10+ Best Free Time Management Courses In 2024

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Why is learning time management skills so essential for today’s lifestyles?

The art of time management involves controlling your schedule so that you can complete all of your tasks without becoming stressed.

By effectively managing your time, you appear to have more free time. Additionally, by finishing tasks within the allotted time, you free up time to complete other tasks.

A time management course can show you how to make to-do lists, set deadlines, and make wiser decisions if you have trouble being productive.

Now that there are so many options choosing which online time management course to take can be challenging. 

This is why I have evaluated and ranked the top free time management courses using a variety of criteria, such as the course’s quality, instructor credentials, student reviews, and accessibility.

Let’s find out the most suitable free time management courses for you. 

10+ Best Free Time Management Courses To Try In 2024

Following is a quick overview of the 10 free time management courses that you can refer to if you are in a bit of a hurry.

Sr. NoBest Free Time Management CoursesPlatform 
1.Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal and Professional ProductivityCoursera
2.Time Management FundamentalsLinkedIn Learning
3.Time Management and Productivity deep diveSkillshare
4.Finding your Time Management styleLinkedIn Learning
5.Simple Productivity: How To Accomplish More With LessSkillshare
6.Productivity and Time Management Strategies for Goal setting and eliminating distractionsSkillshare
7.Time Management TipsLinkedIn Learning
8.Time ManagementmyGreat Learning
9.Time Management: Work from HomeLinkedIn Learning
10One-Minute Habits for SuccessLinkedIn Learning

10 Free Time Management Courses 2024

Here is a detailed overview of the best free time management courses that you can consider taking in 2024.

1. Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management For Personal And Professional Productivity (Coursera)

Work Smarter, not Harder by Coursera is a part of the Career Success Specialization that provides a complete guide on time management for professional and personal productivity.

The instructor, Margaret Meloni, will let you explore personal and professional awareness and how to use the tools and methods to set your goals.

This free course points out complete time management strategies and various challenges that can affect your productivity.

Free Time Management Courses  - Work Smarter

The instructor will explain to you creating your own individual plans and how to prioritize your planning to increase efficiency. Further, it also discusses the work-life balance and its toolkit.

Margaret Meloni also shares her personal time management experiences and tricks for finding energy levels to be most productive.

Along with the various interactive quizzes, you will be awarded a shareable certificate once you finish the course.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn to recognize your barriers to successful time management.
  • Understand how to plan efficiently so that you can achieve your personal and professional goals.
  • The course helps you keep your perspective to avoid and manage crises.
  • Learn how to manage your resources effectively and efficiently.

Duration: Approx 10 hours.


2. Time Management Fundamentals (LinkedIn Learning)

Time management fundamentals is a practical time management course developed by productivity expert Dave Crenshaw. He will demonstrate to you how to accomplish more in less time and make better use of the available time.

In addition to addressing the challenges that stand in the way of productivity, this course lays out the conceptual and practical underpinnings of being more effective.

Time Management Fundamentals

After that, it offers doable suggestions for boosting productivity in three key areas: creating more organized habits and clearing up your workspace.

You will eventually discover how to focus your mental energy, eliminate the tasks that keep popping into your head and create a time budget to maximize your productivity.

By the end, you will realize that you should concentrate on your most worthwhile efforts. This course might be well worth your time if you’ve been looking for methods to help you manage your time more effectively.

Key Highlights:

  • Explore the various principles of time management.
  • Learn about switch-tasking and how it is an ineffective way to work.
  • Understand how to develop habits that will help you to be more productive.
  • Create various strategies to manage your time efficiently and how to stay mentally on task.

Duration: 1 hour 47 minutes

Rating: 4.8/5

3. Time Management And Productivity Deep Dive (Skillshare)

The goal of Time Management and Productivity is to assist you in creating a time management and productivity framework that is customized to your needs.

Shatadip Majumder will show you how to manage your time and be incredibly productive using a variety of simple ideas and concepts like the Eisenhower Matrix, the Pomodoro Technique, and the Pareto principle in this course.

You can use the 80/20 rule to double your productivity through the various modules on various fundamental time management strategies. Additionally, you will acquire a way of thinking that will help you concentrate and focus.

Time Management And Productivity Deep Dive

This course offers the top 5 self-care suggestions in addition to the two medication techniques to help you maintain productivity at work.

This course essentially provides you with a collection of tried-and-true tools that you can modify to fit your workflow.

Whether you work for yourself, are employed full-time, or are a graduate student, by the end of this course, you will likely be able to design and customize your own time-management system to help you accomplish your objectives more quickly and find time for enjoyment.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the various challenges that may hamper your workflow and how to diminish these distractions.
  • Learn how to improve your focus to increase effectiveness.
  • Get covered with effective planning strategies and how to prioritize and execute tasks.
  • Learn to delegate, eliminate and automate parts of your work.

Duration: 2 hours 53 minutes

Rating: 4.6/5

4. Finding Your Time Management Style (LinkedIn Learning)

This course explains how to analyze your daily routine and reliability in order to determine your time management style.

The purpose of this course is to help you increase your productivity by developing a specialized approach to time management. Productivity expert Dave Crenshaw develops the ideas covered in his other time management courses.

You will learn about consistency- and variety-based styles as well as how to work with various styles, which will help you comprehend time management adjustments.

Finding Your Time Management Style

After guiding you through an assessment to determine your time management preferences, Dave demonstrates how to customize some of the most basic time management techniques to meet your particular requirements.

Additionally, learn how to collaborate effectively with coworkers who manage their time differently than you do.

Key Highlights:

  • Recognize the scale of variety, consistency, and daily success.
  • Understand the various time management techniques available to you.
  • Learn about the styles of both you and your coworkers.
  • Create a specialized time management strategy to increase your productivity.

Duration: 1 hour 14 minutes

Rating: 4.6/5

5. Simple Productivity: How To Accomplish More With Less (Skillshare)

Greg McKeown, a best-selling author, offers a course on simple productivity. The course teaches you how to plan your time intentionally and is based on McKeown’s book “Essentialism.”

You will learn useful time management techniques in this course, including how to organize your email and manage your inbox.

You will complete exercises as you progress through the course to determine what is and isn’t important to you. Over time, you’ll learn how to hold yourself accountable and let go of the commitments that aren’t absolutely necessary in your life.

Simple Productivity

Greg also offers some of his favourite practical advice, from how to master the “slow yes” to how to stay focused in any situation.

You will have an entirely new perspective on productivity after taking this course.  It helps you discover that you evaluate the value of new tasks, commitments, and goals from the beginning rather than feeling pressure to fit more in, giving you the control to create a fulfilling, balanced life.

Simple Productivity is available on SkillShare. The course requires a Premium membership, which costs $32 a month, but the first month is trial-free.

Key Highlights:

  • Recognize how to determine what matters to you the most.
  • Use day-to-day advice for managing a vital life.
  • Find out how to hold yourself responsible for the loan’s duration.
  • Prepare yourself with the techniques for saying no to unnecessary commitments.

Duration: 45 mins

Rating: 4.4/5

6. Productivity And Time Management Strategies For Goal Setting And Eliminating Distractions (Skillshare)

The productivity and time management strategies for goal setting and eliminating distractions course will provide you with a thorough overview of all available time management techniques as well as instructions on how to avoid these distractions.

Patrick Dang, an international sales trainer, highlights the tried-and-true productivity methodology that will teach you how to have complete clarity on your most significant and challenging objectives.

The instructor will help you reach your goals by demonstrating the best techniques that top performers used to accomplish more in less time, as well as how to use these skills in everyday situations.

Productivity And Time Management Strategies

Additionally, you will learn how to let go of any limiting beliefs about your potential and how to cultivate the proper mindset in order to achieve your most challenging objectives.

You will learn better time management skills and become more productive in everyday life by the completion of this program. It is created specifically for people who want to manage their time in both their personal and professional lives.

Key Highlights:

  • Discover how to set goals and create a step-by-step plan to reach them.
  • Implement the most effective method for concentrating intensely on your most crucial task while avoiding distractions.
  • Recognize the most effective way to create a life that will give you the freedom to accomplish your objectives.
  • Learn the fundamental building blocks that professional performers use to accomplish more in less time.

Duration: 2 hours 24 mins

Rating: 4.7/5

7. Time Management Tips (LinkedIn Learning)

In remarkably straightforward ways, this series offers useful time management guidance. This is yet another course created by Dave Crenshaw, who offers a variety of techniques on a variety of subjects.

It is intended to support people in increasing their productivity and time management skills. Everything from managing emails and calendars to establishing priorities will be guided by the instructor.

Time Management Tips

Additionally, he emphasizes how to collaborate with colleagues and how to minimize interruptions. You will develop a productivity mindset that will help you maintain focus in addition to the different time management strategies.

By the end, you’ll be able to design a more inviting and productive workspace to keep you inspired to meet your objectives.

Key Highlights:

  • Discover a variety of time management advice.
  • Establish a productive rhythm.
  • Develop a mindset of brown productivity.
  • Improve the workplace’s comfort and efficiency.

Duration: approx 8 hours

Rating: 4.6/5

8. Time Management (myGreat Learning)

This time management course is intended to assist you in making wise schedule decisions. It will cover time management and how to allocate your time among different tasks.

Parkinson’s law enables you to work more effectively and efficiently even when under extreme pressure, accomplishing more in less time.

You will learn how to prioritize tasks and set specific goals in this course. Additionally, you’ll learn about the Pareto principle, ABCDE methods, multitasking ideas, and productivity-boosting techniques.

Time Management

Eventually, you’ll realize that being busy doesn’t necessarily equate to being productive, and you’ll develop flexibility in how you approach tasks.

Finally, you’ll be able to set goals, prioritize tasks, and multitask effectively. You will receive a completion certificate once you have completed the course.

Key Highlights:

  • Recognize the advantages of time management and its full scope.
  • Discover how to create SMART goals.
  • Implement time-management techniques like ABCDE methods and Parkinson’s law.
  • Learn time management strategies to boost productivity.
  • Recognize how important flexibility is to your time management strategy.

Duration: 1-hour

Rating: 4.6/5

9. Time Management: Working From Home (LinkedIn Learning)

For those who work full-time or occasionally from home, author and productivity expert Dave Crenshaw offers the best time management techniques in this course.

The first lesson in the course demonstrates how to set up a specific workspace for maximum productivity, including advice on how to configure your computer to keep you focused.

Time Management: Working From Home

Then Dave demonstrates how to design your daily schedule for maximum productivity and how to schedule restorative breaks to prevent burnout.

He describes how to effectively work collaboratively with remote coworkers, including how to make the most of virtual meetings.

To help you stay organized, you will also receive advice on how to balance your personal and professional obligations.

Key Highlights:

  • Make your workspace productive by using the best technology.
  • Learn to create your routine and identify your peak productivity period.
  • Utilize the best practices to boost the productivity of your communications.
  • Know how to handle emergencies and interruptions.

Duration: 1 hour 17 minutes

Rating: 4.6/5

10. One-Minute Habits for Success (LinkedIn Learning)

One-minute Habits for Success by Scott Mautz talks about how to set the right mindset and skillset and how to reset them. Scott Mautz will give you a complete overview of developing a complete mindset to achieve success.

With his techniques, you will be able to improve your self-confidence and you will be able to mentally prepare yourself to survive under pressure.

One-minute habits for success

You will understand the importance of habits and how success comes from habits. The modules explain each area of Mindset, Skillset and Reset where you will be creating your own tailored routine for success.

By the end of this course, you will have a completely wide mindset for success to help you to refresh, refocus and avoid procrastination that comes with the increased stress and responsibilities.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn the one-minute habits for better focus.
  • Build a complete skillset.
  • Develop your personality and build self-confidence.
  • Learn with practice tests and quizzes.

Duration: 40 minutes

Rating: 4.7/5

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Final Verdict: Best Free Time Management Courses (2024)

The courses listed above are among the best free time management courses available to you.

These courses help you plan all of your work so that you can accomplish your long-term objectives and finish projects that are important to your job and personal life. They also help you manage your time effectively.

You can learn how to focus your time and energy on activities that will benefit you in the long run by enrolling in one of these courses.

Sign up for any of the courses listed above to improve your time management skills.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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