9 Best Mindvalley Podcasts for 2024 (Trending Picks)

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In comparison to Mindvalley video content, most people prefer tuning into the audio recordings. That is because you’re not obligated to stop your daily activities! And what’s better than tuning into some of the best Mindvalley podcasts?

I have always spoken about how much I love the platform, and I also shared my experience with Mindvalley. You can check it out if you are curious about it. 

Besides taking courses from Mindvalley, their podcasts are free of cost and less time-consuming. If you are an avid listener or even a casual listener, you can tune into these and enjoy teachings from the greatest teachers. 

So, let’s explore different podcasts by Mindvalley and enjoy listening to them in your leisure time!

Top Mindvalley Podcasts of 2024 (Complete List)

Let’s quickly skim through Mindvalley’s Best Podcasts. I have also given each of their Spotify and Apple Music links for easier access.

Sr No.Best Mindvalley PodcastHostSpotify LinkApple Music Link
1. Creating An Abundant Money MindsetMarisa PeerHereHere
2. A Formula for Healing the Body with the MindJoe DispenzaHereHere
3. The Art Of Conscious ParentingShefali TsabaryHereHere
4. Why We Need To Start Our Mornings With Personal GrowthRobin SharmaHereHere
5. How To Cultivate The Mind Of The WarriorDavid GogginsHereNot available
6. Our Role In EvolutionNeale Donald WalschHereHere
7. How A Former Monk Made Wisdom Go ViralJay ShettyHereHere
8. 5 Investments To Become Financially FreeJaspreet SinghHereHere
9. How to Deal With SadnessMichael BeckwithHereHere

The Mindvalley Show With Vishen 

The Mindvalley Show with Vishen is the major podcast offered by Mindvalley. It provides you with the latest hacks from the leading experts in the fields of Business, health, relationships, and Spirituality. 

Mindvalley Podcasts - Vishen

This podcast was launched around five years ago, and it comprises 466 episodes to date.  To get an insight into some of the top episodes offered by the Mindvalley Show with Vishen, read on further. 

Best Mindvalley Podcasts (Detailed)

Now, let’s dive into each of these podcasts in detail.

1. Creating An Abundant Money Mindset

Episode Duration33.04 Minutes
HostMarisa Peer

90% of a child’s brain develops by the age of 5. So, imagine hearing negative things like, “You’re worthless!” or “Your future terrifies me!” at such a tender age. Sadly, no amount of inner child healing erases these words completely. 

Deep down, you still believe that you’re not worth it, and that sets the tone for your relationship with money in your adulthood. 

What if I tell you, you can rebuild this relationship and start fresh?

Creating An Abundant Money Mindset Podcast helps you trail down your memory lane and remove the limiting beliefs from its roots. Dedicate your 33.04 minutes to this free-of-cost audio recording, and free yourself from the shackles of your past! 

(You can do it! I am rooting for you! We all are rooting for you!)

2. A Formula for Healing the Body with the Mind

Episode Duration48.12 Minutes
HostJoe Dispenza

Ever heard of the saying, “thoughts become things?” Some people even call it manifestation or law of attraction these days. Do you want to lose 10 kgs? Done. Are you physically sick? Shift your mindset positively, and 50% of issues will be resolved automatically. 

Of course, it’s no magic, so you must actively take steps. And once you do that, trust me, the sky is your limit! Now, I understand that for mundane people like us, the process can be lengthy and sometimes frustrating. (Let’s be honest, we all want fast results.) 

However, faster results can be achieved by tuning into Dr. Joe Dispenza’s podcast. 

This neuroscientist had six broken vertebrae and refused to undergo surgery. All he took was 10.5 weeks of visualizing his ruptured spine to be healed, and magically, the modern-day mystic was back on his feet by the end of the 12th week. 

If Dispenza’s brain can overcome such a complicated procedure, then your brain can surely manifest getting straight As. (If that’s even your goal!)

3. The Art Of Conscious Parenting

Episode Duration54.36 Minutes
HostShefali Tsabary

Everything you are, believe in, and possibly transfer to another person has been constructed within you since childhood. These things can be negative or positive. 

I have personally seen young kids being racist and abusive at times because of the environment they had grown up in. Don’t you think this will affect how they behave in social settings? 

To make it worse, that might make them feel excluded because, let’s be honest, nobody has time and patience for unpleasant energy. And if your kid is bringing that, they better deal with it alone.

Trust me, future generations will be even less tolerant. 

So, if you don’t want to pass down outdated information/behaviors to your kids, tune into The Art of Conscious Parenting. 

First of all, Shaefali Tsabary will help you recognize your limiting thought patterns and further push you to release them. You can then embrace different healthy ways to parent from the podcast itself! 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s just a one-hour investment for lifetime benefit! 

4. Why We Need To Start Our Mornings With Personal Growth

Episode Duration52.45 Minutes
HostRobin Sharma

For some reason, parents believe that waking up at 5 a.m. would magically solve all your life problems: Your back is hurting. Wake up before sunrise. Oh, you’re questioning your sexuality? Just wake up at 5. But do you know there is a reason behind it? 

Robin Sharma’s 5 A.M. Club discusses a series of mental frameworks to elevate your productivity, performance, and overall personal growth. By doing so, your cloudy judgment clears up, too.

It is another one-hour podcast. So, tune into it and see for yourself whether there is any truth to what your parents have been talking about all these years.

5. How To Cultivate The Mind Of The Warrior

Episode Duration30.14 Minutes
HostDavid Goggins

I truly believe suffering is only there for you to grow thick skin and become stronger!

Let’s talk about Taylor Swift for a minute: 2016 was the hardest year for that woman. The whole world hated her and pretty much asked her to die. However, Swift turned that hatred into a piece of art and re-emerged as THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!

You can do the same. In fact, David Goggins shows you a way to overcome your lowest point and further rediscover your strength. Of course, it’s a trial-and-error process. 

Trust me, once you start doing it, you won’t be fazed by downfalls.

6. Our Role In Evolution

Episode Duration1 Hour 16 Minutes 16 Seconds
HostNeale Donald Walsch

We all feel lost occasionally. The only way to come out of that feeling is proper guidance, which Neale Donald Walsch provides in his podcast, Our Role In Evolution. 

You embark on a small journey filled with mental clarity and reiterate purpose by tuning into this audio recording. You will get to gear several discussions that will awaken, inspire, and, most importantly, push you to be connected to your higher self. 

7. How A Former Monk Made Wisdom Go Viral

Episode Duration32.48 Minutes
HostJay Shetty

At this point, I am sure everybody knows who Jay Shetty is! Generally, you will find him talking about spirituality and overall sharing his 13 years of experience and the benefits attached. 

Now, if this is your first time hearing about the former monk gone host, then sit back and relax. 

This half-hour podcast will change your view on life, starting with meditation, the daily rituals to be a better person, refining your intention, not getting distracted by less important things, and, most importantly, how learning is actually unlearning. 

You will learn tons of different things in this entertainment + wisdom combo.

8. 5 Investments To Become Financially Free

Episode Duration50 Minutes 19 Seconds
HostJaspreet Singh

Over the years, we all have heard to keep our professional life intact as that directly affects our home life. However, I do understand not everybody is naturally gifted with finances and managing things – and that’s where Jaspreet Singh helps you. 

In this podcast, he breaks down financial concepts and further shows you how to successfully make the most out of the $100K investments. 

By tuning into this recording, you will learn to optimize your savings plus understand various financial strategies that work the best for you!

9. How To Deal With Sadness

Episode Duration24 Minutes 10 Seconds
HostMichael Beckwith

Sadness is a disease that no one can escape. So, how about understanding why this emotion exists instead of battling it? With the help of Michael Beckwith, you will learn the three stages: heartbreak, acceptance, and forgiveness.

By the end of this podcast, you will be able to unlock joy despite the saddening times. Keep in mind that sadness is just a stepping stone for a beautiful future. 

So, look at it as your time to be a phoenix and rise above the ashes!

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Conclusion: Most Recommended Mindvalley Podcasts.

So, that was my list of some of the best Podcasts on Mindvalley. However, I understand it can be difficult for you to narrow down to just one Podcast, so here are my top two recommendations:

  • Creating An Abundant Money Mindset: Helps you trail down your memory lane and remove the limiting beliefs from its roots.
  • A Formula for Healing the Body with the Mind: Visualise a better result for your body and manifest by thinking about the same.

Both Podcasts are available for free, plus the episode length is under one hour.

So what are you waiting for? Tune into this practical source of information and enhance your personal and professional life.

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