Coursera Cost (2022): How Much Does It Cost?

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Founded in April 2012, the online learning platform Coursera has more than 92 million registered learners, and the numbers are growing dramatically every year. 

While Coursera offers many free courses, a large number of people do not hesitate to pay for the courses that aren’t available for free but finding out the right course and its pricing is complicated when you have 7000+ courses on the website. 

If you are confused about the pricing of Coursera, don’t worry. You have come to the right place! In this article, you will learn about the pricing duration and overview of Coursera degrees, specializations, guided projects, business plans, and more. 

With that, let’s get into the details!

Coursera Cost: A Quick Overview

If you do not have time to review the entire article, here is a quick summary of Coursera’s costs. 

Course NameNumber of CoursesDurationCost
Guided project2500+1-2 hours$9.99+ per course
Coursera Degrees35+1-6 years$6000+
Specialization 1550+1-12 months$39.99+ per month/ per unit
Professional Certificate100+4-7 months$39.99+Per month
MasterTrack Certificate20+4-7 months$2000+per course/ per month
Coursera for business:
●Enterprise Plan
●Team Plan

Not specific
●Contact to sales
●$319/user/year annually or Quarterly
Coursera Plus7000+Not specific$59 – $399 per month/per annum

Coursera Cost: Pricing

Coursera has many e-learning courses bundled together and available in many different languages. Read the below list carefully to understand each one:

Guided Project 

Coursera offers 2500+ Guided projects starting from $9.99 per course that help develop job-relevant skills at an affordable price in a short duration. They include hands-on tutorials for nine subjects, including data science, business, health, etc. Guided projects provide step-by-step learning through the project, where learners use cloud-based desktops with no download required. Guided projects allow learners to create their own projects for the tools and use cases most important to them.

Coursera degrees

Coursera has 35+ degree programs starting from $6000 for bachelor’s and master’s, offered by top universities from all over the world, opening a path to many careers in different fields. This degree program helps you earn a high stature degree from much less than high on-campus programs. Coursera degree offers live expert instructions with team-based learning making it highly efficient. 


Specialization helps get in-depth information about skills through a series of courses and hands-on Capstone projects. The Capstone projects play an essential role in Specializations, as they are needed to be completed to get credit for the specialization. There are 1550+ Specializations available on Coursera, starting from $39.99 monthly, that help develops skills such as 3d modeling, academic writing, accounting management, algorithms, etc. 

Coursera Cost- Specializations

Few Specialization courses take three courses to finish, while few might take ten or more courses to complete. Coursera offers some of its Specializations for free. However, they do not provide certification after completion.

Professional Certificates

The Professional certificate on Coursera will give you a proof to acknowledge your skill by providing you with a case study that can be shared with potential employers. In addition to that, you also get expert training from top educators from across the world, and you get the opportunity to learn things at your own pace.

Coursera Cost- Professional Certificates

Coursera offers 100+ Professional certificate courses starting from $39.99 monthly that help build job-ready skills with shareable certificates on LinkedIn.

MasterTrack Certificate

The MasterTrack certificate starting from $2000 per course or per month, helps you earn career credentials while having courses that will count towards your master’s degree. It offers certificates in UX, cyber security, software engineering, etc. You will receive an official university certificate regardless of whether you elect to enroll in a complete master’s program.

Coursera MasterTrack

Coursera for Business

Coursera is nowhere behind the other online courses regarding business plans. It offers two great plans for businesses that want to make themselves superior by working on fining their workers. The business plan includes two plans:

Coursera For Business

Enterprise Plan: Made for larger companies, the Enterprise plan has custom pricing. It provides unlimited access to skill metrics, user analytics, private authority tools, API interactions, and integration to drive success. The Enterprise plan helps employees understand the full value of technology and investments and build critical skills that grow an organization.

Team plan: Made for smaller organizations and teams, priced at $319/user/year, the Team plan on Coursera guarantees a 14-day refund. It offers over 5000 courses from top universities, verified certificates upon completion, access to guided projects, assessments, quizzes, and much more.

Coursera Plus 

Coursera Plus provides access to over 7000 world-class courses, job-ready certificates, and hands-on projects taught by top instructors from 170+ leading universities, i.e., access to over 90% of courses, degrees, and professional certificates on Coursera at a $59 per month subscription with a 7-day free trial, which you can cancel anytime and $399 annually with 14-day money refund guarantee.

Coursera Plus

Coursera Plus is a money saver if you plan to take multiple courses. Coursera Plus allows its learners to switch to a different course and move between various courses. It also allows you to explore trending topics while advancing your skills.  

Which Plan Should You Choose?

Every course in Coursera is designed keeping in mind the different needs of learners. Learners willing to invest less time and money should opt for Guided projects. In contrast, learners who want proper knowledge with certification proof to showcase in a subject should opt for a MasterTrack certificate, Specialization, or Professional certificate.

Learners seeking a high stature degree from much less than high on-campus programs should choose a Coursera degree. If you are interested in learning multiple courses together, spending money on Coursera Plus would be the best option. If you think the pricing of Coursera plus is out of your budget then you can check our Coursera plus discount here.

The Enterprise plan offers much more features than the Team plan. However, the team plan is sufficient for small organizations. The enterprise plan may win the race if we discuss the benefits offered. 

Wrapping Up! Does Coursera Cost Worth It? (2022)

Whether you are a new learner, an organization, or an employee looking for a way to better your skills, Coursera will prove to be the best online learning platform with 7000+ courses by top universities taught by brilliant educators. While various courses on Coursera are available for free, investing money in the paid ones is worth it. What course have you picked from Coursera? Let us know in the comment section below.

FAQs On Coursera Cost

Should I put Coursera on my resume?

Yes, Coursera certificates add value to your resume, and they should be added to your education list on your resume.

Do Coursera certificates expire? 

Yes, If the certificate is not earned within 180 days, the registration expires, and the person will need to pay to re-enroll as per the terms and conditions of Coursera.

Does Coursera offer scholarships?

Yes, Coursera is ready to help its brilliant learners who can’t afford the courses by providing financial aid for most of the courses.

Can Coursera count for college credit?

American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) has approved college credit for 5-year courses on Coursera.

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