Duality Jeffrey Allen Review: What’s My Experience!

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Most often, we end up feeling distant from our true selves and unmotivated, which often leads us to a lack of productivity. I was at the same point in my life when I came across Jeffrey Allen’s Mindvalley courses.  

Duality Review: In a Nutshell 🥜

This isn’t just another Duality review; I have purchased a Mindvalley membership and gone through the complete course — Duality. Without a doubt, the courses have completely transformed me. My body, mind, and soul feel cleansed inside and out. I am empowered. I have enormous energy I thought I could never possess. 

To ensure you understand the power of Jeffry Allen, I am going to share my spiritual journey with you so that everyone else can benefit from this as much as I did. 

In this article, I will be talking about two quests by Jeffrey Allen: Duality and Unlocking Transcendence. 

Why is Jeffrey Allen famous for Energy Healing?

Jeffrey Allen is a popular Mindvalley speaker and author. He was an Engineer and has now turned into a spiritual and energy healer and teacher. He specializes in practicing how you can control the power of your energy. His purpose is to help people reach their higher selves. He wants people to use their spiritual connection to improve their health, mind, body, and soul. 

Jeffrey Allen

He believes that connecting with your spiritual side changes every aspect of your life. He aims to help people improve their relationships, achieve happiness, and become a better version of themselves. He teaches people the importance of spiritual fitness. 

He intends on helping people lift the weight they have on their shoulders and overcome their pain and struggles in the healthiest way possible. 

Why did I come across Duality: My Review

Upon research, I found out that Jeffrey Allen’s Duality Quest is ideal for me. In this section, I will state what Duality is like in brief. 

The beginning of the course was a great start for me personally, as he first focuses on bringing spirit into your body and I merely stumbled upon this course because I felt lost and spiritless.  The course focuses on various phases, and as you progress, you can feel the change. 

The course isn’t in-brief or just empty words, every lesson is explained in-depth. Chakras, Healing, Manifestations, Meditations, etc. are confusing concepts. For example, you cannot just meditate by taking deep breaths and chanting affirmations. Every concept needs to be explained. Many courses and videos jump straight on how to meditate, yet barely anyone explains what kind of state of mind you must have for meditation to work. 

I feel Duality delivered that for me; the right state of mind. What I also liked about the course is it begins with a community experience. I was never doing it alone, I had a whole community alongside me who was going through the same situations as me. I think it’s important to realize that you’re not alone in your journey, and people are willing to grow with you. Join the tribe!

You get what you paid for. Perhaps, more than that. Your spiritual journey must be undertaken with the right steps. You need to follow a routine. I used to watch several Youtube videos on how to bring spirit into my body, how to motivate myself, etc. I wasn’t aware that firstly, you need to eliminate the negativity in your life.

How are you going to fill an already filled glass? Eliminating the negativity is emptying the glass, and filling it is filling your body with energy. My point is, Duality is structured just the right way to help you reach your higher self effortlessly. 

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I’m someone who tends to forget things easily. Duality has a workbook for every week where you can write down your ideas, take notes and answer questions. I found this feature pretty helpful. You can download these workbooks, so you can even access them offline. 

Learn Duality With Jeffrey Allen

What did Duality Teach me (The 48 Days Module)

Duality has an 8-week structure, each week focusing on different phases of your spiritual journey. What do the 8 weeks consist of? 

  • Week 1: Energy Awareness and Personal Presence 

You’re taught what Energy is. How to use it. It focuses on self-healing. You’re taught how to deepen your grounding. The lessons end with exercises for personal presence. Before you begin the actual work, it’s important to understand yourself. Week 1 merely focuses on YOU and what’s needed for you to fill yourself with energy.

Duality Course Completion
First Week of Duality
  • Week 2: Mental and Intuitive Clarity

The second lesson focuses on how to gain mental clarity. What’s needed for you to reach the ideal state of mind, and how to achieve mental inner peace. Your mentality clarity influences how you think, how you make decisions, etc. Hence, clearing your distractions and deepening your clarity is important. 

Gain Mental & Intutive Clarity
Gain Mental & Intuitive Clarity
  • Week 3: Healing and Energizing your Body

Week 3 focuses on the creative energy needed for your body, brain, etc. You’re taught how to tap into this energy. You’re also taught how to eliminate the “energy waste” in your body to create space for new energy. There are exercises on Energy Healing and a bonus meditation in this lesson as well.

Heal Your Body Using Energy
Heal Your Body Using Energy
  • Week 4: Empathy and Healthy Personal Boundaries

Empathizing with others is important. However, it’s also important to put up healthy boundaries. Remember that you are not a therapist. You have your healing to do. You’re taught how to create personal space for yourself with different exercises. 

Empathy & Healthy Personal Boundry
Empathy & Healthy Personal Boundry
  • Week 5: Chakra Healing for Communication & Manifestation

Chakra healing is an important process, and for you to reach your higher self, every blockage must be removed. For your Chakras to function well, they must be balanced, cleansed, etc. This week focuses on Chakra Healing to help you connect with others and be open to manifestations. 

Using Chakras
Use Chakras
  • Week 6: Changing Your Beliefs 

Your perspective of every aspect of the world, other people, etc. merely depends on your beliefs. Your beliefs keep changing according to your circumstances. This week focuses on shifting negative beliefs into positive ones. There is an enormous amount of energy in beliefs, your entire thought process is based on that.

Clearing Limiting Belief
Clearing Limiting Belief
  • Week 7: Accessing your Intuition 

How do you open the portals to energy? Intuition is everything. Understanding every aspect of your life, past and present, is the key to this. This week focuses on Intuition, while also focusing on the power of abundance and synchronicity. 

Access our Intuition
Access our Intuition
  • Week 8: Accessing your Higher Awareness 

Week 8 focuses on something beyond your body. Call it a realm, an imagination, or inspiration. What if there’s a place where you can meet your ancestors or spirit guides who can help you throughout your journey? This lesson focuses on locating your higher awareness. 

How you benefit from Duality: My experience

Access Your High Awareness
Access Your Higher Awareness

Is Duality worth it?

I don’t want to generalize who specifically this course is made for because there isn’t a number to verify that.

I found this course when I was at my lowest. The first thing Duality did for me is help me get rid of all the negativity and blockages I had inside me. Duality helps people who want to become healthy, focus on healing themselves and their relationships, and become better versions of themselves. Without a doubt, the course delivered that for me. 

Everyone is going to have a different experience, what matters is how we benefit from it. The course is structured in a way where you not only learn how to do something, but also the meaning behind it. For example, it doesn’t jump to “How to access your higher Intuition”, firstly, you will understand what Intuition is, and that alone was an important factor for me. 

Duality focuses on people who want to bring positivity to this world. I’ve certainly become a positive person. I’ve stopped overthinking, I’ve learned how to create healthy boundaries, how to ask for help when it’s needed, and I’ve learned how to tap into my energy. This is what Duality aimed for. 

I could go on about how much the course helped me, but I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you. You don’t need a specific reason to take up this course, you can benefit from this course if you are willing to. 

Who Is Duality Best For?

 Duality by Jeffrey Allen course is not made for everyone. It is for open-minded people who want to try new things to expand their knowledge and consciousness. If you believe in the power of energy, then this course will help you use it for your personal development. After taking the course, you will know about the power surrounding us and how to use it for your growth.

This course will be a great option for you if you believe in energy healing, chakras, auras, spirit guides, etc. Even if you are skeptical about this energy concept, just try this course with an open mind, and you will see results you never would’ve imagined achieving. This course will definitely satisfy your curiosity.

Mindvalley Duality Pricing 

Mindvalley membership comes with one membership which is known as — Mindvalley Membership starting from $25/month. Using the same pricing you can access Duality by Jeffery Allen. What’s more, we have a 60% Mindvalley Coupon that helps you save a few extra bucks on a Duality membership purchase.

With the Mindvalley membership access, you’ll get access to — Duality as well other quests and BONUSES available on Mindvalley. Recently in July 2022, Mindvalley also started the — Mindvalley Live Sessions. Typically you can get on live sessions each week and get to learn from — world-class experts, gurus, trainers, celebrities, and so on.

I would suggest you get started with the Mindvalley Membership, which not only helps you access Duality. Additionally, you’ll get access to other courses which I would recommend below:

Why did I come across Unlocking Transcendence: My Review

I was inclined to discover more from Jeffrey Allen after my time with Duality. 

I often found myself being controlled by my circumstances. I wasn’t controlling myself but the world was. I felt drained of energy. I was tired of sweeping my emotions under a carpet. I wanted to look for something that focuses on multiple aspects of my life. 

Duality-Jeffrey Allen

Unlocking Awareness not only focuses on self-awareness but also on awareness about most aspects of your life. The courses teach you how to control your mind power and direct it the right way. It helps you tap into the power of your body, mind, and soul. 

I wanted a course that doesn’t just teach me how to control myself but also circumstances within my reach. I wanted to get rid of this descent in my life, and Unlocking Transcendence surely did that for me. 

What I like about the course is that it goes day by day, this created a great routine for me as I’m someone who tends to get lost without a routine. The days aren’t random, for example, one week will focus on one topic. The lessons aren’t heavy either, they consist of 10-15 minutes per lesson. The lessons consist of mostly audio, while the few days consist of videos. Each lesson begins with a self-assessment to tell you where you stand.

The course also comes along with a PDF of “Applications of Higher Awareness” and a Q&A from Jeffrey Allen. I found this helpful as well. The course consists more of hands-on practices, rather than the information itself, which is important. It’s okay if you even miss a day or two, you can continue from where you left off, the important part is that you complete your journey. However, it’s important to follow the sequence. 

What did Unlocking Transcendence teach me: Features

What do the Unlocking Transcendence lessons consist of? Let’s take a look. 

  • Self Awareness (Location & Time)

The course begins on how to discover your self-awareness. This is the base of your spiritual journey. It focuses on awareness inside your body as well as how to make that awareness travel to different places. He also goes beyond and teaches how to travel with your awareness. 

  • Body Awareness (Physical & Energy)

The 2nd part focuses on awareness of your physical body and energy body. It determines how much presence you have in your body. It focuses on how to feel more energized and in control of your own body. 

  • Mind Awareness (Inner & Outer)

A clear and positive mind is everything. You’re taught not just how to control your thoughts, but also the importance of listening. It focuses on your internal mind as well as your external mind. Exercising your mind is the key.

  • Spirit Awareness (Intuition & Connection)

You have a spirit in your body, and you can connect with it to help you throughout your journey. This lesson focuses on Spirit Perception, and Spirit Connection. With the power of your Intuition, you can go beyond your body and look for information about your life. 

  • Emotion Awareness (Feeling & Empathy)

We don’t realize how much emotions truly control us. Rage, Frustration, Happiness, etc. are powerful emotions. Sweeping your emotions under the carpet isn’t healthy. In this lesson, you’re taught how to understand them, control them, and let them go. You’re also taught the importance of others’ emotions and healthy boundaries.

  • Impact Awareness (Personal & Global)

This lesson focuses on how helping others makes an impact in your life. The feeling that you made a change and made someone happy is truly blissful. You have a special place in people’s hearts when you have a positive impact on them. 

How can you benefit from Unlocking Transcendence: My Experience

Is Unlocking Transcendence worth it? 

I was astonished how much awareness plays a part in your life with everyday decisions. Unlocking Transcendence helped me realize that. Shifting your thoughts from negative to positive itself makes so much difference. 

This course is perfect for anyone wanting to benefit from it. It’s not just made me aware of my mind, body, and soul but also the circumstances around me. I’ve learned how to not be affected by the pace of the world, to just sit back for a moment and breathe.

We’re not aware of how many unnecessary negative thoughts and emotions run through our minds, this course helped me eliminate that negativity. I’ve become a peaceful person than I was before. I also feel more present in my body and I feel more in control than I was before.

I’ve also learned how to help people while creating healthy boundaries for myself. The course teaches you to be more sympathetic, and understanding with people you love, which in turn, also improves your relationships. 

My verdict: Is Duality Worth The HYPE — Yes!

Overall, I’ve found both courses beyond helpful. I can say Duality and Unlocking Transcendence complement each other. I would recommend doing both courses. I’ve not only stirred my perspective of the circumstances around me but also learned so much about Awareness. 

There is so much more to life than we’re aware of, and what these courses have taught me, is certainly beyond imagination. I would also recommend joining the tribe and communicating with people who are doing the courses. It’s nice to have a family wanting to grow alongside you. 

Learn Duality With Jeffrey Allen

Learn about your body, mind, and soul. Be Aware. I cannot emphasize how much this helps in living a happy, stable, yet extraordinary life. Remember that having a healthy body isn’t enough. You can pick up those dumbbells, but exercising your mind is just as important. 

Both the courses are worth it. However, I would recommend buying the Mindvalley Membership as you will get around 50+ courses along with Duality and Unlocking Transcendence. I hope you found my review helpful. Do come back for more reviews!

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