10 Best Mindvalley Podcasts Of 2023 (With Vishen Lakhiani)

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Mindvalley Podcasts bring the best teachers and leaders from all over the globe to discuss ideas for self-enrichment, personal growth, and development. 

It offers two majors, i.e., the Mindvalley Podcast and Selling with Love which was formerly known as Super Humans at Work. 

Before getting into the details, below is the list of top episodes offered under both that podcasts that you can check out. 

The Mindvalley Show With Vishen Super Humans At Work
Reduce anxiety instantly with these easy techniques.The Ultimate Test for Your Sales Process
Rising Through Grief: Uncovering Hope and Resilience in the Midst of LossThe Empathetic Sales Approach: Winning Hearts and Mind
How to Think Like GoogleSupercharge your sales with AI: ChatGPT
The Mindset of World ChangersAmplifying your Personality for Public Speaking 
Everything is FigureoutableMake your Passion Profitable 

The Mindvalley Show With Vishen 

The Mindvalley Show with Vishen is the major podcast offered by Mindvalley. It provides you with the latest hacks from the leading experts in the field of Business, health, relationships, and Spirituality. 

Mindvalley Podcasts - Vishen

This podcast was launched around five years ago, and it comprises 444 episodes to date.  To get an insight into some of the top episodes offered by the Mindvalley Show with Vishen, read on further. 

1. Reduce Anxiety Instantly With These Easy Techniques

In this episode, author Gretchen Rubin provided insight into the world of the five senses through her ninth book “Life in Five Senses” which offers tools to help you ease anxiety and unlock happiness. 

Reduce Anxiety

Through this episode, you will also learn how to enhance the environment with the things that awaken your soul. Gretchen also shared her experience of how she grounded herself by honing on to single sense to cope with the situations.

You can listen to this podcast episode on Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, and on Stitcher. 

Duration of Episode21 minutes, 24 seconds 
HostGretchen Rubin
You will learn To appreciate your senses.Easing anxiety with your five senses.Clearing the sound around you.Feeling out of touch.Positive association with taste.

2. Rising Through Grief: Uncovering Hope And Resilience In The Midst Of Loss

 Dr. Neeta Bhushan, the author of the book “That Sucked! Now What?” has helped many find a way to build resilience and reclaim their emotional Grit through self-awareness. 

Rising Through Grief

This episode will help you learn ways to embrace your emotions and provide you with a clear view of true resilience and emotional wellness. You can access this episode on Spotify, Google podcast, Apple podcast, and Stitcher. 

Duration of Episode34 minutes, 32 seconds 
HostDr. Neeta Bhushan 
You will learn How to recover from grief and loss.Bounce factor.Guest house.Holding pain energetically.4 steps to building resilience.Benefits of Good Stress.Expressing your emotions.Radical self-awareness.

3. How To Think Like Google-Tom Chi

The co-founder of Google X and the creator of Google Class, Tom Chi, has provided a few techniques and methods to hack productivity and enhance efficiency in learning. 

How To Think Like Google

The living system of Tom will definitely help you to make better decisions and be more effective in your work and will put you in a state of constant learning. You will also learn about the 10% Better Friday’s Technique.

This podcast episode is available on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, and Stitcher. 

Duration of Episode1 hour, 15 minutes
HostTom Chi.
You will learn Why knowledge is the enemy of learning.How to maximize your rate of learningWhy metabolizzability is more important than truthWhat are dark spots, bright spots, and associates, and how can they help you?

4. The Mindset Of World Changers 

The Greek American Marketer and the Chairman and Founder of the X Prize Foundation, Peter Diamandis, has provided his commandments, known as Peter’s Laws, to help you lead toward innovation, social disruption, and more meaningful work.

The Mindset Of World Changers

It will help you to determine how to live life to the highest potential. This episode is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google podcast, and Stitcher. 

Duration of Episode51 minutes, 24 seconds 
HostPeter Diamandis
You will learn why belief is critical to success.Get to know Why you should never compromise.Understand how to change the rules and what to do when you can’t.Learn how to think big and achieve the impossible.

5. #5 Everything Is Figureoutable

An American Entrepreneur and one of the best-selling Authors, Marie Forleo, has mentioned everything that is figureoutable via this podcast with the best qualities that were drilled into her by her parents. 

#5 Everything Is Figureoutable

Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the coming generation, Marie Forleo aims to help you gain success in life as well as in Business. This Podcast episode will definitely help you to look for the ways through which you can achieve what you want in spite of a number of obstacles you face.

Duration of Episode42 minutes, 23 seconds 
HostMarie Forleo
You will learn The habits that make it 42% that you’ll achieve your goal.How to overcome a lack of time and moneyHow to deal with criticism and the imposter syndrome

Super Humans At Work 

Selling with love which was formerly known as Super Humans at Work, is designed to shift your frame of mind regarding sales and unlock your ability for your mission without any compromise. 

The Podcast includes 354 episodes where the host Jason Marc Campbell has brought together world-class marketers and experts to assist you in order to unlock your potential. 

To learn more about some of the top episodes of this Podcast, scroll down to the below article. 

6. The Ultimate Test For Your Sales Process

In this episode of Selling With Love, Jason Marc Campbell reveals the major reasons or the challenges you might be struggling with sales, and he has also mentioned the ways to overcome those challenges. 

Jason has also provided some valuable resources, tips, and a few personal anecdotes in order to help you navigate the world of sales. You will also get insight into the importance of experience and the power of practice to transform your sales. 

The Ultimate Test

You can listen to this episode of the Podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher. 

Duration of Episode15 minutes, 10 seconds 
HostJason Marc Campbell
You will learn Impact of experience and qualification on sales success.Learn how to craft an offer or provide a solution for the problem of the client.Get insight into the importance of practice and perseverance.Discover valuable resources for sales strategies.

7. The Empathetic Sales Approach: Winning Hearts And Minds

In this amazing episode of the Podcast, the sales expert Danny Carlson has discussed the critical components of a high-performing sales team. 

With this episode, you will learn how to develop confidence, foster a growth mindset, and leverage the power of empathy in order to enhance the sales performance of the team. 

The Empathetic Sales Approach

Danny has also provided some of the empathy-driven, heart-centered selling techniques that will definitely help you to elevate your sales and create profitable relationships with your clients. 

Duration of Episode37 minutes, 15 seconds
HostDanny Carlson
You will learn Learn about the story of the entrepreneurship of Danny Carlson.Discover the various sales techniques.Find out the ways to revolutionize your business with heart-centered selling.

8. Supercharge Your Sales With AI: ChatGPT

Jason Marc Campbell unfolds the potential of ChatGPT, which is a powerful AI-driven tool that can revolutionize sales and marketing.

You will also discover the ways through which ChatGPT helps businesses, right from conducting market research to generating content ideas.

Supercharge Your Sales With AI

This episode will also provide you with practical tips and expert advice for harnessing the potential of ChatGPT to boost your sales process. 

Duration of Episode11 minutes, 8 seconds 
HostJason Marc Campbell 
You will learn Learn the use of AI for market research.Generate content ideas and develop the strategy. Roleplay sales conversations and overcome objections using AI.

9. Amplifying Your Personality For Public Speaking 

This episode reveals the importance of communication and public speaking, being authentically oneself, and amplifying natural personality traits. 

Amplifying Your Personality

Harriet has also highlighted public speaking’s importance of audience awareness and its flexibility to change its delivery depending on the circumstance. This episode is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts. 

Duration of EpisodeThe Importance of Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs and Business owners.Importance of speaking with authenticity in order to connect with the audience.Amplifying one’s natural personality is the key to effective public speaking. 
HostHarriet Bratt
You will learn The Importance of Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs and Business owners.Importance of speaking with authenticity in order to connect with the audience. Amplifying one’s natural personality is the key to effective public speaking. 

10. Make Your Passion Profitable 

The entrepreneur, author, and speaker Jasmine Star share the importance of charging what your audience afford and growing together with them. 

Make Your Passion Profitable

She also stated that copywriting is one of the essential skills you need to work on. Jasmine has also shared her journey from being a law student to gathering over half a million followers on social media

Duration of Episode28 minutes, 32 seconds 
HostJasmine Star 
You will learn How to make a profit out of passion.Skills to master in 2023 to grow.How to scale your personal brand without sacrificing its authenticityLearn the ways to raise your prices while growing your audience. 

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Conclusion: Mindvalley Podcasts (2023)

The Mindvalley Podcast brings expert hosts and teachers together to provide insight into different aspects, be it health, relationships, or Business. 

It offers several podcast episodes on Mind, Performance, Relationships, Business, Spirituality, and health. 

The Mindvalley show with Vishen has over 50,000 listeners on iTunes and Spotify, whereas Super Humans at Work has over 10,000 listeners per episode. 

That’s all for Mindvalley Podcasts; let us know your views about it in the comments section below. 

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