Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate Review

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Digitalization has turned out to be a crucial aspect of the business environment, and its demand has increased beyond our wildest dreams. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook of the Digital marketing industry is projected to grow up to 10% from 2020 to 2030. In the case of the E-commerce industry, employment is expected to rise up to 450,000 jobs by 2026. 

If you are willing to get into the Digital marketing field or SEO, then it is essential to attain job-ready skills. 

Google’s Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate is the best way to dip your toe in the field of Digital marketing. 

To help you determine whether the course is the right option for you or not, I have provided an in-depth review of the course in this article. 

So without any delay, let’s delve into the details. 

Key Highlights Of The Course 

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate course is one of the extensive courses which is crafted especially for beginners. 

Before diving deep into the course contents, the following are a few key highlights that you can check out to get a clear view of the skills you will learn via the course. 

  • You will learn the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and E-commerce 
  • Creating E-commerce and Digital marketing strategy 
  • Use of Email Marketing 
  • Get a clear understanding of how Online shops and E-commerce work
  • Use of social media to engage and connect with customers 
  • Preparation of job interviews and applying for digital marketing jobs

You can go through the in-depth overview of all the courses composed under the certification program. 

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate: Overview 

Platform Coursera 
Instructors Certified Google Instructors 
Number of courses 
Duration6 months 
Level Beginner 
Pricing $49 per month 
Ratings 4.8 

The Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional certificate course comprises a series of seven courses that are created especially for beginners, offered by Google and made available on Coursera

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate Review - OVERVIEW

It is a well-structured course along with easy-to-follow instructions and imparts you with job-ready skills in no time. 

The course provides access to several career resources together with relevant hands-on activities. It is highly respected among other industry leaders. 

Course Contents 

Now that we have a basic idea of the course, to get a complete understanding of the course offerings, you can check out the overview of each of them provided below. 

1. Foundations Of Digital Marketing And E-commerce 

Duration 18 hours 
Key learnings Marketing AnalyticsCustomer OutreachMarketing FunnelElements and goals of Digital Marketing and E-commerce strategy
Ratings 4.8 

The Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerce is an introductory course specially designed to brush up on the basic digital marketing concepts for beginners. 

It is a four-week course with modules, assessments, and practice quizzes. You will also come across different attribution models of Digital Marketing. 

Foundations Of Digital Marketing And E-commerce 

It is a very understandable and well-organized course. However, there are a few concepts that you might already be aware of, but overall the course is a great start to the certification program. 

2. Attract And Engage Customers With Digital Marketing 

Duration 21 hours 
Key LearningsCustomer AwarenessWebsite structure Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization
Ratings 4.8 

It is an excellent four-week course with a great user experience. Here you will get a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The course also provides a complete understanding of the different stages of the marketing funnel and the keyword research process. 

Attract And Engage Customers With Digital Marketing 

Simply this introductory-level course is designed to give you a clear understanding of how the search engine works. By the end of the course, you will get a complete idea of how to apply and improve display ads. 

3. From Likes To Leads: Interact With Customers Online

Duration 27 hours 
Key learnings Social media bidding Social media branding Customer Engagement Social media analyticsDesign, write, and repurpose content for social media 
Ratings 4.8 

The third course of the series will take you into an in-depth discussion of the core pillars of social media marketing, i.e., Strategy, planning, and publishing. 

You will also learn how to determine the target audience and build the brand identity on social media. It also explains the different analytics tools. 

From Likes To Leads

By the end of the course, you will be familiar with the concepts such as social media analytics and reporting.

4. Think Outside The Inbox: Email Marketing 

Duration 25 hours 
Key Learnings Analyze and measure email campaign results.Email marketing Analytics Email Marketing strategy Contact Management 
Ratings 4.8

“Think outside the inbox: Email marketing” is the next course of the series that features mainly all the concepts relevant to email marketing. 

The course will also help you to write effective email copy, preview text, and subject lines. Together with that, you will also gain some insights into the test, execution, and optimization of email marketing campaigns. 

Think Outside The Inbox

All the modules are easy to access and understand. You can also take notes for review.

All in all, it is a great course for anyone looking to upgrade their skills to run an email marketing campaign. 

5. Access For Success: Marketing Analytics And Measurement 

Duration 26 hours 
Key Learnings Marketing Analytics Spreadsheet Management Digital Marketing KPIs Set up a mock e-commerce store with Shopify 
Ratings 4.6 

The next course of the certification program has a major focus on marketing analytics and the tools of marketing analytics. It also clears concepts such as how to link data from Google Ads to Google Analytics

Access For Success:

You will also examine several metrics used to determine the ROAS and ROI of distinct marketing campaigns. 

Upon completing the course, you will get a better sense of Analytics and metrics that might seem intimidating concepts. 

6. Make The Sale: Build, Launch, And Manage E-commerce Stores 

Duration 24 hours 
Key Learnings Website structure E-commerce Strategy Advertise with Google Ads campaign Optimization of the website to improve sales 
Ratings 4.8 

It is the sixth course of the series that has a major focus on the E-commerce aspects, along with Ads and campaigns in E-commerce. 

Overall the course is a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with managing e-commerce stores. 

Make The Sale

At the end of the course, you will have a clear idea about how to connect with customers online and how the online checkout process works. 

7. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Develop Customer Loyalty Online 

Duration 26 hours 
Key Learnings Customer Relationship Management (CRM)E-commerce store optimization Portfolio preparation Building customer loyalty Evaluation of product performance 
Ratings 4.8 

It is the last course of your learning journey, where you will explore different strategies for building customer loyalty. 

The course allows you to engage in a series of interactive and engaging activities. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The last part of the course provides a quick review of whatever is covered in the previous courses. You will also explore additional career resources. 

Pros And Cons Of The Course

Now that you are aware of the certification course offerings, the following are a few pros and cons that you can go through before opting for the course. 

Pros Cons 
No prior experience is required to get started with the course. The course is available along with subtitles only in English. 
It Allows access to the learning community.You are required to pay a subscription fee each month to continue with the program
Taught by the top instructors.
You can learn at your own pace 
Apply your skills with hands-on projects 

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate- Course Structure 

The course comprises a well-defined structure along with bite-sized video lessons, reading, and practice quizzes. The program covers around 190 hours of instruction along with practice-based assessments. 

One thing I liked about the course is that there is an abundance of concepts included in each module.

Rights from developing digital marketing and E-commerce strategies to handling different tools such as Canva, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc., everything is got covered under the course. 

Coming to the certification, you are required to complete all the assessments and pass the final test in order to attain the certificate of completion. 

Another plus point of the course is that even after you finish the course content, as long as you have a membership in the course, the content will be available. 

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate-Instructors 

The complete Digital Marketing and E-commerce Professional certificate course is created and led by experts in the respective fields. 

Most of them are professional digital marketers and are direct employees at Google. 

The course material is created by the instructors efficiently, i.e., there is a proper balance between the reading material and video lectures; nothing is too lengthy or simple to understand. 

Pricing Of Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate Course 

Actually, the course cost is $49 per month, but the total cost depends on your learning speed and pace. 

Taking the full six months to complete the course will cost you around $294. On the contrary, if you dedicate some extra hours, you can complete the course within two to three months. 

Also, if you want to get a basic idea of the course offerings, you can opt for the 7-day free trial period. You can also access the entire course for free through the financial aid option. 

Who Should Opt For The Course?

This certification course is open to anyone who is willing to explore the world of Digital Marketing. However, below are a few key points that you can check out. 

  • Aspiring E-commerce professionals, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs can go for the Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce professional certificate course. 
  • If you are willing to boost your sales and take your business to a new level, then E-commerce should be on your radar; that is where this course will help you. 
  • If you want to earn certificate credentials to strengthen your job portfolio, then the course is the perfect option as it offers the opportunity to earn two credentials. 

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Final Verdict: Is Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate Worth Pursuing? 

This Google Career certificate will equip you with the skills that are crucial for entry-level jobs in the Digital Marketing field. 

There are around 213,000 job openings in the Digital Marketing field, with a median entry-level salary of $59,000, due to which it has turned out to be a lucrative career option. 

All the course concepts are clearly explained, and more emphasis is given to hands-on activities and tasks. 

Also, what I liked about the course is the pacing of the course, together with the week, is accommodating. 

Based on my personal experience, I truly believe that the course is worth pursuing, especially if you are interested in Digital marketing and different aspects of E-commerce.  

So if you want to sharpen your E-commerce and Digital marketing skills, then taking this course is absolutely worth the money and time. 


Which jobs can you opt for after earning the Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce certificate? 

There are several job opportunities that you can apply for upon completion of the course. Below are a few of them. 
SEO Specialist 
Junior E-commerce specialist 
Google Ads Specialist 
Junior Digital Marketing Specialist 
Email Marketing Specialist 

Are Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce certificate worth it? 

The Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce certificate is absolutely worth it due to the comprehensive curriculum, industry-recognized credibility, and practical experience offered by the course. 

Is there any background knowledge necessary to access the course? 

As I mentioned earlier, the course is designed from a beginner’s perspective, so all the modules cover concepts right from scratch. So there is no need to have any prior knowledge relevant to Digital marketing or E-commerce. 

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