9+ Best Sales Training Courses & Programs Of 2024

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The market for sales is constantly evolving as a result of emerging competitors, shifting consumer preferences, and emerging technologies. To sharpen your sales abilities and keep your team competitive, sales courses can be a priceless investment.

Finding a sales course that fits your needs, priorities, and budget can be challenging, given the abundance of options available.

I have compiled this list of the top eight sales training courses with a variety of price points, topics, and formats to suit any company.

Let’s understand each one of them!

Top 9+ Best Sales Training Courses (2024)

If you are in a bit of a hurry, then here is a quick overview of the best sales training courses.

Sr. NoBest Sales Training CoursesPlatform
1.Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills Coursera
2. Salesforce Essential TrainingLinkedIn Learning
3. Inbound SalesHubSpot Academy
4. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and skills Coursera
5. Cold Calling Mastery LinkedIn Learning
6.Sales Manager Training: Strategies for developing a successful modern sales teamHubSpot Academy
7. Enterprise SalesedX
8. B2B Sales MasterclassUdemy
9. Sales Training: Practical Sales TechniquesUdemy

9 Best Sales Training Courses

Let’s have a detailed look at the best sales training courses and programs that are available on various online learning platforms.

1. The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process – Coursera

Our top pick, The Art of Sales, is specially designed to help you become more efficient and effective in sales and achieve sales goals.

You will understand how to differentiate yourself from the competition, win over clients, and win over employees to your initiatives. You will have the ability to “get to yes,” which is an essential one that can enhance many aspects of your life.

This course covers how to close most of the leads and increase the performance of your sales team. In the introduction part, the course will address customer segmentation and prospecting in which you will obtain a number of essential disciplines and skills that will speed up your achievement in life and in your small or large business.

Best Sales Training Courses - The art of sales

In the next module, you get covered with how to run high-impact meetings that will create separation between you and everyone else your client comes in contact with.

The best part about this course is that it also covers the complete sales pitch and closing which will give you a complete idea of giving presentations with confidence.

It also covers how to develop your brand and go beyond your clients. In the final module, you will gain insights into building a toolkit for your sales process.

By the end of this Specialization, you will have developed a number of sales tools that are crucial to excelling in sales. Each tool is a part of the Sales Toolkit, a living manual that will lead you through each and every stage of the selling process.

Platform Coursera
Duration3 hours/ week (4 months)
InstructorCraig Wortmann

Key Highlights:

  • Master the complete art of sales by becoming efficient at sales.
  • Create a mindset for becoming a high performer in sales.
  • Understand customer segmentation and prospecting.
  • Learn to connect with sales prospects with clients.
  • Learn how to deliver an effective pitch and increase closing.
  • Build efficient toolkits for your sales process.

2. Salesforce Essential Training – LinkedIn Learning

The salesforce essential training is a complete guide to salesforce and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

It focuses on how to use the sales force in a sales environment. Instructor Jamie covers key topics like tracking, managing existing customers, lead generation, and managing leads.

You will also understand the complete sales pipeline of potential sales and use the built-in features of Salesforce that will help you analyze sales data and reporting.

 Salesforce Essential Training

In the introduction part, you get to learn the essentials of Salesforce and access Salesforce through your company. It also covers how Salesforce organizes your client data and how to navigate Salesforce.

It will also introduce you to how to manage existing customers as accounts and contacts.

Further, you will have an overview of managing potential deals as opportunities. It will give you a step-by-step guide on creating opportunities and how to manage them.

In the end module, you will learn how to manage prospects as leads which covers managing a lead through qualification and how to convert a lead into a customer. 

Platform LinkedIn Learning
PriceFree one-month trial 
Duration1 hour 14 mins
InstructorJamie Grettum

Key Highlights:

  • Understand complete Salesforce and CRM.
  • Get covered with the essentials of Salesforce.
  • Learn to navigate Salesforce and how to organize your customer data.
  • Manage your existing clients as accounts and contacts.
  • Learn how to manage potential deals as opportunities.
  • Understanding how to convert your leads into customers efficiently. 

3. Inbound Sales – HubSpot Academy

This course talks about complete inbound sales, where you will gain all the knowledge you need to succeed in the contemporary sales environment. 

Inbound Sales

A brief overview of inbound sales will be given at the outset, along with an explanation of its necessity. Additionally, it will provide a general overview of a four-phase inbound sales strategy that can be integrated into your existing sales process regardless of what or to whom you’re selling. 

These phases are identification, connection, exploration, and advice. Each of these stages is taught a different lesson. You will learn how to spot active customers who require and desire your assistance in the next lesson. 

Further, you will get covered with the various strategies and tactics you need to capture the interest of those active buyers. 

The explore class will give a complete idea of how to organize and carry out a one-on-one call or meeting to ascertain a prospect’s goals and challenges in the explore course.

You’ll learn how to counsel those prospects as they choose which solution to implement in the advice class. After completing the course, you’ll be equipped to approach sales in a completely new way.

The course provides various quizzes that will help for better understanding. In the end, you will go through a certification exam which will provide you with a certificate of successful completion.

Platform HubSpot Academy
Duration3 hours 12 mins
InstructorMark Roberge, Kyle Jepson, Elizabeth Bailey, Brian Signorelli, Andrew Quinn.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand how to choose the ideal people to contact.
  • Reach out to and capture the interest of your most promising leads.
  • Learn to conduct effective sales calls and presentations.
  • Explore the needs of your clients and advise them on a path forward.

4. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills – Coursera

Successful Negotiation and essential strategies and Skills by Coursera talk about complete negotiation and various strategies to perform it successfully. 

Through this course, you will learn and put into practice the tactics and abilities that will enable you to negotiate effectively in both personal and professional situations. 

You will be able to identify the four main negotiation stages after finishing this module, as well as what you must do to pass this course.

In the planning stage, you will learn the steps in the negotiation process. It will also cover the complete analysis that will set you up for success. You will also understand cross-cultural negotiations and how to handle some ethical issues with general ethical standards.

Successful Negotiation

The next module focuses on key topics like how to use skills and power while negotiating and some psychological tools that you can use while negotiating. I will also give you some practical experiments that can help you practice your negotiation skills.

Moreover, you will get covered with negotiations that take place to establish a legally binding contract in a business transaction after an initial understanding has been reached. Once you learn this, you will automatically understand performing and evaluating your agreement.

After the completion of this course, you will go through an exam that will provide you with a certificate after completion.

Platform Coursera
Duration17 hours
InstructorGeorge Siedel

Key Highlights:

  • Learn complete negotiation skills.
  • Use various tactics for successful negotiation.
  • Learn to handle the negotiations with the psychological aspects.
  • Understand how to perform and evaluate your agreement.

5. Cold Calling Mastery – LinkedIn Learning 

Cold calling is one of the important aspects of sales and marketing. Our next pick talks about generating leads and sales by cold calling.

In this course, you will learn about how to do cold calling in the right way and how to master the skills of cold calling. In the introductory part itself, the course will help you to overcome your fear of cold calling.

You will understand the right mindset for cold calling and various techniques to make successful conversations.

Further, it will explain to you how to get over your fear by understanding the worst and best scenarios. It also covers how to prepare a script that will pitch your business successfully and experiment as per the need of the client.

Cold Calling Mastery

In the next module, you get to understand what gatekeepers are and what roles they perform. The course also explains the five methods to understanding it properly. 

Finally, you will get covered with how to deal with objections and rejection. The instructor offers some practical tips and techniques that will identify what is important to year lead, track your targets, structure a call, and overcome rejections.

These lessons are designed in an easy and practical way so that you can get started by testing out your new skills.

Platform LinkedIn Learning
PriceFree 1-month trial
Duration1 hour 26 mins
InstructorMiles Croft

Key Highlights:

  • Learn complete cold-calling techniques.
  • Learn how to overcome the fear of cold calling.
  • Build the right mindset that is essential for cold calling.
  • Prepare your own pitch and learn Gamification.
  • Understand how to deal with the gatekeepers.

6. Sales Manager Training: Strategies for Developing a Successful Modern Sales Team – HubSpot Academy

There are six lessons covering the essential elements of long-term sales success that have been created using the collective wisdom of these experts. 

The first lesson teaches you to thoroughly understand your target customer and the reasons they choose to do business with you. 

The most influential business thinker in the world, Clay Christensen, provides a wealth of valuable information in that lesson. Additionally, it will fundamentally alter how you perceive how people become your clients. 

The second lesson will demonstrate how to construct a strong sales procedure on top of that comprehension. One of the major takeaways from this course is that your sales process is the foundation of everything your sales organization does. 

Sales Manager Training

Moreover, it won’t support your growth for very long if it isn’t designed to meet the needs of your customers.

The remaining lessons demonstrate how to build your recruitment, onboarding, mentoring, and training around your sales process. You’ll have all the resources you need to create a sales machine that will sustainably speed up your development once you complete this course.

Platform HubSpot Academy
Duration3 hours 19 minutes
InstructorKyle Jepson

Key Highlights:

  • Clearly define your sales strategy and playbook and effectively communicate it.
  • Create sales training, coaching, and onboarding programs to aid in the development of your sales team.
  • Create a hiring and recruiting strategy for sales that improve your team.
  • learn how to create a coaching program that will drive results. 

7. Enterprise Sales – edX

You will have the chance to learn about, review, and evaluate the selling process in this program through role-playing, interviews, and lectures. 

Your understanding of marketing strategy and ideas that result in successful sales career paths, from salespeople to sales managers to enterprise sales executives, will be aided by this project’s hands-on, practical approach.

This course will help you to learn and analyze the current methodologies and various trends that are related to outbound prospecting within an enterprise.

Enterprise Sales

Moreover, you will get to identify the various components of a demand generation program and the resources required to execute it.

You will learn how to use data, tools, and technology to drive productivity and set yourself apart as a sales leader. It will also explain the complete sales funnel concept and why it is important.

Platform edX
Duration5 months (4-6 hours per week)
InstructorJim Hamilton, Michael Cant

Key Highlights:

  • Recognize the consumer buying journey and decision-making process for digital enterprises, as well as how selling actions must be coordinated with these processes.
  • Analyze the practices and trends that are currently used in an organization for outbound prospecting.
  • Explain what a sales funnel is and why it’s important.
  • Recognize the various parts of a demand generation program and the personnel and resources needed in sales to execute it.
  • Utilize technology, tools, and data to boost productivity.

8. B2B Sales Masterclass – Udemy

This B2B Sales Masterclass is a complete guide to the B2B market and how to generate sales. Here you will learn how to close deals using world-class discovery, follow-ups, and objection handling without any tactics.

In the first lecture, you will learn how to set a proper mindset and develop the proper attitude to confidently meet your sales objectives. It will also help you to overcome your fear and understand the maths of sales.

In the next module, you get to utilize persuasive strategies to guide your prospect to the best result. It will help you to recognize your prospect’s issues and the ones they’re attempting to solve.

B2B Sales Masterclass

You will execute flawless research to position yourself for success. You will understand how to make sure that your demo and pitch are perfect so they want what you’re selling.

It will also cover how to follow up in a world-class manner to make it simple for your prospects to buy. You will use tried and true techniques to deal with typical objections and deflections.

Finally, at the end of this course, you will learn objection handling and the differentiation between objection, deflection, and rejection.

Platform Udemy
Duration3 hours 17 mins
InstructorKevin Dorsey

Key Highlights:

  • Drive your sales goals with confidence by adopting the proper mindset.
  • Learn how to influence people to get the best result for your prospect.
  • Recognize your prospect’s issues and the ones they’re attempting to solve.
  • Execute flawless research to position yourself for success.

9. Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques

With this course on Udemy, you will learn how to maximize your sales potential within a few minutes.

This course covers everything you need to know about sales including planning, preparing, objection-handling techniques, relationship building, and closing the deal at the best price. Instructors provide real-life examples that give you practical knowledge and some practical tools you can use to get better results.

Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques

The modules include planning your toolkit, building a rapport and relationship, and simple tricks to raise yourself above 90% of the competition. The instructor also shares some simple phrases that will definitely get you a brilliant closing price.

This course is an ideal choice for sales professionals and anyone who is looking for a lucrative career in sales. It is also perfect for professionals who deal with customers face-to-face.

Duration1 hour 51 minutes
InstructorChris Croft
LevelBeginner to Intermediate

Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to be organized and efficient.
  • Know the different selling styles and their uses.
  • Master body language and rapport to build relationships.
  • Understand the complete selling process and how to master it.
  • Learn selling with skills and strategies.

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Conclusion: Best Sales Training Courses (2024)

Great courses will advance you and your team in sales, enabling you to increase win rates, customer satisfaction, and revenue. It’s not always simple to select the best course for you and your team, though.

Make sure each course is well-researched to ensure that it meets your requirements and financial constraints and is offered by a reputable provider with a track record that speaks for itself. Even though investing in training can be expensive, a top-notch program will pay for itself.

If I have missed something to mention, then share it with us in the comment section below.

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