Lisa Nichols Review 2024 — Does It Help (TRUTH)

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For someone who is an introvert, talking to new people becomes a challenge. Personally, my imposter syndrome convinces me that I don’t fit in. However, I never realized that many people share this sentiment. Lisa Nichols Review states otherwise:

I stumbled upon a series of clips on her Speak & Inspire Masterclass. 

All testimonials expressed the sudden increase in confidence, being sure of what they are saying, and overall ability to speak and publicly maintain the conversation. I have seen many public figures explaining how rewarding the audience’s reactions were. 

Of course, I was curious to try out the same. Unlike those testimonials, I don’t have a giant audience. I was hoping to break the ice with strangers and further establish a cordial relationship. (and man, it did help!)

Therefore, I will discuss my experience with the Speak & Inspire course in this article. I’ll walk you through what it offers, what I learned, things I disliked about the course, and, most importantly, whether it is worth paying for.

So, let’s get into the details!

 Speak & Inspire: Lisa Nichols Review (Quick Verdict)

Before I discuss about the Lisa Nichols’ Speak & Inspire Masterclass in detail, let’s quickly skimp through its key parameters:

CourseSpeak & Inspire
InstructorLisa Nichols
Price$299/ Year, which makes it $25/ Month
Best ForDeveloping good communication skills, Confident Public Speaking, Break ice with strangers, Establishing meaningful connections
DurationDeveloping good communication skills, Confident Public Speaking, breaking ice with strangers, Establishing meaningful connections
Students Enrolled244,259

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What I Liked About Speak & Inspire

  • Practical techniques for you to implement
  • Learn heart-to-heart storytelling
  • Elevated confidence, which helps in public speaking, too
  • Learn to communicate with your body
  • Makes you camera-friendly
  • A wide range of impactful speeches that you can use in your day-to-day life
  • An instructor’s sense of transparency helps you become transparent yourself
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • Q&A (Pre-recorded) Session with Lisa
  • Daily learning

What I Didn’t Like About Speak & Inspire

  • The workbook design could have been better
  • Lack of pairing exercises & practica demonstrations

Lisa Nichols: Who is she?

The lady who has been internationally proclaimed as a motivational speaker is an author and also a media personality who inspires millions of followers on an everyday basis. She is helping people find their potential in the most unique way possible, that is, by being themselves.

To be honest, I got to know who Lisa was only after taking up her course. I am glad to have found her, thanks to Mindvalley because if not for her, I would not have confidence in my writing now.

“Sometimes our talent is plain old everyday people skills that have been lost in our fast-paced society—listening, compassion, a sense of humor, and a positive outlook.”
― Lisa Nichols

Everything starts from scratch. Likewise, even Lisa Nichols took baby steps toward becoming a millionaire. Would you believe it if I told you a person with $10 in her bank account with an infant grew up to be owning a successful company, being a CEO and a modern millionaire at the same time?

She got invited to the legendary talk show by Oprah Winfrey at The Oprah Winfrey Show, and also has an outstanding collection of books that are already topping the market of best-sellers.

She has bagged several prestigious awards for her activism and social work. One of which was the Humanitarian Award from South Africa. Nichols also appeared in The Steve Harvey Show, hosted by the world-famous anchor Steve Harvey.

To vouch for her hard work and service in helping and inspiring people, May 9th is considered Lisa Nichols Day by the city of Houston, Texas, USA.

Lisa tackled her life lessons, handled all kinds of tantrums, yet succeeded with big moves.

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Inside Lisa Nichols’ Masterclass (Weekly Modules Explained)

Speak & Inspire Masterclass is divided into five weeks of modules, which are again broken down into 31 lessons. While some lessons are under five minutes, others range to 15-20 minutes, making the daily content easy to digest. 

(Note: You will also get four intro videos prepping you for the art of powerful communication, getting the most out of your quest, unlocking your dreams, and pushing yourself to do better.) That being said, let’s go through each week’s Module thoroughly:-

Week One: 7 Lessons

This Module focuses on finding your inner voice by looking within and discovering your unique way of communication and further nursing them. You also learn why language is important and how to use it effectively to build connections.

The point to be noted is it’s not always what you’re saying but how you’re saying it. 

speak and inspire

For example, the other day, my friend excitedly asked me what I had brought in the tiffin, but my reply was that I was going out. Now, at that moment, I didn’t realize that she would find the statement blunt, more so because I was going out with a common friend. 

This miscommunication would have been avoided if I had chosen better words.

Apart from that, this Module also teaches you to be confident while communicating. If you’re scared while talking, it will automatically give the other person the impression that you’re unsure. 

So, if you don’t trust what you say, then how do you expect the other person to believe in you?

Week Two: 7 Lessons

The second Module mostly focuses on how your voice is reaching your audience. Are you confident and clear while communicating your thoughts? Are you evoking a positive emotion within them? Basically, you need to track the impact your words have on the people around you. 

Primarily, you learn the difference between confrontation and care-frontation. 

Week 2 module -speak & inspire

As the name suggests, you need to be gentle with your approach. Honestly speaking, confrontation is not my cup of tea. In fact, I can sense the confrontation from miles away and do everything I can to avoid that. 

Why? Because I am terrified of arguments. However, that’s because I didn’t know that disagreements are not destructive. You can healthily navigate through the clash of opinions. 

All you need to do is choose your words wisely, always emphasize with the person you’re talking to, and make sure you’re not assuming things and further accusing the person. Once you understand these things, you will automatically become a charismatic talker –

Lastly, mirroring the other person’s tone/voice/ mood helps, too.

The key is creating a safe environment for both yourself and the person in contact.

Week Three: 7 Lessons

The third Module focuses on engaging with your audience. For practice, you can journal your thoughts and read them in fifteen minutes to see how you feel. (Try to read it from the reader’s perspective). By doing so, you will get areas of improvement immediately.

Another trick is active learning. Unfortunately, most people listen intending to respond. So, when you start listening with the intention of understanding, you will automatically have a better response and thus hold a meaningful conversation.

week 3 -speak & inspire

Notice how your body language is. Are you facing that person completely? Are you learning forward? Do you have a faint smile on the face? These are some key pointers that indicate interest. I don’t know about you, but I personally really focus on people’s body language.

And honestly, it’s truly a turn-off if the person you’re talking to suddenly shuts down their body when they are done talking. Excuse me, Sir, am I your therapist? The conversation should always be mutual, or else you might repel people. 

One tip I have learned through this Module is to repeat what the person is saying. After that, you can go ahead and respond. That releases some chemicals in the person’s brain, indicating that you’re attentive to what they just said. 

Another tip I would give is to remember what you just discussed and ask them about it the next time you see them. This especially helps with strangers and further deepening the relationship.

Lisa has given two more tips: Verbal Highlights Techniques and Valley Technique. 

The first technique asks you to lower your voice and yet talk assertively. Keeping the pace of your voice slow is another indication of a confident person. 

The second technique is the WHY technique. Take your highest point and your lowest points, and compare the lessons you have learned. You need to understand the reason behind why you’re so passionate about something.

Week Four: 7 Lessons

The Module starts with Lisa emphasizing the “Pregnant Pause,” which is a technique to take a breathing pause after an important sentence in a way that emphasizes the point you’re making. (You will notice that amongst many charming people.)

Week 4 -speak & inspire

By doing so, you’re giving your audience a considerate time to digest what you have just said, and thus they can appreciate it more. Then Lisa also talks about Cadence and rhythm, which is the ability to emphasize your speech. (Similar to what I talked about before.)

As I have discussed before, body language and active listening is an important aspect of communication. Another point that Lisa has touched up in this Module is receiving feedback and trying to paint a visual picture while talking to your audience. 

You know what they say, show rather than tell? That’s what you need to do.

Week Five: 3 Lessons

Finally, the last Module discusses being true to yourself. Of course, it’s important to improve yourself more and more, but that doesn’t mean you’re faking it. Audiences are not dumb, and they will smell your lies from miles away. 

Week 5 -speak & Inspire

So, be honest and open about whatever you’re sharing. That’s the only way of creating an impact.

Remember, even if you’re not able to resonate with the person before you, you can always empathize. Another thing is finding your niche audience.

Additional Resources 

In the additional resources, you’re getting one 15-minute Meditation video, 2 PDFs (workbook and video upload guide), and two bonus videos (under 5 minutes) that talk about how nobody can do what you do, as only you know your vision and a small message from Lisa. 

Apart from that, you get a Q&A course, which is a pre-recorded live session where Lisa answers some of the frequently asked questions and live coach them. 

Overall, brace yourself for receiving immense wisdom. 

The question is, will you be able to handle it?

What did she teach me?

Lisa taught me a couple of things. And nothing was old. That is what kept me going through every class: the need to learn more and more. She casually slipped methods of easy communication in an effective way via each topic and made us resonate with her.

The very first thing in improving one’s life and personality is acceptance. The moment you accept the way you are, the way you speak, the way you walk, the way you sit, the way you act, it’ll eventually make sense. That is what Lisa kept stressing over again and again.


Followed by acceptance, she spoke through the process of authenticity and how it can instantly change the way you perceive things as well as thoughts.

I was amused at this point because it was magical. All this while, I have struggled to show my authentic self to the world. The teachings of “being true to the soul within can make a big difference” was one of the best takeaways from the course, and I can assure you that it’ll change your life.

After the course, I was able to respond to the world in a better way while not feeling like a loser.

Lisa made me feel confident in my skin. Then, she spoke about the power of listening.

Not listening to one’s opinion is also as disrespectful as not allowing one to deliver an opinion. I hope it made sense. You should lend an ear properly to someone if they are about to comment on your statement.

You don’t always have to respond, but you should listen. It is a common etiquette of communication that people often forget, she adds. Lastly, she covered the portion of speaking with intention.

Lisa Nichols — Speak and Inspire
Lisa Nichols — Speak & Inspire

This goes hand in hand with being authentic. You don’t want to lie about something unrealistic to a mature man, but you would want to lie about a bad drawing done by a young kid.

You see the fine line of difference between the two instances, right? This is why Lisa tells us to speak with intention, by which she also means that words coming out of our mouths have power. Make sure you don’t speak because you are entitled to speak. Give some energy and soul to the speech.

By speech, every word uttered in a normal conversation between two people should be considered. In short, I learned:

  • Importance of tone – more than what you’re saying, how you’re saying it matters
  • Pausing after important sentences for your audience to digest what you have said
  • Be gentle while communicating
  • Have an open body language
  • Mirror the person (be it words or body language)
  • Repeat what the person has said and then respond
  • Discovering my inner voice and enhancing my natural communication style

Is Lisa Nichols’ Mindvalley Masterclass for you?

I could straight up say “Speak and Inspire” by Lisa Nichols is for everyone, but if you want to know why I would say that, continue reading because the course has a different approach and creates a massive impact.

While some of us grew up being vocal about certain things and were able to put forth our statements, some people find it difficult to even introduce themselves, not because of not knowing the language they are told to speak but because of the lack of confidence they have.

With this masterclass, you will be able to tackle silent fights within yourself and can come out of the small bubble you have created around you.

Lisa With Steve Harvey

As I mentioned about being an introvert myself, it was hard for me to get out there and vibe with people of different energy and power. Once I realized that I held the power to my voice, it hit me.

Thanks to Lisa, she made me realize how powerful my voice is. So, if you are someone who desperately wants to socialize but does not have the energy to do so, this masterclass will help you.

It does not focus only on that but also on people trying to vlog, couples dealing with issues due to miscommunication, and students who are struggling to present a seminar in college/school.

Who Should Enroll In Lisa Nichols’ Speak And Inspire Course?

Of course, just because the course worked for me doesn’t guarantee that it will work for you, too. However, after completing the course, I would recommend Speak & Inspire to anyone who:

  • If you have strong communication skills
  • Want to get confident with public Speaking
  • speak with proper impact
  • inspire other people

This course is for basically anyone who wants to become a good speaker and leave a meaningful impact with their words.

“Speak and Inspire” by Lisa Nichols: is it worth buying?

Any course on the internet that comes with a price tag strikes suspicion in one’s mind. I felt the same but researched looking for who Lisa Nichols is in the reviews of “Speak and Inspire.”

All the reviews were positive, and I got to know that those were not employees or anyone associated with the program but real people like you and me. Only then did I decide to dive in.

The video below is the one that caught my attention. Before taking the course, you can go through the video below to get a glimpse into what the course unfolds.

I am so glad that I did. What more could you ask if there is a learning program that can take all the broken pieces of you and puzzle it together like it’s perfectly fine? That is exactly how I felt.

This Mindvalley course, instructed by Lisa Nichols, is worth buying for various reasons, like enhancing public speaking skills, improving self-confidence, and self-improvement.

Overall, it is the perfect package for self-learning.

How Much Is Lisa Nichols’ “Speak and Inspire”

To purchase Lisa Nichols’ Speak & Inspire Masterclass, you need to purchase Mindvalley’s Membership. You will have two pricing plans: 

Mindvalley Membership Monthly Plan ($99/ Month) and Mindvalley Membership Annual Plan $499/ Year. In fact, when you compare each plan, the Annual subscription is $689 cheaper than the Monthly plan. You can also take a detailed look at Mindvalley’s pricing with our separate guide.

Mindvalley pricing plans

There are more than 50 programs in Mindvalley that will be unlocked through this membership. Before purchasing the subscription, Mindvalley also lets you use the platform for free with its 7-day free trial! We have covered all the details about Mindvalley free trial here.

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Final thoughts: Lisa Nichols Review (2024)

Ideally, anybody who wants to improve their speaking skills should go for the Speak & Inspire Masterclass. The reason why I went for the course was due to my social anxiety. 

I always wondered what happened to me. I used to be such a jolly person. It was super easy for me to talk and make friends – I am not saying it’s not easy for me to make friends now, but I just dread people and small talk. New settings especially make me really uncomfortable. 

So, when I realized that I would need to be social for work purposes, I took this course. 

Luckily, Lisa taught me a few effective techniques for me to implement on a day-to-day basis. Of course, it’s trial and error, but I have definitely seen a significant growth in my confidence. I am so much more calm in social situations. 

In fact, my public speaking has gotten better, too. I would just pretend that I am talking to a camera whose vlogs are only watched by me. That helps big time.

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