10X Fitness Review 2023 — How It Helped Me Get Into Shape?

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Multiple fitness ads claim to help you lose weight in a month. But they sound too good to be true, and most of them don’t even work. 10X Fitness sounds pretty similar, and if you have clicked on this review, you want to know if it even brings results. 

I had the same dilemma as you before buying 10X Fitness, and I don’t want you to have the misconceptions I had. Therefore, I’m sharing my experience with 10X Fitness with a detailed review. 

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If you want to know whether it’s the right fitness plan for you or not, continue reading. 

What Is 10X Fitness By Mindvalley? 

As you can probably tell by the name, 10X Fitness by Mindvalley is a fitness program. This 12-week program claims to help you become the best version of yourself with just 15 minutes of exercise twice a week. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? I also thought the same. How can it be possible to cut those extra pounds just by dedicating 15 minutes that too only two days in a week? 

But the 10X Fitness trainers Ronan Oliveira and Lorenzo Delano claim you can transform your body by cutting out 90% of the usual exercise and just dedicating 10% of your time using this program. 

10X Fitness is a flexible workout routine. You can exercise either at home or at the gym. The idea is that 10X believes in hyper-optimized workouts, where every minute you spend gives you ten times the result compared to regular workouts. This is why the program is called 10X Fitness. 

The core belief of 10X Fitness is that you don’t have to spend hours in the gym to see a toned body, gain muscles and improve your stamina. Fifteen minutes of this exercise combined with clean eating and a proper sleeping schedule are enough to help you achieve your dream body. 

10X Fitness Review: Overview

While most of us think about working out and living a healthy life, our everyday busy schedule does not let us stick to a routine. But time constraints would no longer be an issue with 10X Fitness. 

10X Fitness is based on science-based fitness theory using which you can shed those extra calories and build a better version of yourself in less time. 

I know you are getting curious to know the entire course structure and how their exercises look. I have tried 10X Fitness myself, and I’ll let you know everything from the beginning to the end. 

I’ll also share whether this program worked for me or not later in this guide. But first, let’s have a look at the coaches of 10X Fitness. 

A Brief History About The 10X Fitness Trainers Ronan Oliveira And Lorenzo Delano 

Ronan Oliveira is the head of Health and Fitness at Mindvalley. He has years of experience when it comes to designing fitness programs, design thinking, and leadership. 

His experience and capacities have enabled him to work with industry experts in different fields. What led Ronan Oliveira to choose this path of life is his previous experience in his workplace. 

Overworking had made him sick and tired, and he wasn’t able to sneak out time for exercise. He tried to opt for a healthier lifestyle following a conventional exercise routine, but that didn’t bring him much result. After which, he shifted to a more science-based fitness routine that brought him significant results. 

10X Fitness Review: Author

Lorenzo Delano is the co-founder of 10X Fitness. Apart from 10X Fitness, Lorenzo has devised a couple of other programs like- Maps Of Life, a program for overall human well-being, and MMT,  an instructional methodology designed to make you aware of integrated conditions for mastering any subject. 

Lorenzo Delano got into Fitness at the age of 16 when his older brother died due to the absence of a healthier lifestyle. And Ronan Oliveira is known to transform the lives of millions of people through his science-backed fitness programs

12 Weeks Of 10X Fitness: Entire Course Explained 

As you can already see, 10X Fitness is a twelve program. These 84 days promise to change your life with an entire body transformation program. 

During the program, Lorenzo and Ronan Oliveira guide you throughout to teach you- how to activate your response mechanisms, engage muscles and transform your health and fitness routine with just fifteen minutes of exercise twice a week. 

10X Fitness Review: Courses

It does not matter what your fitness level is. 10X Fitness is for everyone, irrespective of age, gender, fitness level, and lifestyle. But if you’re a complete beginner, you should start with some base-level exercises before starting the program. 

Now it’s time to understand all three phases of 10X Fitness. Here is how they work- 

Part One/ Phase One: The Warm-Up (Week One) 

Like all other Mindvalley courses, 10X Fitness begins with an introduction to the program. As we begin the 10X quest, it introduces us to the core philosophies and exercises we will follow throughout the entire program. 

The core of these philosophies is to help us develop our strength, mobility, muscle building, and a healthier lifestyle in general. It teaches us how scientifically based workout regimes help us maintain optimal health by only dedicating 10% of the usual workout time. 

The warm-up phase also introduces us to the instructors and lets us know the equipment we’ll need to continue with the exercise. We get other essential information like habit building and a detailed explanation of how this quest has been designed. 

The best part is we can interact with our trainers in live calls. Now let’s talk about the actual workouts we’ll be doing each week. 

Part Two / Phase Two: Week Two To Week Four 

Our transformation begins from this phase onwards. We get familiar with the Big 6 routine and how to apply these six core exercises in our bi-weekly routine. 

The first exercise for week two is about building our stamina with some simple exercises like squats, pull, and push. There are video and audio instructions for these exercises, following which we can improve our posture and movement. 

Gradually we are introduced to the other three programs of the Big Six routine. They taught us how to incorporate these exercises so that it matches our current fitness level. 

The program also teaches us ways to reduce body soreness, tips for measuring our progress, work capacity tests, and more. 

That’s not it; the second phase teaches how to develop healthy eating habits without feeling we are missing out on anything. We always feel that fit people, especially celebrities, follow some fancy diet routines. But there is nothing like that. 

Eating healthy has no rocket science. Some simple recipes can satisfy our taste buds while also providing us with all the macro and micronutrients our bodies need. 

We learn about other crucial factors like- the subtle differences between male and female bodies. Therefore, how to optimize workouts to achieve desired results. 

Part Three/ Phase Three: Week Five To Week Six

As we get more comfortable with our fitness routine during the second phase, it’s time things get a bit intense. As we got closer to achieving our fitness goals; hence, the trainers introduced us to nine additional optimized exercises to cover different muscle groups. 

My biggest insecurity was my flabby arms; I wanted them to look toned and sculpted. I got to know how to focus on specific muscle groups and sculpt my body as per my strength and visualization. 

Losing fat and building muscles don’t always work well together. But I learned how to incorporate work and diet to lose fat while gaining more muscle mass. But the best part is, the program didn’t ask for any calorie cutting, carb cutting, or neither it asked to starve ourselves. 

Phase Four/ Part Four: Week Ten To Twelve 

The final week is all about taking everything we have learned and incorporating it into our lifestyle. Our weight loss or fitness journey does not end here. We have to make 10X Fitness a part of our everyday routine. 

We were trained to design our personal 10X Fitness workout and a nutrition plan that fits our lifestyle. There is no need to keep a personal trainer or a nutritionist because 10X Fitness curates everything for us. 

A lot of us might deal with a bad sleep schedule mostly because of our screen time. But not anymore. We learned how sleep plays a vital role in our muscle development and body’s recovery. Hence, having a good sleep schedule is crucial. 

My Experience With 10X Fitness. Did It Work For Me?

As I said in the beginning, I have tried 10X Fitness, and here is how it worked for me. But before talking about my journey and results, let me give you a brief background of my health and Fitness. 

I worked out at the gym for two years, but after that, I had to shift to a new place and stopped exercising. Lack of time and motivation was the reason I could not carry on exercising. But after a year, I gained lots of weight and faced different health issues. 

So I decided to resume my workout. But I knew I didn’t have the time to go to the gym. Therefore, I was searching for quick workout routines and found 10X Fitness. I went through some of the reviews about the program and did more research. 

10X Fitness Review: Curriculum

The quest seemed convincing, so I bought the course. My main issue was that I didn’t have enough stamina and could not do HIIT workouts. But 10X Fitness gradually helped me gain my stamina, and I slowly got into HIIT and weight training programs as well. 

But to be honest, it took me more than 15 minutes in the initial phase because I had to pause between workouts. But how much time you require depends on your fitness level. 

Another issue I had was that I was eating out a lot. I lived alone and didn’t like cooking, so eating out, or takeaways seemed better options. 10X Fitness helped me understand that no matter how much I work out, I cannot achieve my fitness goals without eating clean. 

It took me a few weeks, but gradually I switched to clean eating. To my surprise, healthy cooking is not only satisfying enough, but it’s easier to cook and does not take much time. 

Let’s come to the results. I saw my progress from the third week onwards, and by the time I finished 10X Fitness, I had lost about 12 pounds. When I started, I was 168 pounds. 

Even though it’s a drastic change, I can feel my body has changed due to better eating and sleeping patterns. Fitness is a continuous journey, and I can’t stop here. I have a long way to go, and I’m hoping to live by the rules of 10X Fitness. 

While there are so many benefits of this program, there are some drawbacks as well. I didn’t have any exercise equipment which I had to buy. Also, working out only twice weekly wasn’t enough. I worked out at least thrice or four times a week. I also feel that these workouts will be much more efficient if I do them from a gym. 

Lastly, the results depend on you. 10X Fitness can show you the path, but the results ultimately depend on you. If you think you can’t keep up with the routine for the long run, it’s of no use putting your money into it. 

Who is 10X Fitness For?

If you want to improve your health but can’t seem to find time for the gym or any other fitness activity in your busy schedule, then 10X Fitness is the perfect choice for you. Though anyone can use this course, but it can yield the best results for those who want to get into shape and put efforts towards that. If you’re into exploring new methods of fitness, then this course is also the best option for you.

As we grow older every year, our body degrades every year to keep ourselves healthy and fit, we need to do more fitness activities, but as I said, not everyone has the time to work out. With 10X Fitness, your workout time gets reduced by 90%, which is great for people with busy schedules. This Mindvalley quest can be a game-changer for you if you follow its techniques and exercises properly.

10X Fitness Review: Pros & Cons

In this section, we have given the pros & cons of using the 10X Fitness program.


  • This program not only helps you become fit but also why you should be getting fit.
  • 10X Fitness program focuses on the three most important aspects of life such as sleep, nutrition, and exercise. You will not get the desired outcome if you’re not maintaining all three.
  • Once you pay for the program, the chances of you sticking to the program increase. Because we humans have the tendency to get the most out of whatever we pay for.
  • The program has a lot of information to provide, but they don’t give you everything all at once, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Everything is divided into days, and the lessons are not longer than 20 minutes.
  • You will get workbooks and spreadsheets so you can easily track your progress.


  • You can’t do it at home, and you will need a gym membership. If not a gym membership, then you will need to buy at least a few pieces of equipment to keep up with the program. 
  • You will need to give more time to the exercises or the program to get the best results. You can’t get by just giving 30 minutes every week.

How Much Does The 10X Fitness Cost? 

10X Fitness costs $399 for lifetime excess to the entire program. I know it’s pretty expensive for a lot of people. But let me tell you a hack using which you can get the program at a much lesser price. 

10X Fitness Review: Pricing

You can buy Mindvalley All-access (membership offer 60% off) monthly or yearly plans, which are available at a much lower price. All-access monthly or yearly subscriptions give you access to all the 50+ Mindvalley quests, and you can cancel the subscription anytime. 

The prices of both subscription plans are as follows- 

Membership TypePrice 
Mindvalley Yearly Membership $299/ year 
Mindvalley Yearly Membership Pro $599/year 

Again, if paying 300 dollars isn’t feasible for you, you can also opt for monthly payment options. You have to pay $59 for the monthly plan and $25 for the yearly plan. The yearly plan is definitely cheaper, and you can cancel it anytime. But read the terms and conditions well before signing up to avoid any hassle. 

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Takeaway: 10X Fitness Review (2023) 

Did my 10X Fitness review help you decide if you want to buy the program? If you have the willpower to follow a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life, you should definitely try 10X Fitness. 

It’s not like any everyday fitness routine; instead, it gives a whole new perspective on eating well, working out, and sleeping well too. Moreover, 10X costs less than what a nice gym membership would cost you, so why not give it a try?

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