CXL Institute Review 2024: Are Its Courses Any Good?

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Are you seeking to enhance your SEO skills and integrate them with Conversion Optimization techniques for optimal results? 

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place to explore the CXL Institute and its invaluable contributions to the digital marketing landscape. 

Personally, my introduction to CXL occurred through Discord, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I’m confident that this review will provide you with valuable insights to ponder upon.

The CXL Institute is your gateway to unlocking a world of possibilities and upgrading your skill set. 

Regardless of your schedule or prior commitments, this institution empowers you to take charge of your learning journey and acquire the expertise necessary to thrive in the competitive digital landscape. 

So why wait? Let’s quickly get started with the CXL Institute review.


For individuals looking to master new technical marketing skills and technologies, CXL provides some of the top online marketing courses and industry-recognized certifications.

Growth specialists, product managers, UX/UI specialists, and any other marketing profile trying to become more customer-centric will find them to be of great assistance. 

I love CXL courses & I was happy to have access to all their courses. CXL courses are top-notch and worth trying. 

Personally, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the high-quality content of CXL courses, and I can confidently say that they exceeded my expectations. The courses offered by CXL are of exceptional quality and are certainly worth exploring and investing in.

CXL Institute Review: Overview

CXL Institute is an online learning platform that offers various mini-degrees and video courses that focuses on specific topics in the realm of Internet marketing.

It is a top skill-building platform with instructors who are among the world’s top 1% of practitioners.

It provides a comprehensive training library that helps you in maximizing the effectiveness of your best channels, perform growth experiments, and effectively scale your development program.

CXL Institute Review - Overview

It has around 48 courses that are divided into CRO, Analytics, and marketing. The courses are designed in a well-organized and easy-to-understand manner so that learners can gain practical knowledge.

CXL also provides certifications that you can add to your portfolio that will make things interesting for the person taking a look at your resume.  

I personally experienced that CXL courses use training methods that are proven and evidence-based, with 100% focused on improving performance on the job.

Ease Of Use

As per my experience, CLX is pretty simple to use. It has easy-to-follow navigation with a login system. 

The training section provides you with an overall idea about all the courses and the mini degrees available on the platform.

You get to preview each course before you start to check if it is what interests you.

Otherwise, if you have an idea of what course you want to go with, then you can directly click on the course and go ahead with the tutorials.

Along with the in-depth courses, you get access to various blogs related to the topics in the courses.

CLX also provides an exceptional resource section that covers webinars, free courses, study guides, and some podcasts.

And when talking about customer support, CLX has many ways to help their users. CLX uses many social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, where they converse with their users and audience. They also solve your issues with their customer support system in no time.

CXL Institute: Courses Offered (Our Picks)

There are many courses that are offered by CXL Institute. I have reviewed some of the popular courses on CXL, and here I am going to talk about my experience with those.

Let’s explore the comprehensive material available at the CXL Institute. (Minidegrees)

1. Growth Marketing Minidegree:

I reviewed the growth marketing mini degree, which is held by renowned marketers who the experts in the online marketing industry.

The degree covers theoretical principles about what it takes to plan and manage growth within the business.

Growth Marketing Minidegree

With the help of this course, you will be able to build analytical, technical, and quantitative skills.  This mini-degree provides you with various tools that will help you gain practical knowledge and easily understand their applied use.

For me, this is one of the most comprehensive courses available. I personally improved everything from technical and analytical skills to the essentials of growth hacking.

It is a complete track of seven different modules, which are:

  1. Growth marketing foundations
  2. Running growth experiments 
  3. Data and analytics
  4. Conversion
  5. Channel-specific growth skills
  6. Growth program management
  7. Management

It takes around 95 hours to complete this degree and is suitable for anyone who wants to join growth teams, UX folks working with data, and want to get better at it. 

Rating: 4.9/5

2. Conversion Optimization Minidegree

With CXL Conversion Optimization Minidegree, you will understand how websites work completely.  I found different elements within the same website to improve its conversion rate. It also helped me to create a unique value proposition.

Conversion Optimization Minidegree

Other than that, this course will teach you how to implement A/B testing before launching your website.

This mini-degree covers five different tracks”

  1. CRO Foundations
  2. Conversion Research
  3. Testing Strategies
  4. Optimization Strategies
  5. Conversion Optimization Program Management.

Once you understand the principles of Web analytics, UX, and conversion, you will be able to apply these techniques throughout the web.

Rating: 4.6/5

3. Google Analytics For Beginners

This CXL Google Analytics for beginners will equip you with a huge amount of valuable knowledge analytics.

Here you will learn how to process and read all the major reports that Google Analytics will be sending to you.

Instructor Chris will also teach you how to apply Google Analytics in the practical online platform and get into in-depth marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics For Beginners

Moreover, it provides a clear and practical overview of buzzwords like filters,  segments, reports, and metrics.

My experience with this mini-degree was pretty good. It helped me to develop my conversion skills and learn how to find and use conversion opportunities.

It takes around 7 hours to complete this course. So, if you are a business owner and want to develop your business ideas and requirements by using tools provided by Google Analytics, then I would definitely suggest going with this course. 

Rating: 4.1/5

4. Digital Psychology And Persuasion Minidegree

Learning just the technical side of digital marketing is not enough. It is also important to understand how your target audience thinks and behaves on the web.

Digital Psychology And Persuasion

The CXL Digital Psychology and Persuasion Minidegree talk about how to use words and design in an engaging and persuasive way.

I went through this course to understand the emotional aspect of my potential customers. I’m pretty satisfied with the key learnings provided by this course. 

With this course, I started implementing the elements that properly respond to the brand.

There are three tracks with 40 hours of learning material. These tracks are:

  1. Psychology Foundations
  2. Neuromarketing and Persuasion Models.
  3. Applied Behavioral Psychology.

Rating: 4.3/5

CXL Institute Pricing

CXL provides two different plans. It includes a personal all-access plan and a team plan.

CXL Team Plan:

CXL Institute Pricing

The team plan comes with access to each and every course and mini-degree.

  • Plan Monthly: $259/user.
  • Quarterly Plan: $479/user.
  • Annual Plan: $1,349/user.

With the Team’s plan, you can:

  • Get access to personal learning analytics to measure your progress.
  • Monitor your team’s progress with team learning analytics.
  • Set and achieve your goals with the roadmap tool provided by the platform.
  • Set your team’s learning roadmaps.
  • Add, remove, and switch out team members at any time.

The Individual Plan:

The individual plan varies according to the comprehensiveness of the mini-degree. The lifetime access to the course has a set price.

The Individual Plan:
  • Monthly Plan: $289/user
  • Quarterly Plan: $529/user
  • Monthly Plan: $1499/user

With the individual plan, you get the following:

  • Access to the personal learning analytics that monitors your progress.
  • Earn certificates and boost your LinkedIn profile.
  • Set and achieve your goals with the roadmap tool.
  • All 50+ expert courses are available.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee.

CXL unlimited access for a Lifetime:

The cost of Lifetime access to a mini-degree varies according to how extensive the mini-degree is.

Each mini-degree costs you around $699 to $899.

As CXL institute courses are mini degrees always being upgraded, I would recommend you to go with the one-time payment with unlimited access.

CXL Institute: Pros And Cons

Now that you have an overall idea about the CXL institute, here are some of the pros and cons that you should take a look at.


  • The courses are professionally presented.
  • High-quality video and audio.
  • Get training from highly knowledgeable experts.
  • Learn with various tools that you can use when you use the platform.
  • Get a free trial for $1.
  • Become a part of a huge CXL community.
  • Courses are designed to upskill your marketing knowledge.


  • Tutors start teaching with advanced content that makes it difficult to understand some concepts.
  • As a newbie, you might find the pricing expensive.
  • The course on technical development is somewhat outdated.

How Would You Know That CXL Is The One For You?

This course is a perfect match if:

  • You want to optimize the campaigns that you are running and want to get a better understanding of perfect planning.
  • It is perfect to consider if you are looking to decrease the rate of acquisition in your ad campaigns.
  • If you are between starting and stopping the advertisements.
  • If you are working with an agency that is looking to build a strategy to build full-funnel ads on Facebook.
  • It is worth taking if you have been involved with advertisements on Facebook before.

Who Is CXL Not For?

  • CXL is not for you if you have no experience with marketing. A basic foundation in marketing is necessary to make the most out of the course.
  • This course is not for you if you just want a certificate, even though you get one. The course is for you if you want to get ridiculously good at data-driven marketing.

CXL Institute Alternatives

You might be wondering what would be the CXL alternatives. Below I have mentioned some of the CXL alternatives that provide the same course quality as CXL.

1. Udemy:

Udemy is a formidable competitor to the CXL Institute, offering a wide variety of courses across different disciplines. 

Its affordability and accessibility make it an appealing choice for learners with diverse interests and limited budgets. 


However, the CXL Institute’s specialization in marketing and conversion optimization, along with its industry-recognized certifications and expert instructors, set it apart in terms of depth and comprehensive learning experiences. 

2. Growth Hackers:

The courses on Growth Hackers are backed up by the popular personality in growth marketing, Sean Ellis.

These courses are perfect if you are willing to have in-depth courses on various topics. But as compared to other platforms, Growth Hackers have a high cost of courses. So, here I feel CXL can be a good option to go for.

Growth Hackers:

3. Coursera:

Coursera‘s extensive course catalog and partnerships with prestigious institutions provide learners with a broad range of options, making it a versatile platform for exploring diverse disciplines. 


On the other hand, the CLX Institute’s specialization in conversion optimization and data-driven marketing caters to professionals seeking in-depth knowledge and targeted skill development.

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Final Verdict: CXL Institute Review (2024)

Concluding my experience with CXL Institute, it emerges as a premier online learning platform that delivers exceptional value to professionals seeking to excel in conversion optimization and growth marketing. 

Led by visionary entrepreneur Peep Laja, the institute’s comprehensive courses, practical learning approach, and vibrant community have solidified its position as a trusted resource in the digital marketing landscape.

CXL Institute’s focus on evidence-based strategies and data-driven methodologies sets it apart. 

From foundational courses to advanced masterclasses, you can acquire the knowledge and skills needed to optimize your marketing strategies and drive tangible results.

All in all, CXL Institute’s comprehensive review showcases its commitment to excellence, practical learning, and community engagement.

For professionals seeking to enhance their skills, stay ahead of the curve, and achieve remarkable results in conversion optimization and growth marketing, CXL Institute stands as a trusted and valuable resource.


Does CXL Offer free courses?

Yes, CXL offers some free courses on all things conversion optimization, digital analytics, growth, and UX.

Are CXL courses worth it?

Yes, CXL Courses are absolutely worthwhile. Many people who have chosen to take CXL Courses have provided 90% good feedback, and their top practitioners are recognized authorities in their industries. You should definitely look at CXL for advanced marketing training courses.

How to learn Digital Marketing & CRO courses with CXL?

You can opt for their digital marketing & CRO training on their official website; they have top marketing experts to share their knowledge with real-life case studies. 

Can CXL institute be used for free?

CXL offers a $1 trial for 7 days. This is one of the major drawbacks it has since it does not allow people to see themselves if the brand is suitable for them.

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