Pluralsight Review 2024: Is Its Courses Worth It? (TRUTH)

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If you’re sitting on the fence about choosing Pluralsight, wait I have something to share. In this detailed Pluralsight review, I’ll share my insights and encounter with this platform.

While searching for courses related to cybersecurity on the internet, Pluralsight was the most recommended one, which I was skeptical about at first.

The minute I explored the Pluralsight website, I noticed a plethora of courses on technology, from software development to cybersecurity to cloud computing.

That’s when I decided that Pluralsight is the right platform; hence I took a course.

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In this article, I share my experience of taking the courses in Pluralsight, who it is best suited to, the best features of Pluralsight, the pros & cons, pricing, etc.

I have also answered the verdict – “Is Pluralsight worth it?” if you are doubtful.

Pluralsight: In a Nutshell

Pluralsight is an e-learning platform exclusively designed for tech courses. 

At the moment, Pluralsight has 7000+ skill-development courses on technology with 1500+ incredible experts as instructors, which is outstanding for a learning platform.

Pluralsight Review.

Ever since its establishment in 2004, it has gathered thousands of students worldwide. Also, apparently, it was introduced as an education company.

Looking at their stats and growth overall, in the year 2007, Pluralsight decided to extend its roots by adding various tech-related courses and learning lessons.

In Pluralsight, there is a brilliant self-assessment feature that helps choose the right course without any hassles. Using this, I was able to find the skills that I was lacking.

Over the years, Pluralsight has partnered with popular tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Adobe. 

To sum up, I’d say that Pluralsight is an umbrella platform for a variety of courses that come under the category of technology, including:

  • Machine learning (building AI and learning)
  • Business professional (decision making, strategies, and management)
  • Creative professional (motion graphics, designing, and rendering)
  • Software development (programming & bug fixing)
  • Architecture construction (AutoCAD, conceptual fundamentals)
  • Cybersecurity (protection of network and data)
  • Cloud computing (storing data in an online server)
  • IT operations (administrative processing)
  • Data professional (analytics, SQL Server, and more)

Who is best suited for Pluralsight?

To categorize the suitability of Pluralsight, I’d recommend it to:

  • Anyone trying to build a skill on technology like coding, bug fixing, etc.
  • Tech-savvy wanting to scale up their skills with professional teaching
  • Students can take Pluralsight as an additional course to their curriculum

The platform has categorized a variety of courses. I am sure that you can find the course that will help you build the skill you lack.

Is Pluralsight suitable for beginners?

Pluralsight has become an accessible learning platform for all levels of difficulty. 

Whether you are a noob at programming and coding a computer-nerd or an ultimate tech geek, Pluralsight has got your back with loads of useful tech courses.

I mean, Pluralsight has divided its courses according to the depth of the subject into different levels like Beginner, Intermediary, and Advanced. 

Therefore, you need not worry even if you are a beginner because Pluralsight has beginner-friendly courses.

Pluralsight: Their authors and instructors

The instructors, called authors, are the reason behind Pluralsight’s success.

With several years of prior experience in the field, professional-level teaching, and an engaging tone throughout the courses, Pluralsight authors are the best instructors.

There are more than 1500 professional authors teaching a wide variety of courses, from IT professionals to creative professionals, where you get countless options.

As a student, you also get the opportunity to choose your instructor for the course that you have chosen, which I feel is a great idea for a learning platform to include.

Each instructor stands out with their unique methodology in teaching a subject in a specific tech niche. I witnessed this while taking another course on software development, which was one of the best career-wise decisions I have made.

Although the instructors are well-qualified and have gone through strict and formal training, it does not apply to their teaching. I mean, they are fun and engaging.

5 Features of Pluralsight That Stand Out (Updated)

Though Pluralsight has many features with plenty of tech-related courses, let me quickly brief out the best features that stand out in the platform. 

1. Paths

Paths are one of the best features to ever exist in Pluralsight. It smoothens the process of searching for a course in Pluralsight instead creates a curated section of all the courses you might be interested in based on your interests and weakness.


I mean, you get a customized dashboard where a set of courses are listed. Even after taking a course, with the help of paths, you get to see your progress insights.

2. Cloud Labs

Cloud Labs was supposedly released as a beta feature, but now it is live and new.

Cloud Labs

The cloud lab acts as a pre-configured cloud station where you can practice all the learnings into action right away after coming out of a Pluralsight course.

Though it is only constrained to the cloud developing courses, it is helpful for beginners in knowing the workflow without actually working. You get hands-on experience where you can make mistakes and learn from them quickly.

3. Skill Assessment

If you are highly doubtful about choosing a specific course, I’d recommend taking Pluralsight’s skill assessment, a basic skill interpretation test based on a simple quiz. 

Skill Assessment

Don’t worry. The test is not rocket-science level hard; it is only conducted to observe the skills you lack and curates the perfect course for you immediately.

Guess what? Pluralsight does not charge for any of their skill assessments which means that you can try it for free.

4. Podcasts

It is evident that Pluralsight is making use of all the advancements in technology. For example, they have come up with Podcasts for effective learning

Unbelievable, right?


I did not expect a learning platform to have such a feature, especially in technology, but I was glad they did. I mean, Podcasts have become the new way of learning.

With the podcasts in Pluralsight, you can listen to discussions on various tech-related topics that almost cover 50% of the courses that you take. To name a few, I’d say JavaScripts, Cloud Learning, and How to become a software developer.

Also, the podcasts are only hosted by professional experts, which is brilliant.

5. Flow

Flow is a useful tool in having visibility into your work progress with the team. 


You get complete transparency into the projects being worked on and can resolve things as soon as possible if there were any. I even tried with my co-workers, and it worked smoothly with no interruptions.

Pluralsight Courses Categories

Earlier I listed all the categories that Pluralsight offers. Now let us dig a little deeper and get to know more about some of the most recommended courses in Pluralsight.

Pluralsight Courses

In fact, I took a couple of courses to get an experience of how the courses are. This way, you can get an authentic review of my experience in taking Pluralsight courses.

Although the categories remain the same throughout, the courses are regularly updated. I mean, recently, they had added a course on learning AutoCAD.

It is obvious that Pluralsight is slowly stepping out of its “tech” bubble.

Popular Pluralsight Courses and Paths (Recommended)

All the courses are taught professionally with relevant examples from experts who have previously worked in exceptional tech companies like Microsoft and Adobe.

To explain each course in-depth would be almost impossible; hence let me skim through the popular ones that I have taken to get an idea of the course.

NOTE: I have even mentioned if the course is beginner-friendly or not.

Along with the courses, I’ll be recommending some helpful Paths to get going.

IT Ops

  1. Fundamentals of Cloud Computing by David Davis

Level: Beginner

Fundamentals Of Cloud Computing

Brief: As the title suggests, you get to learn about everything related to cloud computing, from basic lessons to accessing data in the cloud on different devices.

  1. Software Troubleshooting by Daniel Lachance

Level: Beginner

Software Troubleshooting

Brief: It is quite common for troubleshooting in your device; with the learnings from Daniel’s course, you can solve it by yourself at home without paying for any service. Additionally, he talks about capturing viruses and ways to protect the devices.

Path recommended: Fundamentals of DevSecOps

Total number of courses covered: 4 courses

Duration: 7 hours

Brief: With four brief courses on DevSecOps, this path comes in handy, covering everything you need to know about the subject with basic principles. 

Software Development

  1.  Introduction to Testing in Java by Richard Warburton

Level: Beginner

Introduction To Testing In Java

Brief: A detailed course on Java right from scratch is covered in the course. You can find helpful tips on coding and programming, which are well-explained by the instructor. Overall, the course is a perfect course for beginners learning Java.

  1.    Getting started with Web API Test Automation in Java by Andrejs Doronins

Level: Beginner

Getting Started With Web API

Brief: A simple yet significant course in knowing Web API. It is pretty insightful, consisting of various elements in computer science, which is interesting.

Path recommended: Java Language Fundamentals

Total number of courses covered: 21 courses

Duration: 50 hours

Brief: There is nothing to worry about if you are a beginner because each course in this Path explains all the tools fresh from the beginning. I’d highly recommend it.

How to Find the Most Out Of Pluralsight Course (Best Ways)

It can be quite confusing when there are a plethora of courses to choose from in a niche. Hence, I have listed five ways through which you can find the best Pluralsight course effectively. 

Free trial

Although it might sound cliche to access a premium platform through a free trial, it is also one of the best ways to find the course you are most likely to choose.

With the free trial, you can try out a few courses that you are interested in and finally decide on the best Pluralsight course.

Free account

There is a brilliant option of creating an account for free. Even if you are hesitant about trying the free trial, creating an account should not be a problem for you. 

On the Pluralsight website, there are already more than 50 courses by default. You can try a few of the courses there and conclude after browsing through those.

Role IQ

Using the Role IQ, you can find the courses according to your knowledge. I mean, if you take a course randomly, you might end up in a course that is quite advanced.

Role IQ

To avoid such circumstances, the Role IQ feature in Pluralsight will help find the right course based on the difficulty level.

Skill IQ

The feature Skill IQ is quite similar to Role IQ in Pluralsight, but the Skill IQ will help find the courses based on your understanding of a subject, which means Pluralsight curates courses according to the skills you lack provides the best course possible.

Skill IQ

I’d suggest taking Skill IQ immediately after taking the skill assessment test.

Free weekly courses

While taking up courses in Pluralsight, I discovered that the platform provides free courses weekly, which is a great way to access the courses without paying.

Even these courses are handled by professional experts and are not simply streamed for the sake of it. So, you can try these and choose the right course.

Does Pluralsight offer any certification after completing a course?

It is quite common for users to know if the online learning platform provides a certificate after completing the desired course. Well, I did too. Here’s what I found:

If you complete a course fully without skipping any lessons in Pluralsight, you can expect a certificate from the platform duly signed by the instructor.

If a user or a student does not follow the requirements but wants a certificate, it is not possible because only completed users are provided with certificates.

Also, to add up to the point, I would like to mention that any certificate acquired from Pluralsight does not provide any industrial-level value because it is considered just a course, which is quite disappointing. 

How Will Pluralsight Help You With Your Career?

When you complete a course on Pluralsight, you don’t get an accredited course completion certificate. They only offer certificates for video courses, you won’t get any certificate for completing an interactive course, project, sandbox, and lab. But these courses will teach you the necessary skills you will need to grow in your career. The Role IQ is the best feature that will teach you a particular skill and make you job worthy of the job role which requires that skill.

If you are gaining knowledge for a specific job role, then you will get definitely advance in your career. It will make you stand out from the crowd. That’s why Pluralsight is a great platform for anyone who is in the tech industry or planning to get into it. With its skills subscription, you can access its course library and learn from any course you want.

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Pluralsight Pricing Plans Explained

Pluralsight has two incredible pricing plans. They are:

  • Individual – Pluralsight Subscription Plans and Pricing: Monthly and Annual 
Pluralsight Skills Pricing
  • Team which is classified into three sub-plans
Pluralsight Team Pricing

a) Starter is priced at $399 per user per year – you get the core library of all the courses.

b) Professional is priced at $579/- per user per year – you get to the primary reporting feature and access to the user analytics tool. 

c) Enterprise is priced at $779/- per user per year – you get full advanced analytics core features.

Good News! We have a discount code for Pluralsight that gets you off on your favorite plan.

NOTE: All the pricing plans offer the option of a free trial which you can use effectively.

How to Get Started with Pluralsight Free Trial (Guide)

Starting with Pluralsight is as easy as slicing a cake. With the step-by-step guide that I have provided, it is easier than that. Kindly follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Click to visit the official website of Pluralsight.

STEP 2: You can find the option “Try for Free,” click to find pricing plans.

STEP 3: Choose the desired plan that will provide the most benefit.

Choose A Plan On Pluralsight

STEP 4: After choosing the plan, enter the required account details.

Create An Account On Pluralsight

STEP 5: Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked the free trial.

NOTE: Cancel the free trial before the period ends; if not, you’ll be charged.

You can use the free trial to go through the courses in Pluralsight, which helps you decide if you’d want to buy the subscription plans in taking in-demand courses.

Is Pluralsight Suitable for Business Training?

Although Pluralsight is known for its technology courses, it also produces some valuable courses in management under the business professionals category.

It is evident that the platform famous for a niche of learning cannot excel in all the subjects they produce. I mean, the business training courses in Pluralsight are less likely to be appropriate for someone serious about learning business.

I’d suggest you look for other options, but you can the business training courses in Pluralsight using the free trial for a basic understanding. This way, you’ll get an idea.

Pros & Cons of Pluralsight:

There are quite some points that I loved about Pluralsight, followed by a few downsides. They are:


  • Provision of offline downloads.
  • Free trial is available in all plans.
  • Suitable for all levels of difficulty.
  • Incredible support in email and phone


  • Constrained to courses on technology only.
  • 24/7 support is available only for premium users.

Pluralsight Customer Testimonials

Yes, I would like to share a few case studies of Pluralsight, so that you can have a better idea of the platform.

Pluralsight Customers & Students Success Stories

Customer Tweets on Pluralsight

Pluralsight Customer Reviews
Customers & Students Reviews!

Final Verdict: Is Pluralsight Worth It In 2024?

Pluralsight is a great choice if you’d like to build tech-related skills like JavaScript, Cloud Computing, and Programming. I mean, you have courses taught by experts.

The courses are beginner-friendly while providing advanced level training which means even if you know the basics, you can still take courses to enhance it better.

You can take the courses whenever you want because all the courses in Pluralsight are self-paced with the option of offline download, which is an excellent feature.

Unlike other learning platforms, Pluralsight offers skill assessment, Role IQ, and Skill IQ, which help choose the right course based on your interest and preference.

To conclude, Pluralsight is worth it, and you can try it for free using the free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pluralsight Reviews

Is there a free trial in Pluralsight?

Yes, Pluralsight offers a free trial to explore the courses. 

Who is best suited for Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is best-suited for anyone trying to build a skill on technology like coding, bug fixing, etc. Tech-savvy wanting to scale up their skills with professional teaching students can take Pluralsight as an additional course to their curriculum.

What can you learn in Pluralsight?

You can take all technology courses in Pluralsight, which are beginner-friendly. Pluralsight has also introduced new courses on business training and architecture.

Does Pluralsight offer only tech-related courses?

Earlier, Pluralsight offered only tech-related courses, but they have added multiple courses on different niches like designing and management.

What are the alternatives to Pluralsight?

There are various platforms that you can use instead of Pluralsight such as — Coursera, CBT Nuggets, LinkedIn Learning, etc.

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