Becoming Limitless Review 2024: How Can It Help You?

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This article is going to be your guide to know about one of the most popular Mindvalley courses by Vishen Lakhiani.

It was formerly known as Becoming Limitless but it is now turned into a MindValley Quest and is known as Be Extraordinary.

This is an updated version of Becoming Limitless where Vishen is covering a few more modules than he did in the previous version and you can even experience live QnA with Vishen Lakhiani.

We will walk you through a summary of the complete course where you will get a brief about what this course is about. You will also get to know a bit about the creator of this course, Mr. Vishen Lakhiani. 

It will become easier for you to figure out if this course is right for you and how it will help you. You will also get a complete overview of all the modules included in the course. A quick helpful brief about MindValley’s pricing plans is also included in this article.

So quit waiting and jump right into this elaborate review about MindValley Becoming Limitless!

Mindvalley: In A Nutshell

Mr. Vishen Lakhiani is one of the most influential personalities who strive hard to make it possible for common people to attain a high level of personal development. In an era, where we are encouraged to face our drawbacks and work on personal growth, everyone needs a perfect mentor on their journey.

To help you get an insider’s view in MindValley, we have done an in-depth MindValley Review here.

The plus point of choosing Mr. Lakhiani as your mentor in your journey of personal growth is that Mr. Vishen Lakhiani is the CEO and founder of MindValley. 

Becoming Limitless Review- Mindvalley

The author of the two most influential books, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and The Badass, Mr. Lakhiani is a successful entrepreneur who has shared his secrets of attaining a higher self-awareness in the Becoming Limitless course. 

MindValley is a self-education hub dealing with topics like self-awareness, mindfulness, meditation, personal development, productivity, and much more. It offers high valued courses for its members where one is guided step-by-step to help develop themselves into a better version.

MindValley has a ton of great courses about awareness, meditation techniques, dealing with stress, building new habits, practicing mindfulness and gratitude, discovering spirituality, and a lot more goods in the trunk. 

MindValley offers courses by some great personalities like Jim Kwik, Christie Marie Sheldon, Jeffery Allen, Marisa Peers, Shri Kumar Rao, and more amazing coaches on board. 

The key to being extraordinary is knowing what rules to follow and what rules to break.

” Vishen Lakhiani

Becoming Limitless: What is it about?

Becoming Limitless is a guide that teaches you to tap into the power of your mind, to tap into your intuition, and help you make better decisions in life, work, and other aspects. 

It teaches you the power you can have by meditating and ways of doing it correctly. Mindfulness, mental stability, trusting your Intuition, practicing gratitude and so much more to elevate your personal development.

Becoming Limitless Review - Level

This course can help shape your mind in new ways and give you a whole new perspective on how you perceive your life. It teaches you how to visualize your goals more creatively and how to hold the power of your mind to shape the future exactly the way you want it to be.

With this quest of MindValley, you can create and achieve more extensive goals for yourself, overcome your fears, learn how to manage your stress and anxiety, learn how to face failures more positively, and get back up in full throttle to achieve all your goals.

It will actually make you dream big and not just dream but turn your dreams into your plans and then into your achievements. 

The creator of this course covers some complicated topics like breaking the rules that society has put us all in, developing our intuition skills as humans, bending and shifting our reality, walking a path of spirituality to connect within ourselves, and then finally contributing to the betterment of this world. 

This is a course for everyone who is finding their way in their lives. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, what your profession is, or what your career path is. This course helps develop you as a human and tap into the powerful consciousness the incredible human mind holds and become a better version of who you are.

Becoming Limitless Classes: How will you learn?

This course is a completely audio-visual course where the creator of the course talks about everything covered in the course. The videos are very interactive and also include text about the important points to highlight for the viewer. 

Every video covers the topic in-depth, along with daily tasks given to the user. The tasks encourage us to apply what we have learned in our real lives too. The course provides you with a Preparation Guide in a document file describing a 30- days plan of the journey to becoming extraordinary/ limitless. All the topics are separately covered in videos for each one. 

The entire course is divided into ten parts, the first part being a preparation guide and the other 9 parts being the complete course covering different topics.

Becoming Limitless Review- Classes

First up is an introduction topic called Preparation which includes seven different topics and each of the topics is covered in a separate video. 

Then, Part One is based on four levels of consciousness and is divided into four videos.

Part Two is based on discovering inner peace and is covered in two different videos. 

Part Three is about Blissipline, as the name suggests finding and following your bliss. It is divided into three parts.

Part Four is about a vision for your future and is divided into four videos.

Part Five is a two-part video named Unfuckwithable Component one and two.

Part Six talks about failure and meditation in three different videos.

Part Seven is based on tapping into your intuition and is elaborated into four videos.

Part Eight is about bending reality and is divided into five different videos.

Part Nine is based on merging and continuing on your journey. It is a three-part topic, and the course gets completed here. 

The course is a 30-day quest where the member has to watch one video each day from Part One to Part Nine till they reach the end of the course which is the 30th video. 

The Set- up of Becoming Limitless

Becoming Limitless is a thirty-day course that has a total of 37 videos ranging from six minutes to twenty minutes. The course is 572 minutes divided into 30 days. There are ten parts in total. Let’s take a detailed look at each part of Becoming Limitless. 

1. Preparation

This is an introductory set of seven different videos and a document file in pdf format which talks about the flow of the course elaborately. The creator shares about his journey on becoming limitless and being successful in it. He talks about what made him develop this course and bring it into this world for others to learn from it. This introduction also talks about how this course is going to help you and develop you furthermore. It is a seven-part video with the following topics:

Welcome To Your Be Extraordinary Quest – a 15 minutes video

The Cognitive Revolution – a 13 minutes video

Brules – a 19 minutes video

Consciousness Engineering – a 6 minutes video

Models of Reality – a 15 minutes video 

Systems for Living – a 20 minutes video 

Preparing for Your Quest – an 11 minutes video

2. Part 1- Becoming Limitless

Day 1- 4

This is the foundation of the course ahead. If you have previously read books by Vishen then you will be familiar with his ideas Models of Reality, State of Flow, and Brules ( Bullshit Rules). 

Day By Day Schedule

This part is a module consisting of these ideas which he has also talked about in his book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. 

In this part, you will learn about the four levels of your consciousness: The Victim Stage, The Awakening, Recoding Inner World, and Becoming Extraordinary. You will learn how to transform your perspective and why prioritizing your evolution as a human is important. 

An amazing new concept called Kensho and Satori is also explained in this part, where Kensho refers to growing through pain and Satori refers to growing through insights. Personal growth decreases the Kensho moments of life and increases the Satori moments of your life. 

3. Part 2- Total Inner Peace

Day 5- 6

This module is where you will take action in this journey. It is an important start of the course where you will face and address your negative emotions like anger, anxiety, ego, etc. to begin with your transformation. 

This topic discusses the ultimate state of human existence, which consists of two major points:

  1. Happiness in the now.
  2. Vision for the future.

There are four realistic states of mind: 

  1. The Negative Spiral
  2. Stress and Anxiety
  3. The Current Reality Trap
  4. Bending Reality

This part also talks about the needful forces like love and power and how this world needs people who introspect more and develop themselves to change the system. A great concept of Buddha being a Badass is also introduced gracefully in this part.

4. Part 3- Blissipline

Day 7- 9

This module talks about the art of discipline and how it helps elevate the state of mind in a person. Vishen believes that happiness is an important element in personal growth. If you are happy, you will have increased productivity in various aspects of your life.

Vishen talks about the “If-Then:” approach towards life that many of us follow. Putting terms and conditions on your happiness is a barrier to attaining happiness in actuality. This part teaches you how to break these terms and conditions and not tie your happiness with future goals.

This part discovers the three states of happiness: 

  1. Happiness from experiences 
  2. Happiness from growth
  3. Happiness from meaning

This part also discovers the practice of gratitude and how it helps add to your happiness and well-being.

5. Part 4- A Vision for Future

Day 10- 13

In this part, we learn about how we have been setting our goals the wrong way and the famous methods to set our goals in the fool-proof correct way. We learn about “Means goals” which are to please society and follow on the Brule’s side and the “End Goals” which follow your heart and genuine feelings. 

We get to know more about the blind and bullshit rules of society that we follow while setting goals for ourselves. We learn about knowing what we want and setting our goals in a particular manner, and we also learn about how money can help us facilitate our “End Goals”.

This module also explains the importance of growth in our lives and how to stick to it. This topic will especially change your lifestyle and you will start looking for new things to grow from.

Growth and achieving your goals are also about contributing and giving back to the world. When you visualize benefiting others from your goals too, you give out higher beliefs and thus your goals are achieved easily. 

6. Part 5- Unfuckwithable

Day 14- 15

This is a mind-blowing concept by the creator Vishen Lakhiani which means that when we are in tune with our inner peace, the outside negativity does not affect us, as in we are un-fuck-with-able when we are at peace.

With an iconic reference to the essence of the Star Wars movie, creator Vishen states the fear of loss and how we should move away from it. Fear of losing or fear of failure drives us to the side where we stop setting higher goals for ourselves and start depending on other factors to attain our goals.

Self-fueled goals are the ones where you depend on your ability to strive hard, do better, grow more, and achieve everything that you visualize even when you have lost everything that you once had. Setting such goals helps you grow through life with ease. 

This part also emphasizes the importance of having faith in yourself. As humans, we are wired to seek validation from the outside, but we grow when we stop seeking validation from the outside and know that the inner validation is enough for us.

Simple yet effective techniques like telling yourself and writing down “I am enough” and “I love you” go a long way in this journey of believing in yourself.

7. Part 6- Reframing Failure

Day 16- 18

We often say that pain is the best teacher. Sometimes this phrase is true in given incidents where we experience failure or loss which is a pain for us. Pain awakens the next level in our lives towards growth. 

Our common response to failure is usually in three ways:

  1. Frustration– this breaks your flow and drives you away from experiencing the ultimate human existence. 
  2. Desire to “fix things”. This leads to a fixation obsession, and it gets difficult to move on from things we should let go of.
  3. We create a vision that makes the problem obsolete. 

An amazing concept where we treat our pain as breadcrumbs for our final mission is introduced to us, and it benefits us by creating a mentality where we turn our pain into our projects. 

We should always keep in mind that any of our goals have a 50% chance of failing, and we should not obsess over 100% perfection in achieving our goals.

The real goals tend to scare us a little and also excite us. This feeling is usually about a genuine goal that you have set without insecurities or fears but based on true feelings.

This topic also covers how active meditation can help us move towards our goals in a better way and how we can achieve our big goals with baby steps.

8. Part 7- Expanding Your Intuition

Day 19- 22

In this topic, we learn deeply about our intuition and how it helps us to get what we want and achieve our goals. Vishen explains his methods in the videos to expand our intuition. 

This part could be an eye-opener for you if you have previously never read or heard about relying on your intuitions. The techniques explained in these videos can be used immediately and you can experience what it is like to make decisions using your intuition. 

There are five types of intuition discussed in this part:

  1. Warning System
  2. Connection
  3. Inspiration
  4. Support
  5. Higher Purpose

Many methods of tapping into your intuition are discussed in this module which can be used especially while making a tough decision. Vishen believes that the more relaxed we are, the better our intuitive impulse is. We cannot always rely on logic to make decisions and that’s when our inner calling- intuition helps us effectively. 

9. Part 8- Bending Reality

Day 23- 27 

This part is where we are led deep into our consciousness and we explore how just by thinking in a certain way we can change the reality around us. This is called the evolution of human consciousness and we learn to “bend reality” around us by commanding our mind and activating its intuitions. 

We also discover the correct ways to manifest what we want through creative visualization and we will be shocked about how we were doing it the wrong way this whole time. 

Vishen says that bending reality is like muscle memory and to do it perfectly, we have to keep exercising it. He teaches us the ways we can bend our reality and command our minds.

Vishen opens up new concepts like using symbolism to communicate with your subconscious mind and focusing on WHAT rather than HOW to gain clarity of what we want. He discusses few principles of manifesting and methods of guided meditation.

10. Part 9- Merging

Day 28- 30

In this module, Vishen discusses a more complicated technique of merging which is very carefully to be followed. In this part, other coaches like Christie Marie Sheldon and Joe Vitale also join and help us understand the technique of merging to achieve our goals easily.

Merging is considered as the 4th level of our consciousness from all the levels that are discussed by Vishen in the complete course. As merging is a complicated technique, it is not suitable for everyone as everyone takes time to attain a certain level of consciousness in them. 

This part covers the five rules for programming explained by the creator, where forgiveness is an important aspect of better manifestation. It also includes a guided meditation. 

Merging is a very powerful technique that we can use to manifest what we want and bend reality accordingly. It brings readiness in you to face reality and removes all the doubts, insecurities, and fears you hold.

Mindvalley Pricing Plans

MindValley offers a lot of quests ranging from $299 to $349. You can opt for buying one quest and get lifetime access to it, or you can buy a total of 39 courses for $12,364, which honestly is too much to access all the courses. 

For this particular reason, MindValley has a special all-access membership where you can access all the courses on a monthly subscription of just $99 and an annual subscription of $41.60, which is lower than half of a one-month subscription! 

Becoming Limitless Review- Mindvalley Pricing Plan

With the ease of subscription, you can choose any course you want to only for $99 per month instead of paying $299 or $349 for one single time. It also depends on you whether you want to have lifetime access to the courses or not. You can cancel your subscription anytime and payment methods are very easy. You can save more on your purchase of a Mindvalley membership with our exclusive discount offer.

MindValley offers a first-time free trial for 15 days. You can choose any course you want and try it for free for the first 15 days. If you have paid for a course, you can even get a complete money back in just one click if you dislike it. You can use this facility only in the time of the first fifteen days.

MindValley courses are very easy to access. You can access these courses on your iPad, Apple TV, Android device, and even on your Desktop. 

Is Becoming Limitless the right course for you?

The most important question one asks before buying anything is if it is needed or if it is the right choice for you. This article is here exactly for this reason. Now that you know all about what Becoming Limitless is about and how it works, it is time to know if this course is the right choice for you.

Becoming Limitless is the right course for you if:

  • You get easily frustrated and engulfed by negative emotions.
  • You are facing an obstacle in your life, relationships, or career which you can’t overcome easily. 
  • You always seek advice from others and cannot make decisions on your own.
  • You feel that you’re not making use of your full potential.
  • You feel that you are constantly in a state where you are a victim.
  • You want to become more intuitive.
  • You cannot get over your past.
  • You are finding it hard to make your relationships work.
  • You want to attain happiness and feel fulfilled. 
  • You want to find your purpose in life.

If you check right for the above reason and this article has helped you to know enough about MindValley Becoming Limitless, then you should give this incredible course by Vishen Lakhiani a shot and watch your life change its course. 

Pros & Cons Of Becoming Limitless

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of the course Becoming Limitless.


  • Vishen Lakhiani shares his personal secrets to becoming limitless.
  • Individual access to the course gives you lifetime access.
  • All Access Pass gives you access to all courses of Mindvalley for one year.
  • You will get access to the Mindvalley community, where you can find like-minded people.
  • With this course, you will completely understand the law of attraction.


  • The cost of this individual course is very high.
  • You will not get guidance directly from Vishen Lakhiani because the complete course material is pre-recorded.

Becoming Limitless Reviews & Testimonials

“Truly change my Life”

Vishen Lakhiani’s ideas have truly changed my life. Ever since I started listening to his teachings and done the Mindvalley programs I feel so much more happy and in control of my life. Mindvalley is the best personal growth company out there and I’ve grown so much from the people I have met through their community and their quotes program.

Camilla Hansson

” I have learned how easy it is to manifest my desires”

I started this course before my beloved Mother passed away. After Mom passed I stayed in bed for 2 months weeping for her loss. I have just returned from attending my 4th Vision Quest. It has given me a spiritual rebirth. I completed the Be Extraordinary with Vishen . I have learned how easy it is to manifest my desires because they aligned with the source.

– Rahbia Allen

” I see the world and my possibilities in a totally new light”

I would, and already am, recommending this program to anyone and all! I love how it makes you reflect and learn about yourself and others at the same time. After this quest, I am happier, more serene, more dedicated, and driven. I see the world and my own possibilities in a totally new light Vishen is truly an extraordinary person, And I am so great full for him for sharing these amazing insights and views on life. I want to do the quest again. And again.

– Vilja Birkelund

Final Thoughts: Becoming Limitless Review (2024)

After completing the whole quest of MindValley Becoming Limitless, I had so much more knowledge about myself, my mind, my body, the way it all works, and what I want. This course helped me know myself in the best way possible. It gave me more clarity and a new perspective in perceiving life. 

Becoming Limitless is not just philosophical but is also based on many psychological aspects of our mind and this is what made me consider it more reliable. There are great guided meditation ways discussed, and it include new positive concepts that are so convincing and effective in reality.

If you are interested in manifestation, spirituality, connecting with your inner self, meditation, or just someone who wants to achieve higher goals in life, then this quest by MindValley is meant for you.

The fact that the founder of MindValley himself is so educated in these aspects of life makes it so convenient to put my faith in other MindValley courses too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mindvalley Masterclass offer a free trial?

Yes, MindValley offers a 15-day free trial for its first-time users. You can choose any quest from MindValley and begin with your free trial.

Is there a monthly subscription for the Mindvalley Masterclass?

Yes, there is a monthly subscription for MindValley, which is an all-access pass for $99 per month.

What is a quest in Mindvalley?

A quest is a 30 to 35 days program of Mindvalley where one lesson is unlocked every day for a month

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