giving us enough time to comprehend and learn the lessons properly. The gap between the topics was helpful.

Jim does not stick to the formal way of teaching and goes in-depth for each topic.

Coming to the learning aspect of the course, I was overwhelmed by the number of divisions I was able to cover in a single course. Like, from the basics to complex topics, Jim teaches it all.

Some of the learnings are remembering names and confusing lists, the lifestyle of a brain, memorizing messages and how to properly store them in the brain, etc. An added advantage is that Jim’s teachings are not only book-based but can also be applied in life practically.

Being a person of forgetful memory power, this course was a necessity for me.

Is this masterclass by Jim Kwik made for you?

By the title of the course or the branding throughout the internet, I’d request you to not conclude because SuperBrain by Jim Kwik is much more than what it is advertised to be.

Even I was one of those netizens who fell for their marketing but only after enrolling in the course, I have the privilege of learning some of the basic techniques and exercises I missed all my life.

Jim Kwik With Famous Celebrities

The masterclass is programmed in a way anyone who is looking forward to upskilling their brain game and wants to build a strong mindset for a smooth workflow.

The workflow does not necessarily have to be professional but personal as well.  For instance, even if you are a homemaker and constantly forget to add things to the grocery list or an entrepreneur who cannot properly remember the timings for client calls, this masterclass will help you.

SuperBrain narrows down the most basic knowledge of learning to advanced techniques. So, I’d say it is made for anyone and everyone who wishes to progress in terms of brain memory.

Insight of the “SuperBrain” masterclass by Jim Kwik:

Till now you must have read about how this course works and what all it offers but now I will go a bit deep and give insights into the masterclass “SuperBrain by Jim Kwik”.

So, keep reading to find details about what you get to learn from Jim Kwik through this course.

Firstly, only after completing a lesson for the day, you will be able to access the next lesson which means the other lessons won’t be unlocked or skipped unless you complete the previous ones.

Testamonials On Superbrain

There is a science behind the allocation of classes according to everyday schedule that if we get to binge-watch all the lessons in a single day then there won’t be any practical knowledge acquired.

Jim has various quests starting right from day 1 till the end of the course which makes it easier for us to learn and adjust accordingly. Speaking of the masterclass, he tells us why people normally use only a fraction of their brains and not fully utilize it. I am sure he is talking about me.

This also got me thinking if I am even breathing properly because Jim covers some of the very basic everyday things we tend to forget as life progresses.

Apart from mental activities and brain exercises, he also talks about food and recommends a nutritional diet to keep us mentally strong. I was keen on taking notes on this lesson.

He suggests a powerful alternative to consuming caffeine with an exclusive brain hack.

Can you trust the hype of this masterclass?

Well, I didn’t but still enrolled to test it out myself because I kept seeing the ads and a few friends even suggested to take this course knowing about my extremely bad memory power.

Guess what? The course glued me into completing the whole course because the tips and tricks Jim shared were very much useful.

There are a few add-ons to the masterclass apart from the lessons. Like, you also get weekly opportunities for mentorship and bonus training videos from Jim personally.

The interactive online community for the course can be accessed anytime which is another bonus for students with frequent doubts and queries.  It also comes along with a workbook to help in tracking your progress.

You can go ahead in enroll in this course if you wish to transform your life in 30 days.

Who Is Best Suited For Superbrain Course?

Jim Kwik’s Superbrain course is an amazing training program that can help professionals who want to increase their memorization power, productivity, and improve in all areas of their life. This course is suited for anyone who wants to boost their memory power, but after taking the course myself, I feel like it is best suited for business professionals.

This course can be a good option for those who think they understand things slowly and want to improve their learning speed. People with short-term memory can also benefit from this course. If you are someone who has to process a lot of information at work, then this course can help you make your brain work faster than ever.

Jim Kwik Superbrain Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of Jim Kwik’s Superbrain course.


  • All the techniques you will learn from this course are applicable in daily life.
  • You can transform your brain into grasping more things quickly.
  • All the course lessons are interconnected with each other.
  • You only need to give 15-20 minutes of your day to complete a lesson.
  • They have an online community called the Tribe where you can connect with other students.


  • Some of the stuff Jim Kwik teaches is already available on YouTube.
  • I didn’t find their Q&A very helpful.

SuperBrain by Jim Kwik: Let’s talk money!

You must be thinking how much would the course cost while offering so many benefits under one roof, one course, one mentor, right? well, I got you covered with all the cost details below.

This Mindvalley masterclass is priced under two different categories namely,

  • Single program – $1099 (discounted and is priced at $449 right now)
  • Mindvalley membership – $12364 (discounted and is priced at $499/year right now)
Superbrain Pricing

Wherein the single program allows access to users only to limited usage of the program.

For instance, if you opted for the single program for “SuperBrain” then you can stream only “SuperBrain” on Mindvalley perhaps you can still stream it on all devices.

You also get 30 days of teaching with Jim Kwik with bonus training videos. You can also get Jim Kwik Superbrain at a discount with our exclusive membership offer.

There is no period or slots to be taken because the entire program has lifetime access which means you can take it whenever you want, wherever you want, and however you want.

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Final thoughts: Jim Kwik Superbrain Review (2024)

I mentioned my memory tolerance and how worse it is. But now, I have a complete power-packed routine to be followed with a diet exclusively created for people like me.

Thanks to Jim because if not for him, the whole brain game would have remained the same. The transformative journey through Mindvalley is real and I am a living witness to it right now.

I have said this earlier but I am saying it again. Mindvalley made sure to produce quality content that can closely resonate with the audience/students in learning the lessons.

Personally, there was a lot for me to learn from the platform. To conclude my experience in a single phrase, I would say “learning made easy”. Yes, it was easy yet effective. I strongly recommend it.

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