Mindvalley Coaching Certification Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

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Mindvalley Certification Coaching Programs are ideal for anyone who wants to train people in areas such as Hypnotherapy, Holobody, 10 Fitness, Life-Coach, and Business. After going through the program thoroughly, this is my honest Mindvalley Coaching certification review.

The 16-week program also comes with discount deals. However, it’s not available on all programs. 

Become A Certified Life Coach — Lifetime Access

Start your journey to becoming a life coach with Mindvalley!

Get lifetime access, free upgrades for life, and intimate support.

Access the program at just $3,299 one time or $609/month for 6 months!

Likewise, the intake cycle is not announced for all coaching programs – and the announced ones are available for January 2024. For further, keep reading!

Mindvalley Certification Coaching Programs: Overview

Before diving deep into Mindvalley Certification Coaching Programs in much detail, let’s check out the service’s basic overview. 

In the table below, I have mentioned the five Certification programs along with their current price, available discounts, and the next intake cycle. 

Mindvalley Coaching Certification Review - Overview
ProgramsPriceAvailable Discount
Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist$579$1500 OFF
Certified Business Coach$599$1500 OFF
Certified 10x Coach$649 Not Available
Certified Holobody $1099Not Available
Certified Life CoachWaiting listNot Available

You can also get $100 discount flat using the discount offers from Mind.discount website. This discount offer also works on the Mindvalley Membership.

Mindvalley Certification Coaching Programs

There are five main certification programs that Mindvalley offers, which include Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Holo-body Coaching, and 10x Fitness. 

Each of these programs requires 16 weeks of dedication and a $200 to $500 deposit.

Along with the detailed modules, the program also offers you graduation lessons, bonus lectures, and some additional resources, such as articles, learning materials, and books. 

Bonus: For more information about Mindvalley and all of its aspects, you can check out the Mindvalley review I have covered in detail.

Let’s go through each program and its key features:-

Mindvalley Coaching Certification Programs

1. Certified Life Coach – Led by Ajit Nawalkha

The Life Coach program is tied up with several high-end companies and helps you connect with clients worldwide. Not only do you get an opportunity to earn a lump sum amount, but you also transform yourself into a powerful, result-driven, and confident coach.

Additionally, the 4-week Silva-ultramind course can help you unveil your inner power and creativity. Don’t believe me? My silva-ultramind review has proven why, so check it out thoroughly.

Certified Life Coach

Source: Mindvalley’s official website

Deposit ($200) & Subscription Plans

  • One Time Payment – $3,299
  • 6 Months Installments – $649

The next enrollment starts on 8 January 2024. 

Tip: You can also get your Mindvalley coaching certification and become a team Mindvalley life coach with the help of my detailed guide on how to become a life coach.

2. Certified Business Coach – Led by Ajit Nawalkha

Certified Business Coach

Source: Mindvalley’s official website

Ajit Nawalkha’s program primarily focuses on teaching you Business insights that a certified coach requires. Further, you learn key strategies to transform your students’ lives by getting a clear picture of designing the system and, thus, supporting its growth.

Deposit ($200) & Subscription Plans

  • One Time Payment – $3,799
  • 7 Months Installments – $599

The next enrollment starts on 15 January 2024. Therefore, if you sign up for the course immediately, you will get a year-end discount of $1,500. 

(Redeem it before 1 January 2024.) 

Certified Business Coach pricing

Source: Mindvalley’s official website

3. Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist – Led by Paul McKenna

 Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist

Source: Mindvalley’s official website

Considering the increasing low motivation and constant anxiety, Hypnotherapy is one of the most sought-after remedies. The practices that you get to learn are not only scientifically proven but also led by professional instructors. 

Mindvalley hypnotherapist pricing

Deposit ($500) & Subscription Plans

  • One Time Payment – $2,999
  • 3 Months Installments – $1,099
  • 6 Months Installments – $579

The next enrollment starts on 22 January 2024. Therefore, if you sign up for the course immediately, you will get a year-end discount of $1,500. 

(Redeem it before 1 January 2024.) 

mindvalley hypnotherapist offer

Source: Mindvalley’s official website

4. Certified Holobody Coach – Led by Ronan Diego De Oliveira

Generally, the shape of your body depends on what you are eating and how many calories you are burning. However, this whole process is temporary. Once you stop looking after your body, no matter how ripped you are, it will not take you much time to be potato-shaped.

Certified Holobody Coach

Source: Mindvalley’s official website

Now, the purpose of Holobody is to maintain the fitness of your body permanently. By taking up this course, you learn to leverage the following things:-

  • Understand your behavior and, thus, develop a connection with your mind
  • Get a clear view of creating a baseline for your nutrition and workout

Deposit ($200) & Subscription Plans

  • One Time Payment – $2,799
  • 3 Months Installments – $1,099

The next enrollment starts on – (not available yet)

5. Certified 10x Coach

The entire curriculum gives you a series of training videos where you understand who is qualified to be a Certified 10x Coach and how to create a detailed analysis of clients’ reports. 

You also get insights into the high-intensity exercise movements and ways to track your progress. 

certified 10x coach

Source: Mindvalley Official Website

Lastly, you get to develop personalized routine plans for your clients and help them achieve their goals. Deposit ($200) & Subscription Plans (currently on the waiting list)

Also, before going for this certification, ensure that you go through my 10x Fitness review to get detailed insights into the program.

Post-Certification Support and Opportunities

Once you have completed your training with Mindvalley’s Coaching certification, you get many networking opportunities, be it with Global coaches, alumni, or simply through collaborative learning. This certification that you have received is recognized globally in the high-end industries. 

It is also incredible for fresh graduates to understand what the industries’ latest trends and requirements are. Which further prepares you!

Bonus Tip: You can also learn about the Mindvalley courses before completing a coaching certification

Mindvalley Coaching Certification Program-User Interface

Mindvalley has a user-friendly interface that you can navigate with ease. The website possesses an appealing and simple look. The courses are easy to access with different modules. 


The courses offered by Mindvalley are led by expert instructors, including clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, etc. 

A few of the courses are also taught by expert coaches, CEOs from top organizations, and bestselling authors. 

Customer Support 

Mindvalley offers active customer support, which you can contact through various messaging channels for any issues or queries. 

Recently, Mindvalley has also added iMessage and Whatsapp. You can contact the support team through any of these apps. 

How To Enroll For The Mindvalley Coaching Certification Program?

To enroll for the Mindvalley Coaching certification programs, go through the steps below. 

Step 1- Join the waiting list. Once the registrations are open, you will be provided with the link for the deposit. After you deposit $200, which is fully refundable, you will receive the application form in the mail. 

Step 2- Once you fill out the application form, it will be reviewed by the Mindvalley team to determine whether your objectives and goals fit the certification program. 

Step 3- You will receive the confirmation via email within two working days of your application. 

Step 4- If your application is accepted, you will receive a link for the confirmation of your spot by submitting the remainder of a certification payment minus the deposit.

Step 5- In case your application is not accepted, you will receive a full refund of $200 of your deposit. 

Other than this, if you’re someone who has stumbled upon this page in the hope of learning something about Mindvalley, my guide on how much is Mindvalley membership will help you step on your first step towards mindfulness.

Mindvalley Certifications Coaching Programs vs Competitors

Unlike its competitors, who focus on tech-based or academic-related courses, Mindvalley places high importance on providing skills that help you grow in personal areas of life, which helps in:-

  • Enhancing your memory level and concentration
  • Lowering anxiety
  • Confidently speak in public
  • Getting comfortable in your body or using its language

For those who do not know which area of your life you lack, the Mindvalley platform helps you understand by taking a self-assessment test. Once you know that, the platform offers you courses based on your needs. Plus, they are taught by experts. 

User Experience With Mindvalley Coaching Certification

Following are some case studies of users who have used Mindvalley’s coaching certification courses. (Certified Business Coach and Certified Life Coach.) 

Also, to enhance user experience, Mindvalley is providing podcasts to share teachings from different experts. My list of Mindvalley Podcasts talks about all the podcasts by Mindvalley, so make sure to check it out when you wish to learn by listening.

1. Susan Wise, Business Consultant

“I have been in the fitness and an athlete all of my life. My fiancé had Leukemia 6 years ago and had a stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor. It saved his life, but he lost all health and strength, which has compounded as the years have passed. 

I saw 10X as a safe, approachable way for him to reclaim his fitness, strength, quality of life, and self-esteem. 

This program has helped him regain his life and provided me with many new tools to ensure a top level of strength, fitness, and health for the rest of my life.

The results are obvious, and it is a joy to see how many people I can share this with and truly alter the course of their entire lives for the better.”

2. Jamie Foster, Life Coach

“The 10x allowed me to move beyond my resistance to weight training. Prior to 10x, I had a fear of injury or not knowing proper form and technique in the gym. 

10x has so much information, and using the number data from your workouts to track progress really allows you to stay motivated and see gains on paper and in your own body transformation. 

This is a powerful technique for clients that want to get fit in a short period of time while only spending minimal time in the gym.”

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Conclusion: Is Getting A Mindvalley Coaching Certificate Worth It?

Once you have finished your Mindvalley Coaching Certification course, your value as a professional coach is raised in the eyes of Industry experts. This not only helps you with your credentials but also with the amount of money you are charging for your service. 

You also get better networking opportunities. This helps you in working with high-end organizations/ companies. Moreover, the program also teaches you what the material world expects from a coach. 

This gives you enough room to develop the necessary skills beforehand. In short, yes, getting a Mindvalley Coaching Certificate is indeed worth it!

FAQs On Mindvalley

Does Mindvalley provide a refund on coaching certification programs? 

Mindvalley’s coaching certification program offers a 15-day money-back guarantee on the coaching certification programs. 

Are these coaching certification programs included in Mindvalley membership?

The Mindvalley membership provides access to several certification programs from different categories, but the coaching certification programs are not included in it. These programs are the advanced curriculum specially designed for people who are willing to become certified coaches in different fields. 

Are certificates offered on completion of these programs? 

Legit and printable certificates are offered on successful completion of these coaching programs. You can add these certificates to your resume, your LinkedIn profile, or any platform you want. 

Does Mindvalley have an application for mobile devices? 

Mindvalley does have a mobile application that you can download from the App Store or Play Store to access various courses. 

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