9+ Best Online Interior Design Courses For Beginners Of 2024

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Nowadays, many people are interested in doing interior design courses. Many of us wish we had the time to pursue our aspirations of becoming interior designers. 

You don’t have to enroll in hours of classes at a college or university to become an expert in interior design. There are numerous online programs and courses that provide all the information you require.

Are you here looking for a profession in interior design? Or do you desire to have access to the finest online course? 

If so, stop your search right now! To help you gain a comprehensive grasp of interior design, we’ve put together a selection of the top online courses available. Both courses for more experienced creatives and those ideals for total beginners were included on this list. 

In order to give you a variety of possibilities, we have also covered you with a range of durations and prices.

Let’s delve into it!

Top 9 Online Interior Designing Courses: In A Nutshell (2024)

For all of you busy people out there who want to master the fundamentals of interior design for the convenience of your own homes, we have compiled a list of 9 online interior design courses.

Sr. No.Online Interior Designing CoursesPlatformBest For
1. Kelly Wearstler’s Interior DesigningMasterClassBest Overall
2.10 Easy Steps to design a room UdemyBest for a step-by-step guide
3.Basics of Interior Design: easy tutorial to your space SkillshareBest for beginners
4.Introduction to Interior Design DomestikaBest for basics
5.Learn Interior Designing patterns UdemyBest for intermediates
6.Interior Designing CourseInterior Design InstituteBest for live classes
7.Decorate your home: Attractive tips and techniques for Interior DesignSkillshareBest for professionals.
8.Residential Design and visualization: concept developmentLinkedIn LearningBest to get an overall idea of interior designing
9.Corey Damen Jenkins Teaches Interior DesignMasterClassBest for casual learners and designers

1. Kelly Wearstler’s Interior Designing – by MasterClass

Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design is a special perspective on Wearstler’s work and design ethos on MasterClass. Wearstler’s interior design samples are shown during field trip segments in the course. 

It’s important to note that the majority of Wearstler’s projects are luxurious hotels and homes. She also provides some helpful advice on how to make the most of your home’s space. 

The course contains various assignments, a 40-page workbook with chapter summaries, a vocabulary, and tips on perfect designing.

Online Interior Design Courses - Kelly Wearstler’s Interior Designing

This course combines one-on-one instruction with “field trip” chapters, in which Wearstler shows you around some of the areas where she has worked on her projects.

Wearstler demonstrates the benefits of various materials with excellent visual illustrations when teaching you how to design a space. She provides you with some advice on where to look for things and discusses her own views on what she believes works effectively.

As you establish your style, Wearstler also teaches you some essential phrases in the field.

InstructorKelly Wearstler
Duration2.5 hours
LevelAll levels
Price$8/ month


  • Learned from the expert interior designer.
  • Visual projects that help you throughout.
  • Tips on less budget.


  • Very low focus on the design basics.

2. 10 Easy Steps to Design a Room  – Udemy

This Udemy course will help you to discover that you can truly utilize a simple, systematic method to come up with attractive and useful designs for the main rooms in your house, with a particular emphasis on the family and living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. 

Although this course mostly consists of lectures, it also includes activities to help you put what you’ve learned into practice along the way and a final exam.

You’ll develop a custom color scheme based on your own distinctive design aesthetic and decide where to get the best furniture to go with it. 

Steps to design a room -Udemy

Additionally, you will know how to apply a lighting strategy that is both practical and dramatic as well as construct several room arrangement alternatives.

This will be one of the top online interior design courses worth being considered if you’re seeking for a course that will explain you how to make floor plans, measure rooms, choose the color scheme, choose your chosen style, and other related skills.

InstructorErikka Fogleman
Duration2 Hours


  • Learn to create a superior design color scheme.
  • You can identify the best interior design styles
  • Learn to build your ideal floor plan.


  • Course does not cover design for kitchens or bathrooms.

3. Basics of Interior Design: easy tutorial to your space – Skillshare

In this Skillshare course, you will explore a creative, effective method for interior design that demonstrates how simple it is to change your home, regardless of your taste or budget. 

You’ll master the four basic pillars that interior designers use to consistently create beautiful places with the help of Havenly and interior designer Lauren Cox. 

You can then give it a try at applying what you’ve learned to decorate an Instagram-worthy bookshelf.

Basics of Interior Design-Skillshare

Every session is full of useful advice, printable resources, and unending inspiration that you may refer to again and time again. 

By the time you’re done, you’ll have the knowledge and skills necessary to define your individual style, unleash your creativity, and turn your house into a place you’ll never want to leave.

InstructorLauren Cox
Duration1.5 hour
PriceFree for 14 days


  • Identify personal design aesthetics.
  • Create a personal color scheme.
  • Curate a sense of proportion and balance.
  • Choose stuff you’ll adore forever.


  • Less focus on minute tips needed for perfection.

4. Introduction to Interior Design – Domestika

Introduction to Interior Design is a beginner-level course in which you will learn to adjust perfect spaces to get an attractive and eye-catching interior.

This course will cover the simple DIY techniques to decorate the space and make it in the way that you want. Additionally, you will manipulate materials, textures, and colors to complete your designs precisely. 

Introduction to Interior Design-Domestika

By the end, you will have mastered efficiency, the utilization of ordinary items, bringing life to each setting, increasing ease, and impactful color schemes.

 For both professional and personal usage, this is one of the top online courses for interior design that combines methods with passion.

Duration1.5 hours
LevelBasic to Intermediate
Pricefrom $17.99 


  • Available on the app.
  • Learn the basics and techniques of interior and decorating.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Get training from the expert


  • Course content is only in Spanish. 
  • Very short course.

5. Learn Interior Designing patterns – Udemy

This is an advanced level course that has been designed to help you grasp the defining qualities of 18 different prominent interior design techniques that are now in popularity.

In order to either develop one of those styles in your own house or understand how to quickly and successfully combine several designs by yourself this course is the best suitable. 

Learn Interior Designing patterns - Udemy

The 18 different styles and techniques include, 

  • Specifying furniture features
  • Materials used frequently in each style
  • Color combinations and patterns that are suitable for each style
  • Optional window and flooring coverings for each design
  • proper lighting, artwork, and decorations for each style
  • retailers carrying furniture in each specific style

You will also devote an entire section to discussing how to combine genres using a straightforward, formulaic method successfully. Both a lecture format and listening to two real-world case studies will be used to help you how to do this.

Finally, you will get the chance to take a style assessment after each style area to determine which interior design styles are most suitable for you depending on your choices.

InstructorErikka Fogleman
Duration6 Hours


  • Learn how to combine two different designs to make it perfect.
  • Learn to select perfect color combinations for each different decoration style.
  • Explore your design style and personality.


  • You may struggle with a lot of theory which may consume a lot of time.

6. Interior Designing Course – Interior Design Institute

The Interior Design Institute can show you how to design beautiful interiors for your clients and make money doing it.

The course will cover you with the basic vocabulary of interior design, décor, and architecture. Also, you will know all the technicalities in decor types, design fads, and trends.

Interior Designing Course - Interior Design Institute

The modules will help increase your knowledge so you can create a residential area. They are created to be read in order.

You must engage in the design experience to complete the exercises at the end of each module. You will gain confidence and discover your artistic voice via involvement and conversation. You can create your first professional portfolio using the exercises.

PlatformInterior Design Institute
InstructorDarren Plamer 
Duration4 to 6 hours per week for 24 weeks
LevelBeginner to advanced
PriceStarting from $999 


  • Get training and learn the techniques from the expert.
  • Highly interactive and understandable content.
  • Get a free website portfolio to attract the clients.
  • Learn all the techniques in decor and interior.


  • More focus on advanced level learners.

7. Decorate your home: Attractive tips and techniques for Interior Design – Skillshare

In order to confidently redecorate and design your house, Style Your Space is an excellent class to take.

You will learn about and have a better understanding of the variety of decoration styles in the class, as well as the self-assurance and inspiration to carry it out on your own. 

Techniques for Interior Design-Skillshare

By organizing the room tour for Emily’s mountain home in California, you will have the chance to exercise your creative muscles. She also offers advice on developing a sense of patterns and style. She emphasizes the value of maintaining all aspects of life, including style and fashion.

This is one of the top online courses for interior design if you want to master practical methods and like designing.

InstructorEmily Henderson
Duration1 hour


  • Learn what is styling and identify your own style.
  • Combine and match your style that looks perfect.
  • Understand the decor and design trends and implement them.


  • Very short course that only focuses on beginners.

8. Residential Design and visualization: concept development – LinkedIn Learning

This course demonstrates how to use those concepts to create presentations for single-family homes. 

Using inexpensive 2D and 3D programs like SketchUp, instructor George Maestri guides students through a series of straightforward, basic stages. 

Residential Design and visualization

In addition to outlining a floor plan with walls, windows, and doors, he also covers how to add external and interior elements as well as methods for conducting research, sketching your ideas, making massing studies, and massing studies. 

In order to help clients grasp the outcomes, learn to provide straightforward graphics, films, and even an online reality of your concepts.

PlatformLinkedIn Learning
InstructorGeoge Maestri
Duration3 hours
Price1 month free trial


  •  Learn 3D modeling.
  • Get introduced to the visualization in game engines.
  • Learn how to create elevations, floor plans, exterior walls, windows, and doors in 2D.


  • No guidance or feedback from the instructors.

9. Corey Damen Jenkins “Teaches Interior Design” – By MasterClass

Another great MasterClass course on Interior Design is Corey Damen Jenkins’ course. In this course, you will learn to become an amazing interior designer and also learn how interior design impacts other people’s perceptions. 

He has also written a book on interior designing called “Design Remix: A New Spin On Traditional Rooms.” In this MasterClass, he shares his interior design secrets and walks you through his thought process for creating a design for a room.

Corey Damen Jenkins MasterClass

Corey’s philosophy is that you should enjoy the interior designing process instead of stressing about it. In his MasterClass, he teaches you to create amazing designs which can inspire creativity in other people when they see them come to life in a room.

You will learn to know about the different spaces within a home and the functions of those spaces. This course will also teach everything about texture and color and how to implement them into rooms to get the maximum output.

This course will help you create interior designs for your dream home and show how you can create specific designs for every space available in your home. This course is great for designers and planners.

InstructorCorey Damen Jenkins
Duration2.1 hours
LevelAll Levels
Price$180/year for All-Access Pass


  • Learn from an expert interior designer
  • Best for designers and casual learners
  • Learn to design your home
  • Plan your space


  • Course only focuses on creating home designs

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Final Thought: Best Online Interior Designing Courses (2024)

The finest online interior design certification programs include courses for both experts and beginners, are accessible both online and in person, and have a range of subject matter and instructional approaches. While some seminars are just for fun, others allow you to earn certifications or even start you on the road to an interior design degree.

All of the certifications we suggest for interior design have advantageous qualities. But still, if you are in confusion about choosing the best option from the above list, then here is my suggestion.

  1. Kelly Wearstler’s Interior Design – MasterClass
  2. 10 Easy Steps to design a room  – Udemy
  3. Interior Designing Course – Interior Design Institute

Take your time to make sure you pick the greatest interior design courses online because your time and money are valuable. But when it comes down to it, there really is a school out there for every preference.

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