10 Best Healthcare Certifications & Programs For 2023

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People with an understanding of and training in healthcare IT are in demand due to new privacy laws and the shift to electronic record keeping. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated a 13% increase in job opportunities for medical records and health information technicians by 2026.

Healthcare certifications come into the role in this case. To build complete knowledge and abilities for these in-demand careers in the healthcare industry, you need a proper healthcare certification.

Taking that into consideration, here I have compiled the list of the eight best healthcare certification courses that will definitely help you to upskill your knowledge in the healthcare sector.

Let’s get started!

List Of The 10+ Best Healthcare Certifications (2023)

This is a quick overview of the best healthcare certifications that you can refer to if you are in a bit of a hurry.

Sr.NoBest Healthcare CertificationsPlatform Ratings
1.Introduction to Healthcare Coursera4.8/5
2.Improving Healthcare through Clinical Research FutureLearn4.7/5
3.Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics Coursera4.7/5
4.The US healthcare Industry: Changes and OpportunitiesUdemy4.5/5
5.Effective Communication for Healthcare Leaders Udemy4.6/5
6.Healthcare selection and recruitmentFutureLearn4.5/5
7.Healthcare Management an IntroductionUdemy4.5/5
8.Innovating in Healthcare edX4.5/5
9.Healthcare Organizations and health system Coursera4.6/5
10. AI in Healthcare SpecializationCoursera4.8/5

10 Best Healthcare Certifications To Take In 2023

Here is a detailed overview of the healthcare certifications that will help you to choose the best one for you.

1. Introduction To Healthcare – Coursera

Our first pick talks about the foundations of the American healthcare system. It will introduce the leading organizations and players in the healthcare systems, describe what they do, and go over how they interact. 

The course will cover medical facilities, pharmaceuticals, insurance policies, and financing plans.

It also discusses the difficulties in managing healthcare costs, as well as access to care and care quality. Although the course is primarily focused on the American healthcare system, you will also explore other developed nations’ healthcare systems.

Best Healthcare Certifications - Introduction To Healthcare

In the first part only, you will have an overview of healthcare systems and many key challenges they face. Here you will have a look at the types and roles of intermediaries and providers, along with the challenges.

Next, you will learn about some characteristics of physician practices. It also covers procedure codes and diagnosis codes along with the types of capitation payment systems.

In the last session, you will get covered with health care products, quality measurement, improvement, and prescription drugs. This course will also give you an idea of health insurance plans, health care financing, and intermediaries.

InstructorNigam Shah, Mildred Cho, Laurence Baker
Duration12 hours

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the main issues facing the American healthcare system
  • Explore various problems that may arise as you work to enhance healthcare delivery and the healthcare system
  • Know who the major players are in the American healthcare system
  • Get covered with Physician practices and health insurance plans.

2. Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research – FutureLearn

You will learn about clinical research in this course, including its difficulties and significant advantages for contemporary healthcare. 

Through case studies, you will investigate how research aids in the treatment of severe illnesses like cancer and dementia while also exploring the methodology of research and the ethical issues it raises. 

Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research

You get to discover the various roles that researchers, academics, and subjects of clinical research all play in the process of discovery.

Then it will also cover clinical research, which is regulated in the UK and internationally. And you will also have a look at ways in which clinical research is funded.

Finally, you will get to know various future opportunities and directions and various challenges for clinical research.

InstructorChristina Dinah, Paul Ian Cross, Tara-Sienna Hartman
Duration4 weeks

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the state of modern healthcare without the advantages of prior clinical research.
  • Assess how it might fare in the event that no additional research is conducted.
  • Describe the significance of minimizing the possibility of bias when planning a clinical trial and mention specific methods that can be used to achieve this.
  • Discuss the three goals that all researchers must keep in mind when conducting their work, as well as the laws, regulations, and best practices that are involved in clinical research.

3. Understanding Clinical Research Behind The Statistics –  Coursera

Without delving into complex mathematical formulae, this course provides a simple introduction to interpreting common statistical concepts. 

The best way to delve into the world of clinical literature is to be able to interpret and comprehend these ideas. 

The course provides an intuitive exploration of clinical research results in the first part. You will be able to identify which study types are being used and why many researchers selected them.

Understanding Clinical Research Behind The Statistics

Next, you will go through some statistics. You will also tackle the differences in data that will determine what type of statistical test you can use in making sense of data.

You will then have a look at hypotheses and how they relate to ethical and unbiased research and reporting.

You will also have a closer look at some statistical tests with their strict assumptions. And finally, you will analyze the accuracy of the results.

InstructorJuan H Klopper
Duration27 hours

Key Highlights:

  • Get a complete understanding of clinical research results. 
  • Learn to describe your data and determine the type of statistical test that makes sense to your data.
  • Develop an intuitive understanding of the concept of a p-value.
  • Learn Hypothesis testing and confidence level.
  • Understand how good tests pick up the presence or absence of disease.

4. The US Healthcare Industry Changes And Opportunities – Udemy 

This course examines recent developments in the US healthcare sector. The course lasts 30 minutes and consists of six brief, animated lectures.

You will develop a new appreciation for novel opportunities and a new understanding of the various forces influencing change in the healthcare sector.

Six animated lectures are used to teach the course and provide clear explanations of the significant elements of the healthcare sector.

The course also discusses the key players in the healthcare industry and the power relationships between them. You will also review how each player tries to maximize their profits and how that creates tension in the healthcare ecosystem.

The US Healthcare Industry Changes And Opportunities

In the following lecture, the course will introduce you to the eight critical elements of Obamacare. You will review how Obamacare is changing the marketplace for health insurance. You will also know how that creates various opportunities for job seekers and entrepreneurial firms.

Further, the course talks about four ways by which insurance companies are trying to lower healthcare costs. You will learn all the strategies to reduce costs.

And finally, you will get to review the population aging factor, which is considered one of the major demographic trends in the US.

InstructorJonathan Ezer
Duration32 mins

Key Highlights:

  • Identify the major players in the healthcare sector.
  • Determine the essential elements of Obamacare
  • Understand the strategies used by insurance companies to reduce costs.
  • Review population aging that is affecting healthcare costs.

5. Effective Communication For Healthcare Leaders – Udemy

This concrete course discusses the essential elements of efficient communication in healthcare leadership. This course is undoubtedly for you if you want to be heard by your employees and get the desired results.

Here, you will discover what efficient communication with healthcare administrators entails. Additionally, you’ll receive a high-level explanation of the most common leadership techniques—persuasion and listening—and how to use them to communicate effectively.

After understanding what effective communication is, you will learn to develop an effective communication plan to help you lead efficiently. You also get to identify the barriers to your effective communication and how to overcome them.

Effective Communication For Healthcare Leaders

Next, the course teaches you about persuasion as an effective communication tool. You get to explore the various uses of persuasion and the importance of persuasion. You will also learn the power that persuasion holds.

Finally, you will understand how listening is critical as an effective communication tool. Here you will learn the principles of listening and the advantage of active listening.

By the end of this course, you will get covered with five communication hacks that every healthcare leader must have. 

InstructorLana Bamiro

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the meaning of effective communication in terms of healthcare leadership.
  • Establish a strategy for clear communication as a healthcare leader.
  • As a leader in the healthcare industry, employ persuasion as a communication technique.
  • Learn to use listening as a powerful communication technique.
  • Determine the five traits of effective communicators.

6. Healthcare Selection And Recruitment – FutureLearn

This course will teach you how to maximize the effectiveness of MMIs through an evidence-based design process. 

You will comprehend why MMIs are suggested when choosing a healthcare provider. Additionally, you will create an MMI model that will be used within your own company.

The course covers how to design your own MMIs effectively and completely. You will also understand your MMI needs. 

Moreover, you will get to build your own MMI scenarios and model. The course also explains the various pitfalls to avoid and how to analyze your MMIs. 

Healthcare Selection And Recruitment

You will also evaluate future developments and learn to design and blueprint according to your own healthcare program. Finally, you will synthesize your knowledge and understanding to consider future developments in MMIs.

This course is specially designed for people who are into the recruitment and selection of healthcare professionals. Anyone who wants to explore evidenced-based methodology can also do this course.

Duration3 weeks

Key Highlights:

  • Learn what MMI is and explore how it is essential in the healthcare student selection process.
  • Create and design your own MMI model based on the best practice recommendations.
  • Demonstrate a complete understanding of assessor training needs.
  • Reflect on common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • Analyze and evaluate your MMIs for quality assurance.

7. Healthcare Management Introduction – Udemy

The Healthcare management introduction course is especially aimed at the basics of complete management around the healthcare industry.

It starts with various management concepts like the sugar tax. It also covers how to manage affordable healthcare and discusses some homoeopathy issues. You will get to know how to interpret a clinical paper and how to write a systematic review.

This course also talks about medical education and different techniques by which you will be able to write a complete academic manuscript.

Healthcare Management Introduction

The course also talks about some medical concepts like cardiac surgery and its importance. Coming to economics, the course will give a look at health quality and outcomes. Further, you will get covered with modelling and discounting in health economics.

The final and vital session covers the economic analysis of health policy and various medical ideas that changed the world.

InstructorDr. N. Kumar
Duration11 hours

Key Highlights:

  • Get covered with the affordable healthcare system.
  • Know how to write systematic reviews.
  • Learn medical education and different techniques.
  • Understand quality management and health quality and outcomes.
  • Learn to model and discounting in health economics.

8. Innovating In Healthcare – edX

Innovating in Health Care (IHC) investigates how establishing profitable international business ventures in the field of healthcare will not only increase access but also more effectively address consumer and societal needs. 

The course aims at a framework for assessing and developing business models that achieve alignment between an entrepreneurial healthcare venture.

It also explains the six factors like structure, regulations, financing, accountability, consumers, public policy, and technology—that are crucial in shaping new healthcare ventures.

You get to learn how innovation in health care can improve cost, access, and quality. Moreover, you will learn other elements that combine to create a robust business model for innovative healthcare ventures.

Innovating In Healthcare

You will also understand how to distinguish the key to successful innovations from those that are likely to fail.

By the end of the course, you will be able to apply components of effective business models for various types of healthcare innovations and evaluate opportunities.

The course is available in two different formats: an open, online experience and a constrained, team-based deep dive experience, where teams can produce real business plans that are assessed by peer teams and the IHC course instructors.

InstructorRegina Herzlinger, Margo I. Seltzer, Kevin Schulman
Duration9 weeks

Key Highlights:

  • Understand how healthcare innovation can increase access, cost, and quality.
  • Learn the six critical determinants that influence how innovative healthcare ventures compete.
  • Identify innovations that will succeed versus those that will fail.
  • Learn to apply the IHC framework to assess business models for various types of innovations
  • Understand how to write a business plan on your own for your next innovation project.

9. Healthcare Organizations And Health System – Coursera

This course is a part of the healthcare organization operations specialization, which is a concrete explanation of healthcare systems and management. 

The course content includes a complete overview of healthcare organizations, their governance, and their management and administration.

In order to introduce you to the larger “real world” of healthcare organizations, the course includes links to external websites. 

In the first module itself, you will be introduced to the various healthcare organizations and health systems. Next, you will get covered with the overview of health care administration and management.

Healthcare Organizations And Health System

Further courses will give you an overview of organizational governance and its various functions. Here you will learn the complete business structure and tax status. Plus, you will understand the board of directors and their responsibilities.

In the last session, you will get to design a complete governance structure for a healthcare organization. It covers generating an effective electronic poster and building a solid governance structure.

InstructorMargaret Kilduff
Duration18 hours

Key Highlights:

  • Get covered with a complete overview of healthcare organizations and the health system.
  • Understand the complete healthcare administration and management.
  • Know the organizational governance and various functions.
  • Design a governance structure for a healthcare organization.

10. AI in Healthcare Specialization- Coursera

This specialization course talks about the future applications of AI in the healthcare sector. It aims to bring AI technology into the clinical industry.

It is specially designed for healthcare providers as well as computer science professionals that offer insights to facilitate collaboration between the disciplines.

You will be introduced to the 5 courses in this certification. These courses cover the complete fundamentals of the US healthcare system, physician practices, pharmaceuticals, and insurance and financing arrangements using AI.

AI in healthcare specialization

It aims to explore the machine-learning approaches metrics unique as well as the best practices for designing, building, and evaluating machine-learning applications in healthcare.

By the end of this course, you will explore the various principles of AI healthcare solutions.

PriceFree Trial
Duration9 months (2hours/week)
Key Highlights:
  • Get sharable certificate
  • Analyze how AI affects patient care safely, quality, and research.
  • Identify the problems that healthcare providers face and how it can be solved by machine learning.
  • Relate to the practice, science, and business of medicine.

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Final Verdict: Best Healthcare Certifications

The healthcare industry is now playing a critical role in the growth of both the individual and society due to recent advancements and innovations. 

You need to be familiar with the healthcare ecosystem’s roles if you want to work in the industry. Additionally, you need to be highly interested in this field and have the necessary skill sets. 

You can gain in-depth insights into the healthcare system and prepare to start a lucrative career in this field by taking online healthcare courses provided by reputable institutions. They will also introduce you to various healthcare fields so that you can pursue the career you want.

Finally, we are here with the best healthcare certifications. So which course are you taking? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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