Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Review 2024

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Finding the best course can be overwhelming and extremely time-consuming, but I did the research, and now I am here with my in-depth Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree review.

I enrolled in the digital marketing nanodegree in Udacity and religiously attended the course to fully understand its content quality, lesson structure, and teaching. 

In this article, I have shared my experience of attending the digital marketing nanodegree in Udacity, what I liked, and what can be improved. 

I also answered my final verdict on “Do I recommend Udacity for digital marketing?”

Why Digital Marketing Nanodegree in Udacity?

You might have gone on a serious hunt to find the best digital marketing course on the internet, but let me stop you and guarantee how rewarding Udacity is. I am sharing it from my personal experience of learning from Udacity; you can trust me.

The best part about Udacity is that you do not feel like listening to a boring lecture but something that is actually interesting. Although digital marketing is a wide subject, Udacity ensures to cover everything you need to learn in a course.

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Review - Overview
Udacity Digital Marketing

What’s more? Keep reading because I am spilling all the tea about Udacity, and of course, the digital marketing nano degree that I enrolled on a budget. 

How is the Digital Marketing Nanodegree in Udacity? (My Experience)

Like every other student, I had my own doubts while enrolling in Udacity to learn digital marketing, yet I went ahead and started taking lessons. To my surprise, I found the breakdown of topics and chapters on digital marketing beneficial.

Although I know a thing or two about digital marketing in general, the course helped me learn things I didn’t know earlier and helped me advance my knowledge better. 

The best thing in Udacity digital marketing nanodegree – Each topic was clearly explained with relevant examples and practices for easy understanding. 

Let me give you a hint. Spoiler alert. Digital marketing is not a single spectrum but multiple subjects like content marketing, display advertising, google analytics, etc.

And so, I was able to observe and learn every aspect of digital marketing, like how to run ads on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Do you know you can run ads on Pinterest? Yes, I didn’t know this earlier. Thanks to Udacity!

Likewise, there are many diverse chapters like leveraging social media, marketing your product, conducting an SEO audit, running a digital ad campaign, and more. I also learned the art of spending on ads profitably considering the budget. 

Being a person with no marketing or advertising background, Udacity cracked the mystery of digital marketing in simple yet effective lessons. Like you, I thought digital marketing was extremely hard to start with; Udacity proved me wrong. 

The foundations laid down by Udacity for digital marketing were accurate and easy to understand. In fact, Udacity suggests digital tools that you might need in your digital marketing learning journey and notes on how to effectively use them.

Who are the Instructors of This Course?

The instructors of this course are professionals who have been in this field for a long time that’s why they are perfect to teach this course. Here is a brief introduction of those three instructors who are teaching this course as of now.

Daniel Kob

Daniel Kob has completed his MBA from Stanford and he has been teaching on various educational platforms such as Coursera and Udacity. He has worked in different fields such as marketing, tech, and media in the US and Europe. Currently, he is working as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at a credit card company called Moss.

Apart from teaching this course, he also teaches two different courses on Coursera. Apart from being an instructor at Udacity, he also worked as Marketing Director and DBO (Director of Business Operations).

Anke Audenaert

Anke plays a major role in teaching this course and apart from that, she is also handling the responsibility of the development of digital marketing courses of Udacity. Previously she worked at Yahoo as VP of global market research & content optimization for 8 years. She also has a teaching background.

She also teaches at UCLA Anderson School Of Management as an Adjunct Professor in Marketing. She founded an educational company called Aptly, and now she is working as the CEO of this company.

Julia Aspinall

Julia Aspinall completed her BA in English from Princeton University, and after that, she started teaching as a special education teacher. Since then she has built quite a portfolio, and for a year, she also worked as a course developer/project manager at Udacity. Currently, she is working as a senior software engineer at Credit Karma.

In the course, she teaches the email marketing course section, which is in collaboration with Facebook and MailChimp.

What Will You Learn In This Nanodegree?

Here are the topics & projects you will learn in this Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree:

  • Marketing Fundamentals: You will learn to create a strategy for digital marketing for your business. Follow their framework to define your branding and business proposition to meet your goals. You will need to complete a project called “Ready To Market” to finish this course.
  • Marketing Data & Technology: This course will teach you the importance of trending technologies and marketing data. You’ll know the importance of analytics tools like Google Analytics by the end of this course. Complete the marketing data project at the end of this course.
  • Social Media Marketing (Elective Course): Social media marketing is a great option if you’re looking for a marketing medium online. This course will teach you everything about building a strong social media presence. Complete the social media marketing-related project to finish the course.
  • SEO Essentials (Elective Course): Learn everything about optimizing your website using SEO, such as link building, UX design, and keyword research. Complete an SEO-related project to complete the course.
  • Search Engine Marketing (Elective Course): SEM is a great tactic to achieve your marketing goals. You will learn how to execute, create and optimize ad campaigns with the help of Google Ads. It has a Google Ads related project which you need to finish to complete the course.
  • Digital Advertising (Elective Course): One of the best advertising mediums is Digital Advertising. In this course, you will learn everything about displaying an advertisement across multiple channels. To use your digital advertising knowledge, you need to finish a project related to it.
  • Email Marketing (Elective Course): Email marketing is another effective digital marketing strategy. In this course, you will learn to create your email marketing strategy. Finish the project “Market with Email” to complete the course.

What Did I Like About the Digital Marketing Nanodegree in Udacity?

Although I shared my experience in taking the digital marketing nanodegree in Udacity, I have not highlighted the key elements that made my investment worth it. 

Now is the time to talk about it. Without further ado, let me dive in and list them:


This is one of the main reasons why I highly recommend the digital marketing nanodegree in Udacity because most competitors promise to deliver easy-to-understand lessons but teach complex modules which are not understandable by a beginner or a fresher in the digital marketing world. In contrast, Udacity is simple. 

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Review - Beginner Friendly

For instance, if you are being taught about a subject like ad campaigns on Facebook, every step that you would take in order to successfully run the campaign is explained in detail. This way, you do not overlook any mistakes through your learning.

Topic Categorization

The part that actually made it easy for beginners was that Udacity divided its nanodegree on digital marketing into different categories. From social media marketing to content strategy to email marketing, everything was understandable.

I mean, I liked the approach that Udacity made with each category. I took enough time to observe and understand each concept explained by the instructor fully. 

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Review - Program Offering

If you are someone who is a noob who has no idea about digital marketing, the topic categorization in Udacity will help with accurate teaching and learning. In fact, Udacity will offer helpful resources that you can find to practice your learning. 

Professional Teaching

Unlike regular online webinars with basic teaching, Udacity provides professional instructors who can unwrap the entire concept for a clear explanation. This way, you do not get an ordinary understanding of the subject but detailed teaching. 

I do not have to vouch for them because once you enroll in the course, you will understand the kind of professionalism that each instructor excels in. Since the topic revolves around digital marketing, the modules are educational and entertaining. 

Edutainment Content

When you hear the word “online course,” you might think that it is extremely serious, and there is no time for you to take a break and reflect on your learning.

Although it is partially true, Udacity ensures to make the entire content edutainment for you, which means it is as entertaining as it is educational. Basically, you get the best of both worlds, and that is exactly what you signed up for. 

 This is something you cannot find elsewhere because most instructors will be focussing on the content and forget to make it entertaining for you. 

Feedback from the Instructors

Usually, instructors in an online course would not consider looking at your homework or assignment and simply get it signed for namesake, but Udacity instructors ensured to look at the assignment and thoroughly give detailed feedback.

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Review - Instructor

This way, you can reflect and enhance your learning experience effectively. In fact, you can spot the mistakes that you are making and learn from them instantly. 

The best thing I noticed in the feedback delivered by the Udacity instructors was that it was unbiased and completely honest without any sugar-coated advice.

What I Feel Can be Improved in the Digital Marketing Nanodegree in Udacity?

Although I enjoyed the digital marketing nanodegree in Udacity, I did find some things that I personally felt can be improved or at least advanced.

No Accreditation of Certificates 

Receiving certificates on the completion of any course is something that is expected and is very common among online learning platforms, but this was absent in Udacity. I understand if Udacity does not give certificates for free courses.

But the digital marketing nanodegree is a paid course and if Udacity cannot give a mere certification for the time invested into learning digital marketing, I am not sure in what way they will certify the students enrolling in the course. 

Effective But Extensive

I did find the course resourceful and rewarding, but it was too extensive compared to effectiveness in general. This might not be a problem to everyone, but I felt the lessons could have been on to the point at times with relevant exercises.

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Review: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree.


  • This specialization helps you learn everything about digital marketing and how you can build a career out of it.
  • You will learn to use tools like Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and so many more that you would never learn to use in a university classroom learning.
  • You will get hands-on projects in the course, and you can complete them only if you pay attention to the learning. You will also get critical reviews directly from your instructors and peers for your projects.
  • This course is not time-bound, meaning you can finish it at your own pace. You can learn however you want from this nanodegree because there’s no rush.


  • Some of the courses available on this nanodegree are outdated and haven’t been updated.
  • The pricing of this nanodegree can be a bit expensive for some people.

Udacity Pricing: Is Digital Marketing Nanodegree Affordable?

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I am sure that you are quite curious about the pricing after looking at the plethora of benefits that Udacity offers, but first, let me admit that the pricing might be surprising. 

Yes – it is not very affordable. Still, if you look at the value that the digital marketing nanodegree in Udacity brings, you’d most likely be the next person to buy. 

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Review - Pricing

Before that, let me explain the interesting plans that Udacity offers. You can either pay for a particular period or pay as you go through the course in Udacity.

The digital marketing nanodegree in Udacity costs $1017 and allows 3-month access which means you get access to the content for 90 days straight. Enough to learn.

For this, you can pay just $399 per month and sit focused on the course to build your side hustle in digital marketing later. If you’d like to learn at your own pace, choose the other option and pay as you. And that starts just at $399 per month. 

Both plans are effective to choose from, but I’d personally recommend the 3-month access program because the self-paced learning might not let you be attentive. In contrast, the 3-month program will keep you going on a daily basis for 3 months. 

Yet, if you are a working professional or a student, the self-paced plan could be the best. 

Final Thoughts: Do I Recommend Udacity?

Uff. Quite the read on Udacity’s digital marketing nanodegree? 

Let me quickly wrap up the review by highlighting key elements that might benefit you. The digital marketing nanodegree in Udacity serves various modules and topics in the diverse field of digital marketing from content strategy to ad campaigns. 

There are a lot of takeaways from the digital marketing nanodegree in Udacity, and it is indeed a great investment because I could confidently dive into the digital marketing spectrum and land in a potential job. Thanks to Udacity!

Digital marketing is one of the fast-growing industries with in-demand jobs. Now is the time to enroll in a digital marketing course and get skilled that something you love.

Enroll in digital marketing nanodegree Udacity and become a digital marketing pro!

Alvin Parker

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