13+ Best Sites For Freelance Writers (Updated For 2022)

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Building a stable career as a freelance writer is one of the biggest challenges. Unlike corporate jobs with fixed salaries each month, freelance writers may not enjoy the same perks. The primary reason is because of the unpredictable nature of the work, especially when you are just starting as a freelance writer. 

As someone with a quiet experience in the same industry, we understand how difficult it is to find freelance writing gigs. Often, you may apply to multiple gigs only to get zero response. 

But, wait. You don’t have to put an end to your dream of being a successful freelance writer. We have handpicked some of the best sites for freelance writers, which will help you land your highest-paying clients with long-term contracts! 

Additionally, we have shared valuable insights and tips to help you get your next writing gig. So, you don’t want to miss out on some of the top tips and secrets you won’t find anywhere!

With that, let’s check them out below. 

Top 13+ Sites For Freelance Writers (2022) 

If you are on the go and don’t have time to go through the entire content, we have your back! Go through the table quickly below!

Freelance siteBest For
LinkedInBest overall freelance site
UpworkEstablished writers and beginners
FlexJobsJob board for all freelancers
Freelancer.comBest for beginners
iWriterBest for established writers

Tips to Land a Freelance Writing Gig Through Freelance Sites

We hold a fair share of experience in exploring freelance writing sites. The outcome depends on your skills, no matter which site you use to find your ideal client for freelance writing gigs. All these sites have thousands of freelance writers similar to you. This can make it challenging to land on any gig quickly. 

If you are someone with experience, you may have a portfolio with plenty of samples. However, if you are a novice, things can get a bit overwhelming if you are a novice, as many clients need writers with previous experience and knowledge. But, the good news is that you can still make a good amount of money as a beginner in freelance writing! 

Before applying for any freelance writing projects, below are crucial tips that will increase your chances of getting your dream clients! 

  1. Work on your portfolio: 

If you apply for any writing gig, irrespective of the platform you pick, you must showcase your writing portfolio to the client. A portfolio contains all your previous writing work or samples that clients can see to evaluate your writing skills. A strong portfolio is a sign of a good and experienced writer. Ensure always to keep your portfolio updated with the recent content. 

Additionally, you need to be extremely picky when creating a portfolio. It is crucial to add your best writing samples only. If you have published content in your name, it would be best to add them as it will increase your credibility as a writer, and the client will understand where and how you have written. You can add your best writing samples to your portfolio if you are a beginner. 

  1. Niche Down. 

Rather than working on all the niches, it is best to narrow down your expertise. Usually, clients are more likely to pick freelance writers with experience and expertise in a particular niche than writers who write every niche. If you are a newbie, you can try exploring various niches and see which one lies in your interest. Once done, you can focus on educating yourself about the same. 

Now that you have our tips, you can browse through all the sites mentioned below to find your writing gig! 

  1. Personalize your pitch: 

You don’t have to copy-paste the same pitch you sent to another client. Instead, create a personalized pitch for each client where you tell them about how you can help them. Most writers make the mistake of pitching the clients their achievements and what they have achieved as a writer. However, to break the truth, your client wants to hear about how you can help and add value to their work. Work on your pitch and make sure you spend a little time knowing the background and kind of work they are expecting.

  1. Focus on networking and building a personal brand. 

The power of social presence and networking is incredible in the digital era. Work on your social media profile and network with people working in a similar field. When you focus on building a personal brand, you can find opportunities coming your way without struggling to get clients. Hop on social media and share your experience with the world. Initially, the process may be slower, but once people like your content, you can build a solid personal brand that will attract people. 

Moreover, when you pitch to clients, they will also review your social presence to know more about what you do. So, you want to ensure you leave a good impression on your clients. 

List of All The 13+ Freelancing Sites!

Now that you know what you need to do when pitching a client and finding work, you are likely one step closer to grabbing your writing gig. Here is the complete list of all the top freelancing sites. 

1. LinkedIn

If you are a freelance writer, you have probably heard about LinkedIn. Over the last few years, LinkedIn has become a primary focus of working individuals in all fields, including freelance writers. LinkedIn can help you connect with some of the highest-paying clients from all around the world. You can search for freelance writing projects through keywords, location, company name, duration, and more through its job search engine. 

Remember, your profile works as your portfolio on LinkedIn. Recruiters are likely going to go through your profile when you apply for jobs. Therefore, ensure your profile is eye-catching and well-optimized with updated information. Besides being a job search engine, LinkedIn is also one of the largest professional social networking sites that helps you connect to people in the same field globally. 

Best Sites For Freelance Writers - Linkedin

Because there are thousands of LinkedIn users, it can be equally challenging to land a project. So, to stay ahead of everyone, you can set up notifications on LinkedIn. The platform will provide multiple options that you can customize to get notifications. Make sure to set the notifications accordingly to get alerts about the latest job postings. 

2. Upwork

Another close competitor to LinkedIn that is peaking these days is Upwork. With over five million clients searching for freelance writers, Upwork is an excellent site for beginners as well as professional freelance writers. Besides freelance writers, Upwork is ideal for all freelancers offering different services. You can search for writing gigs and bid on them through the site. However, we have noticed that Upwork works slightly in favor of experienced writers. 

When you create a profile on Upwork, you can showcase your expertise and enter the hourly rate along with your services. When bidding, you need to ensure to quote a price within the client’s budget. The project details specify the budget so that you can quote accordingly. 


Similar to LinkedIn, your profile plays a vital role on Upwork. This is why writers who have been working on Upwork have a higher chance of landing clients due to their previous reputation. You can apply to multiple gigs for beginners until you find the right one. 

Note: Upwork charges a specific fee for your freelancing gig. So, consider the deduction amount when charging a client. 

3. BloggingPro

Focusing only on freelance writers, BloggingPro is another excellent site that will help you browse through hundreds of well-paying writing gigs. It allows businesses and individuals to post their job listings at a fee but lets writers apply to them for free. BloggingPro enables writers to find full-time and part-time positions, remote work, freelance gigs, and more. 


When you search for jobs or work, you can apply filters regarding your location preference or the type of work you are looking for. Most job descriptions contain the payment or client’s budget, making it easier for you to understand if it is the right fit. To apply for the work, you will be given instructions. For example, many job postings ask you to send personalized mail to a specific email provided. When sending an email, ensure to shoot your best shot! The best part about the website is that you don’t have to create an account. All you need to do is send an email to apply for the work! 

4. FlexJobs

Active since 2007, FlexJobs has been the number one preference for people to find freelance writing gigs. The platform works as a job board where you can search for the desired job by adding a keyword or location through the search bar. You can also create an account and personalize your job search, where the website will handpick the ideal gig for you. 


What’s incredible about FlexJobs is that it is 100% reliable. Each job posted on the website is verified and screened, so you can rest assured that you do not be a part of scams or low-paying clients. If you are looking for more reasons to find your dream client on FlexJobs, the platform provides job listings directly from the top brands, including Apple, Dell, Kelly, and more. 

While the platform can be utilized for free, it also offers a premium membership with additional perks and raises the chances of getting hired/landed with the right client. 

5. Freelancer.com

The platform works similarly to other sites on our list. Through Freelancer.com, you can find hundreds of well-paying writing gigs. The site is home to thousands of small businesses as well as large cooperations looking for freelance writers. Once you set up a free account, you can search for freelance writing projects through the search bar. 


There are also higher-paying gigs that you can apply for. Regarding writing, it offers projects on ghostwriting, copywriting, blog writing, and other categories. However, there are two drawbacks to using Freelancer.com. One is that it charges a fee when you receive payment for your writing work. Second, you can bid only on eight projects per month. 

6. iWriter

iWriter made it to our list due to its various excellent opportunities. Compared to other sites, iWriter is built only for writers searching for work. It works best for beginners and established writers. However, note that clients on iWriter need high-quality work and are very specific with their needs. You can see their requirements when applying for gigs, including keywords, outlines, format, and more. 


The best part about opting for iWriter is letting clients tip you if they liked your work. So, one of the best ways to get paid higher is by delivering quality work before the deadline. You can also decide the timeline for how and when you would like to receive payments. Despite being an excellent site, you will have to upgrade your plans on site to land higher-paying clients. So, if you are searching for a free freelance writing site that will land you with higher-paying clients, iWriter may not be the ideal place!

7. Fiverr

Similar to Upwork Fiverr is one of the biggest marketplaces to search for freelance writing gigs and hire freelance writers. Fiverr offers hundreds of thousands of gigs that are available for every freelancer and not just specifically for writers. Being one of the biggest platforms, most companies use it to outsource their tasks, so you will never run out of opportunities on Fiverr. 


You can search for the relevant gig and bid on the project by creating a free account. Once the client is satisfied with your work, you can apply for additional gigs. Even though Fiverr is highly recommended to freelance writers, the number of scams is significantly higher too. So, when you start with any client through Fiverr, it would be better to ask for advanced payment or a token amount. You can use Fiverr as a beginner. After working on a couple of gigs and building a good portfolio, you can search for gigs on other sites to land better-paying clients. 

8. Guru

If you are a beginner looking to break into the freelance writing industry, we recommend going for Guru! Similar to Fiverr, Guru has thousands of writing gigs on which you can bid. The website is free to use but to apply for writing gigs; you need to create an account. Once you set up your free account, you can filter jobs based on your preferences. 


One of the prominent perks of using Guru is that you will never run out of bidding on writing gigs, as it will keep the platform updated with all the latest projects and gigs. The only drawback is that Guru would not be ideal for established or experienced writers. You can opt for other freelance writing sites if you are an established writer. 

9. Glassdoor

Glassdoor works as a prominent job search engine and company comparison website. It allows you to explore jobs on a global level and publish your reviews about the companies you have worked with. When searching for the desired gig, you have to create an account by entering your basic details and background. Once you create an account, you can search for work by relevant titles, keywords, location, expertise, and more. 


To stay ahead of the crowd and ensure you find the proper gig, you can enable push notifications by customizing and filling in the needed information. One of the best parts about landing a client through Glassdoor is that you get to read reviews about the working culture and company from their previous or current employees. This will help you understand how reliable the client or company is. 

However, Glassdoor focuses more on full-time job opportunities rather than freelance work. So, finding freelancing gigs can be challenging and sometimes time-consuming, with zero positive results. 

10. MediaBistro

As the name suggests, MediaBistro is the right place to search for writing gigs if your niche is media. It is home to hundreds of companies in the media industry looking for freelance writers to outsource their work. From television, and broadcasting, to local newspapers, you can find some of the biggest companies posting their jobs on MediaBistro. 


Most job postings are full-time or part-time, but freelance work or contract-based projects are also available. You can filter jobs through the filter options when looking for work. You can opt for a premium subscription for a better chance to find work on MediaBistro. The premium version will give you access to all the essential tips to pitch to clients. 

Note that MediaBistro is suitable only for writers seeking gigs in the media industry. You won’t be able to find projects in other niches. 

11. Indeed.com

Unlike other freelance writing sites, Indeed doesn’t mainly focus on writers. Instead, it is a job board for people searching for work in every field. Indeed generally offers full-time or part-time jobs from various business organizations, and finding freelance or contract-based projects can be difficult. 


But, we recommend applying to full-time and part-time work too. Once you are selected, you can negotiate the terms. Well, if the client agrees to let you work remotely, it is your luck. One of the best parts about this site is that you can filter job searches through pay rates and salaries, saving time to go through each job. However, Indeed has stiff competition, so you need to make sure you stay alert about the recent job posts. 

12. People Per Hour

Like Upwork and Fiverr, People Per Hour lets freelance writers find their ideal gig. You can set up a free account with all your experience and expertise details. Once you set up a profile, you can search for the jobs or work through various filters. Rather than applying directly by email, People Per Hour lets you bid on the projects. The site is dedicated only to freelancers so you can find plenty of gigs. 

People Per Hour

You can also add your hourly rates for the recruiters to see if you are within their budget. However, People Per Hour has fewer higher-paying gigs, making it a better option for beginners. 

13. Social Networking Sites 

Lastly, we want you to find your next client if you are reading our post. The power of social media is undeniable, and many influencers or writers may not reveal this, but let us give you a bonus tip! 

Did you know you can find clients and freelancing work through social media? You may ask, how? Well, the answer is simple! Go through the search bar and type the keyword. For example, if you are searching on Twitter or Facebook, search for ‘freelance writer’ or ‘hiring freelance writers.’ You will come across various posts from people looking for writers. Pitch them! 

Since a lot of people are unaware of social media hirings, you can expect less competition compared to the freelance sites mentioned in the list. Doesn’t that sound exciting? 

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Final Thoughts: Best Sites For Freelance Writers (2022) 

Freelance writing is an excellent field and a great way to earn a significant amount without boundaries. If you are a freelancer, you already know the struggle behind finding your next writing gig, especially as a beginner or intermediate-level writer. 

Fortunately, your struggle can be eased by searching for writing jobs on the sites mentioned above. Instead of relying on a single platform, we recommend trying out multiple. You never know which site will help you get your dream client!


Which is the best freelance site for beginner writers?

Fiverr, Guru, and BloggingPro are the best freelance sites for writers who are just starting or looking for their first project. 

Where should I start as a freelance writer?

As a beginner, finding writing gigs can be tricky since most companies and clients need experienced writers. However, you can initially start as an intern and look for internship opportunities. Once you grasp writing, you can search for writing gigs on freelance sites. 

Where can I find higher-paying clients as a freelance writer?

There are various freelance websites for writers offering higher-paying clients. All you need to do is find the gig at the right time. 

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