Datacamp Discount & Coupon Code (June) 2024) – 50% OFF

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Datacamp Discount is currently offering a New Year New Skills deal — where you get 50% OFF on its Premium subscription ($300/year). So, instead of the standard rates, you get the membership at just $149 per year. 

Additionally, Datacamp offers a 6-month free Premium for teachers and students.

Datacamp Discount Code (50% Off | 2024)

Datacamp is one of the platforms for anyone to learn coding and other technical skills.🎯
Get 50% off on Datacamp with our exclusive offer.🔥

At the same time, you indirectly save $318.96 by opting for the annual membership. Whereas, if you go for the Pro Membership of the Recruit Plan, it gives you a 15-day free trial. 

Overall, you can see Datacamp is back with incredible deals. So, keep reading for more details.

Available Datacamp Discount & Coupon Offer (2024)

As of 2024, Datacamp offers a whopping 50% OFF on its annual membership. 

The Learn Data And AI Skills has reduced the $300 annual plans to $149. 

DataCamp Discount Offer

By claiming the offer, you can access over 450 Data and AI courses, hands-on learning, projects to build your portfolios, and more. Check out the additional offers in the table below:-

Active OfferExpiry DateLink
Basic Free Offer30 June, 2024Here
Datacamp Business Access30 June, 2024Here
Sign up for a Free Account30 June, 2024Here
50% Student Discount30 June, 2024Here is a trusted & reliable DataCamp discount website that shares the latest discounts on DataCamp to help you save big on your purchase of its subscriptions.

Does DataCamp Offer A Student Discount? – Benefits

Datacamp Discount & Coupon - Student Discount
Source: Datacamp Official Website

Datacamp Student Discount offers 50% OFF on its annual membership. 

So, instead of $300, you can reap the following benefits at just $149/ year.

  • Access to free courses irrespective of your career path.
  • Entire Datacamp catalogue
  • 60+ career track, 410+ courses, and 80+ projects for data professionals
  • Languages include SQL, Python, R, Tableau, Power BI, MLOPs, etc.
  • Comprehensive tools for data science 
  • Hands-on learning by implementing real-world data science
  • Career advice, access to Datacamp career services, and certification 
  • Videos in over 16 languages
Datacamp Discount & Coupon - Annual Membership
Source: Datacamp Official Website

For students enrolling for the Workspace subscription, you can benefit from:

  • Upto seven days version history
  • Access to the database is provided through fixed IP addresses
  • 2vCPUs and 4GB RAM
  • Access to up to 3 free workspaces

How To Redeem Datacamp Coupon Code & Discount? (Guide)

Now that we have informed you about the best deal to begin your coding journey, let us guide you on how to redeem your discount code.

You can redeem the discount with these easy steps!

Step #1: Click on our limited edition discount link .

DataCamp Discount - Sales Page

Step #2: You need to scroll down to see the discount offer. You will find two premium offers, and now you need to choose a plan that is fit for you. Click on the buy now button to go to the checkout page.


Step #3: Then sign in to your Datacamp account and if you are a new user, fill in all your details on the displayed page and click on continue.

Datacamp Checkout

Step #4: Now, Datacamp will direct you to their payment page. All you have to do is select a payment method. Then, fill out all the credentials and click on continue again. 

Fill Out Your Payment Details

Step #5: Finally, you will end on their review and confirm section. You have to review your plan and confirm the payment.

Voila! Now you have access to the best courses at a reasonably discounted rate!

Datacamp Free Premium Account: 6 Months

In order to get a free Datacamp classroom, the student must be over 16+, and the teacher should have an active teaching license. Keep in mind that only teachers can apply for the Datacamp classroom, and students can ask for access from them. 

That being said, follow the steps given below to apply for the Datacamp classroom:-

Step 1: Click on this link.

Step 2: Fill out the form with valid information.

Step 3: Click on “Create my free class.”

After creating the account, you will receive an approval email within 1-3 business days. Make sure you are checking the spam folder too. In addition, Datacamp might ask you more questions, so be prepared for that. 

If not, you can access the Classroom by logging into your account. After that, join the “Groups,” you will locate it at the top of your navigation bar.

Datacamp: Our Review! 

As far as our personal experience with Datacamp, we never faced any issues with courses or the overall features. We find some of the tools at Datacamp to be better and more efficient than its competitors. 

Datacamp offers the best interactive course and has powerful learning tools like practice sessions for classes where they conduct frequent tests and assignments for better learning. They also teach you to apply your course knowledge in real life by assigning you projects. Its project feature enables you to test your skills by using tools like Jupyter Notebooks to complete a data analysis without any risks. 

Datacamp also hosts frequent live training sessions and webinars for its students. These live sessions include awareness about the future of data science and guidance on how you can establish your data-driven organization.

Our overall experience with Datacamp has been more than good, and we would be happy to recommend it to anyone interested in coding, data science, or machine technology.

Bonus: You can get to know more about Datacamp through an in-depth review of this platform.

Who Should Use DataCamp?

Anybody who resonates with the following pointers shall opt for the Datacamp:-

  • You enjoy coding and want to learn more. 
  • You are looking for certification programs.

Once you learn skills from the Datacamp, the following are some of the career choices for you:-

  • Data Analyst
  • Programmer/ Coder
  • Statistician
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Quantitive Analyst

Datacamp Monthly and Annual Membership – Pricing Explained!

Datacamp primarily offers four subscription plans, out of which Basic is free of cost, and Enterprise requires you to contact the sales team. 

The remaining two plans are Premium and Teams, each offering monthly and annual plans.

Now, if you opt for the annual subscription, the Premium plan gives you $318.96 OFF!

Where there is no such discount on the Enterprise plan. Check out the subscription rates below:-

DataCamp Learn Pricing Plans
Subscription PlansOriginal PriceDiscount PriceSavings
Premium $39/ Month$12.42/ Month$318.96/ Year
Teams$12.42/ Month$12.42/ Month$0

Likewise, Datacamp also offers Workspace and Recruit subscription plans.

The Workspace offers two memberships: Starters and Premium, each offering monthly and annual plans. The Starters plan is free of cost, whereas the Premium plan is:-

Monthly Annual
Workspace Premium$15/ Month$8.25/ Month

On the other hand, the Recruit plan offers three memberships: Starters, Pro, and Enterprise. Just like before, the Starters plan is free of cost, the Enterprise plan requires you to reach out to their sales team, and the Pro membership is as follows:-

Monthly Annual
Recruit Pro$249/ Month$2499/ Year

The best part of opting for the Recruit Pro Membership is you get a 15-day free trial.

Which Plan Should You Choose?

Datacamp offers multiple pricing options, so choosing the right one for yourself can be a difficult task. That’s why we have prepared a comparison table comparing all the plans to help you choose.

Pricing(Discounted)Free$39/ Month$12.42/ Month
Access to library❌✔️✔️
Personalized Learning Paths❌✔️✔️
Skill Assessments✔️✔️✔️
Completion Certificates❌✔️✔️
Employment Ready Programs❌✔️✔️
Live Code Alongs✔️✔️✔️
Bite-size practice exercisesLimited✔️✔️
Step-by-step coding projectsLimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Global Slack Community❌✔️✔️
Customer Support❌✔️✔️
Admin Dashboard❌❌✔️
Team Performance Reports❌❌✔️
License Management❌❌✔️

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Conclusion: Claim 50% Discount On DataCamp Plans

Students, individuals, and business owners can benefit from Datacamp’s annual subscription, which is available at half price. So, now, the platform offers $300 services at just $149. 

You also get additional perks like 6 Months of free Premium and $318.96 off on Recruit Pro. 

Overall, this article offered detailed insights into the available Datacamo Discount and Coupon Codes for 2024. So we hope it was helpful! In case you have any queries, reach out to me in the comment section below.

FAQs On Datacamp

Is there a way to get DataCamp for free?

You can get Datacamp free by accessing the Premium Classroom. However, this offer is only valid for teachers with active teaching licenses. Other than that, students can ask for class access from the teachers.

How often does DataCamp go on sale?

Generally, the Datacamp goes on sale throughout the year. 

Is DataCamp free for college students?

Datacamp is 100% free of cost for students and teachers. Once you have successfully entered the classes, you can access Datacamp for six months (one semester) and further renew the application.

Is Datacamp offering a free week of access?

Datacamp indeed offers a free week of access where you get all the Premium benefits.

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