Uncompromised Life By Marisa Peer Review: Is It Any Good?

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When I first discovered Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life, for me it was two simple words that meant that we should not compromise on the best living experience that we can get.

But, as soon as I started with the very first lesson, it opened up a new world for me with new concepts and I could get a bit close to imagining what living an extraordinary and uncompromised life would look like.

The coach’s tone didn’t set the mood for me but as I went ahead, the concepts she talked about really fascinated me and that’s what kept me hooked on this course.

The concepts like Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformation made me very skeptical at first but the way Marisa talks about changing your life, you would want to jump the wagon too.

I used to think that hypnosis is a pretty sketchy thing and didn’t believe in it. But the fact that famous sports personalities and Hollywood stars have worked with Marisa Peer on the same thing made me give it a shot.

Both the courses are completely about changing your life into the one you imagined yourself with. Incorporating healthy habits towards oneself and taking ourselves on the path of getting the success we want but also getting the level of happiness we want to experience. 

In this review, I will be sharing every important detail that you need to know about Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life and Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy.

This review will take you right from Marisa Peer, a brief about her work, an in-depth review of her courses, set- up of the courses, and how this can be beneficial for you.

MindValley Platform: Overview

MindValley is a personal development program that focuses on enriching your mind, body, and soul to grow better and perform better in your life. 

Note: Well, to explore more about Mindvalley, check detailed review of MindValley here.

Mindvalley has a team of thirty onboard experts, all of who have expertise in their niches who take the user on the journey of self-development and become more aware. All the experts are trained professionals who are well equipped with the proper tools that we need to navigate ourselves on this journey of growth.


Mindvalley has different programs by different coaches which are called quests. There are few tasks after every session to incorporate things that you have learned in your life. 

The programs range between 30 to 50 days. You can either buy one program and have lifetime access to it or you can get their monthly subscription and access all the programs but for a limited time. 

So let’s take a look at the review and find out if Marisa Peer could be your trainer in your journey of self-development.

About Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer is a best-selling author, speaker, and Rapid Transformational Therapy educator. Men’s Health magazine voted her as the Best British psychiatrist and she is also included in Tatler’s Guide under Britain’s 250 Best Doctors. 

Marisa Peer

She has almost 30 years of experience as a therapist. Additionally, She has earned awards for best speaker at various events. 

Marisa Peer launched the Marisa Peer Approach School in 2015, introducing her innovative method to audiences in London, Canada, the United States, and Australia for the first time.

This is what has made her popular and attracted the attention of the MindValley company, which has collaborated with her to create this course on their website.

Marisa’s method is known as Transformational Hypnotherapy and is a mental- optimization science that will drastically change a person’s mode of thinking and functioning with just one or two sessions. 

Here you have her approaches broken down into two different courses: Uncompromised Life and Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance of 8 weeks and 5 weeks quests respectively. 

Uncompromised Life: A Summary 

Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life is a course developed with MindValley that combines the concepts of mindfulness and hypnotherapy to help you take control over your life.

Most of the time, we find it impossible to manage our daily lives, whether it’s about jobs, families, or just fighting our ghosts, largely because we don’t have power over what we think and feel.

Marisa Peer’s eight-week course includes hypnotherapy audiotapes, guides, links to an exclusive Facebook forum, and workbooks.

This course will guide you through the eight transformations that will change your faith, self-esteem, job satisfaction, relationships, self-belief, and work ethic in transformative and life-changing ways. You will live an uncompromised life, one in which you will experience happiness, abundance, and independence in all aspects of your life without having to wait years.

Make sure you have enough time to finish it so you could get the most out of the course. The quest is structured in the same way each week. We go through three parts every week: training, practice, and community coaching.

Uncompromised Life – Set Up

This course is divided into eight weeks modules where each week you will discover a new concept and move closer to your ultimate transformation.


Week 1 – You will understand how the mind works and how to deal with it in this week’s lesson. You will discover how to use your thoughts to empower your mind. You and your mind work together. You want it to support, empower, and inspire you. And You will learn how to make your mind your best friend in this class.

Week 2 – You will discover that your imagination just reacts to two things: the mental images and the words you utter to yourself. You will understand exactly what words and images to use to stimulate your brain.

Week 3 – You will learn more about our primitive brain, including how it functions and how to command it. You will be completely at home with success and fulfillment, while disappointment and boredom will disappear into the history of your mind.

Week 4 – You will discover the tricks of successful people. They do what they despise first and foremost. You will concentrate on the patterns that are holding you down so that you can switch them with better patterns.

Week 5 – You can learn the art of taking steps against your objectives. This is where I began to break down some of my restricting self-beliefs about my potential and my worth in my social and work life.

Week 6 – You will discover how to postpone gratification and why it’s so important for performance. 

Week 7 – You will learn that remembering that “you are enough” is the most important thing to remember. You will learn how to cultivate a strong self-image, develop an unwavering sense of self-love, and increase your self-assurance.

Week 8 – You will learn how to increase your self-esteem by complimenting yourself, as well as how to handle disappointment and criticism. By the end of the quest, Marisa has sharpened your concentration on attracting money, a stronger partner, and a happier relationship with your body.

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance: A Summary

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance is a 35-day journey designed to help you retrain your subconscious mind to attract more quality into your life. 

Marisa Peer invented and advanced a type of therapy known as Rapid Transformational Therapy. RTT entails incorporating elements of hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Conditioning to program the subconscious mind. RTT, on the other hand, isn’t just a mix of these old methods. Traditional types of treatment can be very time-consuming and expensive.

Rewiring the brain should not have to take a lifetime, according to Peer. It doesn’t even have to be done in different sessions. After all, this is RAPID treatment.

RTT has been used to overcome phobias, depression, weight problems, addictions, and self-confidence issues with great effectiveness. RTT’s use isn’t limited to handling a variety of emotional and physical illnesses. The RTT approach is often said to be a good way to boost everyday success, imagination, personal relationships, and inspiration.

It has also reignited my interest in my brain and the leverage I have over it, as well as everything else in my life. RTT has the potential to profoundly impact people’s lives.

RTHA – Set Up

There are five modules in all. Each module takes about a week to complete. Every week, You will get a few videos of different activities to complete in the included workbook. They also go along with some drills in their Facebook closed group. The audio with supervised hypnotherapy exercises is used in the last two sessions of the week. Finally, a day of implementation is scheduled.

Week 1 – In this week you will learn about the mindset you need for abundance and how to set it up for yourself. How to find out your limiting beliefs and replace them with abundance beliefs. You will also learn to visualize your abundant life with guided visualization techniques. 

Mindset Of A Winner

Week 2 – You will learn how limiting beliefs serve a protective and comforting purpose, as well as how to break away from those that don’t serve you. In this week we learn about how we are wired to be negative and how to use that only when needed, that is to protect ourselves. You will learn how to take criticism constructively. 

You will also learn about the importance of “I am enough” affirmations in your life. This week also includes the beliefs of other people who have an abundant mindset and how to work off the self-destructive behaviors caused by guilt.

Week 3 – In this week’s quest, you will be surprised at how much your thoughts affect your physical well-being. You will learn how choosing health in any stressful situation is so life-saving.

Gratitude practices like releasing hurt are one of the most powerful keys to feeling better is also introduced. 

A lot of crucial factors like how illnesses affect us and how our relationship with the food we eat is affecting us are explained well. Lastly, you learn about loving our body and honoring it by using affirmative words.

Week 4 – This week turns into a quite interesting approach about replacing “money” with energy. Marisa talks about our money-related limiting beliefs. We were all born with the assumption that plenty is our birthright, but along the way, we acquired restricting views about money. Our history, families, and past experiences all play a role in shaping the stories we tell ourselves. 

Business, Money & Relationship Success

An interesting approach is discussed about our fears and how we can control them and change their direction as we want. The simple technique of manifesting by staying in the present is taught well too.

Week 5 – After working on our mindset, affirmations, physical well-being, and wealth, Marisa also takes us on a journey of developing relationships. In this week we learn about the blockages we create, the limiting beliefs that we keep about our relationships, and how to open them up. 

You focus on recognizing your unfulfilled needs which your inner child has and working on them. We go through a flow of proper patterns starting from recognizing our needs, loving ourselves first, breaking away from unhealthy patterns in a relationship by changing the beginning patterns of it, and then finally investing and attracting long-lasting love. 

My Experience 

I am a person who firmly believes that if I take control of my mind, then I will be able to change everything around me according to my vision. 

I usually make vision boards for my goals to help me visualize my goals better and achieve them soon. Although, I was not completely self-aware. 

I had a lot of issues with my body, I used to fall sick all the time and hated how weak I was. On top of that, I had major self-esteem issues which became a blockage in relationships too. 

When I discovered Marisa, I did not like her tone of explanation but decided to roll with it anyway. But little did I know that I would open up a treasure box of helpful emotional and mental tools for me to get solutions to my issues.

Marisa Peer’s methods have allowed me to root myself in the realization that “I am enough” just the way I am. She has a reputation for convincing people that they are perfect exactly the way they are.

Marisa Peer: Are the Quests Worth it?

Marisa Peer’s courses aren’t meant for everyone. She has a way of explaining complex concepts and you will be able to absorb it only if you are somewhere in your mind ready to alter your mental patterns.


You must thoroughly absorb Marisa’s teachings, listen to the audios, and then act on what you’ve learned. This course can be life-changing for those who can put in the effort.

I don’t recommend purchasing for people who aren’t willing to put in the effort. 

This course is meant for you if:

  • You want to manage your anxiety and fears.
  • You want to overcome your life’s traumas.
  • You want to change your relationships, professional relationships, and financial situation.
  • You want to break from self-destructive habits.
  • You want to free yourself from addiction’s grip on your mind.

Marisa’s methods are worth it if you are dedicated enough for them. So in all senses, it is completely upon you and your commitment levels towards this course.  

Mindvalley Pricing

Mindvalley no longer offers the option to buy a single course and get lifetime access to that course. Now they only offer an All Access Pass, meaning you can access all the courses from one subscription to Mindvalley, whether it is a monthly or yearly subscription. The usual price of Mindvalley’s monthly subscription is $149/month, and the yearly subscription to an all-access pass is $599/year.

MindValley Pricing

But you can get an all-access pass with our Mindvalley discount at just $99/month or $41.60/mo paid yearly, meaning $499/year. You can save up to $100 on your purchase. You will also get a lifetime discount on the annual membership once you buy the annual membership, and it will continue as long as you continue the subscription. They also have a 15-day risk-free money-back guarantee where they will give you a refund without asking any questions.

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Conclusion: Uncompromised Life By Marisa Peer Review

After completing both the whole quests of Marisa Peer, I had a fair idea about her techniques and how exactly she can help me. Her hypnotherapy did give me quick relief from my toxic thought patterns and I think if I can work with her methods more in-depth after practicing her techniques and keeping in mind everything that I have learned from this course.

Creating major changes in your lifestyle, mindset, and behavioral patterns involves a lot of effort and we are mostly misguided. But Marisa’s courses provided me with a lot of clarity and direction to understand what exactly I need to work on, in myself. I will recommend this course to people who are serious about changing the direction of their lives in a properly guided way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Marisa Peer RTT cost?

Marisa Peer’s MindValley RTT costs $349 for this single program but you can also access it by purchasing their membership for only $499 a year.

How does RTT work?

RTT is a rapid hypnotherapy technique that works based on hypnosis by trained professionals.

How much does Marisa Peer Uncompromised Life cost?

Marisa Peer’s MindValley Uncompromised LIfe costs $399 for this single program but you can also access it by purchasing their membership for only $499 a year.

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