How Much Does MasterClass Cost In 2024? (Detailed Breakdown)

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Over the years, MasterClass has gained a significant name, and there are high chances that you may have come across MasterClass advertisements -either you have heard from your friends or you have seen them online. 

With celebrities as teachers, you must be keen to know how much does MasterClass cost?

Additionally, is MasterClass worth checking out? 

To clear all your doubts and give you a proper insight into the MasterClass cost, I have penned down this article for you. This article will give you a clear idea of what MasterClass pricing looks like. 

So, ready to explore MasterClass pricing and whether it’s worth it or not? Let’s dive in! 

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MasterClass Cost: What’s the Pricing?

MasterClass offers three options for their annual membership, and I have explained all of them in detail below:

MasterClass Cost

1. Individual Membership: The pricing of individual membership is $15/mo, billed annually, which is equivalent to $180/year. With this plan, you can use MasterClass on one device at a time, access more than 180 courses across 11 categories, access MasterClass sessions, bonus content & class guides, and watch it on all devices.

2. Duo Membership: The pricing of duo membership is $20/mo, billed annually, which is equivalent to $240/year. This plan gives you everything that individual membership offers, plus you can use your MasterClass account on two devices at the same time and download course lessons to view offline.

3. Family Membership: The pricing of family membership is $23/mo, billed annually, which is equivalent to $276/year. This plan gives you everything that duo membership offers, plus you can use your MasterClass account on six devices simultaneously.

Well, if you wanna check more about MasterClass, check our detailed review here.

Is MasterClass All-Access Pass Best For You?

Now that you know the pricing of MasterClass, which plan is the best for you?

However, the All-access plan allows you to take up unlimited courses at just $180. There is no restriction on the number of courses you can take. Additionally, the all-access plan is valid only for a year. 

If you break down the price, if you do ten courses a year (an average), it’s just $18 per course. The more courses you take, the lower the price per course gets with all-access passes

So, which plan you should pick depends on the number of courses you want to take. If you want to give MasterClass a try with a single course, you can purchase a single course. 

But, to get the best value for money, I will recommend going with the All-access plan. Besides giving you access to 100+ courses for a year, you can save hundreds of dollars through the annual plan. 

To conclude, you can get insane discounts on the courses with the all-access pass and get the best value for money.

What do you get with MasterClass membership? 

Grabbing the annual membership of MasterClass gives you access to their 100+ courses in various niches. 

Besides, new courses are added every month so you can never run out of courses. So, what are the benefits of going with the all-access pass?

Well, let me highlight some of the best features and resources you get along with the annual plan. 

  • Workbook: If you are not a fan of keeping notes while taking classes, the virtual workbook will save you. With every course, you get a workbook in PDF format that can be downloaded. These workbooks come with all the key points from every class to go back and read anytime. 
  • Community: MasterClass created a community (or a hub) for its users where users can interact with each other, send feedback, ask questions, and discuss their thoughts. 
  • Quick Lists: The quick list features allows you to compose different videos into one. You can mix multiple MasterClass videos by different instructors to get a deeper knowledge of your topic.
  • Unbeatable class quality: All the classes are recorded with perfect lighting and video quality. You can save the videos and watch them later. The audio quality of each class is also unmatchable. I will say, there is no platform that offers high-quality video classes like MasterClass.
  • 10+ Niches: You get access to their 100+ courses, and each course is categorized based on the niche. You can explore the niche of your choice, and MasterClass will suggest you top courses based on the field. 
  • Multiple device compatibility: besides getting access on a browser, you can also watch classes on your Apple Tv, desktop, Roku, and Amazon channel, and the MasterClass app on your phone and tablet. 
  • Pause, skip, and manage speed: you can manage the video speed manually. You can also listen to the classes in audio format and use other apps simultaneously. 

How to purchase MasterClass membership (Step by Step)

Grabbing the course by MasterClass is just a few steps away. Follow the steps below to purchase a MasterClass membership. 

Step 1: Go to the official website of MasterClass or click Here

Step 2: Enter your email address to sign up. 

Enter Your Email Address

Step 3: Enter your card details and click on ‘Place Secure Order.’

Enter Your Card Details

Congratulations! You can now avail yourself of all the classes without any restrictions.

MasterClass Buy One Get One Deal

If you don’t want to buy MasterClass right away, then you can wait for MasterClass’ Buy One Get One deal which runs throughout the year. They usually introduce this offer in March, May, June, September, November, and December. MasterClass offers this deal on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year.

In this offer, you can buy two MasterClass memberships at the price of one. You can gift the second membership to anyone you want. At the time of buying, you just need to enter the email of the other person to whom you want to gift the membership. They can just claim the membership from their email. This can be the perfect gift that you can give to anyone.

MasterClass: Accepted Payment Methods

MasterClass accepts payment only through credit cards. You can pay through American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. 

Does MasterClass offer any discount? 

MasterClass rarely offers any discounts or offers. This is because MasterClass is a premium online learning platform

They offer high-class video lessons covered by celebrities who share their experience and techniques. 

So, it is unlikely to get discounts. However, MasterClass recently had a sale of buy one get one free. This offer was out for father’s day. You get two annual memberships at the price of one. However, the buy one get one offer will end soon. 

MasterClass: Is there a free trial? 

Sadly, MasterClass does not offer any free trial for any of its courses. You will have to purchase either a single course or go with their annual membership. 

But, what if there’s no free trial? The good news is, MasterClass offers trailers for every course along with some of the sample classes. 

These sample classes contain videos from the course and are usually of 2-5 minutes. Through these sample classes and trailers, you get a fair idea about what the course will contain. 

Besides, you can always browse the reviews of the course you want to try online and take experience from other users who have completed the course. 

MasterClass Refund Policy 

So, what if you do not enjoy the course? 

Well, MasterClass offers 30 day money-back guarantee irrespective of the course you pick. You can apply for a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase. After 30 days, you are not eligible for the refund. 

However, ensure that you go through their refund policy’s terms and conditions and eligibility before checking the course. 

Although it is not a free trial, you can enjoy MasterClass risk-free. 

Is MasterClass worth paying? 

MasterClass comes with courses designed by the world’s top celebrities and experts in their field. 

All the courses are designed based on the experience of celebrities. All the courses are designed in high-quality videos and audio. 

Additionally, the courses are broken down into videos of 5-12 minutes per video. The classes start with a basic introduction to trips and tricks of the celebrities, which is impossible to find elsewhere. 


There are also multiple assignments that ensure that you can implement the skills you learned in real life. 

After I completed multiple courses through MasterClass, the classes seemed like personal training sessions by the celebrities.

So, you are getting a personal-like course from the top celebrities around the world at the most affordable pricing. Does it get better than this?

If you are thinking of going with MasterClass, I will highly suggest grabbing the all-access pass and enjoying unlimited courses to boost your skills and career. 

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Final Thoughts: MasterClass Cost (2024)

The MasterClass is one of the best virtual learning platforms available on the internet right now. 

One of the best parts about the courses is that they are designed by world-class experts. 

In the beginning, you might find MasterClass expensive, but when you break down the price, you will notice that MasterClass offers unbeatable value for your money with the best courses. 

The all-access plan is the best value for money. If you are still confused, I will recommend going through the trailers of a few classes based on the niche you want to explore. 

I can assure you that you will find at least two or three courses that will catch your attention. Somehow if you do not like the course, you can apply for a refund anytime! 

So, what is stopping you from grabbing MasterClass? Go ahead and grab the course of your choice right away!


How much does Masterclass All-Access Cost?

The all-access MasterClass pass comes at $180. The pass grants you access to their 100+ courses and comes with an expiration of one year. You can take up unlimited courses for a year at just $180.

Can I get MasterClass for free?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get MasterClass for free. However, you can grab a complete refund of your money with their 30 days refund policy. 

Can I pay monthly for MasterClass? 

No, there is no option to pay monthly for the course. You will see the breakdown of prices per month, but you will have to for an annual membership or a single course altogether. 

Does MasterClass offer any refund policy? 

Yes, if you are unsatisfied with your MasterClass, you can apply for a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase.

Can I share the MasterClass subscription with someone else? 

MasterClass courses are designed for individual use only. MasterClass does not allow you to copy, share, or distribute its courses to others. 

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