Datacamp vs Coursera: Ultimate. Comparison Of 2024

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Online learning platforms have gained a huge demand because of the flexibility and affordability it offers.

When it comes to virtual learning, especially in the area of Data Science and Analysis, Datacamp and Coursera are the top two platforms that come into the frame. 

If you are willing to expand your skills and knowledge in programming, Data Science, and technical fields, then both platforms are the best ones. 

But to help you choose one that might work best for you, I have provided an in-depth comparison of both platforms that you can check out. 

ParametersDatacamp Coursera 
Language Support It offers support for 16 different languages Offers support for 10 different languages 
Features Access to 410+ Affordable pricing plans High-quality contentChatGPT cheat sheetsHands-on-projects Access to 7,000+ courses High-quality content 14-day money-back guarantee Self-paced learning optionVerified shareable certificates
Courses covered Data Science and Programming Data Science and several other subjects
Certifications Offers Associate and Professional certifications Offers industry certificates, course completion certificates, and degrees
Free Trial You can access the first chapter of all the courses for free.7-day 
Pricing $9.11 per month The price varies as per the programs. Annual subscription-$399
Overall Rating 4.5/5 4.7/5 

Pros And Cons Of Datacamp vs Coursera 

Following are the pros and cons offered by Datacamp and Coursera that you can check out. 

Pros And Cons Of Datacamp

Pros Cons 
It comprises a system of signal skills analyticsThe platform does not offer free course content
The pricing policy is simple and affordable It is not affiliated with the top Universities
Highly engaging video content
Offers detailed courses to learn Python, SQL, and R. 
An active community of learners 

Pros And Cons Of Coursera 

Pros Cons 
Affiliated with top organizations and universitiesPricing might seem a bit confusing 
It offers several free courses Few courses have fixed dates to enroll for
Provide an opportunity to learn offline by downloading the course content
Covers a broad range of courses 
Offers financial aid and course audit option
Free trial period of 7-days and 14-day money-back guarantee

Datacamp: Overview 

Datacamp is an extensive online learning platform specializing in Data Science, Machine learning, Programming, and Analytics. 

All the programs are designed to help you gain advanced skills to excel in the career of the Data world. So whether it is certifications in data science or personalized resume reviews and interview preparation, Datacamp has covered everything for you.

Datacamp vs Coursera - Datacamp

It offers highly engaging video lectures, hands-on projects, exercises, and quizzes. Along with the courses, Datacamp also offers Podcasts to help you explore the inner workings of the Data Science industry. 

To get a detailed idea about the platform, you can check out the complete Datacamp review

Coursera: Overview 

Coursera is a robust e-learning platform offering over 5,800 courses, degrees, and professional certificates from top-notch universities, organizations, and companies. 

It is the most prestigious online academic platform covering broad areas of programs right from health, personal development, and business to Data Science, Machine learning, and many more. 

Coursera Overview 

As Coursera is partnered with top Universities like Stanford, Michigan, California, and many more, the certifications offered by the platform are highly legitimate, and course quality is top-level. 

Features: Datacamp vs Coursera 

Both Datacamp and Coursera offer a diverse range of features. To get insight into a few of them, scroll down below. 

Features Of Datacamp

  • Tutorials, Webinars, and Podcasts
  • Unlimited access to several courses to help you hone specific skills
  • ChatGPT cheat sheets 
  • Short videos and interactive exercises 
  • Teacher discount policies 
  • Industry-recognized certificates 
  • Priority support response

Features Of Coursera 

  • Engaging course videos and readings 
  • Legit and shareable certificates on course completion
  • Graded assignments and practice quizzes 
  • World-renowned instructors 
  • Several free courses 

Datacamp vs Coursera: User Interface 

To learn more about the platforms, below is the user interface of both of them. 

Datacamp: User Interface

Datacamp offers an easy and intuitive interface. When you navigate toward the main page of the platform, the first thing you see is the registration form where you can log in if you already have an account, or else you can sign up if you don‚Äôt have one. 

The page comprises a dashboard at the top displaying the explore option where you can select the type and level of the course you want to take.

Datacamp User Interface

After that, you will also see the pricing option from where you can select the subscription plan as per your preference. 

You can access the courses either by selecting them from the drop-down menu or by entering the course name in the search bar.

Once you land on the course page, your attention is directed toward the single course. 

The main thing I liked about the platform is that there are no unnecessary pop-ups and no course recommendations, which means you can access any course you want at your own pace. 

Coursera: User Interface 

Coursera also has a simple and user-friendly interface. The website’s main page comprises a dashboard with an explore option from where you can select the categories and the type of course. 

Besides the explore option, there is a search box where you can type the course name you are willing to take. 

The course pages are simple and provide a description of all the lessons along with the assessments. 

Both platforms are easy to navigate; However, if you are new to both platforms, the user interface of Datacamp might seem more intuitive as it is based on the gamification approach, so it is easier to figure out for new users. 

Datacamp vs Coursera: Program Offerings 

Datacamp and Coursera both offer a diverse range of academic programs. Below are a few of them. 

Datacamp Program Offerings 

Datacamp offers more than 410 courses and 103 projects to help you unlock in-demand and AI skills. 

All the courses are well-detailed, comprehensive, and easily digestible, especially for beginners. Along with the courses, another unique offering of Datacamp is the signal assessment test, with the help of which you can figure out which courses to opt for. 

Datacamp Program Offerings 

The three major topics on which the Datacamp focuses are Python, SQL, and R. In essence, the platform also offers online exercises for coding and other practice tools to brush up on your skills. 

You can also access several skills and career track courses that industry experts curate to enhance your data skills. 

Coursera Program Offerings 

A diverse range of programs are offered by Coursera that cover a wide range of topics. The platform offers over 35 bachelor’s and master’s degrees from well-renowned universities and institutions. 

It also offers Mastertrack certification programs and 100+ professional certification programs that provide you with in-depth knowledge and hands-on project for a particular topic. 

Over 2500 guided projects are offered by the platform, which is designed to impart essential knowledge and job-relevant skills. All the programs offered are highly interactive and engaging. 

Compared to Datacamp, Coursera covers a comprehensive range of programs. So if you want to explore different course content, Coursera is the perfect one. 

Datacamp vs Coursera: Course Quality 

There is no doubt that both Datacamp and Coursera are among the top educational platforms. Both platforms are best for the quality and variety of their courses.

Top instructors lead Datacamp courses with great experience in Data Science, Analysis, and Data Engineering.

On the other hand, Coursera is an intellectual platform and is partnered with top Universities, so the course content is crafted in such a way that it meets the standards of the university level. 

Coursera Courses

So coming to the quality of the course content, both platforms compete equally. 

Datacamp vs Coursera: Language Support

Although English is a widely spoken language, few users may not be native English speakers, so in order to help non-native learners, both platforms offer support in several languages.

Regarding language support, Datacamp allows access to courses in 16 languages and Arabic, Turkish, Thai, Indonesian, Polish, and Vietnamese subtitles. 

Coursera offers limited language support. On the course description page, you can see which languages are available for the course. 

It offers support for English, Spanish, German, Korean, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic. 

Datacamp vs Coursera: Instructors

Courses provided by Datacamp and Coursera are conducted by instructors with expertise in that field.

Datacamp instructors are subject experts from different universities and organizations. They include data scientists, consultants, and external academics. 

You can see the profile of the tutors along with their bios so that you can find out who is going to teach you that particular subject. 

Coursera instructors are professors from reputed universities such as Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Michigan, etc., and from the top tech companies such as Google and IBM, most of whom are still employed at that particular institution.

Datacamp vs Coursera: Certifications

To learn about the certifications offered by Datacamp and Coursera, read on further.

Datacamp Certifications 

Datacamp does not offer a verified certificate, but it offers an accomplishment statement on completion of the courses. 

The platform offers certifications with built-in partnerships with industry leaders, demonstrating your skills to potential employers.

Datacamp Certifications 

Coursera Certifications

Coursera offers certificates upon successful course completion, along with assessments. As the Universities accredit Coursera, the certificates offered by Coursera are highly recognized and legitimate. 

The certificates are offered only on subscription plans. In order to access the courses for free and earn certificates, you can opt for the financial aid option.

Coursera Certifications

Adding these certificates will definitely add value to your resume. 

Datacamp vs Coursera-Support 

Support offered by the platform is the most crucial when choosing the best one. There should be no hindrance in learning due to technical or other issues. 

Datacamp: Support 

Datacamp offers highly interactive customer support. When you select the “Your Datacamp account” option, you will be navigated to the page where you can find articles related to your queries. 

If you have any queries or need instant help, you can reach out to them by accessing the chat button. 

Coursera: Support 

Coursera offers dedicated and active customer support. If you need help regarding any queries or technical support, you can visit the learner help center, where you can find several articles and FAQs.

 If you have any privacy-related inquiries, you can contact customer support at 

Pricing Of Datacamp vs Coursera 

The most important factor considered while opting for a platform is its affordability. To get a clear view of the subscription offered by Datacamp and Coursera, you can check out the pricing plans provided below. 

Datacamp Pricing 

Basic Plan Premium PlanTeam Plan 
Free $9.11 per month $12.42 per user/ month 

For individual learners, Datacamp offers two different plans, i.e., the basic free plan and a premium plan which is offered at $9.11 per month, where you can access all the content of the library. 

Datacamp Pricing 

The Datacamp premium plan lets you access the top SQL, Python, Tableau, R, and Power BI programs. Along with that, you can also take bite-sized practice exercises and step-by-step coding projects.  

It also offers an enterprise plan. To get the pricing of the enterprise plan, you can contact the sales team.

Coursera Pricing

The prices of Coursera vary as per different academic programs. Below are the prices of the Coursera programs. 

Programs Prices 
Degree programsStart at $9,000 
Mastertrack certificate $2,000+ for each course 
Professional certification programs $39 to $99 per month 
Guided Projects Start at $9.99 per course 
Specializations $39.99+ per month 

Coursera also offers a team plan at $399 per user. It offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. The Coursera Plus is offered at $59 per month.

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Final Verdict: Datacamp vs Coursera (2024) 

Considering all the above parameters, it can be demonstrated that both platforms are best for what they offer. It is upon your academic need to opt among the two. 

  • If you are willing to take the course for specialization in the field of Data Science and Programming, then I would recommend going for Datacamp. It offers high-quality courses having a major focus on career development. 
  • If you want to explore other areas such as business, health, personal development, arts and humanities, and Social science and want to earn verified certificates, then you can opt for Coursera. 

Whether you select Datacamp or Coursera, you won’t be disappointed. Both platforms will definitely provide value. 

So, which platform are you opting for? Let us know in the comments section below. 


Which platform is better, Datacamp or Coursera? 

Both platforms are best for what they offer. But if you want to expand your skills in the area of Data Science, Analysis, and programming, then you can go for Datacamp. On the other hand, if you are looking for accredited degrees and certificates, then Coursera is the best one. 

Can Coursera certificates help you to get a job?

As Coursera is partnered with the top universities, the certificates offered by the platform are accredited, verified, and recognized by employers.

Is it possible to access the Statement of accomplishment after the expired subscription? 

After your subscription has expired, your completed progress won’t be deleted, but you will not have access to the contents. You will have to resubscribe in order to access them. 

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