Lisa Nichols Review 2023: How Speak & Inspire Course Helps You?

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Speaking at a rapid pace can be hard. Getting mind-stuck at a gathering can be awkward. Searching for vocabulary during a college presentation can be difficult. Being an introvert, everything’s hard.

What if I told you there’s a way to ace it all at once? yes, I am talking about the Mindvalley masterclass “Speak and Inspire” by Lisa Nichols.

Mindvalley has made sure to cover up almost every aspect of a person’s problems through simplified video-formatted masterclasses. One of them was communication and public speaking.

Lisa Nichols — Speak and Inspire
Lisa Nichols — Speak & Inspire

We have also covered all details on Mindvalley in our thorough Mindvalley review. If you want to know everything on Mindvalley then check it out.

In this masterclass, Lisa takes you through the process of speaking from within, expressing yourself self, and most importantly, she talks about how to be confident.

It is undoubtedly the easiest way to learn something quickly yet effectively.

Inside Lisa Nichols’ Masterclass:

As mentioned earlier, the masterclass handled by Lisa Nichols focuses mainly on effective communication and speech learning. Of course, it is not formally taught to give a speech, but you’ll get the confidence and key benefits in learning how to deliver a speech in the right way.

Lisa covers all the relevant points and does not leave any room for confusion. This was such good news to me because most of the courses on the internet simply skim us through the basics.

She made sure that there was a proper flow of quests ever since the beginning of the course. Like, you don’t get zoned out but feel the need to binge-watch the entire course in a single sitting.

Her masterclass is categorized into four different divisions accompanying the same topic. They are as follows:

  • Taking power over your voice.
  • Allowing the listener to listen.
  • Development of action in speaking.
  • Engaging with others (1 or 100).

The above-mentioned headings are only the base of “Speak and Inspire” she goes in-depth and gives a clear-cut explanation. As a bonus, she also drops tips and techniques throughout the whole course.

You must be wondering who exactly is this woman named Lisa Nichols and why would she teach something related to communication, right? all your questions will be answered below.

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Lisa Nichols: Who is she?

The lady who has been internationally proclaimed as a motivational speaker is an author and also a media personality who inspires millions of followers on an everyday basis. She is helping people find their potential in the most unique way possible that is by being themselves.

Lisa Nichols

To be honest, I got to know who Lisa was only after taking up her course. I am glad to have found her, thanks to Mindvalley because if not for her, I would not have the confidence in my writing now.

“Sometimes our talent is plain old everyday people skills that have been lost in our fast-paced society—listening, compassion, a sense of humor, and a positive outlook.”
― Lisa Nichols

Everything starts from scratch. Likewise, even Lisa Nichols took baby steps in becoming a millionaire. Would you believe it if I told you a person with $10 in her bank account with an infant grew up to be owning a successful company, being a CEO and a modern millionaire at the same time?

She got invited to the legendary talk show by Oprah Winfrey at The Oprah Winfrey Show and also has an outstanding collection of books that are already topping the market of best-sellers.

She has bagged several prestigious awards for her activism and social work. One of which was the Humanitarian Award from South Africa. Nichols also appeared in The Steve Harvey show hosted by the world-famous anchor Steve Harvey.

To vouch for her hard work and service in helping and inspiring people, May 9th is considered as Lisa Nichols day by the city of Houston, Texas, USA.

Lisa tackled her life lessons, handled all kinds of tantrums yet succeeded with big moves.

What did she teach me?

Lisa taught me a couple of things. And nothing was old. That is what kept me going through every class, the need to learn more and more. She casually slipped methods on easy communication in an effective way via each topic and made us resonate along with her.

The very first thing in improving one’s life and personality is acceptance. The moment you accept the way you are, the way you speak, the way you walk, the way you sit, the way you act, it’ll eventually make sense. That is what Lisa kept stressing over again and again.


Followed by acceptance, she spoke through the process of authenticity and how it can instantly change the way you perceive things as well as thoughts.

I was amused at this point because it was magical. All this while, I have struggled to show my authentic self to the world. The teachings of “being true to the soul within can make a big difference” was one of the best takeaways from the course and I can assure you that it’ll change your life.

After the course, I was able to respond to the world in a better way while not feeling like a loser.

Lisa made me feel confident in my skin. Then she spoke about the power of listening.

Not listening to one’s opinion is also as disrespectful as not allowing one to deliver an opinion. I hope it made sense. You should lend an ear properly to someone if they are about to comment on your statement.

You don’t always have to respond but should listen. It is a common etiquette of communication that people often forget; she adds. Lastly, she covered the portion of speaking with intention.

Lisa Nichols — Speak and Inspire
Lisa Nichols — Speak & Inspire

This goes hand in hand with being authentic. You don’t want to lie about something unrealistic to a mature man but you would want to lie about a bad drawing done by a young kid.

You see the fine line of difference between the two instances, right? this is why Lisa tells us to speak with intention by which she also means that words coming out of our mouths have power. Make sure you don’t speak because you are entitled to speak. Give some energy and soul to the speech.

By speech, every word uttered in a normal conversation between two people should be considered.

Is Lisa Nichols’ Mindvalley Masterclass for you?

I could straight up say “Speak and Inspire” by Lisa Nichols is for everyone but if you want to know why would I say that, continue reading because the course has a different approach and creates a massive impact.

While some of us grew up being vocal about certain things and were able to put forth our statements, some people find it difficult to even introduce themselves not because of not knowing the language they are told to speak but the lack of confidence they have.

With this masterclass, you will be able to tackle silent fights within yourself and can come out of the small bubble you have created around you.

Lisa With Steve Harvey

Like I mentioned about being an introvert myself, it was hard for me to get out there and vibe with people of different energy and power. Once I realized that I hold the power to my voice, it hit me.

Thanks to Lisa, she made me realize how powerful my voice is. So, if you are someone who desperately wants to socialize but does not have the energy to do, this masterclass will help you.

It does not focus only on that but also on people trying to vlog, couples dealing with issues due to miscommunication, and students who are struggling to present a seminar in college/school.

Who Should Enroll In Lisa Nichols’ Speak And Inspire Course?

Everyone needs good communication skills to grow in their career. If you have strong communication skills, then you can easily maintain good relationships, gain wealth, and develop better self-esteem. Only a few people are blessed with amazing communication skills; everyone else has to learn them to be better at communicating. Through this course, Lisa Nichols teaches you everything you need to improve your communication skills.

This course is for basically anyone who wants to become a good speaker, keep the attention of their listeners, speak with proper impact, express themselves more, inspire other people, change people’s lives with their speeches, improve their relationships, and more. This course was designed keeping busy people in mind, and its lessons are divided over 30 days. A single lesson last for 15-20 minutes only, so you can easily make time for lessons daily.

“Speak and Inspire” by Lisa Nichols: is it worth buying?

Any course on the internet that comes with a price tag strikes suspicion in one’s mind. I felt the same but researched looking for who Lisa Nichols is to the reviews of “Speak and Inspire”.

All the reviews were positive and I got to know that those were not employees or anyone associated with the program but real people, like you and me. Only then I decided to dive in.

I am so glad that I did. What more could you ask if there is a learning program which can take all the broken pieces of you and puzzle it up together like it’s perfectly fine? That is exactly how I felt.

This Mindvalley course, instructed by Lisa Nichols, is worth buying for various reasons like enhancing public speaking skills, improving self-confidence, and self-improvement.

Overall, it is the perfect package of self-learning.

Lisa Nichols’ “Speak and Inspire”: Let’s talk money!

You must be thinking how much would the course cost while offering so many benefits under one roof, one course, one mentor, right? well, I got you covered with all the cost details below.

This Mindvalley masterclass is priced under two different categories namely,

  • Single program – $1099 (discounted and is priced at $399 right now)
  • Mindvalley membership – $12364 (discounted and is priced at $499/year right now)
Lisa Nichols — Speak & Inspire
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Wherein the single program allows access to users only to limited usage of the program.

For instance, if you opted for the single program for “Speak and Inspire” then you can stream only “Speak and Inspire” on Mindvalley perhaps you can still stream it on all devices.

You also get 30 days of teaching with Lisa Nichols with a bonus of creative visualization.

There is no period or slots to be taken because the entire program has lifetime access which means you can take it whenever you want, wherever you want, and however you want.

It is accessible via the mobile application of Mindvalley, on desktop, iPad, and Apple TV.

Also, for the single program, you have the option of the installment method. For which you can pay in 3 installments of $149 each for a total of $447.

It is slightly higher than the normal price but at least you have the option.

Next comes the most popular plan in Mindvalley itself, that is, the Mindvalley membership. If you become a member of Mindvalley, you have hit some serious lottery. The rewards are countless.

You get to have access all over the platform and will not be restricted to certain limits. While you take the “Speak and Inspire” class, you can also save other classes for later use.

There are more than 50 programs in Mindvalley that will be unlocked through this membership. With a membership discount offer, you can also save a few bucks on your purchase.

I went for the single program because that was necessary at the time, but now, I am planning to extend my plan and become a member. If you are willing to invest in the membership package, I would recommend it because Mindvalley is worth buying after all.

NOTE: Constant upgrades are going on each course but none of these upgrades require monetary value and is available for free. Users don’t have to worry about it whether it will cost money.

Final thoughts: Lisa Nichols Review (2023)

To sum it up in a one-liner, “it was worth every penny” is what I would say.

The amount of impact it can create is unimaginable. The flow of classes (called quests) is neatly curated and is made easier for anyone completely new to the communication sector.

You will evolve as a person, not just a communicator. The lessons are soulful and mindful at the same time. At times you don’t even feel like it is a course instructed by a teacher but a motivational speaker giving a speech at a TED talk. I mean, that is how it was.

I was able to able impactful conversations while being open about my opinions. Lisa made it easy to talk about what we think and that is why I love her.

We don’t usually say everything that we think, do we?

Lisa Nichols — Speak & Inspire
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But what if I told you this course can guarantee you to start thinking right so that you can talk right? yes, it is possible if you can mold your mind to your control. She breaks down the point of being right in mind because once the mind is true, words can flow at ease.

Enroll In Speak And Inspire

There is so much more to the course which you’ll get to see once you enroll. If you ask me personally, it’s a yes from me for obvious reasons.  By the way, the answer to the question “Did it inspire?” yes, it did inspire and influence me into becoming a better person.

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