Christina Aguilera MasterClass Review 2024: Is It The Best?

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Being able to sing like a nightingale is a dream for everyone. It was mine too. Obviously, not everyone can sing like a nightingale, but at least we can try so I wanted to learn singing.

I was so desperate and went surfing on the internet in search of the best course, and I came across MasterClass and the load of courses they offered.

That’s where I found the MasterClass by Christina Aguilera. I did not know she made a course.

“Voice of a Generation” and pop legend, Christina Aguilera is helping you to sing better with her full-fledged course on MasterClass where she shares lots of tips and tricks to get that perfect voice. 

After the course, I did not get that perfect voice but a decent voice for sure.

In this article, I will be giving a brief overview of the MasterClass by Christina Aguilera, what are the lessons like, what I was able to learn, the pros and the cons, my experience in learning from Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass, and many more in detail.

So let’s dive in. 

Quick Summary:

You get to learn the following:

  • Warming up exercises and vocal techniques.
  • Importance of warmup without singing.
  • How to expand your range.
  • Secret to hitting high notes.
  • Learning diction.
  • Belting, vibrato, and ad-libs.
  • Life as a performer.

The number of lessons and time taken: 23 lessons, around 4 hours.

Suitable for: Anyone who likes to sing and wants to sing better, fans of Christina Aguilera, and aspiring singers who like to learn music from a professional in the industry. 

Quick verdict: The course managed to teach all the important aspects that a beginner needs to know about singing. Also, Christina shares her experience in evolving as a singer which gives an insight into what worked out for her and how you can learn from it as well. 

Learn Singing With Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass: In a Nutshell

The MasterClass by Christina Aguilera wraps up the industrial knowledge of pop music, exclusive vocal techniques, and how to protect your voice in the most effortless way possible.

MasterClass has a lot of resources for music as well as other fields. There is a lot more info available on MasterClass here.

Aguilera conducts student sessions with actual volunteers, shares her experience as a performer, and gives general advice to artists, performers, and musicians.

This part gave such motivation and clarity on how the music industry works in today’s world.

Christina Aguilera MasterClass Review

She also managed to cover all the relevant points that any aspiring musician would want to hear from a professional in the industry in simplified PDF formatted documents. It also consists of basic assignments to make sure you are on track with the course which was indeed beneficial.

Speaking of lessons, there are 23 video files that can take around 4 hours to complete. It was well categorized. You get to see the lessons from being an inspiration to becoming an inspiration.

The timeline can easily be divided by the lessons as it is split into various components like warming up, range, student session, and many more. I’d recommend taking a section and completing it in a day. This way, there will be a proper flow of learning with no misleading progress.

In the end, she spills the tea of being an artist and leading the lifestyle as a musician. You might want to watch out for this because it gives an insight into the hustle that goes behind all the famous hits.

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Christina Aguilera MasterClass Review
Christina Aguilera MasterClass
  • Learn 🎤 Singing With One Of the Best Singer
  • Learn All The Tricks Of Singing
  • Easy To Understand Lessons

Christina Aguilera: Who is she?

Christina Aguilera is a pop icon who has earned herself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after years of hustle, hard work, and determination. She is a singer-songwriter based in the United States.

Christina Aguilera

The lady who was labeled as a “Voice of a Generation has inspired millions across the world and is continuing to build a legacy towards pop music and culture.

In fact, she is known for her fashion statements as well. In 2008, a ranking list was let out by Rolling Stone under the title “100 Greatest Singers of All Time” including Christina Aguilera.

Her achievements are testimonials to the dedication she has put towards success. She has been awarded 4 Grammy Awards, 2 MTV Video Music Awards, an Echo Award for “Best International Rock/Pop Female Artist” and was nominated for enormous prestigious awards.

Who can take this MasterClass by Christina Aguilera?

The best part about the MasterClass by Christina Aguilera is that it is flexible and fluid enough to be taken by singers of all genres which means even if you don’t like Christina Aguilera, you can take the course for the beneficial lessons offered by her.

I mean, it does not matter if you are the best singer among your friends or the worst bathroom singer, there is something you can take away by the end of the course.

Christina In A Concert

A person with no proper vocal exercise or whatsoever training is able to say that he can sing now. Yes, I am that person. I went from knowing nothing about how to sing to vocalizing the right chords.

You can take Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass if you are a fan of her because you literally get a sneak peek into her life and if you are an experienced singer, the course still adds some value to you.

What are the secrets to singing in the lessons of Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass?

I am calling the lessons “secrets to sing” because Christina Aguilera is a pop legend and being able to take a course instructed by her can be one step closer to learning the secrets used by her.

Obviously, there are no secrets but hard work and perseverance to succeed but for beginners like me, they are great tips in improving my singing skills.

Now, let’s get into the actual lessons taught by her which are categorized according to sections of growth and timeline. It was such a relief to know the course was divided instead of full fledging.

Like, the MasterClass is divided into different components where the initial part covers warming up exercises while the middle portion teaches range, hitting high notes, diction and the ending part wraps up with excelling vibrato and playing with tones and textures.

1. Sing into the introduction

The MasterClass starts with Christina Aguilera introducing herself then instantly gets into the vibe of a coaching instructor where she tells you to get ready to witness some secrets to her singing.

Sing Into Introduction
“The roughest road often leads to the top.”

That being said, she goes ahead by listing some of her inspirations and how their music has helped her correct her flaws when she was learning music.

She also drops tips like feeling the emotion of a song to sing it better. This way, you get to understand how a song can be sung in different ways if you comprehend its emotion.

Then comes all the warming up exercises and vocalizing lessons on how to get better which are something important to take note of because these help in the future even for practice sessions.

2. Students on the way

Something cool about Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass is that there is a dedicated student session where three young aspiring singers get on-set with the pop icon and you get to see how she trains each of them differently. At times I felt unlucky to not be one of those three students.

Students On The Way
“I think it’s really great when you stand up for something that you really believe in, even if you get heat for it.”

Some of the terms that she discusses with them are developing vibrato, learning ad-libs, and maintaining harmony. Aguilera sits down and observes as the students take turns in singing their favorite songs while being aware of a professional in the same room with them.

The live course with the students shows how transparent her teaching is.

3. Vocalising with techniques

During this section, she describes the various techniques used in singing which are commonly seen in live concerts and performances done by professionals. She starts with diction, which is how you pronounce a word in a song and give it life by making a sound. How incredible!

Vocalizing With Techniques
“I am an ocean, and hence I am very deep.”

After that, she talks about belting and how important it is in the process of singing. At this point, I was taking notes like a crazy person because everything she advised seemed like a tip to me.

As she unfolds how to properly vibrato, I was practicing off-screen because it is better to learn while you are in the process of learning instead of looking at the notes after completing the course.

Speaking of techniques, she says that playing with tones and textures plays an important role in deciding the heaviness of a song which means you have to be versatile in singing a song.

4. Life as a musician

While she casually briefs about performing in shows, she opens up about how singers can get anxiety on stages.

She also shares some of her experiences and what you can learn from them in an effortless way. You get to learn tips on connecting with the song, the audience, and yourself.

Life As A Musician
“I am experimental by nature…always exploring my creativity.”

This tip works outside the singing arena as well so as usual I wrote down this in my notes and I suggest you do the same.

Christina talks about being an artist and encourages her students in a motivating vibe.

There are no big lessons to learn here because she only gives insightful tips and tells us to adjust to life as a singer because being a singer is something else and involves a lot of hard work than only singing.

Trust me, she gives excellent advice for beginners as I was moved by her encouragement.

What was I able to learn from Christina Aguilera?

Christina taught a lot of things that were completely new to my knowledge of music. That is one of the reasons why I did not abruptly quit the course because I wanted to learn more and more.

She easily suggests vocal warm-ups and exercises to versatile your voice and makes it smooth. Few exercises were the usual basics ones but there were other exercises which were different.

Can You Feel It

I got to learn how to expand the range and varying voice according to the vibrato which is an essential part of learning to sing. Honestly speaking, the vocal lessons taught by her were just different.

I know I keep saying they are different but I don’t know how to put it into words. 

Like, you can legit feel like you are learning from an actual professional and not some celebrity doing it for namesake.

One helpful tip that I would want to share from her MasterClass is that she suggests her students play with tones so that they don’t sound the same in every song. That is something to take note of.

Pros & Cons of the MasterClass by Christina Aguilera:

There are some valid reasons to take the course handled by her. On the other hand, it has some downsides to it. I have pointed it all as follows:


  • Variety of approaches.
  • Versatile learning with lessons.
  • Interactive singing community.
  • Industrial-level teaching experience.
  • A workbook with insightful tips.


  • Only Christina Aguilera songs were used.
  • Though the approach was different, the technique was the same.

What can be improved in Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass?

In the MasterClass instructed by Christina Aguilera, I realized that the approach was diverse and different but the technique of teaching remained the same and did not involve much effort.

That is something I noticed which can be improved because we are paying for the course and it should be worth the money. Apart from that, I also found out that a biased thought of recommendation was involved as Christina recommends her students to use a recording studio.

Though the MasterClass is claimed to be useful for everyone, it molds itself in a way that only established singers/artists can benefit from the course.

Like, seriously? I don’t think everyone has the access to studios, software, and setups. Even I didn’t.

I’d recommend adding available resources or cheap equipment to practice with because nobody is going to release a song after completing the course. At least for me, I will not.

How Long Does It Take to Complete This Course?

Christina Aguilera MasterClass has a total of 23 lessons. The total length of this course is around 3 hours and 43 minutes. In the workbook, it is mentioned that you need to space out between the lessons and finish the course within six weeks. This is because you get the time to practice the things you’re learning and use the tips that Christina teaches in this course.

You can also go through the course in a day, a week, or a month. It totally depends on you and how you want to approach this course. But if you finish the course in less than the recommended time, you will not get the best results. However, if you already have experience in singing, then you might pick up things more quickly than a beginner so that you can finish the course at your own pace.

What is the pricing of the MasterClass by Christina Aguilera?

In order to access the courses in MasterClass, you are supposed to subscribe to a plan which can cost around $180/- per year (billed as $15/- per month).

By purchasing this plan, you basically get to unlock all the 80+ courses available in the entire MasterClass platform which includes MasterClasses handled by world-famous celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, Serena Williams, Aaron Franklin, and many more incredible artists.

A rewarding perk that comes along with the courses in MasterClass is that you get a 30-day refund policy if you are not satisfied with the chosen course, you can request a refund in MasterClass.

Alternatives to Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass:

There might be quite some reasons why you would want to skip this MasterClass and opt for another course for the same subject. You are not alone. At some point, I did too.

Well, before joining this MasterClass by Christina Aguilera, I did my research in finding the best courses for singers on the internet until I landed up here.

But before that, the recommendations that I got along with Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass were other incredible MasterClasses under the music category by Alicia Keys, Usher, Tom Morello, Herbie Hancock, Hans Zimmer, and many more talented musicians in MasterClass itself.

MasterClass has got a variety of musicians teaching from learning a guitar to composing a song to scoring a feature film.

This is just another why MasterClass is the best in giving courses to its students across the world.

Final Verdict: Christina Aguilera MasterClass Review (2024)

I have always admired and got inspired by Christina Aguilera in attempting to sing but to have taken a course fully handled by her is a dream come true, thanks to MasterClass for making it happen.

Apart from being a fan, I should be honest and not biased about the course. Speaking of Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass, it opened up new perspectives in learning how to sing. It really did.

Explore Christina Aguilera MasterClass

The MasterClass did help in becoming a better singer and made me understand the wide spectrum of singing and how it is not just opening your mouth and making sounds but actually singing.

Also, there were a variety of components in the lessons taught by her like trying to protect your voice, finding the right range, some basic to extreme vocalizing exercises, and things related to it.

To complete the review, it was great learning from an icon but I would not say it was the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I recommend Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass?

I would recommend Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass if you are a beginner but if you are an experienced singer then the teachings in the course may not be new to you.

Is the MasterClass by Christina Aguilera expensive?

Getting access to 80+ courses in a single subscription feels like fair pricing because, at the rate of $180/- per year, you get to cover all the courses available in MasterClass along with Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass.

What can you learn from the MasterClass by Christina Aguilera?

You get to learn various warming up exercises, vocal techniques, diction, vibrato, and many more.

Does it take longer to complete Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass?

There are 23 lessons which might take around 4 hours to complete.

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