Mindvalley vs Masterclass 2024 – Choose the Right Platform!

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The perpetual competition between Mindvalley vs Masterclass keeps many people wondering which is the better e-learning platform; if you are someone who is confused about choosing one of them, you have landed at the right place. 

Mindvalley and Masterclass are excellent e-learning platforms that cater to various audiences. While Mindvalley focuses more on personal growth through its courses, Masterclass has high-quality courses led by celebrities. 

However, the internet is filled with fake and biased comparisons. So to end your misery, we have an honest and reliable take on Mindvalley vs Masterclass. Before investing in any of them, knowing about both platforms in detail is essential.

In this article, we will cover all the vital points about Mindvalley vs Masterclass so that you can make a well-informed choice of which e-learning platform is better for you.

With that, let us dive into the details!

Mindvalley vs Masterclass: In a Nutshell (2024)

Before digging into the details, here is a quick picture of Mindvalley vs Masterclass for you. The comparison here will concisely show each platform’s strengths and shortcomings.

Parameter of Comparison Mindvalley Masterclass 
Focuses on Self-development and lifestyle choices Creative learning and quality education 
Number of Courses50+150+
Number of categories 911
Format Short video lessonsVideo content is divided into mini sessions
PriceStarting at $ 59 per month Starting at $15 per month (annual subscriptions only)
Educators Top experts in their respective fields Celebrity instructors and leading industrialists 
Access through App and search engine App and search engine 
Additional support through Email, call, or live chat Email, call, or live chat 
Ratings 4.5/54.1/5

Mindvalley vs Masterclass: Overview

Before jumping to the details, let us go through a brief overview of what Mindvalley and Masterclass are actually about. 

Mindvalley Overview

Mindvalley is one of the most popular e-learning platforms, with more than 12 million learners. Mindvalley has the highest course completion rate due to its high-quality courses and engaging classes. 

Mindvalley mainly focuses on transforming individuals into a better version of themselves. Other than personal development, the courses here also offer many insights into mental health and well-being that create more happiness, peace, and satisfaction in a person’s life. 

Mindvalley vs Masterclass - Mindvalley

It has more than 50 courses covering topics usually not included in academic curriculums. Through these topics, the mentors try to teach the art of living and a fulling and content life by practising mindfulness. 

Masterclass Overview

Masterclass is the biggest e-learning platform for creative learning today. It has 11+ categories of courses and over 150 programs for every creative field. From filmmaking to journalism to fashion designing to makeup, Masterclass has high-quality courses for all forms of art.

Mindvalley vs Masterclass - MasterClass

What makes the courses here extraordinary is that they are led by top celebrities who have achieved mastery in their career. The courses here prepare for various challenges and obstacles in your career and focus on enhancing your creativity as an individual. 

Most of these courses are only found in Masterclass and do not have any other alternative to match the level of excellence. 

Mindvalley vs Masterclass: Key Features 

After highlighting some exciting facts about Mindvalley and Masterclass, we will indulge in a detailed comparison of both e-learning platforms. Our first stop is the key elements of Mindvalley vs Masterclass.

Mindvalley Key Features 

  • Courses cover mind, body, soul, and career-related skills
  • Short-term courses
  • Regular microlearning webinars
  • Frequent live sessions with trainers and mentors
  • Free Mindvalley advanced session every week
  • Mobile-friendly 

Masterclass Key Features

  • Maximum 5 hours of video content in courses
  • Summarized notes for each session
  • Interaction with the community
  • Personal space for writing your notes
  • Download available for offline streaming 
  • Self-paced learning 

Mindvalley vs Masterclass: User Interface 

All e-learning platforms must have a user-friendly interface that enables learners to have a positive experience. 

Mindvalley User Interface

Mindvalley is a highly user-friendly platform. Just by the look of a learner, get a sense of ease and instantly feel adjusted to the forum. The website has a simple and appealing look, making it easy to navigate. 

MIndvalley User InterFace

It has a dashboard at the top of the page with a button for every feature and section you need. The ‘Category’ section has all the types of courses present on Mindvalley. Here you can go to any course you like or look for a specific course. 

Masterclass User Interface 

Masterclass has a bold and creative look to the platform. This makes it quite engaging and involving for the users. Moreover, it is super easy to use, so you will figure out how to use the e-learning platform within minutes. 

MasterClass App

The home page has every vital feature and tool, making it super convenient for you to reach any part of the platform. Moreover, you can browse courses from the ‘All Categories’ section or search for specific courses in the search box. 

Mindvalley vs Masterclass: Instructors 

When we say that Masterclass and Mindvalley are the top e-learning platforms and stand out uniquely, the instructors here significantly contribute to it. Let us see how. 

Mindvalley Instructors

Mindvalley has world-famous and award-winning instructors who are also quite successful in their respective fields. The instructors include psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, and clinical psychologists. In addition, you can also find bestselling authors, expert coaches, CEOs of top organizations and firms, etc. 

MindValley Instructors

Here are a few examples of the top mentors you can find on Mindvalley

  • Vishen Lakhiani – A bestselling author and the founder of Mindvalley
  • Marisa Peer- A top hypnotherapist based in Britain 
Marisa Peer
  • Jim Kwik– One of the most celebrated coaches in today’s time
Superbrain by Jim Kwik

Masterclass Instructors

As said earlier, Masterclass is the hub for creative learners and beginners fascinated by the creative field. The instructors here are people who are incredibly passionate about their field, and their drive reflects the success they have achieved in their careers. 

Masterclass Instructors

Masterclass brings some top mentors and celebrity instructors who teach you their subject and have insights on how to build a successful career. For example;

  • Gordon Ramsey– Celebrity chef 
  • Serena Williams– Olympic-level tennis player
Serena Williams MasterClass
  • Mira Nair– A top-level filmmaker 

Mindvalley vs Masterclass: Courses

After looking at the award-winning instructor, let us see the courses these instructors lead. 

Mindvalley Courses

Mindvalley has always been known for filling happiness and contentment in people’s lives through its courses. It also has some of the best courses for writers, journalists, and many other creative people. 


Here is a list of the top Mindvalley courses for 2024:

  1. Duality (The Power of Energy) by Jeffery Allen 
  2. 10 X Fitness (Gain your Dream body) by Lorenzo Delano 
  3. Be Extraordinary (Level Up Your Life) by Vishen Lakhiani 
  4. Superbrain Quest ( Unleash Your Brain) by Jim Kwik
  5. Speak and Inspire (Become a World-class Speaker) by Lisa Nichols

Masterclass Courses

Masterclass offers the best quality courses with high-brow education. It is like an online school for all the people in the creative field. The course here teaches you what it takes to make your mark in the real world besides academic achievements. 

Different Categories Of Masterclass

The top courses of Masterclass 2024 are;

  1. Gordon Ramsey Masterclass
  2. The Art of Negotiation by Chris Voss Masterclass
  3. Effective Communication by Robin Roberts Masterclass
  4. Interior design by Kelly Wearstler Masterclass
  5. Sales and Persuasion by Daniel Pink Masterclass

Mindvalley vs Masterclass: Customer Support

Considering the time and money you invest in Mindvalley or Masterclass, you can get panicky if something goes wrong or you cannot find your way through anything. In such situations, you need a quick and responsive customer support team that helps you out. 

Mindvalley Customer Support 

Mindvalley has a support team active from Monday to Friday. The team’s office hours are 9 am to 5 pm throughout the five days, and they quickly respond to your queries. Mindvalley has support available in more than five languages making it super easy for you to communicate your problems. 

Moreover, they have several articles on common customer queries and issues. However, if you cannot find the solution to your problems, you can connect to their customer executive through live chat. 

Masterclass Customer Support 

Masterclass offers customer support to all users every day of the week. The time for weekdays is 8 am to 5 pm, and for weekends, it is 9 am to 6 pm to call. It has 24/7 customer support, all days of the year, that helps customers through email and responds within 24-48 hours. 

They also have various blog posts and articles for common issues. Moreover, you can also refer to the frequently asked questions for any minor query or problem. 

Mindvalley vs Masterclass: Pricing

Both Mindvalley and Masterclass are excellent platforms for offbeat subjects and career fields. However, let us look at the pricing of each e-learning platform so you can understand which one fits into your budget. 

Mindvalley Pricing 

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Mindvalley Pricing
Plan Pricing 
Monthly subscription $99
Yearly subscription $499

Masterclass Pricing 

Plan Pricing 
Individual (annual membership)$15 per month 
Duo (annual membership)$20 per month 
Family (annual membership)$23 per month 

Note: Get detailed insights into MasterClass cost.

Mindvalley vs Masterclass: Pros and Cons 

The most exciting part of the article is our pros and cons list about Mindvalley vs Masterclass. 

Mindvalley Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons 
Handful learning format that is easily manageable for all Does not have individual subscription courses
Unlimited courses in any subscriptionSoul category has somewhat limited resources 
Promotes communication amongst users 
Courses stay relevant despite constant technology transformation  

Masterclass Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons 
Massive course catalog Does not offer monthly memberships
Massive course catalogue Does not provide certification for course completion 
30-day refund policy 
Reasonable pricing formate compared to traditional offline training 

How is Mindvalley Different from other e-learning Platforms?

Mindvalley has a unique approach to online training. While most e-learning platforms cover academic topics and subjects, Mindvalley focuses more on giving learners a better quality of life. 

It teaches us that physical and mental well-being is just as important as intellectual and financial achievements. Moreover, Mindvalley has a different approach to teaching. Instead of opting for the traditional way of instructing, every course on Mindvalley has a regulated method towards the content and how students should perceive it. 

One of the best parts about Mindvalley is it connects you with people who can understand your perspective on life and share your experiences. It promotes healthy learning through interactions amongst each other and reaching out to other people. 

Last but not least, it has flexible timing, and the course here is self-paced. There is no pressure to finish a course within a deadline. 

How is Masterclass Different From other e-learning Platforms?

For several years now, Masterclass has had a loyal user base that relies on it for professional creative training. The reason is that there is no better platform than Masterclass for innovative individuals with an intense passion for their field.

Masterclass helps you connect with successful celebrities that have achieved great heights in their career and are trying to give back to the community. The courses are not only based on theoretical knowledge but also have insights based on the experience of the mentors. 

In addition, the mentors spend a considerable amount of time developing the course content so that you get maximum advantage from them. 

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Which One To Choose — Mindvalley or Masterclass?

Mindvalley and master class are brilliant e-learning platforms for inspired individuals with aspiring careers. While Mindvalley focuses more on an individual’s self-development, Masterclass is an all-in-one platform for creative individuals passionate about their jobs. 

There is no platform better than the other. However, if you are looking for courses that help you upgrade your lifestyle, we suggest Mindvalley. Similarly, opt for a masterclass if you are a creative individual with high aspirations. 

Finally, it is up to you what fits your needs and budget the best. Once you determine it, you will need no more help making the right choice. For more such verified and unbiased articles, keep visiting us. 


Is Masterclass suitable for learning music?

Masterclass is the best platform for acquiring creative skills like music and learning interesting musical instruments. 

Who is Mindvalley best for?

Mindvalley is the perfect platform for people looking to grow in various aspects of their life. You can find courses that help you become the best versions of yourselves by obtaining peace and serenity in life. 

Can I learn for free from Mindvalley?

Yes, Mindvalley has weekly free sessions by mentors where they cover powerful insights on bettering your life and creating a healthy lifestyle. 

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