11+ Best Online Baking Classes For Beginners (Updated 2024)

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Although you can find hundreds and hundreds of baking tutorials on YouTube, it does not give the education that you’d obtain from proper systematic courses where you are taught from scratch. I mean, online baking classes.

Hence, I decided to find the best online baking classes that are affordable and effective in learning for you, which can be helpful.

Through my research, I have come up with a curated list of the best online baking classes that are cost-efficient, practical-oriented, and offer a collection of baking recipes from various platforms with well-qualified instructors.

What’s more? I have also added a guide on how to choose the right online baking class in the end which can be helpful in finding the best online baking class easily.

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In this article, you’ll be able to see an overview of each baking class like the number of lessons, time taken to complete, the pros & cons, etc. This will help you take a sneak peek into all the classes we listed. 

In the end, I have answered the verdict – “Which online baking class should you take?”

Top 11 Best Baking Classes in 2024

If you are on the go, here are the top-recommended online baking classes:

  1. Apollonia Poilane “Teaches Bread Baking” in MasterClass
  2. Dominique Ansel “Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals” in MasterClass
  3. Baking Basic – 6 Classic Bakes in Udemy
  4. One Week Baking Mastery in Udemy
  5. The Basics of Cake in Udemy
  6. The Science of Easy Vegan Baking in Skillshare
  7. Know Yo’Dough – Baking Tips & Techniques in Skillshare
  8. Bread Baking in The Gluten-free Academy
  9. Cookies 101 in The Gluten-free Academy
  10. The Butter Book
  11. Baking School – King Arthur Baking

By the suggestions above, I’d say that MasterClass is the most recommended platform for multiple benefits. There is also a unique way of pricing in the platform where you are given the option to pay for a single course while also getting access to 100+ other creative courses.

List of the Best Online Baking Classes (Reviews)

You could look at the exclusive list of all the best baking classes on the internet previously. Now, let us dive into the overviews of each online baking class for a better understanding.

1. Apollonia Poilane “Teaches Bread Baking.”

Apollonia easily teaches bread baking so that you don’t need to spend hours learning each step.  She also gives helpful tips on perfecting your bread, which is essential to know about bread baking.

Apollonia Poilane MasterClass
The recommended online baking class!

Platform: MasterClass

Instructor: Apollonia Poilane

The number of lessons: 17 lessons

Duration: 3 hours

Suitable for: Anyone willing to learn the art of bread baking and the science behind it. Amateurs can also take the course to get insights into the baking process.

Price: $180/- per year (All Access Pass – buy once, and you can use it to access all the courses)


  • Creative baking techniques.
  • Valuable tips are recommended.
  • Interactive community hub.


  •  Less suited to experienced bakers.
  • No vegan-friendly products are used.

Quick verdict: The course was great in learning the entire process of how to bake bread at home from scratch, some scientific facts on bread-baking, and understanding the craft of bread baking better.

Enroll In Apollonia Poilane MasterClass

2. Dominique Ansel “Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals”

Dominique teaches everything about French pastry using creative techniques, and his approach to pastry making is unique. You get to learn the pastry fundamentals from scratch.

Dominique Ansel masterclass

Platform: MasterClass

Instructor: Dominique Ansel

The number of lessons: 17 lessons

Duration: 3 hours

Suitable for: Bakers who like to learn creative ways to build up their baking game and want to explore different baking techniques involving French pastry.

Price: $180/- per year (All Access Pass – buy once, and you can use it to access all the courses)


  • Creative learning.
  • Pastry teaching from scratch.
  • Tips and tricks on baking are provided.
  • Exclusive student community center.


  • The workbook does not coincide with the lessons.
  • Few recipes are incomplete.

Quick verdict: The course was fun, innovative, and interesting. I was able to learn the fundamentals of pastry using French recipes which were a thumbs-up. Also, there are exclusive tips on improving and understanding pastry recipes better.

Enroll In Dominique Ansel MasterClass

3. Baking Basics – 6 Classic Bakes

Rachel Reynolds, an owner of an established bakery, teaches classic baking techniques with simplified lessons where she discusses the fundamentals of baking.

She also drops some practical tips on icing cakes.

Baking Basics

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Rachel Reynolds

The number of lessons: 8 lessons

Duration: 1 hour and 35 minutes

Suitable for: Anyone who’d like to take their baking skills to the next level and amateurs trying to improvise on specific techniques used in the process of baking.

Price: $19.99


  • Wide variety of recipes.
  • Practical tips and techniques.
  • Certificates are provided after completing.


  •  Measurements are not recommended.
  • Primary level teaching only.

Quick verdict: The course comprises various ways to build up baking skills, either it could be layering cakes or icing the whipped cream on a cake. The idea of the course is to help students understand baking using techniques to smoothen the process.

Enroll In Baking Basics Course

4. One Week Baking Mastery

Marco Ropke, a baker with 25 years of experience, teaches knowledgeable skills on baking cakes, cookies, etc. His course is useful in learning the history of baking and its science, which made his course stand out.

Online Pastry School

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Marco Ropke

The number of lessons: 58 lessons (split into six separate courses)

Duration: 10 hours

Suitable for: Anyone from beginner to intermediate to advanced level can take the course because every concept is broken down into various parts to be understood by all.

Price: $94.99


  • Opportunity to learn from an experienced baker.
  • Easy to follow up lessons.
  • Organized set of recipes.
  •  Appropriate angles.


  • You don’t get to see the finished product.
  • Incompleteness in the printable recipes.

Quick verdict: This course was unique because I was able to learn the baking techniques while also understanding the history of baking, which was great.

Enroll In One Week Baking Mastery Course

5. The Basics of Cake

Emily Friend is teaching the basics of cake-baking in her course, where she talks about the importance of knowing the foundations of baking. You also get to know more about her baking style, which is something fascinating to look at.

She teaches how to make a cake visually pleasing and store it properly in her baking class.

The Basics Of Cake

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Emily Friend

The number of lessons: 10 lessons

Duration: 2 hours

Suitable for: Baking enthusiasts who’d like to improve on the essence and taste of a cake, which means a student learns about the flavoring process in baking a cake.

Price: $44.99


  • Easy understanding of techniques.
  • Professional teaching of basics.
  • Explanatory tips on various chapters.
  • You get a completion certificate.


  • Not suitable for professional bakers.
  • Repetition of the same techniques.

Quick verdict: I was able to learn various ways through which you can master the taste of a cake without changing the recipe, which was quite insightful. Even the basics were well-taught with excellent examples. It was a great experience.

Enroll In The Basics Of Cake Course

6. The Science of Easy Vegan Baking

Taught by a scientist, you get to learn about the science involved in baking vegan cakes in her baking class. Samita Sakar has also written books on healthy desserts and cakes.

In the course, she teaches baking using no animal-based products. She also bakes different varieties of cakes using vegan products only, which is impressive.

The Science Of Easy Vegan Baking

Platform: Skillshare

Instructor: Samita Sakar

The number of lessons: 14 lessons

Duration: 50 minutes

Suitable for: Any baker trying to find a course that teaches how to bake a cake using vegan products only. The course is highly recommended to vegans.

Price: $13.99/month


  • Detailed explanation.
  • Easily available ingredients.
  • Suitable for vegan bakers.


  • Poor quality of lessons.
  • Usage of vegan products only.

Enroll In Science Of Vegan Baking Course

7. Know Yo’Dough – Baking Tips & Techniques

Know Yo’Dough is an excellent course on learning the foundations of dough-making. You get to learn everything about dough making, which includes kneading, mixing, and storing.

Know Yo' Dough

Platform: Skillshare

Instructor: Sue Wilberding

The number of lessons: 14 lessons

Duration: 1 hour

Suitable for: Complete noobs who are trying baking for the very first time and intermediaries who are struggling to understand the basic principles of baking.

Price: $13.99/month


  • Provision of critical tools and techniques.
  • Perfect foundation course.
  • Well-curated recipes.


  • Experienced bakers cannot take it. 
  • Less recipe collection.

Quick verdict: Being a beginner, the course was very helpful. I was exposed to the primary principles of baking from making the dough, mixing different ingredients, etc.

Enroll In Know Yo’ Dough Course

8. Bread baking

Baking bread is made easy with Heather’s course, where he also teaches about baking healthy and clean. Few innovative techniques are shared to understand the process of bread baking better.

Bread Baking

Platform: The Gluten-Free Academy

Instructor: Heather Crosby

The number of lessons: 20 lessons

Suitable for: Bakers who are conscious about gluten usage and are vegan and want to learn the traditional way of baking can take this course.

Price: $199


  • Great set of recipes.
  • Accurate measurements are disclosed.
  • Lifetime access to the course is available.


  • Constrained only to vegans.
  • Old techniques are used.

Quick verdict: The course is exclusive learning for vegan bakers where the instructor talks about using vegan products as the main ingredient. You also get to learn the traditional way of baking a cake, which was intriguing to watch and learn.

Enroll In Bread Basics Course

9. Cookies 101

Any kind of cookies? Cookies 101 has got your back. In this course, you get to learn the process of baking a cookie right from the basics with all the fundamentals explained.

Platform: The Gluten-Free Academy

Instructor: Heather Crosby

The number of lessons: 13 lessons

Suitable for: The course is best suited for dairy-free and vegan bakers as it involves the usage of vegan products as the main ingredient throughout the course.

Price: $199


  • Nutritional ingredients are used.
  • Practical tools are recommended.
  • Lifetime access to the course is available.


  • Class starts only after it goes live.
  • You can learn how to bake cookies only.

Quick verdict: The ingredients used are rich in nutrition and are healthy which makes it one of the main reasons to opt for but it was constrained to cookies only. The course does not teach about baking a cake but the basics of using cookie recipes.

Enroll In Cookies 101 Course

10. The Butter Book

The Butter Book is a special platform that teaches everything you need to know about baking. Sebastian Cannone and Jacquy Pfeiffer are the creators of The Butter Book. It is a subscription-based platform where you pay monthly or yearly to get access to its learning videos and other materials.

The Butter Book

Platform: The Butter Book

Instructor: Multiple Instructors

The Number Of Lessons: 200+ Baking Videos

Duration: Inconclusive

Suitable For: If you are a beginner in baking and want to take your skills to the next level, then this is the right platform for you to hone your skills.

Pricing: $24.99/mo or $199.99/year


  • Over 40 courses and 200+ videos
  • Focus on food science & techniques
  • Famous pastry chefs, including En-Ming-Hsu, teach courses
  • Learn more than 4000 technical terms from their glossary


  • It can be confusing navigating the lessons
  • Your finished product might look different than their videos

Quick Verdict: After getting started with this platform, I never needed any other course to learn baking from. This is easily the platform to help beginners learn baking from scratch.

Enroll In The Butter Book

11. Baking School – King Arthur Baking

King Arthur Baking is not your regular mill that produces all kinds of loaves of bread, but also it is a baking school where it teaches aspiring bakers their techniques. They also publish blogs and magazines for anyone who wants to become a baker. They also give virtual classes for home bakers. You can check their monthly schedule and enroll in virtual classes accordingly.

Baking School - King Arthur Baking

Platform: King Arthur Baking

Instructor: Multiple Instructors

The Number Of Lessons: Varies according to the month

Duration: Inconclusive

Suitable For: The virtual classes are best for anyone who want to learn about baking from very scratch. They also give in-person classes in Norwich, Vermont, and Skagit Valley, Washington.

Pricing: The pricing range of their classes is $45 to $65.


  • Variety of classes.
  • Interactive small class groups.
  • Virtual classes for home bakers.


  • Very few classes for kids
  • No evening in-person classes are available right now

Quick Verdict: You will get to bake with world-class bakers, and they will share their baking secrets with you. Their class sizes are very small so that they can be interactive.

Enroll In The Baking School

How To Choose The Right Online Baking Class (Guide)

Looking for a suitable online baking class on the internet can be a hectic task. I have curated a unique guide for you to search for the best online baking classes out there to ease the process.

It is simple yet significant in finding the most appropriate baking class if you follow the guide below:

Years of experience 💼

You are supposed to look for the years of experience of an instructor who has worked in the particular field you are searching for because that will determine their teaching accuracy and effectiveness. If not, you’ll be fooled to be taught by someone handling a course for its sake.

It does not mean that the instructor should have more than ten years of experience but the more, the merrier. A considerable amount of experience is necessary for an instructor to teach a course.

Skill development 🚧

If you are paying for an online course, you’d expect some value to be received in return. Hence, you are entitled to make sure that the instructor is passionate about teaching and helping develop skills of the appropriate field for their student.

In this case, the icing on cakes, making whipped cream, and innovative techniques to level up your baking game are few examples.

I’d urge you to look for skill development criteria in all the courses that you take.

Collection of recipes 🍲

While taking practical courses like baking classes, standard notes and methods will not help, right? So, I would recommend ensuring that the course you are taking has a plethora of recipes to explore to bake different items.

Also, remember to watch out for the recipes that beginners can cook because if you look for professional recipes that a home cook cannot bake, it’ll be upsetting.

Difficulty level 🎚

As mentioned earlier, you need to choose an online baking course based on your understanding of the subject. I mean, you don’t want to take a course that you have no clue about.

If you are a noob into baking, only look for courses that teach the basics from scratch. Likewise, if you are an experienced baker, then go for the ones in the advanced level to learn more about baking as a core subject. In conclusion, choose courses based on difficulty.

Pricing 💰

Apart from all the other factors, pricing plays a vital role while looking for an online course. Sometimes baking classes charge more expensively with only primary instructors, so it is necessary to look out for the considerable budget for an online baking course.

To determine if a course is charging more, check the features and compare it with the pricing. If it is appropriate, then go for it. If not, I’d suggest immediately looking for the next option.

Advantages of Taking an Online Baking Class:

There is nothing better than taking a course on something you are incredibly passionate about and want to learn the subject in-depth from professional expertise.

Now, let me quickly jot down the advantages of taking an online baking class. They are as follows:

  • Learning the basics
  • Fundamentals of baking
  • Improvising the craft better
  • How to bake with minimal tools
  • Understanding layering techniques
  • Exploring a variety of baking recipes
  • An opportunity to learn from a professional
  • Building skills at the comfort of your home

You are exposed to learn a lot from taking online baking classes, especially while staying at home.

What is the cost of an Online Baking Class?

Usually, baking courses can cost a lot of money, but it does not mean that all the courses charge the same. There are better options at affordable prices from $20/-

In fact, baking classes online is relatively cheap in comparison to in-person teaching. Hence, online baking classes are the most recommended option. In platforms like MasterClass, a subscription module costs $180/- per year.

You might even feel that it is expensive. Hold on. Let me explain. With the subscription for $180, you can take multiple courses simultaneously for the entire year, which is a win-win situation.

Like, you can learn bread baking from Apollina while also learning pastry fundamentals from Dominique Ansel altogether in MasterClass using an All-Access Pass, which is a great way to take two baking courses simultaneously.

How long is an online baking class?

To be honest, taking online courses depends on the person’s dedication to learning. In some cases, enthusiast students will finish courses in no time while few take weeks to complete a lesson.

I’d suggest scheduling your timings according to the number of lessons and time taken in a course. This way, you’ll be able to complete the chosen baking class soon while also learning the skill better.

The courses are as short as 50 minutes to as long as 10 hours.

I mean, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit in front of the screen for hours.

All the courses I have listed above are self-paced, which means you can take them whenever you want, wherever you want, and however you want. Overall, I would say that a month is enough.

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Final verdict – Which online baking class should you take?

It can get tiring after reviewing online baking classes, so I have come up with the ultimate verdict on the best online baking class you should probably consider taking.

Compared with other competitive learning platforms, MasterClass stands out for several reasons: well-structured lessons, downloadable workbooks, creative assignments, and fun tasks.

The best part about MasterClass is that all the courses are handled by celebrities who have excelled in various creative fields, and you get the advantage of taking multiple simultaneously.

Though other platforms have few perks like certification on completion, availability of vegan-friendly courses, and collection of unique baking recipes, MasterClass has stepped ahead.

To wrap up the review and decide the final verdict, I’d recommend MasterClass because you get the opportunity to learn from renowned legends and pick more courses in the same niche at one price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best baking class online?

Dominique Ansel “Teaches French Pastry Fundamentals” in MasterClass is the best baking class online.

How long does it take to complete an online baking class?

It can take from 50 minutes to 10 hours long to complete an online baking class.

Can you take online baking classes for free?

Unfortunately, you cannot take online baking classes for free, but you can try free trial options on specific platforms.

What is the cost of an online baking class?

It can cost anywhere from $20/- on an hourly basis to $180/- on subscription modules.

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