Silva Ultramind Review 2024: Is It Legit? (TRUTH)

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Silva Ultramind promises to change your life but does it? 

If you are hovering around the same question and wondering if the Silva Ultramind program is legit or not, I have got you covered with proof and personal experience through this in-depth Silva Ultramind review.

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I took Silva Ultramind for myself and checked if it was actually working. Guess what? It did. Silva Ultramind exceeded my expectations, and I was stunned by the results.

After taking Silva Ultramind, I decided to share my experience with an unbiased review covering all the aspects involved in taking Silva Ultramind.

In this article, you will learn everything about the Silva Method, my experience with Silva Ultramind, the lessons in Silva Ultramind, who is suitable for this program, and even the pricing.

To wrap up with Silva Ultramind, I have also shared my verdict in the end!

Silva Ultramind: In A Nutshell

Ever thought about holding the power to transform your life while staying in the comfort of your home? Well, Mindvalley has brought Silva Ultramind to you, which does precisely that.

Let me brief it out. Silva Ultramind is a 4-week self-development course where you are taught to unveil your inner power and creativity simply by tweaking your mind using specific practices. 

The sessions in Silva Ultramind focus on unplugging life and dwelling in mental relaxation wherein any stress or fear is purged out, giving a new life to your spiritual being. 10+ intellectual points!

Accessing the subconscious mind demands greater intuition capability and determination, and so Silva Ultramind aims at bringing it out in you using mind techniques naturally. 

Silva Ultramind Review - Overview

The breakdown of Silva Ultramind is also very simple and straightforward. 

With only 15-20 minutes per day using Silva Ultramind, you will be able to unlock the power of channeling your Ultramind to succeed in life and live happily ever after. Not a storyline, though.

What’s more? You also get a bonus pre-recorded call with Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, where he reverts to all the questions raised within the community.

Followed by Silva Ultramind, Mindvalley recommends taking up Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance and Be Extraordinary to get the utmost benefit.  

Bonus: Mindvalley has many quests and courses like Silva Ultramind, and they also offer many benefits in their membership, along with access to all the quests and courses. You can get to know more about Mindvalley through our detailed review here.

How Effective is Silva Ultramind? (My Experience)

To cut it short, my entire spiritual awakening experience with Silva Ultramind, I must say that it was truly rewarding, and I was able to feel it on my nerves. To be precise, I felt that instant refreshing feeling that only happens if you use an expensive soap or treat yourself to hot chocolate. 

Silva Ultramind had course materials that helped understand a person’s power and the ability to heal themselves. Meaning I realized that I am the one who can fix my life because only I know all the misery, trauma, toxicity, and drama that I have faced. 

Even if I had vented about my agony to someone else, they could only help to a certain extent. With Silva Ultramind, I was able to find myself while being fully aware and conscious. 

I did not realize that a virtual program taken on a regular basis would reflect a positive impact on my life. Vishen also suggested mindful exercises that would help in bettering my journey.

Moreover, instead of making impulsive decisions, I had better control over my mind resulting in increased productivity, focus on life, and better planning. Thanks to Silva Ultramind!

The best part about Silva Ultramind, it was not mere physical training but full mental coaching, making it easier and accessible for users of all ages who are trying to heal themselves. 

Silva Ultramind Lessons Explained:

Now that Mindvalley has launched Silva Ultramind for mind healing through self-development lessons, you might be curious to know how Silva Ultramind works and the categorization of lessons, so I took each lesson religiously and have broken down its components.

Silva Ultramind - Lesson

Your quest on the working of Silva Ultramind ends here, so sit straight and keep reading.

Foundation of Ultramind

The Silva Ultramind program begins with a beginner-friendly strategic session which means even if you have not done a single meditation since birth, it is still doable if you follow the tips shared by Vishen in Silva Ultramind diligently.

An added benefit of Silva Ultramind is that you get to learn more about your mind over the body, which means you get the opportunity to find your mental state and its well-being easily.

Most times, we complain about problems but forget to resolve them by preventing them beforehand, and so the mental harnessing that is taught in Silva Ultramind helps in tackling major issues.

You are also told to follow a unique exercise specially curated for Silva Ultramind users. Don’t worry. The exercise will be guided with adequate instructions so that you can perform it quickly.

Understanding the unknown 

Do you remember the intuition and channeling part that I discussed earlier? In the second part, Vishen talks about harnessing the various intuition types and how to benefit from it.

Eventually, you will also learn about problem-solving and techniques that help in avoiding scenarios where you are held captive under mental anguish and stress.

Additionally, you will also learn to recharge your aura and revive your inner power.

Healing your soul

In the third part comes the actual process of soul healing, wherein you are taught science-backed-up techniques that help in curing mind obstacles and severity.

Usually, as humans, we are deeply connected with our individual souls, and due to inevitable meltdowns or emotional baggage, we tend to lose that connection. 

You get insightful tools with a proper framework on how to apply them in life. With the help of Silva Ultramind, you get to wire back and live a fruitful life with an entirely new perspective.

Using your Ultramind

The final part of the program comprises all the takeaways that you gained in Silva Ultramind and how you can make use of it in everyday life efficiently. Plus, you will acquire knowledge about the science behind Silva Ultramind and how it urges to eliminate negativity.

Naturally, habits tend to take longer than usual to be adapted, and so Silva Ultramind also suggests helpful ways to gradually implement the learnings into life. 

Last but not least, you get to detect the triggering factors by yourself by the end of the program.

Who is the Instructor in Silva Ultramind?

Silva Ultramind is an excellent mind-healing course in Mindvalley, but who handles it? It is the man himself who found Mindvalley. Yes – Vishen Lakhiani is handling Silva Ultramind.

Despite already handling other transformative courses like Be Extraordinary in Mindvalley, Vishen is making an effort to share his wisdom, power, and belief in different modules.

Silva Ultramind - Instructor

I am glad that Vishen does not limit his preachings to a single course and is extending in numerous programs and workshops that benefit people in different parts of the world. 

In Silva Ultramind, Vishen fully focuses on mind, soul, and body only. Although you might get insightful tools on keeping up with a stable mindset, the outcome is often life-changing. 

What is ESP In Silva Ultramind?

If you do decide to take the Silva Ultramind course, then you will hear the word ESP come up a lot. The meaning of this word is extrasensory perception, and it is still considered a pseudo-scientific theory. So you might think it is not real, but after taking the quest myself, I can confirm this one thing is that it is very real. There are a lot of things that happen all over the world that are beyond our understanding, and they might not have a scientific theory to support them. But that does not mean they are not real.

Vishen Lakhiani explains ESP as a concept that allows us to take ideas and inspiration from beyond our physical body & mind. According to my understanding, I am going to try to explain it in simpler words. Let’s assume there is a box that is filled with unique, life-changing ideas and things. The Silva Ultramind System explains how to reach that box and get an idea or multiple ideas for yourself. The lessons of the Silva Ultramind System are pretty self-explanatory, and to understand them, all you have to do is keep an open mind to the possibilities.

Who is Suitable for Silva Ultramind?

Not all Mindvalley courses, programs, and workshops are destined for an open audience, but Silva Ultramind is different and can be taken by anyone who wishes to transform their life.

With only mind and soul healing exercises, Silva Ultramind promises to unlock the positive side of your nature and bring out the best. Plus, the techniques suggested in Silva Ultramind are backed up by science, which means there is no fooling or false advertising.

Unleash Your Mind With The Silva Ultramind System

In fact, I have used it and witnessed several changes, so there are no boundaries in using Silva Ultramind. Regardless of age and mental factors, anyone can take up Silva Ultramind.

In case you want overnight results, you might get disappointed because Silva Ultramind is not some magical spell that can waltz away from all the triggering elements in your life. Still, if followed religiously, you can see the results at a rapid pace. I mean, I did and got rewarded for it.

Who Won’t Like Silva Ultramind Course?

Silva Ultramind Course only benefits those who believe it will work for them; if you are a non-believer, then you wouldn’t even be searching for this review. This course will not work for you if you believe there are no such things as a higher power, synchronicity, and ESP in this world. ESP is a technique that is not scientifically proven, so you might feel uncomfortable practicing it.

In the course, the instructor discusses things like gut feelings, spirituality, luck, inner intuition, higher power, and other things. If you are a logical person, you might not like hearing those things, so taking this course would be a waste of your money and time.

Is Silva Method Scientifically Proven?

There have been very few scientific studies on the effectiveness of the Silva Method. Here is a summary of the limited research:

  • A 1977 study published in the Journal of Altered States of Consciousness looked at ESP performance in groups trained with the Silva Method compared to control groups. The Silva groups showed better ESP performance, suggesting the training may have enhanced extrasensory perception. However, the study had methodological flaws.
  • A 1990 study in the Journal of the American Society of Psychical Research found Silva graduates showed some increases on creativity tests after training but could not definitively link the increases to the Silva program.
  • A 1999 study in the Journal of Parapsychology failed to replicate the 1977 findings. The Silva training did not significantly improve ESP performance compared to the control group.

Overall, there is no solid scientific evidence that the Silva Method enhances psychic abilities, creativity, memory, or other benefits, as claimed. The few studies have had very small sample sizes and lack rigorous, controlled methods. The Silva Method relies heavily on anecdotal testimonials rather than empirical data.

Silva Ultramind System: Pros & Cons

Here are the benefits & drawbacks of the Silva Ultramind System.


  • The program is included in the Mindvalley Membership, where you can access all the Mindvalley courses at once for a year.
  • Mindvalley offers a 15-day risk-free guarantee, so even if you pay for the course, you can still get a refund during this period.
  • After doing all the exercises, I’ve felt like a new me who is ready to take on any challenges life offers.
  • You get the techniques of Silva and Vishen himself, so you get a perfect blend of mindfulness that can change your life forever.
  • With the course, you get access to the online community where you can connect with other students of the course.


  • This course offers some conflicting information that is still to be proven scientifically.

How Much Does Silva Ultramind Cost?

Enough talking about the benefits of Silva Ultramind. Let’s move on to the budget. Let me tell you that Silva Ultramind used to be expensive as hell, but now it has been drastically reduced.

Hear me out. Since Silva Ultramind is one of the exclusive programs offered by Mindvalley, it can be accessed via Mindvalley memberships, which also allows you to take other life-changing programs that offer ultimate benefits. 


Regarding Silva Ultramind, you can buy it as

  • Mindvalley Monthly Membership is priced at $2000 (now discounted to $99 per month) 
  • Mindvalley Yearly Membership is priced at $2000 (now discounted to $499/year or $41.60 per month)

Let me recall the best benefits that you would be able to experience with Mindvalley memberships. You will literally get complete access to all the bonus classes, Mindvalley programs, Mindvalley meditations, and live sessions with celebrities like Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Who would miss such an opportunity? Grab it right away!

Plus, you will be invited to one of the world’s most private social networks, where users from all parts of the world can be connected and share similar thoughts. Basically, like a BFF group!

The best part about taking memberships in Mindvalley is that even if you are not satisfied, they also come with a money-back guarantee. You can also save a few bucks on your purchase of Mindvalley Membership with our exclusive Mindvalley Coupon.

Silva Ultramind Review Conclusion (2024)

How did I miss Silva Ultramind, which truly changed my perspective on life before? Although the benefits are only abstract in nature, the results are accurate, and I can genuinely feel it.

I never thought some virtual program hosted by a person on the other side of the planet could have a positive impact on my life. Touchwood. Thanks to Silva Ultramind for the journey!

Silva Ultramind allowed me to find my inner power and use it to enhance my life, and it worked, which I still cannot comprehend. I mean, it is not some superpower for obvious reasons but still.

I should mention that Silva Ultramind made me realize that we control our lives and not the other way around. The moment Silva Ultramind got me in reality, half the problems faded away. 

Still, you may not experience the same way I experienced Silva Ultramind, but you might get double the benefits and get rewarded multiple times, and so why are you still waiting?

Go ahead. Buy a Mindvalley membership and change your life at the comfort of your home!

FAQs On Silva Ultramind System

How many parts are there to Sliva Ultramind System?

There are four different parts to the Silva Ultramind system: Your Ultramind Foundation, Knowing The Unknown, Attaining Your Soul Desire & Healing, and Channeling Your Ultramind Into Your Life.

How long does it take to finish the Silva Ultramind quest?

The schedule to finish Silva Ultramind Quest lasts 28 days covering all four parts of this quest. You just need to give it 10-15 minutes of your time daily to see improvement in your life.

Can I get a refund on my purchase of a Mindvalley membership?

Mindvalley refund policy states you can get a refund on your purchase of a Mindvalley membership within 15 days of the purchase. This time is enough for you to figure out whether Mindvalley is right for you or not.

Can I finish this quest at my own pace?

There is no boundation to take the lessons daily, so yeah, you can finish this quest at your own pace. But if you follow the schedule properly, then you will see results quickly.

What will I get in a Mindvalley membership?

Mindvalley membership gives you instant access to over 50 quests, bonus content from all the quests, weekly Mindvalley live sessions with the experts, a private social network, and all future updates.

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