Mindvalley University Review 2023: When Is It Happening?

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After studying at a university for years, I thought my hard work will pay off, and I will find a job and have a great, successful life. I did manage to find a job, that too amidst a pandemic, but at what cost? 

University surely taught me the skills I need to know on how to do my job, what it failed to teach me is how to be good at it. I wasn’t taught how to deal with the stress it causes me, or how to balance my life between my professional life and my social life.

It didn’t teach me how to live the life I need, and not be controlled by my surroundings, but by myself.

This got me thinking, why don’t universities teach us the skills we need to accomplish not just a successful life, but a happy one? That’s when I came across the Mindvalley University program. Firstly, let’s dive into what Mindvalley is about. 

What is Mindvalley?

If you’re aware of Mindvalley, you must be aware that this platform is founded by Vishen Lakhiani. It quickly gained attention and now has been helpful for over 12 million satisfied users all over the globe. 

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Mindvalley has various programs that focus on different parts of your life, it teaches subjects for improving yourself as a whole. The platform teaches you the real-world skills required for an ideal body, mind, soul, work, entrepreneurship, relationships, parenting, spirituality and so much more. 

The world is dynamic, it keeps changing, hence it’s essential to keep learning, even after you graduate. With its current pace, many of us found ourselves to be lost in our life. How do you escape being a slave to the system?

Mindvalley’s programs have proven to be comforting and supportive for a lot of us. These are skills that will not just help you with your job, but they are values that will help you with every aspect of your life.

The Guy Behind MindValley

Vishen Lakhiani is the creator behind MindValley. He is a Malaysian-born engineer turned entrepreneur. He, like a lot of us, was lost. He wanted to provide something meaningful for the world.

He was told by several people that his idea of Mindvalley wasn’t gonna work, however, he was able to pull off this great idea and build his idea from scratch. 

Vishen Lakhiani

He was tired of the “work until you collapse” culture the corporates practice these days and he wanted to change it. He wanted to go against the system and find a safe ground for everyone. With his motivational speeches and undeniably comforting content, he was able to deliver the same. 

He went on a self-development and spiritual journey, worked on his entrepreneurship skills, and this eventually led to the creation of Mindvalley. He was also hell-bent on helping others with their journey, hence the creation of Mindvalley.

He is also one of the most critically acclaimed authors in the world. His book “The code of extraordinary mind” was ranked #1 on Amazon’s best sellers. 

With the creation of Mindvalley, he went beyond and launched Mindvalley University. What is Mindvalley University? How is it different from your traditional universities? Let’s find out.

MindValley University

How is Mindvalley different from traditional universities? 

When it comes to traditional universities, you graduate, you earn a degree, you go find a job, and then you work till you die. Mindvalley University has broken this stereotype and created a learning model which gives you an entirely different, beyond-imagination experience. 

The idea behind this university was to bridge the gap between your schooling years and your work years, and the creator managed to hack into the system to offer you exactly what you need.

Mindvalley University Review

He wanted to re-engineer what college is, he wanted to remove all the bad parts, and only include the good ones. 

You go to school, you pay thousands of dollars for your books, other equipment, etc. You follow the same routine for years until you graduate, following the education system like a robot, earning credits for a piece of paper you may never use.

You never really tap into your true brainpower, because of all the generalizations the universities follow. Is there a point to all of this?

Even Russell Group and Ivy League Universities offer their short courses online, so why must a person stretch out their education for 4 years, learning subjects they don’t even want to? 

What university truly teaches you the real-world skills required? Sure, you can become a great doctor, or an engineer, and contribute to the world, but are you working on yourself?

What Mindvalley University Consist?

Mindvalley University offers a 21-day transformative, highly educational learning experience for their all-access students on a global, rotating campus, taking place in an iconic new city every year.

You won’t experience this in your everyday universities as today’s education system ignores what is needed to lead an extraordinary life and only focuses on what is needed for you to do your job.

This university breaks the traditional 4-year system, allowing you to go back every year, and work for the rest of the year, I can assure you that even this one month will completely change the course of the rest of your year, perhaps, the rest of your life.

Here Are Some Things You Can Expect In The Next Event

The best part about Mindvalley University is that you never graduate! Wait, this isn’t as dreadful as it sounds, I mean that you can always go back to learn every year, think of it as experiencing the most fun part of your college repeatedly, and you not graduating means it never really ends!

There will be different speakers, and discussions on different topics every year.

The learning opportunities are endless, with lots of events every year, focusing on different aspects of your life, such as relationships, money, business, leadership, and so much more. Most importantly, you will learn about yourself, how your mind, body, and soul work. 

You will learn how to be comfortable with yourself, how to succeed in relationships, both business and personal.

It teaches you how to set goals for yourself, how to lead, how to meditate and practice mindfulness, how to set visions for yourself, how to keep yourself healthy, how to be a better parent, how to be great in entrepreneurship, or any job you do.

You’re taught how to tap into your emotions, how to create a vision board, improve your spiritual side and so much more.

I wouldn’t want to spoil everything for you, you may even learn skills you never thought you needed. These are real skills that are needed in today’s world, but education systems have failed to give them because they think it’s not necessary. 

Another benefit you’ll get is that you’ll get to meet a vibrant community of people from all cultures, from all over the globe, every time you go back, you’ll never be lonely. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Imagine a place where you can achieve both internal and external growth, where you can make friends at the same time, and be around 1000+ students from all cultures, from every corner of the globe who are also looking to achieve the same things as you.

A place where you’ll find a second family, and people who will grow with you.  

Where is the Mindvalley University located?

The University event first took place in Barcelona, about 300 people came together as a whole, and next year, the community almost tripled in Tallinn, Estonia, for the one-month university, and people ended their educational trip completely transformed into a different person.

The audience just keeps increasing every year as more and more people find themselves drawn towards it, including the ones that attend every year.

Where is it located? Here is the fun part, it’s not one location, it’s a rotating campus, yes, you heard that right! Could it get any more fun?

You pay thousands of dollars to study in a locked room or a lab for years, now imagine a university that adapts to a new city, following its cultures every year, cities that you’ve always wanted to visit before. 

How are the teachers different?

I have noticed how today’s teachers have to follow a traditional teaching method, given by their respective universities, how the sessions lack interactiveness, and how you’re assessed solely based on projects and examinations that are generalized for everyone in your class. 

Teachers Of MindValley University

Teachers have seemed to lose their teaching passion over the years, they teach simply because it’s their job.

Mindvalley University offers scheduled workshops, seminars, gatherings, etc., and various networking opportunities beyond the classroom and from a large number of experts in their fields, and these experts aren’t just teachers who’ve been teaching in the same university for years.

You’ll hear experiences from leading experts, teachers, authors, and thought leaders from all over the world, once you’re done with your program you’ll come out as a whole different person with knowledge about various aspects of life. 

Some of the speakers previously included Katherine Woodward Thomas (Author of New York Times), Jim Kwik Superbrain (Brain performance expert), Sri Sri Ravishankar (Spiritual Leader), and many more.

These A-List influential personalities truly love speaking and have given speeches on different platforms all across the world, not just in closed classrooms.

How old will you have to be to attend MindValley University?

I have now given you various reasons to join the University, you’re probably now thinking, aren’t universities only supposed to be attended at a certain age? The answer is no. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or an adult with kids.

Who said you cannot go to a university with your kid? Mindvalley University is for all ages! You won’t just be with people of your ages, you’ll learn to be around people of all ages! 

Age is just a number. Learn how to communicate with people of all cultures, and ages, and learn about their life, and what values they practice. Go beyond your tiny bubble of life. 

Details for the next MindValley University Event

LOCATION: Tallinn, Estonia (July 3- July 23, 2023)

To join the Mindvalley University program, you’ll first need to join All Access, and once you’ve joined the membership through our Mindvalley Membership offer, you’ll have an opportunity to grab the tickets, provided spots are still available.

Once you’ve purchased your tickets, you’ll receive details on how you will be planning your trip. You can attend the event for however long you want to.

Currently, MindValley is offering Early Bird Tickets for all ages as follows:

Adults Ticket Price
Kids & Teens Ticket Price
Toddler Ticket price

What to Expect from Mindvalley University?

As established previously in the article, Mindvalley University’s sole purpose is to break the traditional education system and follow the one that will truly benefit your mind and soul. Let’s see in brief what Mindvalley University offers you. This University breaks the barriers between the idea of fun and education.

Let’s dive into what Mindvalley University offers. 

What will Mindvalley University offer you in a nutshell?

  • Rotating Campus – Mindvalley University chooses a city with rich culture every year, and the campus adapts to that culture, making your learning experience even richer and more fun. I’m sure Mindvalley University will cover all the vibrant cities in the coming years.
  • 1 Month A Year – I remember the stress the 4-year traditional universities gave us, With the Mindvalley university, you can go here for a month every year, for how many ever years you want to. I can assure you that just going for one year won’t be enough for you, and you’ll be wanting to go every year, it’s that comforting.
  • All Ages – You’re a teenager? Or an adult with kids? No worries, you can go alone, or take your kids with you! Your age doesn’t matter here, nor do your thoughts, you can learn these skills no matter how old you are, and no matter how young your child is. It’s never too late, it’s never too early.
  • A Global and Vibrant Community  – People from all cultures, from every corner of the world, are embarked on this spiritual journey with you. I can assure you that these people won’t be temporary in your life and that you will grow with them. 
  • Skills that matter – Did your university teach you how to be successful in relationships? Were you taught how to be rich? Were you taught how to be a healthy person? Were you taught how to achieve happiness? I’m sure your answer is no, and Mindvalley offers you just the right skills to help you lead a great, satisfying, healthy, and happy life.
  • Best Teachers – Teachers from all cultures, businessmen, best-selling authors, TEDx speakers, and whatnot! You’ll be taught by highly experienced professionals and the sessions are so interactive and fun you won’t have time to blink.

Mindvalley Tribe: What Is It?

Mindvalley University is home to people from all over the globe. These people come together as a whole, for the sole purpose of inner growth and self-development. These people achieve everything they need together, as a family.

Discussions and thoughts regarding various aspects of life are exchanged among the Mindvalley Tribe. As we know, people of all ages take a part in this, hence, no one can feel small, or lonely here, everyone is treated by their mentors equally and all development ideas and tips are welcomed. 

Why limit your conversations to people of your age? Or people from your country? Imagine the exposure and knowledge you’ll get, and the values you’ll learn from people of different cultures all over the globe. 

The people you meet here are here to stay for life. We’re sure your friendships will go beyond just this one month with Mindvalley university. These aren’t your colleagues or acquaintances, these are people who will truly help you grow and grow with you.

Mindvalley University Pricing

Mindvalley has various quests and programs focusing on different subjects, you can pay for each program individually, for the subjects you want. If you’re keen on educating yourself on all aspects of life, Mindvalley offers you the All-Access Membership plan, where you will have access to everything they have to offer.

 The pricing for the All Access Membership plan is as follows:

Monthly Plan: $59/month

Yearly Plan: $499/year

MindValley All Access

About Mindvalley Membership: Is it worth buying? 

Mindvalley offers a large number of programs, ranging from $199 to $499, the cost of all the programs can become more than $15,000. With the All-Access plan, you can save big and get access to all the Mindvalley quests and programs for as low as $99/month! That’s as little as $2/day. Hence, it’s worth investing in.

Additionally, more programs are added to the platform often, and you won’t have to pay any extra for those. The All-Access Plan also allows you to attend the Mindvalley University event.

With the programs, you’ll also have access to their private social network, where you can engage in networking, make new friends, or even potential dates! You’ll also have access to their apps, and weekly sessions. 

If you’re still contemplating whether you want to pay or not, Mindvalley also gives you a 7-day trial, where you can try out any quest you want for zero cost. If you’re not satisfied with your experience, you can cancel your membership with one click. 

Popular Courses on Mindvalley:

Is Mindvalley University Perfect for you?

Are you tired of leading a stressful life? Perhaps, you are too caught up with your 9 to 5 job, and find yourself lost, a slave to the system that forces you to be someone you aren’t.

Mindvalley University is just the place for you to blow off steam. You can work 11 months a year, but we can assure you that with your one month at Mindvalley University, you’ll go on a life-changing journey. 

You’ll learn to perfect all aspects of life, you’ll learn to deal with your current stress, and you will be one of those lucky human beings with the secret to a happy as well as busy, yet extraordinary life.

Many corporates and universities have idealized the idea that the harder and longer you work, the more successful you’ll get. No one tells you to work smart instead. 

This “university” cuts down all the bad aspects of a traditional university and gives you the best parts, this isn’t a normal “study tour”, it is a spiritual journey. It’s as close to heaven as it can get. You will find your family here. 

This is an ocean of learning opportunities that will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and learn different things about your personality, and accelerate your current skills the right way, to help you live the life you deserve. You don’t have to worry about anyone judging you, everyone there is wanting to learn.

Mindvalley University Reviews: Testimonials

Lourdes Aldanondo
“There’s a feeling that you belong”

There’s a feeling that you belong, that you´re accepted just as you are, without having to mould yourself to fit in. Everyone there wants the best for you and is there to help. It feels that safe! Not only the attendees but the MVU team will make you feel that they are there with you, in the same level, learning and growing with you.

— Lourdes Aldanondo

Tony Gonzalez

Tony recalls his favorite vacation so far, their most recent family trip to attend Mindvalley U. During the event, they attended lectures on everything from entrepreneurship and emotional intelligence to classes on leadership and what it means to be a feminist. Tony and Tobie said they find this type of education priceless since they feel strongly about customizing their children’s education through homeschooling and want to broaden their minds and create a love for learning.

— Tony Gonzalez

Andra Trita
“The quality of the people I met blew my mind”

What really blew my mind the most was the quality of the people I met. They were all loving, open-minded, and really into self-growth and with a change maker, humanity plus mentality. My biggest takeaway was that I awakened in me the belief that I am indeed a limitless being deserving to create & live a limitless life.

— Andra Trita

Final Thoughts: Mindvalley University Review (2023)

Considering every aspect of the event, I can conclude that Mindvalley University is worth attending. Don’t think about the money, if you can afford it, go for it. Remember that you are paying for self-development, these are skills that will help you in all aspects of your life.

Mindvalley University is a beautiful, never-ending experience. You can attend it till you’re old and gray, you can go solo or you can attend it with your friends and family. If you’re thinking of going on trips as well, invest in this rotating campus experience instead, where you can learn as well as have fun.

I’m not saying college is not important, I’m aware that most companies need a degree for them to give you a job. But the world is changing, various companies solely hire you based on your skills, and not just your degree.

A Degree is only important to a certain extent. Remember that university only teaches you the skills required for your job and not your life. 

Lana Rose

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