12 Best Digital Marketing Courses Of 2024 (Updated List)

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Your search for the best digital marketing courses ends here.

In the Modern era, most people are connected digitally and partially dependent on digital devices.

And taking advantage of this fastest-growing market, digital marketing created a vast area to expand your business or work profession.

When we talk about starting our own online business to become a successful digital marketer, we obviously need a good digital marketing course.

In this article, you will find ten offline, online, and hybrid digital marketing courses.

Top Digital Marketing Courses: In A Nutshell (2024)

Here we have given a quick overview of all the courses.

Sr. No.Digital Marketing CoursePrice
1.Udacity Digital Marketing Course$399
2.The Complete Digital Marketing Course By Udemy$149.99, but on sales, it costs $16.99
3.Google Digital GarageFree
4.Hubspot Digital Marketing AcademyFree
5.Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses$29.99
6.Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization$79/month
7.Digiteer’s Social Media Marketing Course$1345
8.Simplilearn Digital Marketing Specialist$1499
9.Thinkful Digital Marketing Bootcamp$4900 once or $2066 per month
10.Brainstation Digital Marketing Bootcamp$15K once or $699/year
11.ClickMinded Digital Marketing Course$1997 once
12.Digital Marketing Professional Certificate$716.40 once

1. Udacity Digital Marketing Course

Udacity is different from other websites because it not only provides access to the courses it also gives an opportunity to every individual to have access to your personal career coach.

Best Digital Marketing Courses - Udacity
Udacity Digital Marketing Course

It is a very good option for freshers to start with.

What you will learn-

Udacity covers almost every major and important subject needed for this field. It does not require previous experience from the students, but the expectation to have basic computer knowledge.

offered Topics-

1. Marketing fundamentals

2. Marketing data and Technology

3. Social media marketing (elective)

4. SEO Essentials (elective)

5. Search engine marketing (elective)

6. Picture advertising (elective)

7. Email marketing (elective)

As it is a beginner-friendly course, it gives attention to every minute detail.

This course also offers interesting programs such as.

  •  How to create content with Facebook
  •  gives you a real-world project
  •  Project reviews and feedback from experts
  •  Technical mentor support
  •  Student community
  •  Github review
  •  LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Scope after completing the course-

Their projects will prepare you for the future. The real-world project creates your base and teaches you critical thinking. 

After completing this degree, opportunities will knock on your door. Door.

You can also become a data science engineer, web analyst, product owner, Android job, etc.

Course durationFee Certification 
Certification Premium price $399Verified certification 

You can save a few bucks on your purchase of a Udacity subscription with our exclusive Udacity Coupon code here.

2. Udemy

Udemy offers a complete digital marketing course.

It includes 12 courses in one.

Udemy Digital Marketing Course
Udemy Digital Marketing Course

Every topic is explained audio-visually. And it becomes easy for everyone to understand as it also includes relevant examples.

It provides full lifetime access, and you can access it with your mobile and TV as well.

What you will learn-

1. Master digital marketing strategy

2. Social media marketing

3. SEO

4. YouTube marketing

5. Email marketing

6. Facebook marketing

7. Analytics and more

After visiting their website, you will get to see a video where you can preview the course, which will help you to have a better idea about the course.

This course includes 22.5 hours of demand video. Which also includes 35 articles with eight downloaded resources.

They also claim 30 day money-back guarantee.

Scopes after completing the course-

If you want to start your own business

this course will help you to grow your business from zero.

A digital marketing professional may recruit you.

You can make money as an affiliate marketer.

Or you can also so work from home as a freelance marketer.

As it is one of the biggest online learning platforms, you can totally rely on it. 

Their website covers almost every topic that you might need for Digital Marketing.

To enroll in this course, you don’t need any prior experience.

And it is suitable for almost every type of business, including digital products, B2B, B2C, physical products, etc.

Course DurationFee Certification 
22.5 hours$129.99, might get discount Verified Certification after completing the course 

Check out the Udemy coupon to save a few bucks on the purchase of this digital marketing course.

3. Google Digital Garage 

Google digital garage is an online learning platform.

It is developed by Google and offers various range of subjects to learn.

 Google Digital Garage course
Google Digital Garage course

This free course gives you the opportunity to learn to grow your business or if you are a newbie and want to try something new.

 What you will learn-

 The platform will give you a vast range of courses.

 Digital marketing provides 32 courses; some popular courses are-

1. Fundamentals of digital marketing

( modules: 26, hours: 40)

2. Promote a business with contain

( modules: 5, hours: 3)

3. Connect with customers over mobile

( modules: 2, hours: 1)

4. Expand the business to other countries

( modules: 1, hours: 1)

5. Content, advertising & social IMC.

( modules: 4, hours: 8)

6. Marketing Analytics

( modules: 5, hours: 10)

7. Marketing in the digital world

( modules: 4, hours: 30)

8. Connect and collaborate anywhere with digital tools.

( modules: 1, hours: 1)

These are just a glimpse of their attractive course program. Apart from that, there are so many options which you can choose according to your priority.

On their website, one of the easiest and unique features is to sort a program.

You can also filter programs according to your categories, Certification, course difficulty, and course provider.

Scope after completing the course-

They provide over 40 hours of learning courses, and this vast range of courses will help you to enhance your skills and capability.

It will help you to set up your career in the digital world and also help you to be confident.

You can start your own business and grow it skillfully.

As it also provides a certificate, you can add it to your resume and get a job at any digital company.

It is also convenient for freshers to do something out of the box.

Their website is very easy to use. Most of their courses are provided by Google itself, and some of them have collaborated with Universities and institutions.

Course DurationFee Certification 
Over 32-course duration 1- 40 hoursFree Certificate from interactive advertising bureau Europe and Open universities. 

4. Hubspot Digital Marketing Academy

Hubspot is one of the leading CRM companies in the marketing industry.

The instructors are well known and have experience for many years, which will help you to advance in your career.

Hubspot Digital Marketing Academy
Hubspot Digital Marketing Academy

What you will learn-

Hubspot includes more than 24 courses, and you can learn the latest business trends.

some of their course are-

1. Inbound marketing Optimisation

 (lessons:7, hours 3:24)

2. Hubspot CMS for developers

 (lessons:7, hours 3:04)

3. Digital marketing

 (lessons:9, hours 4:04)

4. Platform consulting

 (lessons:3, hours 1:40)

5. Sales management

 (lessons:6, hours 3:06)

6. Frictionless Sales

 (lessons:3, hours 1:01)

7. Growth-Driven Design

(lessons:7, hours 4:13)

8. Content Marketing

(lessons:12, hours 6:12)

Apart from this day also include so many courses to enhance your skills.

All these courses are completely free and online.

On their website, you can choose categories, content type, duration, hotspot software, levels, and language according to your convenience.

 Scopes after completing the course-

With the Certification, you can add it to your LinkedIn profile which will help you to get jobs in the various marketing sector.

With the inbound methodology, you can start your own business and excel in this field.

Course DurationFee Certification 
3 hours, 18 minutesFree Free Certification and industry-recognized badges for Linkedin profile

5. Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses-

If you don’t have an ample amount of money to invest in your business, you can start a small business.

Regardless of your startup type or size, all it needs is marketing. The learned skills in this course will help you start your own business from scratch.

 Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

what you will learn-

 It is a one-hour course, which is convenient for beginners to intermediates.

 Topics you will cover in this course-

1. Acquire knowledge of social media marketing

( social media definitions, understanding the big social networks learning how to use social media to listen to your customer, AP social media to your marketing)

2. Develop your strategy

( learn how to set your social media goals, craft your social media policy, learn to create a social media plan, how to build a social media team, and how to make time for social media)

3. How to publish table content

( tips for creating shareable content, using social media to build a relationship with customers, how to measure social media success, and how to conduct class A/B test).

These are the detailed content that will help you to understand the course better.

 Scopes after completing the course-

The detailed content already gave you an idea of how it will help you to become a successful businessman.

But in addition, it will be beneficial for you to enhance your personality and become a confident businessperson.

Course DurationFee Certification 
1 hour$29.99Certification after completion of the course

6. Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization

Coursera’s Digital Marketing Specialization is an integration of 7 courses that deliver an in-depth understanding of current digital marketing strategies. Professional experts in this field deliver this course together. This course is also very unique as it includes modules on digital and analog marketing. 

Coursera Digital Marketing
Coursera Digital Marketing

Everything from digital marketing theories and analytics to marketing principles and strategies is covered in the span of this course. Students are also provided with a capstone project in digital marketing where they can test their knowledge and understanding. 

What will you learn?

1. Discover the science behind the data collecting and analysis techniques practiced by marketing professionals.

2. Learn about measurement systems and techniques to identify digital consumer behavior.

3. Learn how to utilize the best tools and strategies for web analytics.

Scope after completing the course:

This course is highly advantageous for students who want to have the option to audit classes for free or who are considering applying to the UIUC iMBA program.

If you are accepted into the iMBA program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, you can receive credit for taking this specialization.

Apart from this, one can embark on a personal journey in marketing. With this intensive understanding, one will have a formidable backbone as a beginner in digital or analog marketing.

Course DurationFee Certification 
Eight monthsFree trial for one week, then $79 per monthVerified Certification of participation

7. Digiteer’s Social Media Marketing

The Digiteers Social Media Marketing is a course where the primary focus is on social media marketing. However, what makes this course even more interactive is that the entire session is conducted live. This allows communication between the students and the professors in real time.

 Digiteer's Social Media Marketing
Digiteer’s Social Media Marketing

To make the learning even more thorough, a Q&A session and interesting group activities are conducted in every live session. 

What will you learn?

  1. Acquire practical skills with a creative touch that will help you engage in social media marketing.
  2. Learn strategies and methods to optimize your results.
  3. Maximize your impact on prominent social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Scope after Completing the course-

Upon completing the course, you shall have formidable knowledge in our arsenal to engage in social media marketing for organizations. By implementing the strategies and understanding, you can involve yourself in marketing groups to successfully promote your favorite brand or product.

Apart from that, you can begin your own social media marketing journey. You can begin by promoting your own creations – everything from photographs, art, articles, and basically any content or commodity. You shall also be able to make use of optimizing tools to further increase your chances of success.

Course DurationFee Certification 
10 hours$1345Verified certification of participation

8. Simplilearn Digital Marketing Specialist

Simplilearn provides in-depth and advanced knowledge of digital marketing.

It is one of the top 5 digital marketing courses.

It includes more than 25 digital marketing tools, which will help you to understand which tool to use in your digital marketing campaign.

Simplilearn Digital Marketing Specialist
Simplilearn Digital Marketing Specialist

 What you will learn-

It includes seven programs to transform you into a digital marketing specialist.

  1. Learn the craft of using social media marketing and digital marketing tactics 
  2. Hone your skills in SEO marketing tools along with content marketing and PPC
  3. Learn the best practices with the best content tools and abilities.
  4. Learn to create a community that your target audience will be interested in.

This program will craft your skills to become a successful marketer.

The usage of the tools will help you to become industry-ready.

You can also attend export sessions from the Facebook team.

After completion of this course, Simplilearn will provide you with a certificate.

They also collaborated with Hootsuite Academy. In this module, I will teach you the skills to use the core product by Hootsuite.

It will help you to create a good impact on your social media efforts. 

After finishing this course, you can take the Hootsuite exam and become a Hootsuite-certified professional.

Scopes after completing the course-

They also claim a 100% job guarantee. They have over 5000 hiring partners and guide for your career and preparation for the interview.

Course DurationFee Certification 
One year$1499Get a verified certificate after completing the course

9. Thinkful Digital Marketing Bootcamp-

Thankful for the online education landscape and the experienced and most passionate teachers, I will help you to achieve success.

You can also partner with your mentor. And all the mentors have at least ten years of experience. They will help to bring a beautiful curve in their student’s future.

 Thinkful Digital Marketing
Thinkful Digital Marketing

What you will learn-

Thinkful will teach you job-ready skills, and we’ll help you to build a creative mindset as a digital marketer.

the skill you will learn-

1. Search Engine Optimisation

2. Content market

3. Social media marketing

4. Pay per click (PPC) 

5. Email marketing

It is a three-month online course. It also gives you a flexible payment option and a flexible, part-time format.

At the present time, they have to 96 mental. You can consult with them, and they will resolve your problems.

Scopes after completing the course-

Thinkful gives full career support to their educators to get new jobs.

You can become a digital marketing content strategist.

You can also work as an SEO specialist.

Or you can also enlarge your career option in the managing department, where you can become social media manager or marketing manager.

Course DurationFee Certification 
Three monthsUpfront payment $4900, monthly payment $2066You will receive Certification once the course is complete.

10. Brainstation Digital Marketing Bootcamp-

The train station is one of the global digital learning platforms.

They have world-class instructors, and their classes are project-based. Emphasizes collaboration and instant feedback.

The network capacity is unmatched. They provide you access to a vibrant community, and you can get connected with more than 250,000 professionals worldwide.

One more important thing about this is it is not only an online program; you can do offline on-campus classes as well. You can attend on-campus classes in New York, London, Toronto, Miami, and Vancouver.

Brainstation Digital Marketing course
Brainstation Digital Marketing course

What you will learn

Brainstation Bootcamp prepares its educators for real-life competition and enhances your personality.

Units to cover-

1. Branding, strategy, and marketing planning

( understand customers and developer marketing mindset, long strategy foundations, explore key areas of digital marketing)

2. Content marketing

( build a content strategy, plan content that drives results, and learn email marketing and landing pages)

3. Social media marketing

( explore key Platforms and develop a social media strategy, drive growth with paid and organic content, and explore critical social media topics)

4. Search Marketing

( boost visibility with SEO techniques, create compelling search advertisements and campaigns, and develop a search marketing strategy)

5. Analytics, reporting, and professional development

( measure your marketing efforts and analyze success, Interact with data tools and reports, and prepare to launch your new career)

These programs will shape your skillset and transform you to become a successful digital marketer.

Scopes after completing the course-

Brainstation will optimize your portfolio. And will help you to connect with industry professionals who will ensure your career growth.

As a digital marketer, you can work as 

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand manager
  • Content Specialist
  • Content writer
  • Digital marketing manager 
  • SEO manager
  • Email developer,

And many more, this never-ending list will keep on evolving with time, and demand for digital marketing skills will increase day by day.

Course DurationFee Certification 
3-7 months $664 for 2 years and $15000 upfrontObtain a certificate that demonstrates cutting-edge abilities.

11. ClickMinded Digital Marketing Course

Tommy Griffith is the co-founder of ClickMinded, and he is an SEO trainer and SEO expert. He has collaborated with companies like Airbnb and PayPal. ClickMinded Digital Marketing Course bundle includes 7 different digital marketing courses that can help you increase your sales. These courses will give you everything that you will need to become a digital marketing expert.

ClickMinded Digital Marketing Course Bundle

What You Will Learn-

It includes seven different courses, and these courses are:

1. The ClickMinded SEO Course

2. The ClickMinded Paid Advertising Course

3. The ClickMinded Content Marketing Course

4. The ClickMinded Email Marketing Course

5. The ClickMinded Social Marketing Course

6. The ClickMinded Sales Funnels Course

7. The ClickMinded Web Analytics Course

All of these courses are taught by experts in their industry, and these people are already working in big companies.

Scopes After Completing The Course-

This course is great for companies that are completely involved in digital marketing. For an individual, this course bundle can be a bit expensive but they offer great value. You can learn a great deal from these courses.

Course DurationFeeCertification
Self-Paced$1997 Discounted PriceVerified Certification After Course Completion

12. Digital Marketing Professional Certificate 

This edX Course on Digital Marketing is offered by the University of Maryland, and it is a combination of four different courses. After finishing this course, you will also get a professional certificate. This course teaches you to leverage SEM and SEO strategies, understand the changing approaches to digital marketing, how to develop an online advertising ecosystem, and how to analyze data for decision-making.

Digital Marketing Professional Certificate

What You Will Learn-

This professional certificate has four different courses, and these courses are:

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

2. Digital Marketing Analytics – Techniques and Tools

3. Social Media & Online Advertising

4. Digital Customer Analytics

In these courses, you will get to learn these things. 

  • Varied approaches to digital marketing
  • Marketing mix modeling for creating effective digital marketing strategies
  • How to analyze marketing data for decision making
  • Learn to do outreach on social media platforms
  • Learn to apply customer lifetime value concept

Scopes After Completing The Course-

After completing this program, you can apply for positions like Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Analyst, Account executive, and many more.

Course DurationFeeCertification
Self-Paced$716.40 Discounted PriceVerified Certification After Course Completion

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Conclusion: Best Digital Marketing Courses (2024)

I listed the best and most convenient digital marketing courses. The programs and courses were also discussed in detail.

All the best to you for starting this new learning curve and ensuring the journey of becoming a successful digital marketer.

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