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Here are all the working CFI coupon codes and discounts that are available on the website. You can get 40% off on your purchase using our coupon code below.

In addition to giving you Corporate Finance Institute coupon codes, I have also embedded a step-by-step guide that will make the process of claiming your discount easy.

So, let’s quickly have a look at CFI coupon codes.

Valid Corporate Finance Institue Discount Codes & Promos | 2024

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How To Avail Of CFI Coupon Codes? (Step By Step)

Here are the easy steps to avail of the CFI coupon codes.

  • Step #1: Click on this link to get redirected to the Corporate Finance Institute’s (CFI) official website. 
CFI Discount Code - Overview
  • Step #2:  Choose the pricing plan you want  and click on the Get Started option
CFI Discount Code - Click On Get Started
  • Step #3: Now, you’ll be asked to sign up and continue to the checkout page for the final payment.
CFI Discount Code - Payment Detailed
  • Step #4: Enter the required payment information and continue. When you reach the final checkout, you’ll notice you already have a coupon applied to the billing.

The Pricing Plan of CFI

CFI has free courses that you can complete at your own pace. Free courses do not include certifications. Besides, here are its paid plans.

Individual Plans:

PlansActual PricesPrices with Discount (30% off)
CFI Self-Study$497/year$347.90/year
CFI Full-Immersion$847/year$592.90/year

1. CFI Self-Study

This plan is specifically made for single users for self-studies and allows you to join the CFI community. Moreover, you get to do the courses conveniently at your own pace.

What does it offer?

Full access to CFI’s on-demand learning library and –

  • Hundreds of courses, five certifications, and eight specializations 
  • Exclusive members-only online community 
  • Ready-to-use financial models and templates 

2. CFI Full-immersion

 Unlike the CFI self-study plan, this plan comes with AI- assistance, advanced tools, and top-notch expert guidance.

What does it offer?

Everything in Self-Study PLUS premium career features and –

  • Exclusive access to Fin, CFI’s AI-powered chatbot integrated with your course experience 
  • Personalized one-on-one guidance 
  • Financial model feedback 
  • Premium career resources  (resume/CV/cover letter reviews)
  • Complimentary Macabacus subscription ($300/year value) 
  • Exclusive Full-Immersion member deals 
CourseSubscription Price
Self-study subscription$497
Full Immersion subscription$847

CFI Teams Plan

PlansActual Prices
Basic$399 per learner (Annual)
Premium$497 per learner (Annual)

CFI offers two team plans, and we have explained the pricing & features of both of them below:

CFI Discount Code - Pricing

1. Basic Plan

The basic plan costs $399/year/user for a minimum of 2 users. It gives unlimited access to over 150 top-rated courses, role-based learning paths, over 5,000 practical lessons & case studies, premium email support, and more.

2. Premium Plan

The premium plan costs $497/year/user for a minimum of 2 users. You will get all the features of the Basic plan in this plan. It also offers digital blockchain certifications, enhanced reporting, a dedicated account manager, personalized learning paths created by CFI learning specialists, and more.

You can also check out the official CFI coupons website to get an exclusive discount on all the plans of CFI.

CFI Courses:

  1. FMVA (Financial Modelling and valuation Analyst):

This course is a complete guide to financial modeling and valuation. It includes Capital IQ fundamentals, Excel Crash course, reading financial statements, introduction to corporate finance, and maths for corporate finance.

You will need to pass the final exam with a minimum score of 70% once you complete the course.

  1. CBCA (Certified Banking and Credit Analyst): 

This course offers seven optional courses that will help you to upskill yourself with credit, banking products, IBIS world fundamentals, accounting fundamentals, and banking. 

You will get to learn everything from building a 3-statement financial model to 5 Cs of credit and professional ethics. You get various opportunities once you complete the course with a minimum score of 70%.

  1. CMSA (Capital Markets and Securities Analyst):

This course offers 5 optional and prep courses that will teach you complete foreign exchange fundamentals, capital markets, math fundamentals, economics for capital markets, and definitive fundamentals. 

You will master various skills like commodities, portfolio management, professional ethics, derivatives, equity, and fixed-income fundamentals.

Careers After CFI Courses

There is a wide range of careers that you can do after taking the CFI courses. Here is a list of job roles after taking courses and also the average base salary.

  1. FMVA: Financial planning and analysis, corporate development, investment banking, private equity. 
  2. CBCA: Risk manager, Credit Analyst, Broker, Commercial Loan Officer, Adjudicator. 
  3. CMSA: Wealth management risk, Treasury, Trading and sales, Management origination research, Asset management wealth.
  4. BIDA: Quantitive analyst, Data scientist, Data analyst, Business analyst. 

The average salary you get for the above certifications is $98,000 yearly.

Features Of CFI 

Now, let’s have a look at some of the features that CFI provides.

  • You get to learn various skills that will help you to be a finance professional.
  • Get covered with unlimited access to 5000+ lessons, various models, 140+ finance courses, and various case studies.
  • It offers to build the skills for teams and also finance training for various finance professionals.
  • You get powerful productivity tools for Microsoft Office that will save you time as well as reduce your errors.

What do I like About CFI?

Here are a few things that I like about CFI:

  • The quality of video lessons is amazing, and all the topics discussed in the videos are perfectly explained.
  • The colors of financial models in the lessons are great, and the courses have proper charts and details to help you understand.
  • You can also make financial charts using the instructions provided in the courses.
  • All the CFI courses have amazing instructors, and most of the courses are taught by the founder of CFI, Tim Vipond.
  • CFI has become a reputed financial institution, which is why the certificates you get from CFI’s courses hold much more value than you can imagine.

What Don’t I Like About CFI?

Here are a few things that I don’t like about CFI.

  • You can pass the tests & exams of CFI with so little knowledge of finance because it allows you to take the tests multiple times.
  • All the assignments are online, so it doesn’t matter whether you submit them on time or not.

Other coupons:

What Are Students Saying About CFI? (Testimonials)

Over 96% of Trust Pilot reviews have given positive reviews on the platform, giving them an overall rating of 4.5 stars. Let’s check out some of the (mixed) students’ reviews:-

An FMVA graduate named Wilfred Okeyo shared how the entire CFI syllabus was eye-opening for him. He expressed his gratitude towards the African Youthful Generation for being so impactful. You can read Wilfred’s exact review below:-

CFI Discount Code - Customer Review
Source: Trust Pilot

Felix James wrote how CFI and ALX gave his life a new direction. After weeks of rigorous training, he accomplished an FMVA certificate, further skyrocketing his accounting career. Thus making James a certified financial modeling and valuation analyst.

CFI Discount Code - Felix James
Source: Trust Pilot

CFI is also incredible for people with no finance background. All you need is enough dedication to complete the courses. This will also work as a confidence boost and, thus, become a great experience as you get to learn more. 

CFI Discount Code - Abraham Aydere
Source: Trust Pilot

Apart from the abundance of positive reviews, CFI has also received backlash. Natasha Paris claimed CFI was a scam. The company has asked for money from her on multiple occasions, promising that they would double the amount. 

(That itself is a red flag. Why would you even trust something like that?) 

“This company promised to flip $450 to $7500 in 20 mins through my PayPal. Then they said it had to go through my bank and asked for another $450. Then, I asked for another $1640. 

This is likely due to increases in my return and the fees calculated.”

Unfortunately, she has still not received any money back. It bounced when they sent a $1500 cheque to her bank account. Natasha said, “They’re still lying every day, saying they’ll get me my money, and they’re not stealing from me.” 

Source: Trust Pilot

My verdict: Get 40% Off On CFI Courses

Finally, here is a complete guide to CFI coupon codes. Get your coupon code redeemed before it expires, and save your money.

The courses CFI provides are well-designed and very interactive. They always update their course with new updates. Remember, the coupons are available for a limited time and expire soon.

So, make sure to grab your CFI coupon code today!

FAQs On CFI Coupon Code

Is there any refund policy that CFI offers?

Yes, CFI provides you with a 14-day return policy if you are unhappy with the courses you take. You can simply request a full refund within 14 days of enrollment.

How long do I have access to the CFI courses?

You get access to all the course material for 1 year.

When does CFI release new coupon codes?

CFI provides various coupon codes every 15 days. You can stay updated with our content as we always notify and update new promo codes on this page.

How can I redeem the CFI promo code?

You can simply copy the promo code from the official website and paste it while the final checkout of our payment. You can read the step-by-step guide to avail the promo code on the CFI that I have mentioned above;

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