Mindvalley 6 Phase Meditation Review (What’s My Experience)

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Exercising mindfulness and meditation has helped me in ways I cannot fathom. It’s taught me to shift my focus completely where it’s needed. It’s taught me to maintain an ideal state of mind in every aspect of my life. 

This entire experience has completely transformed my life. I’ve turned into a better person. I feel good about myself. People are finding me much more approachable and comforting. Most importantly, I have learned to balance all parts of my life and achieve happiness. 

However, it’s important to understand that there is a certain approach to Meditation to do it the right way. To get you started, I will be sharing my experience with Vishen Lakhiani’s 6 Phase Meditation and how it changed my life. 

Who is the man Behind 6 Phase Meditation?

You must be wondering, why is the person behind 6 Phase Meditation qualified to guide you through meditation. Who is he and why is he the right person?


Vishen Lakhiani is a popular author, speaker, investor, businessperson, and activist. He’s the writer of the New York Times best-seller The Code For The Extraordinary Mind. He’s spoken for some of the biggest companies today. He founded Mindvalley in 2003 with one purpose: to bring together a group of global educators on one floor. 

He aims to bring light on the importance of spirituality, human consciousness and develop a tribe wanting to grow more empowered to live a satisfying, happy, and healthy life. His projects have helped millions of people thrive and he continues using his platform for the greater good. 

What Role does Meditation play in your life: My Experience

Meditation has scientifically been proven to be beneficial. Ever since I started meditating, I’ve found several ways to vent out the stress and fatigue in my body. There have been various occasions in my life where I’ve been anxious and tensed with no way to relieve it. The anxiety used to build up and come out in ways that weren’t healthy for me nor the people around me.


Meditation is an exercise that has been practiced by humans for a long time. It even acts as a medicine. However, many people tend to give up when they notice it’s not working for them. It’s important to understand that Meditation isn’t rocket science. If you do it the right way, it will benefit you in ways that you cannot comprehend. 

I tried several Youtube videos that didn’t work for me. Eventually, I got lazy and gave up. Later, I came across the 6 Phase Meditation and was taught the right strategy for meditation. One thing I learned is that Meditation isn’t a one-time thing. It is something that must be practiced every day, or at least most of the days. 

Sure, it isn’t a walk in the park. I couldn’t just erase thoughts. We’re humans, we’re meant to have thoughts. What’s important is that you learn how to control them. It’s a skill you can master. 

I haven’t completely mastered a calm mind. Like most people, I’m a beginner too. However, practicing Meditation every day has significantly changed me. I’ve not only learned to be calm in the most stressful situation but I’ve also learned to manage my anger

Meditation gives me a feeling you get after a good body or a head massage. All the stress and fatigue fade away. I do it every night before I sleep and wake up with a healthier mind every day. You can too, for however long you want and whenever you feel is the right time for you.

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been practicing Meditation for years, whether you’re a businessman or a sportsperson, I’m certain that 6 Phase Meditation is beneficial to you.

6 Phase Meditation: Why is it worth it? 

Let’s begin with how 6 Phase Meditation works. 

Whether you’re an experienced meditator or a beginner, you know how complex it can get. There is no point in meditating when half of the time you keep wondering if you’re doing it right. 

Mindvalley 6 Phase Meditation Review

6 Phase Meditation is a guided meditation by Vishen Lakhiani himself. He’s based this meditation based on his own daily exercises. What I liked about 6 Phase Meditation is that keeping in mind the old traditions of meditation, he’s given a rather modern approach to it. He’s generalized it in a way that is beneficial to everyone. 

He’s made sure that the meditation system is easy yet efficient. The content has no fluff or unnecessary words to elongate your journey for no reason. I’ve seen so many guided meditations that take forever to finish but haven’t been useful to me. 

This meditation, in particular, has had a long-lasting influence on my life with just 7 days of it. This meditation has proven to heighten happiness, intuition, focus, awareness, compassion. It’s also doubled my productivity. 

Now, let us see the features of the course.  

6 Phase Meditation: What can you expect from this program?

My Experience

6 Phase Meditation follows a seven-day training online. Vishen Lakhiani will guide you through every level himself. All you need to do is take out is a few minutes of your day. By the end of this practice, you will have solid ground for your meditation every day. This is your tool to heal.

Let’s take a look at the 6 Phases.

Phase 1: The Circle Of Compassion

Vishen Lakhiani explains how compassion is one of the most important traits of being human. He says compassion and kindness are something you can learn as a skill! He also states that being a compassionate person slows down your aging! Being sympathetic and kind in every situation blocks all the stress that leads to early aging. This lesson focuses on leveling up your compassion. 

The Circle Of Compassion

It’s proven that people find you more approachable and are attracted to you if you’re compassionate. It brings you more positivity in your life. This particular lesson helped me manage my temperament. I’ve become much more approachable and caring than I was before, and this, in turn, has turned me into a happier person. 

Being compassionate doesn’t just help you, but also the people around you. Even at work, don’t you feel that if your boss is caring and tender towards you, you’re a much productive person? Think of how much better the world would be if everyone was just as kind. 

Phase 2: Gratitude 

Your happiness shouldn’t be influenced by the circumstances around you. It should merely be centered around you. You can develop feelings of gratitude yourself, no matter what you are going through at the moment. You will realize that you’re a much more energized person if you have gratitude.


This isn’t toxic positivity. This is simply an exercise to develop feelings of gratitude. This will help you with your mental health issues, including Depression, Anxiety, etc. This also betters your sleeping cycle. 

Disengagement is an enemy. I’ve become more socially connected and approachable towards the people I love. Not only this, I’ve become less anxious and calmer when it comes to social situations testing my patience. 

Phase 3: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a skill itself. Vishen talks about how forgiveness can benefit you. All the negative feelings in the past cannot be overruled. The key to making peace with these feelings is Forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and those around you. 


Forgiveness helps you grow as a person. Hate just ignites negative energy in your body. Forgiving is letting go, it’s moving on, it’s giving second chances for a shot at improvement. Holding grudges isn’t the answer. Forgiveness gives you a sense of freedom. The negative emotions you carry for someone, or yourself have an unnecessary weight on your shoulders. 

Forgiveness has changed my perspective of people. My relationships and friendships have become much healthier. It’s important to hold the people you love close to you. There will be arguments and conflict, we’re humans. But the world would be a much happier place if we all practiced the art of forgiveness.

Phase 4: Envisioning The Future 

Great! You’ve made it this far. You’ve learned how to feel better about yourself, understand the importance of compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness. You’ve learned to be happy right now. But how do you maintain this?

Envisioning The Future

Without a doubt, living in the present is important. But you’ve also got to have a vision of where you want to go. I used to live my life like a robot, do my daily tasks and call it a day. I had no vision. I didn’t realize how significant it was. This made me go into a negative spiral. I felt like I was lost in a void, rather, a trap. 

This lesson focuses on how envisioning can act as fuel to maintain a pace in your life. What is life if you have no purpose right? It’s essential to live in the present while keeping in mind where you plan to go in the future. When you have a certain vision, your days are automatically structured towards achieving that vision with maximum efficiency. 

Phase 5: Your Perfect Day

This exercise helps you design a perfect day. It teaches you how to work in the present. Previously, you learned how to set a goal for yourself and envision it. 

Your Perfect Day

This lesson focuses on what you can do right now to works towards it. You will learn to anticipate, structure, and plan an ideal day. The effort you maintain in your current days is going to unwind in the future and help you achieve your one, perfect goal. 

This practice has helped me work more efficiently than I did before. Every day, I find myself reaching closer to my goal. 

Phase 6: The Blessing

Your beliefs are based on your religious background, the circumstances you grew up in, etc. Regardless of your religion, this “belief” is how you tap into this energy ignited by a higher power.  

The Blessing

It’s okay even if you are an atheist, as long as you’re able to tap into the energy of your personal beliefs. Believe it or not, simply thinking about this higher power gives you a sense of confidence. It makes you feel like there is a higher source of energy holding your hand throughout your spiritual journey. 

Whenever I’m going through a bad time, I just envision this higher power in my head, and it makes me feel like there’s something out there looking out for me. Like an Angel is watching over me. 

How well the course worked for me and why it’s good for you: Brief Review

Overall, I found the course to be quite effective. Vishen Lakhiani has not only given practices but also explained the importance of each practice. He’s structured the course in a way that is beneficial for everyone, whether you’re a housewife, a businessman, or whatever profession you have.  

To Everyone Who is looking to get started with meditation

I was keen on completing this course since I practiced various methods previously that never worked for me. I used to think that once I complete an exercise fully, I will reap its benefits as a whole. However, in the 6 Phase Meditation, I felt a difference after every lesson. 

But to be honest, I don’t feel like this course changes you. Rather, it awakens your true nature. The person you always were. We’re all influenced by our circumstances so much that all our thoughts, emotions, and decisions are influenced by them. This meditation helped me gain control of myself. I don’t feel like a slave to the systems around me anymore. 

This course helps you reach your true potential! It teaches you to believe in yourself. I have been brainwashed so many times in so many aspects of my life. People have constantly told me what they think I’ll be good at, what they think I’ll fail to do. It’s important to understand that the only person who truly knows you is you. 

Everything you need to live an extraordinary life is already within your reach. You just need to tap into your true power. The art of compassion, forgiveness, abundance, etc. is the key to manifesting your dream life. I’ve achieved a clear clarity of what is in my life. I’ve learned how to manage negative emotions like grief, regret, etc. as well. 

I don’t want to generalize who this course is particularly for, because there isn’t a demographic of who will benefit from it. However, I can assure you that whatever problem you’re facing, you’ll certainly handle it better after this exercise. Even if you don’t have a problem and you’re looking for a way to improve the quality of your life, this course is great for you.

6 Phase Meditation: Pricing

The best part about this course is that it’s completely free. You get the key to a healthy, extraordinary life with no fee. All you have to do is sign up for a Mindvalley account.

Mindvalley All Access Pricing
Mindvalley pricing

Although this particular program is free, signing up for the Mindvalley All Access will give you access to all the programs and quests on the platform, and it’s worth it! 

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Final Thoughts: Mindvalley 6 Phase Meditation Review

I hope I helped you decide on whether or not this program is good for you. Spoiler alert! It is. So I would suggest taking a few minutes off and doing this program for yourself. I can assure you that you will see a change in your daily thoughts, productivity, etc.

It’s easy to get lost in the current pace of the world, it’s dynamic, it’s quick. Meditating helps you ground yourself, it helps you keep yourself in control. So without wasting time, sign up and begin the 6 Phase Meditation Exercise today.

Let me know below in the comments how it helped you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 6 Phase Meditation Free?

Yes, this is one of the free courses Mindvalley offers.

I’ve heard it takes years to master the art of meditation. What if I have no time?

Meditation is an exercise. If you even spare 15-20 minutes as Vishen Lakhiani claims, it will have a significant impact on your life. 

Can people of all ages do this?

Although I haven’t seen any age limit, I feel like as long as you have comprehension skills, you can do it. People of all ages face problems, whether you’re in school, a college, or you’re a working professional, a guided meditation is beneficial for you either way. 

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