9+ Best YouTube Marketing Courses For Growth In 2024

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To become a master on YouTube, one of the fastest and most effective ways to understand how it works is to take a good YouTube Marketing course.

Did you know that YouTubers make around $1,9 million a year? When content creator puts a lot of money into themselves, it pays off very well. 

A large audience is an excellent reason to promote your company on YouTube. However, without a strategy, shouting about your product lines from the top of buildings won’t get you very far.

We did the legwork and research to determine which YouTube marketing courses are highly valuable, and this is basically what you will understand in this post.

So without wasting the time, let’s understand them in depth.

Top 9+ YouTube Marketing Courses In (2024)

You can refer to the following table if you are in a bit of a hurry, which will give you a quick overview of the best YouTube Marketing courses.

Sr. NoBest YouTube Marketing CoursesPlatform
1. YouTube Masterclass: your complete guide to YouTubeUdemy
2. How to grow your YouTube channel Hubspot Academy
3. YouTube and Video MarketingSimplilearn
4. YouTube Marketing myGreat Learning
5. Learning YouTube SEO LinkedIn Learning
6. Stand Out on YouTubeSkillshare
7. Developing a YouTube Strategy LinkedIn Learning
8.YouTube Marketing 2022:YouTube SEO and YouTube algorithms Udemy
9. YouTube Marketing: Grow Your Business With YouTubeUdemy

9 Best YouTube Marketing Courses In 2024

Here is a detailed overview of the best YouTube marketing courses that you should consider taking in 2024 to grow your business.

1. YouTube Masterclass: Your Complete Guide To YouTube – Udemy

This course is specially designed to instruct aspiring YouTubers on what it takes to make excellent videos and earn money from them. The majority of lessons are practical tutorials where we not only explain what it takes to succeed but also demonstrate how to do it.

You will begin with the fundamentals or the recommendations for all YouTubers. It will help you to create an account, become a verified YouTube partner, and be familiar with the Creator Studio.

Next, the course will show you how to make some great videos with professional and budget equipment. There you will understand video shooting with any camera, recording audio, and how to light videos with DIY setups. You will also understand video editing efficiently.

YouTube Marketing Courses - Youtube MasterClass

You will then discover how to upload your videos to your YouTube channel with titles, descriptions, and tags that are excellent for SEO and will attract the most viewers. 

It will also cover additional optimization techniques to increase views and subscribers.

You can determine which videos perform well and which does not by learning how to use analytics. Lastly, you will learn how to make money with your videos including some ads, sponsorships, digital and physical products, and crowdfunding.

By the end of this course, you will completely understand making high-quality videos that your target audience would love.

InstructorPhil Ebiner, Michael Moyer
Duration5 hours 36 minutes
Level Beginner

Key Highlights:

  • Make a successful YouTube channel of your own
  • Understand how to expand your brand using a YouTube channel 
  • Learn how to increase your YouTube following and views.
  • Learn to post and optimize videos with excellent tags, titles, and descriptions
  • Make cost-effective high-quality videos.

2. How To Grow Your YouTube Channel – HubSpot Academy

This course talks about the complete strategy building for your YouTube channel. It will help you to learn from the various top YouTube influencers and experts. This will show how to create engaging videos that your audience would love to watch and share.

This course teaches you how to utilize YouTube SEO and optimize your videos for greater visibility. Additionally, you’ll learn how to monetize your channel and increase the number of views on your video.

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

In the first module itself, you get to learn the various YouTube strategies and how to put them together to gather an effective audience. These strategies include various tactics like vlogging, playlists, and Live and video optimization.

The next module will give you a complete overview of how to completely optimize your YouTube channel and build your subscriber base.

And lastly, you will understand how to scale your high-performing video content and how to attract, engage, convert, and monetize using a wide range of strategies within the YouTube channel. 

PlatformHubSpot Academy
InstructorCrystal King
Duration1 hour 45 mins
Level Beginner 

Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to build your subscribers and increase the watch time.
  • Improve your chances of being found in searches.
  • Optimize your videos by including relevant keywords in the file names, titles, descriptions, and scripts.
  • Engage your audience by producing YouTube content that informs, teaches, or entertains.

3. YouTube And Video Marketing – Simplilearn

This free YouTube and Video marketing course will give you in-depth knowledge on how to increase your subscriber count and get your video content to rank higher.

You will learn complete YouTube marketing that will deploy the best practices and strategies that will boost views on your videos. It will also explain the process behind its line utilizing YouTube SEO, live recommendations, and ads.

In the first part, you will learn how to establish a video marketing strategy. You will learn how to craft your video marketing strategy as well as understand what should be the ideal length of videos to optimize.

YouTube And Video Marketing

It will also help to do keyword research and build authority with YouTube channels. 

Next, you will learn to measure the impact and promote the paid media. It will also give you an overview of video influencers and vloggers. 

The final part will explain YouTube analytics and complete YouTube advertising. There you will get covered with scheduling, remarketing, and targeting video ads.

By the end of this course, you will learn how to leverage mobile video and the impact of GDPR on YouTube advertising. It will also help you to understand video advertising for B2B marketers.

InstructorMarc Campman
Duration4 hours
Level Beginner to Intermediate

Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to establish a video marketing strategy.
  • Understand how to measure impact and gain exposure.
  • Build authority with YouTube channels.
  • Learn how to optimize your videos for search.
  • Learn video advertising for B2B marketers.

4. YouTube Marketing – MyGreat Learning

In this course on Youtube marketing, you will go over the fundamentals of the subject, learn effective storytelling and marketing techniques, and various tools that are used for building the strategies.

The introduction part will acknowledge you with the complete marketing techniques and fundamentals of marketing. The next module will provide you with YouTube marketing strategies in which you will understand various marketing tools for YouTube.

Further, you will master storytelling on YouTube which will help you to build engaging content on YouTube. Here you will get an idea of which type of content is trending or helps in ranking.

YouTube Marketing

The next module will teach you all the essential marketing strategies that you can apply to get the most views and subscribers to your channel.

This course also covers the complete YouTube SEO and algorithms that you can take into consideration while uploading your videos. 

Finally, it will provide you with some YouTube marketing tools that will help you to engage your client audience and create content that your audience would love.

PlatformMyGreat Learning
Duration1 hour
Level Intermediate 

Key Highlights:

  • Learn complete strategies of YouTube marketing.
  • Master the storytelling on YouTube.
  • Understand and implement the complete YouTube SEO.
  • Get covered with various YouTube marketing tools.
  • Learn keyword optimization and effective strategic planning.

5. Learning YouTube SEO – LinkedIn Learning

Learning YouTube SEO will provide you with the complete foundations of SEO that are used to rank your video on YouTube. 

The instructor provides you with some useful tips on how to rank better in the searches.  She will also explain to you how to save your efforts and time by doing keyword and tag research beforehand.

You will get covered with how to get the length of your title, description, and keywords. It will also explain where you can add keywords for your channel and the ways that you can improve your user engagement.

You will learn how to perform the competitor analysis which you can compare and rank the keywords that competitors are using. In the first part only, you will discover the power of YouTube SEO. 

Learning YouTube SEO

You will get covered with the research part and find the relevant keywords. You will also explore various clickable thumbnails that will help you to rank your content. 

Next, you get a complete understanding of title length and keywords. You will have a complete understanding of the description length of various subtitles which is also known as the subtitle SEO. 

The next module will cover various SEO tools that are free as well as paid. The instructor will give you a quick overview of TubeBuddy as an SEO tool that can help you find, compare, and rank the keywords your competitors are using.

PlatformLinkedIn Learning
InstructorAsh Blodgett
Duration30 mins
PriceOne-month free trial
Level Intermediate

Key Highlights:

  • Explore the power of YouTube SEO.
  • Learn about research, writing, and keywords for YouTube.
  • Understand how subtitles are known for hidden SEO.
  • Get covered with channel SEO and audience engagement.
  • Discover SEO tools like TubeBuddy and various free SEO tools.

6. Stand Out On YouTube- Skillshare

This concrete YouTube course will provide you with complete knowledge of YouTube and its strategies. 

Firstly you will understand how to set your channel for success. The instructor will provide you with the complete process from making a channel on YouTube to how to rank and optimize it.

It will also explain to you what clickbait is and provide you with various tips for titles and thumbnails. With the help of this lesson, you will be able to choose the right thumbnail and titles for your own channel.

Next, you will understand how to find your target audience with the help of various tools. The instructor will also give you some ideas that can help you to stay tropical and innovative.

Stand Out On YouTube

He will also explain to you the importance of collaborating with other creators. Next, you will learn about various strategies that you can use, and will introduce you to Adsense strategies.

This course will also cover how to work with sponsors and how to find various opportunities with partnerships, and products.

You will also dive deep into how to make money via your youtube channel. You will also get some tips and techniques that can give you the power to craft a channel.

In the end, you will be provided with helpful websites that can help you to get the tools and create innovative and creative content.

InstructorJosiah Brooks
Duration2 hours 7 mins
Level Beginner to advanced

Key Highlights:

  • Learn the complete YouTube strategies.
  • Analyze how to create simple ads that can get ideal customers to click.
  • Understand how to target the most effective audiences with keywords and topics.
  • Get covered with how to work with sponsors.
  • Build various strategies that can help you to make money.

7. Developing A YouTube Strategy – LinkedIn Learning

Developing a YouTubbe strategy course will give you a complete overview of how to develop a strong YouTube strategy. It will take you through the complete process of building strategies and how to implement them.

The instructor offers some professional advice for creating a lucrative and effective YouTube channel strategy.

She will also cover how to specify the kind of content to produce, strike a balance between quality and quantity and keep your videos on youtube consistent so that viewers will keep watching.

Developing A YouTube Strategy

Additionally, you’ll discover how to investigate your competition, optimize your videos for search, and choose the most effective times and days to publish your content.

By the end of this course, you will be ready to build your own strategies and engaging content that will definitely help you to rank.

PlatformLinkedIn Learning
InstructorAsh Blodgett
Duration38 mins
PriceFree for one month
Level Intermediate

Key Highlights:

  • Build various strategies to rank your video.
  • Understand what should be the quality and quantity of YouTube videos.
  • Learn to create a complete format for your videos.
  • Learn to implement and release strategies.
  • Understand how to research your competition, and optimize videos for search.

8. YouTube Marketing 2022: YouTube SEO And YouTube Algorithms – Udemy 

This course will reveal various YouTube SEO and YouTube algorithms that will rank your videos as higher as possible on the YouTube homepage. In this course, you will find out how exactly to get the right keywords for your YouTube videos.

The course will cover some YouTube SEO tips that will be very helpful when you apply them to your content. These tips include, how to rename your video file using a target keyword, optimization of your video description, and inserting your keyword naturally in the video file.

You will also get to learn the various best strategies and tricks that will optimize your content from beginning to end. You will understand each process for YouTube Seo strategies step by step in this course. 

YouTube Marketing 2022

In the first section itself, you will learn to create the momentum that will keep your business running. It will also show you some traffic sources on YouTube and how to optimize them.

Next, it will cover how to do the research and analyze the competitors. You will get provided with various keyword research tools and strategies to find the best keyword. You get to understand how to optimize your video for Google. Next, you will learn to publish high-retention videos that will provide you with hot leads.

This in-depth course covers all the details that a YouTube channel must know in order to get the best results and make money out of it.

InstructorDejan Majkic
Duration2.5 hours
Level Intermediate

Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to conduct film topic research and produce engaging videos!
  • Discover a tried-and-true method that you can use to rank your YouTube videos on the front page.
  • Make eye-catching YouTube thumbnails to capture viewers’ attention.
  • Use targeted keywords to make sure your video appears first in search results when someone uses YouTube.

9. YouTube Marketing: Grow Your Business With YouTube

Last but not least, this course on Udemy is designed to help you grow your business with YouTube. In this course, You will learn everything to get started with your YouTube channel.

The instructor Phil Ebiner shares some strategies to grow your YouTube channel and business through it.

The modules are designed in a simple and easy-to-understand format. In the first module, Phil talks about the YouTube marketing funnels like subscriber funnel, Ad Revenue, and Promoting your videos along with the case study.

Grow your business with YouTube Marketing

Next, he will give you a complete overview of how to optimize your videos for views and conversions. In this, you will deeply understand all the types of videos that you should create that will attract subscribers.

Furthermore, you will get to understand where you should put links and how to put a call to action along with the internal linking.

Moreover, you get to understand the types of Ads on YouTube and the easy way to create YouTube ads.

By the end of this course, you will have your fantastic YouTube channel with various strategies that will help you to grow the subscribers and business through it.

Instructor Phil Ebiner
Duration4 hours 55 minutes
LevelBeginner to Intermediate

Key Highlights:

  • Increase your revenue and get more consumers with YouTube.
  • Run your video ads on competitors’ YouTube channels or other videos.
  • Learn how to optimize your YouTube channel to get more views and conversions.
  • Understand the various strategies to grow your brand with YouTube.
  • Get a complete idea of the YouTube marketing funnel.

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Conclusion: Best YouTube Marketing Courses (2024)

The world will require more video marketers as time goes on because of the industry’s increasing demands for and need for video marketing and production. 

According to some reports, the majority of digital marketing will be visual by 2024, and in the years to come, millions of dollars will be ended up spending on video marketing. 

So there you have a chance along with the above list of the top YouTube and video marketing programs for 2024.

Review each course and choose the most suitable one from above according to your requirements.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below. I wish you a happy learning.

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