Wildfit Review 2023 — Is It Worth It (My Verdict)

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Trying to stay on a diet can seem hectic, but with expert advice and guidance, it might ease your fitness journey. If you are looking for guidance and expert advice, then the WildFit program is an excellent choice.

Let me tell you that I took Wildfit myself to find out if it is a scam or not. Fortunately, it was not, and my experience with Wildfit was life-changing, and so I wrote a detailed Wildfit Review.

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In this article, I have listed everything you need to know about Wildfit, shared my personal experience with Wildfit, the good, the bad, and yes — is it worth the HYPE?

Ultimately, I have also shared my honest verdict on Wildfit in the end. Watch out!

Wildfit Review: At A Glance

Wildfit is nothing but a logical twist to the regular diet backed up by science. With 90 days of learning about food freedom, Eric Edmeades teaches how to actually maintain a diet.

Usually, people are misguided about the fact that diets need to be strict and your willpower should go on a toss, but this is not entirely true. In Wildfit, Eric suggests ways to reprogram our system and alter our food habits according to the replacement of what goes into our mouths. 

Impressive, right? Wildfit is straightforward, and you are provided with adequate tools on how to eat and satisfy hunger. 

It might sound weird, but there are six different kinds of hunger that a human craves. In most cases, a person falls under one hunger, so Eric recommends finding it out themselves.

Eric On Wildfit Quest

In case you are thinking that Wildfit provides exotic food from a newly found planet, you are probably wrong because Wildfit is typically like any other food program but better and legit.

Wildfit highly believes in zero compromises with the food that you devour. Henceforth, you are guided with a helpful food chart, easy food recipes, and resourceful PDF documents. 

Basically, Wildfit does everything in its defense to better your food experience yet stay fit. What’s more? You get more than what you signed up for in Wildfit. I mean aspects like deep sleep, health wellness, human flexibility, and amplifying your inner energy are also discussed.

What is a course without a bonus? Wildfit also offers FREE live calls with Eric Edmeades, through which you can ask away all the queries that you have right away to the legend himself.  

Pro Tip: WildFit is a part of Mindvalley, which is a platform that offers quests/courses related to mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, and more. You can get to know more about this platform through our detailed Mindvalley Review.

Who is Eric Edmeades?

Eric Edmeades is a man with many talents; he is known as a speaker, author, and nutritional expert. Among other speakers, he is also known as Indiana Jones because he loves Africa more than anything. He also tried his hands on film production, military research, business coaching, and wireless networking. When he was young, he was dealing with many physical issues, such as being overweight, chronic fatigue, acne, and sinus & throat infections.

Eric Edmeades

After facing all these issues, he decided to experiment with his diet and got some amazing results afterward. In just one month, he completely transformed himself and got rid of most of his physical issues. Later on, he decided to spend some time with bushmen in Africa, where he learned about various eating habits and how a routine can drastically change your life. After years of research, he decided to share all of his experiences through WildFit.

What to Expect in Wildfit by Eric Edmeades?

As mentioned earlier, in Wildfit, you are getting an insightful look into food freedom and how to get used to the concept of an actual diet which is beneficial for most beginners and learners.

In Wildfit, you can expect extensive learning on changing food habits, creating an adequate schedule, and how to be mentally prepared for the replacement in your eating routine.

Most people find it difficult to adapt to a new diet, whereas some people can get through the phase of diet at a faster pace and achieve their desired fit body. Wildfit is for the ones who are struggling to cope with their willpower and literally starving themselves for the sake of diet.

Mindvalley Wildfit ensures to offer an amplification of energy which results in rewarding lifestyle changes. Plus, Eric casually brushes up some scientific knowledge about immunity and health in general.

Since the diet is closely connected to health and wellness, it might feel like you are sitting in a nutrition class, but it is truly effective, and you would not want to miss it. Even if you have a proper and scheduled diet plan, Wildfit recommends ways to upgrade and reprogram your cravings.

Cravings can be addictive, but starving is not the cure for it. Wait that sounds like a Google quote, but it is the truth, and that is what Eric is trying to emphasize in Wildfit, which is fair. 

He says that starving is not the solution, and you do not have to compromise your cravings for some abs and a pumping bicep. 

With an in-depth explanation of everything related to fitness, Wildfit acts as an unbiased diet kit that every person who likes to stay fit and healthy needs to attend. For obvious reasons, Wildfit does not promise an overnight slim body or weight gain, but it does offer life-changing benefits.

How Does the WildFit Program Work?

We all can agree on one thing, which is over the years, fast food companies have made us slaves to our cravings which ultimately damages our bodies over time. WildFit works to help you get rid of those cravings. It works on the emotional connection we have with fast food and what we feel before and after eating it. Eric Edmeades is honest from the very beginning, he doesn’t feed you lies as other nutritional programs do.

WildFit Curriculum

Eric helps you set realistic goals for your body that you can achieve. The WildFit program helps you lose weight but also teaches you how you can maintain that weight for a long time. If you follow the program for 90 days only and after that stop doing whatever you will learn in the course, then whatever you have worked for the past three months will all be in vain. I have been following the teachings of Eric for over a year now, and I am happy with the results. I am planning to keep on following it.

What is it Like Taking Wildfit on Mindvalley? (My Experience)

To be honest, I thought Wildfit would be like one of those TV advertisements that go out of the line about their product and try to make false promises so that it can get sold out. 

In my experience with Wildfit, it was surprisingly beneficial. With compelling learning modules, formatted teaching, and structured learning, Wildfit stood out in all aspects of gaining knowledge.

Although you might feel like getting advice from a nutritionist on a virtual medium, it was effective because Eric dropped insightful tips on overcoming addictive food habits and cravings

In fact, he stressed cravings and how they should not be forced or ignored. Every person has cravings for some food or the other, and so Eric recommends techniques for dealing with them.

I got educated on learning about my body needs, finding my ideal body weight, and allowing my natural diet to take over my comprised diet. In Wildfit, Eric introduces the concept of food freedom, which might sound unfamiliar, but you don’t have to worry, he clearly explains it all.

Do you remember the six pangs of hunger that I talked about earlier? Eric explains how to find it and how it has an impact on our diet because not everybody feels hunger the same. Plus, Wildfit also encouraged me to make adequate changes to my lifestyle, including my eating habits. 

I repeat. There was no forcing or rules on following a strict diet or a food chart because the moment you experiment with food freedom, you can automatically fix the issue

I would say that it is the whole mantra followed in Wildfit. Being able to eat the food you want while maintaining the designated diet. It might sound surreal, but once you follow it, you will see the results because I did, and I have been gaining weight on an appropriate scale.

I am sure Wildfit can offer tremendous benefits if you follow and apply all the learnings taught by Eric Edmeades in your practical life since only acquiring knowledge mentally is not sufficient. 

Wildfit Review  - Intructor

Not to forget, the easy recipes suggested in Wildfit were highly beneficial because once you start hitting the replacement phase, you might not know what to eat and replace the food with. In conclusion, it was an excellent experience learning about food habits, diet, and nutrition.

The fact that Eric took Wildfit smoothly with all the lessons was helpful because, usually, programs run at a faster pace without realizing that there are slow learners who might struggle.

Why Should You Take WildFit?

Like so many other people, I also had the mentality that if I ate healthy food, I would be fit and lose weight, and If I ate fast or junk food, I would put on more weight. But even after eating healthy food and following multiple routines I got from the internet, my weight still remains the same. It didn’t even put a dent in it. I was lost, and I wasn’t feeling great about myself, but then I heard about the wonders the WildFit program was doing for other people.

So I decided to give it a try, and to my surprise, after one week, I started seeing results. The first thing I learned was that every food I put into my body affects my mood, energy, and overall productivity. So I started taking food that made me feel good about myself and gave me plenty of energy. That’s how WildFit helped me, and If you’re also like me struggling with the same issues, then you should definitely give WildFit a try.

Who Won’t Like WildFit?

WildFit is an effective and popular fat loss program, but it may not be right for everyone. Here are some types of people who may not enjoy or benefit from WildFit:

  • Vegans/Vegetarians – WildFit emphasizes meat, eggs, and other animal products. It may be too restrictive for plant-based eaters.
  • Budget Conscious – WildFit coaches and materials come at a premium cost. The food can also be expensive for some budgets.
  • Carb Lovers – You have to seriously limit grains, starchy veggies, and sugar on WildFit. This can be challenging for some.
  • Junk Food Devotees – Cutting out processed/packaged snacks may seem impossible for those with stronger cravings.
  • Non-Readers – WildFit requires reading several books and materials. Visual learners may prefer more videos/graphics.
  • Injury Prone – The exercise regimen can be intense. Those with past injuries may need to modify.
  • Busy Bees – Meal planning, cooking, and workouts take time. WildFit needs commitment for busy schedules.
  • Expense Watchers – With coaching costs, food, and supplement expenses, WildFit has a high overall cost.

While WildFit is great for many, it has some limitations. This program may not be realistic or enjoyable for certain personalities and lifestyles. Assessing your preferences and constraints can determine if it’s a fit for you.

Wildfit: Pros & Cons

Wildfit was rewarding, and I had acquired plenty of takeaways from it. Still, there are some downsides that are often overlooked by the advantages that you might get in Wildfit.

Wildfit Pros

  • Learning about food freedom.
  • All the techniques are backed up by science.
  • No rules or requirements for exercising or starving.
  • Helpful assignments and tasks to work on.
  • Follows a unique approach to diet.
  • How to enjoy your cravings yet stay fit.
  • Mental coaching for stronger willpower.

Wildfit Cons

  • No in-person training.
  • The results might take a while.
  • Some people might find Wildfit a bit expensive.

Pricing: Is Wildfit Expensive?

Let’s talk about the budget of Wildfit because you are getting various benefits which already gives a hint that it might lie on the expensive side but let me share the details.

Wildfit can be purchased at $699/- as an online program in Mindvalley. Sadly, since Wildfit is advertised as a partner program, it does not fall under the All-Access Pass category in Mindvalley, which gives access to all the quests, programs, and workshops. But you can also explore Mindvalley annual discount offer and save up to 60% on membership.

In case you are skeptical about purchasing Wildfit, let me remind you that you can consider Wildfit as an investment that gives ultimate benefits in enhancing your life as returns. 

If that sounds promising to you, go ahead and purchase Wildfit right away! Plus, you can try Wildfit for free for 15 days risk-free. The refund policy is simple and only a click away.

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Final Verdict: Is Wildfit Worth the HYPE In 2023?

Being part of the life-changing program, Wildfit has been immensely helpful. Wildfit allowed me to cherish my food freedom while enhancing my food-eating habits efficiently. 

Wildfit was well-structured, with adequate resources that pushed me to adapt to a natural diet without starvation or physical exercise. Instead, I was handed mental practice.

Since willpower plays a major role in controlling diets, Eric’s coaching was excellent, and the lessons were digestible with zero confusion. Additional benefits like food recipes and charts were helpful. 

While taking Wildfit, I realized that the motive of Wildfit was to enable you to not compromise with your cravings yet lean on the impact it might create on your fitness, health, and wellness.

To wrap up with Wildfit, it was an insightful program where you get to learn about being wildly fit. 

FAQs on Wildfit

Can I complete Wildfit at my own pace?

Wildfit is designed to help you complete the module at your own pace. However, I recommend taking the course daily to see the visible results. Eric, the instructor of Wildfit, claims better results if taken daily.

Is Wildfit the right choice for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, you can still do Wildfit, however, during these 90 days of the transformation journey, you will be recommended different animal-based foods that you can’t replace with plant-based foods.

Does Wildfit recommend taking any supplements?

The thing is, the Wildfit course doesn’t suggest taking any supplements during the course or after finishing the course. Wildfit is proven and designed to give permanent changes to your body.

Do I need to follow certain exercises while taking Wildfit?

No Wildfit doesn’t recommend any particular exercise in order to be healthy. The instructor guides that your body shape is defined by 95% of the diet you take, and the rest, five percent, is defined by physical activity.

How long does it take to see visible results on Wildfit?

In some cases, students have seen visible results while taking the course, and others have seen visible results after implementing whatever they have learned within the course.

Can I pay for the Wildfit course in installments?

Yes, Wildfit membership does come with three easy installment payments. You can break down the payment of $699 into three simple installments and pay it accordingly.

Does Wildfit help cure diseases?

No, Wildfit isn’t a medical program, and it shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. You can’t simply rely on this program and expert your diseases to cure. This program simply helps you educate yourself better about your body, food, and lifestyle. Rest results you can see after taking the course.

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