Lifebook Online Review 2024: Is It Really Worth It?

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Here I’m sharing a detailed and honest Lifebook review that might help you to get better insights into it.

Every person has their own battles to fight. Similarly, I have always struggled in various aspects of my life, and I wanted to change that about myself. 

I started searching for courses online that would help me change the way I look at my life. Upon researching, I came across Lifebook, a Mindvalley product.

In this article, I talked about what Mindvalley is, what Mindvalley’s Lifebook is all about, and how it changed all the 12 dimensions of my life. 

What is Lifebook Online? A beginner’s guide

Uncertainty has always been a real challenge for most of the population. At times these circumstances may leave a scar on you. You require proper guidance in order to overcome them.

I have also covered every little detail about MindValley in my MindValley Review. You can also check it out.

These might have you shift your focus from your actual dreams and an overall disconnection from yourself. At this point, your career, financial stability, and personal growth might feel like a far-fetched dream.

But what if I tell you there is a ray of sunshine waiting for you amid the dark clouds and that there is a chance for you to overcome these barriers and have a vision of clarity and build a sustainable life.

That ray of sunshine is Lifebook. It is designed in a way that helps you envision, achieve, and plan your entire life. It focuses on 12 main categories of your life and lets you plan them according to your wishes. You are the author of your own life.

Lifebook helps you transform your life on your own accord. Be the boss, it is your life, and no one can change it for you if you do not help yourself. Create your personal Lifebook and be in charge. It will help you achieve success in 12 different dimensions of your life.

With LifeBook, break free from the chains of the external forces and unleash the potential, and make the path for yourself on your own.

The brilliant minds behind the Lifebook, who are they?

LifeBook is a life-changing game. But who is the creator of Lifebook? They are none other than Jon and Missy Butcher. The married couple is not just self-growth preachers but also successful entrepreneurs. They founded almost 19 companies and also are co-owners of the Precious Moments family of companies. Mindvalley has other courses which I would recommend you check my favorite Mindvalley courses so far.

They have established a renowned name in this self-growth industry and made a whopping $10 billion in sales. People only look at the tip of their wealth and the companies they own and not how they are helping millions of people shape their lives.

They created their path and never followed the rules and norms created by the societies. They followed their dreams and rebelled against whatever difficulties came their way. Even at the age of 50, they still believe in laying out the path of their life on their own.

About Author

People who have made a fortune usually settle in their grandiose mansion. Jon and Missy Butcher didn’t settle for the cliche and made their own house and still maintain their adventurous relationship even after almost three decades of their marriage. That is the ultimate goal for most of the people out there.

They believe LifeBook will help everyone shape their lives according to themselves. They have perfected the LifeBook in a way where you can define your own goal, be the master of yourself and change the world on your own. They urge you to embark on the experience of a lifetime with LifeBook. Get your LifeBook now and change the way you live.

” We have what we call a respectful disregard for the way anybody does just about anything. We respect everybody’s right to live the way they want; to however we are going to create our own path”

– Jon Butcher

Want to make a difference in your life? Lifebook is the key.

Jon and Missy Butcher want you to be the author of your own life. They have created the LifeBook as a blueprint for your life. Shape it on your own, work on it, and you will not be disappointed.

The number of students enrolled is 600K+. There are more than 1500 Lifebook stories available for you, and they are available at your convenience in five different languages. The length of the course is for six weeks with 18 hours of training every week.

By enrolling in LifeBook’s online course, a guided system of enhancing your life was delivered by Jon and Missy. Being a regular user of LifeBook, I can say that it has helped me get in touch with all the 12 dimensions of my life. Apart from the career and financial aspects, I started to focus on health, emotional stability, social, and various dimensions of my life.

If you are looking to get hold of your life and change it but are confused about how to do it – LifeBook will guide you.

People are generally of the thought that only a successful career and financial stability will bring them success. I want to ask them, what is the point of having money if you do not have anyone by your side? In the process of being successful, is it worth giving up your health, emotional stability?

12 Life-Changing Categories Included in Lifebook.

People only focus on the career and financial aspects of their life. Personal experience has taught me that monetary happiness is not the key to achieve ultimate happiness.

12 Life-Changing Lifebook

The LifeBook online course focuses on twelve dimensions of your life and helps you grow. These twelve life-changing categories are as follows:

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Intellectual
  3. Emotional
  4. Character
  5. Spiritual
  6. Love Relationship
  7. Parenting
  8. Social
  9. Career
  10. Financial
  11. Quality of Life
  12. Life Vision

LifeBook does not solely focus on personal development. It also focuses on health and fitness, maintaining an equal social life, and having a stable career. 

You will only be happy if your life is well balanced.

What is included in the orientation phase?

LifeBook is an organized process to envision, plan and achieve the best of your life on your own by creating your very own path. Upon enrolling for LiveBook, you will be able to unleash all your beliefs and patterns that are hidden within you. Unleash your potential with maximum power, only with LifeBook.

The entire process of connecting to yourself and improving the 12 dimensions of your life requires:

a) 3-6 hours of your time every week for six weeks.

b) A belief that this process will guide you to your ultimate happiness.

c) A will to change your life on your own accord.

You might ponder on how your journey will commence with LifeBooks. Here is how you will be the author of your own life.

Week 1: Health & Fitness and Intellectual Life

  • Health and Fitness

Your week 1’s first course starts with Health and Fitness. See your Health and Fitness from an entirely changed perspective. You get to define how you want it, what, and why you want it. It will help you get familiar with the way LifeBook functions. 

  • Intellectual Life

There might be times where you might think your intellectual life is not very promising. LifeBook helps you change your perspective for the same and helps you feel inspired for the new beginning in your life and your life goals. The interactive sessions offered to make you a different person altogether at the end of your first week.

Week 2: Emotional Life and Character

  • Emotional Life

Get in touch with your emotions, learn how to control them, and find different ways to enhance your emotional intelligence. LifeBook teaches you not to suppress your innermost feelings, but at the same time how not to over show them. Share your thoughts and feelings with the other participants to get the most out of the LifeBook experience.

  • Character

Character is the base of your entire life. A person is known and judged by their character. LifeBook helps you identify the person you have to become to achieve a happier life. You will be in charge of your character development and build a life around it. Lifebook provides the strategy to accomplish the character traits you desire.

Week 3: Spiritual Life and Love Life 

  • Spiritual Life

When you embark on this journey created by Jon and Missy Butcher, you get in touch with your deepest beliefs about the world, your life, and your role in it. You will be able to manifest and control your innermost spirit. Gain a new point of view on the meaning along with the purpose of your life on this planet. 

  • Love Relationship

From extensive research, people have trouble maintaining their love relationship either with themselves or with their partners. In this category, you will be able to dig deeper into the expectations from your love life. Lifebook will provide clarity on your love relationship and provide strategies for an extraordinary relationship of love.

Week 4: Parenting and Social life

  • Parenting

It all depends on humans like us how we nurture and take care of the other humans who are soon to arrive on this planet. Some of us have to do it the right way for a better world. Explore this category in depth which will provide exemplary results.

  • Social Life

Extended family and friends are a non-detachable part of one’s life. But who you choose to be with depends on you. What is the point of hanging around with someone who is toxic and makes you feel not enough? LifeBook helps you overcome it and helps to strengthen your relationships with people who deserve it and how to let go of toxic, unhealthy relationships.

Week 5: Financial Life and Career

  • Financial life

An investment in Lifebook is a secured investment. It teaches you the true meaning of investments, money, where it comes from, and most importantly, how to balance it with all the other 12 dimensions. In this process, you will find your true self and view your financial life in a completely different and positive way.

  • Career

With Lifebook, discover the strongest pillars that will help you choose the career that is right for you. Learn different techniques to make your career reach the sky by making money during this process.

Week 6: Quality of Life and life Vision

  • Quality of Life

Get a crystal clear vision on how to spend your hours, days, and the coming years of your life. When you do an in-depth analysis, you will be stronger in terms of spiritual and intellectual categories, and an improvement is seen within you.

  • Life Vision

You have envisaged your life thoroughly with LifeBook. You have a complete and improved life vision. After this course, you will see yourself in a new and positive light. 

Be the best version of yourself.

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What to expect from Lifebook Online masterclass?

Lifebook’s Master class is an interactive session for all students enrolled. The mentors for the Masterclass are Vishen Lakhiani and Jon and Missy Butcher. They will talk about how to shape your life in twelve different dimensions to obtain crystal clear clarity on ways to achieve the best things in your life. 

You can watch the Master class whenever you want. There are time slots available as well. More than 600k students have enrolled in this class. The Master class runs for 90 mins and covers almost 1500+ student stories.

1) How to empower your belief around the 12 dimensions of your life

and how to ask your mind to adapt yourself to all the 12 dimensions of your life before understanding what you truly want from your life

2) An instant clarity exercise

Get clarity on how your day, weeks, months, and coming years look like in the future. Also, get instant clarity on how and what kind of life you want to live.

3) Achieve whatever you want without any sacrifice or compromise

The speakers of the LifeBook Master class want you to understand that you should put yourself first. Do not sacrifice or compromise if that means letting go of your dignity. Stay strong 

4) Get an introspect on what you truly want from your life.

They want you to ask yourself four questions that will reveal the deepest desires about yourself. When you provide yourself with the answers, use them to build a better life and work towards them.

Lifebook’s teachings to improve your life.

1) A Crystal-Clear Vision of how to achieve the best things in life

Know about your strengths and weaknesses. Work tirelessly towards strengthening your weakness in all the twelve dimensions of your life. LifeBook will help you envision a crystal clear clarity of your life. Set goals on each aspect, and work towards achieving them.

2) How to Compose a Positively Real Life

Break the chains of the social norms and lay down your path, and achieve it. Be the author of your own life, take the driver’s seat and drive your life on your terms.

3) How to Improve Durable Flexibility

Secure your purity of confidence to rise above all the challenges – and find yourself in the process of stimulating difficult circumstances and changes like divorce, career transitions, and spiritual problems.

4) Increase Your Growth 

Use LifeBook as a tool to increase your growth in all the twelve dimensions of your life.

5) Obtain Work-Life Balance

Never sacrifice one aspect of your life to achieve success in the other aspect of your life. Maintain work balance with family, friends, and society as a whole.

6) Learn the art to stop procrastination and get more work done

LifeBook helps you achieve daily goals and targets. Using this book,  you learn the art of stopping procrastination and get more work done in less time.

7) Discover your True Passion and work towards achieving it.

Do not limit yourselves to only a part of your life. Spread your wings and aim at discovering your true passion.

8) Achieve your Goal in a distinct manner

Define your goals, and work towards them. Be limitless.

How to access this golden book — Lifebook? 

Accessing this golden book is as simple as calculating 2+2. For more exclusive offers on Mindvalley, you can check our available Mindvalley membership discount codes here.

Follow these simple steps and get the LifeBook and start creating your own.

Step 1: Visit the Mindvalley Lifebook page. And then scroll a bit and then click on the “Join Now Program”

Join the program

Step 2: One you click on the button, you will redirected to active Lifebook discount where you could save up to 68% on Lifebook purchase. Scroll a bit and click on the “Join the Porgram”

Lifebook Online Discount

Step 3: Now finally make the payment and go ahead with the purchase and get the Mindvalley coupon so the course will be for $249 instead of a price of $1250. So enter the billing detailed and start the journey.

Enter Necessary Details
Eneter Billing Details

Select Complete My order, and voila, you are now the owner of the LifeBook. Start organizing your life only with LifeBook


If you don’t enjoy this product, they offer a refund policy. You can cancel the order within 15 days of purchase and get a full refund.

My overall experience: Yay or nay?

I always pondered if proper guidance could help me change the way I look at things and help me maintain a perfect work-life balance. I started researching for courses online and found the perfect match for me.

I came across Lifebook and read the course curriculum, and saw a ray of hope. I enrolled in the program, and trust me when I say this that my life has completely changed because it has.

I have a better focus on the goals now. I positively look at the world and try to balance my social and work life. It has been an eye-opener for me. Thanks to Jon and Missy Butcher for creating this Lifebook. 

In the end, I would like to say LifeBook is a Yay for me, and I would recommend each and everyone to enroll today!

Lifebook Online Testimonials (What students are saying )

My thorough investigation has only one purpose, you got the right information about what others are saying.

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Lifebook Review Conclusion (2024)

LifeBook is a one-time investment. If you want to work on yourself but are stuck and need some to guide you, then LifeBook online course is the answer. It helps you achieve clarity in twelve different aspects of your life. It does not focus solely on personal growth but also growth in terms of fitness, love relationship, career, and many more.

We hope this article helped you understand Lifebook – a product by Mindvalley. Let us know in the comments section below what you think about LifeBook, and would you enroll for it?

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