11+ Best Online AutoCAD Classes In 2024 (Paid & Free)

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Are you searching for the best online AutoCAD classes to improve your skills and career? No worries, you have landed on the correct page. We have compiled a list of the ten best online AutoCAD classes, including the various available courses. 

We have thoroughly reviewed all the AutoCAD courses and listed the best ones for you. Various platforms were providing the classes, but we made sure to list the best ones for you after taking a detailed look, testing, and trying the courses available.

The following list of 11 best online AutoCAD courses will help you to get an overview of all the courses and help you to pick the best one for you according to your requirements, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the best online AutoCAD course for you.

Top 11+ Online AutoCAD Courses: In a Nutshell

The complete AutoCAD 18-21 course$29.994.6/5
AutoCAD: 3D Architectural ModellingFree4.8/5
Autodesk AutoCAD Masterclass  $ 34.464.7/5
60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 MinutesFree4.7/5
AutoCAD 2022 Essential TrainingFree4.8 / 5
Autodesk CAD/CAM for Manufacturing SpecializationFree4.8/5
Autodesk Certified ProfessionalFree4.7/5
AutoCAD Beginners Course$84.994.6/5
CAD and Digital Manufacturing Free4.7/5
The complete AutoCAD 2016 course$24.994.4/5
AutoCAD: Advanced 3D ModelingFree4.7/5

Let us dive deep into the details of all the courses mentioned in the table above.

1. The Complete AutoCAD 2018-21 course

Jaiprakash Pandey has instructed this course and it is one of the best courses on Udemy. It is a complete package for learning AutoCAD from scratch to an advanced level. You will learn to make and edit your AutoCAD Plans, Drawings, and layouts.  

Best Online AutoCAD Classes - The Complete Autocad

Moreover, you will be able to work with projects like circuit diagrams, floor plans, and mechanical drafting. Also, the course will help you to learn the new features of AutoCAD 2019, 2020, and 2021 versions.

However, if you are preparing for AutoCAD certification exams, this course will guide you to excel in them.

Key Highlights:

  • Practice drawing and Self-assessment quizzes at the end of the sections.
  • Extra practice drawings and projects are provided at the end of the course
  • It consists of 184 video lectures.
  • It includes an overview of AutoCAD for MAC. 

Price: $29.99

Ratings: 4.6/5

2. AutoCAD: 3D Architectural Modelling

Scott Onstott offers this course. This course is an intermediate-level  4 hours and 26 min learning.

AutoCAD: 3D Architectural Modelling

The course includes

  • Constructing 3D models from 2D models.
  • Cutting out wall openings and adding doors and windows.
  • Building a 3D staircase.
  • Modelling a complex roof surface.

Besides, you will take a look at creating a 3D tower and sculpting the surrounding landscape with NURBS.

Key features: 

  • Consists of a Sharable certificate
  • You can access it on your phone and tablets
  • Includes a project 
  • Downloadable pdf and documents of each lesson

Price: Free (1-month trial of LinkedIn)

Rating: 4.8 / 5

3. Autodesk AutoCAD Masterclass

This course is one of the best for beginners to start with AutoCAD. The instructor Ozgur Gorgun provides clear and well-articulated topics in the lectures. 

You will be able to understand and work on topics such as drawing basic and complex shapes, working with blocks, editing commands, layers, properties, etc.

Autodesk AutoCAD Masterclass

This course will help you inherit the necessary skills to produce technical and precise drawings. 

Key Highlights: 

  • You will learn how to draft, model, and draw with Autodesk AutoCAD.
  • The course will help to understand the interface of the program and help in mastering the keyboard shortcuts.
  • In-depth understanding of lines, shapes, tracking, and commands. 
  • You will work on live projects and gain expertise in AutoCAD.

Pricing:  $ 34.46 (Yearly subscription of Skillshare)

Rating: 4.7/5

4. 60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes

The instructor Lynn Allen does a phenomenal job in providing the top-secret AutoCAD software features. This is an intermediate-level course as it only offers tips and tricks to boost the speed of the learners.

The course consists of video lectures, a few handouts, and downloadable documents.

60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes

If you don’t have enough time to dive into the depth of AutoCAD, this course is the best choice for you. You can learn one new tip every minute and explore the hidden quests of the AutoCAD software.

Key Highlights: 

  • You will be able to learn to speed up your AutoCAD software tasks in a few steps.
  • The course helps you to work with new features of the recent releases of AutoCAD software.
  • Master the skill of productivity while working on the AutoCAD software interface.

Pricing: Free 

Rating: 4.7/5

5. AutoCAD 2022 Essential Training

The instructor Shaun Bryant will guide you through the essentials of AutoCAD. It is a beginners level course and provides you with in-depth knowledge of the necessary process and workflow of the software.

AutoCAD 2022 Essential Training

Moreover, you will learn to work with the ribbon, ViewCube, and choose workspaces. Also, you will learn to manage units and options, work with dimensioning techniques, draw and modify objects and use external references and user attributes and tables.

Key Highlights:

  • You will receive a certificate after the course.
  • The course consists of a project that has to be completed successfully to get the certification.
  • Access to the course is provided on the tablet and the phone. 

Pricing: Free (1 month LinkedIn subscription)

Rating: 4.8 / 5

6. Autodesk CAD/CAM for Manufacturing Specialization

This course is offered by Autodesk for intermediates and advanced learners. The course requires approximately 4 months to complete

Autodesk CAD/CAM for Manufacturing Specialization

This is a specialization course consisting of 4 introductory courses, which include:

  1. You will get introduced to CAD, CAm, and Practical CNC.
  2. Details on 3-Axis Machining with Autodesk Fusion 360
  3. Learning to Create ToolPahs for CNC Lathe
  4. In-depth understanding of Multi-Axis CNC toolpaths.

The learners will be able to practice design-related vocabulary with visual literacy to enhance their decisions and process. Above all, you will be able to learn the foundations of CAD and toolpath generation and work towards developing your technical skills.

Key Highlights:

  • The course has flexible deadlines 
  • You will have to complete hands-on projects and quizzes to complete the course.
  • The course provides a summary of computer-aided design, toolpath creation, and manufacturing
  • You will gain job-ready CAD and CAM skills using Autodesk Fusion 360 software.

 Pricing: Free(Audit)

Rating:  4.8 / 5

7. Autodesk Certified Professional

Autodesk offers this course for intermediates and advanced-level users. The course is of approx 18 hours and has flexible deadlines. 

The syllabus consists of advanced-level drawing techniques of polylines, arcs, polygons and splines, lines, and multiline. Moreover, you will be able to get the details about the layouts, outputs, printing, Reusable content, annotation techniques, and management of drawing.

Autodesk Certified Professional

 Key Highlights:

  • The course provides a shareable certificate on completion.
  • You will be able to draw accurately using the system of  User Coordinate.
  • The course provides you will all the knowledge and skills required for taking the certified Autodesk Professional Certificate Exam.

Pricing: Free

Ratings: 4.7/5

8. AutoCAD Beginners Course

Mike Freeman has created this course for beginners. The course will help you to use AutoCAD quickly and professionally.

You will learn to import PDf files and convert them to AutoCAD. Moreover, This course will provide you with mastery of AutoCAD tools such as XRef and layout tools.

AutoCAD Beginners Course

Above all, you will be able to understand the difference between Model Space and Paper Space. Also, you can convert hand drawings into AutoCAD, create your floor plans and understand the concepts of WCS & UCS.

Key Highlights:

  • Designed for complete beginners with realistic projects and practice files.
  • You will be able to create Professional drawing projects according to industry standards  
  • You will be working on questions like HOW, WHY, and WHERE to get a complete understanding of AutoCad.

Pricing: $84.99

 Rating: 4.6 / 5

9. CAD and Digital Manufacturing 

Autodesk offers this course for intermediate-level learners. The course requires approximately 6 months to complete.

CAD and Digital Manufacturing 

There are 5 courses in this specialization that covers the topics:

  1. Introduction  to Digital Manufacturing with the help of  Autodesk Fusion 360
  2. You will also explore Autodesk Fusion 360, which is integrated with CAD/CAM/CAE
  3. The course focuses on 3D Model Creation with the support of  Autodesk Fusion 360
  4. In-depth Engineering Design Process 
  5. The manufacturing process will be explained in detail  with Autodesk Fusion 360

You can complete the specialization or choose any of the courses above.

Above all, This series will help you to master the detailed skills of AutoCAD. You can complete all the courses flexibly as it is a self-paced course.

Key Highlights:

  • You will need to be provided with a hands-on project to complete the course successfully.
  • The course comprises the completion certificate.
  • You will be able to understand and learn the foundations of digital manufacturing and product innovation.
  • After completing the specialization course, you can unlock an Autodesk Credential to recognize your success.

Pricing: Free (Audit)

Rating: 4.7 / 5

10. The Complete AutoCAD 2016 Course

The instructor, Jaiprakash Pandey, provides this course to learn AutoCAD 2016 from scratch. This course is excellent for beginners and intermediates.

The course will provide you with an in-depth explanation of commands and sub-commands. Also, you will be able to understand real-life examples of drafting and designing.

 The Complete AutoCAD 2016 Course

Moreover, you will use actual engineering drawings as data files and learn to troubleshoot and repair drawing files. 

Key Highlights: 

  • The course provides Example based lectures for each command.
  • You will receive classes on advanced topics like sheet sets and dynamic blocks.
  • This course helps students with no prior understanding to get in-depth knowledge of AutoCAD.

Pricing: $24.99

Ratings: 4.4 /5

11.  AutoCAD: Advanced 3D Modeling

This project course on LinkedIn Learning teaches you the techniques that are essential for solving complex modelling challenges in AutoCAD. You will learn how to create each 3D component of the e-bike including its frame, drivetrain, brakes, power components, wheels, and much more.

Advanced 3D Modeling

Along with the course content you will go through a practice test that will help you to evaluate your understanding. 

Key Highlights: 

  • Learn to solve complex modelling challenges.
  • Understand how to create 3D components of bicycles.
  • Learn how to model the front end.
  • Evaluate your performance with the practice test.

Price: Free

Ratings: 4.7/5

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Final Verdict: Best Online AutoCAD Classes (2024)

What’s more? We have provided you with all the details of the best AutoCAD courses. Now you can choose the most suitable course for you.

Are you still confused about which one is the best? Following are the best courses for you:

  1. The Complete AutoCAD 2018-21 course

This course is excellent for beginners and covers the syllabus to the advanced level. It allows you to understand all the basics and details of the latest AutoCAD software

  1.  AutoCAD: 3D Architectural Modelling: 

This course is excellent for intermediate learners. During the course, you will understand all the basic concepts of architectural drawing and its detailed aspects. It is an excellent course if you are looking to advance your skills in the architecture field.

That’s all with the best AutoCAD courses.

We hope that our suggestions helped you to pick the best suitable course. Also, make sure to let us know about your choice of course in the comment section below.


Can I learn CAD online?

Yes, you can. There are a variety of AutoCAD courses available online for beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

Can I learn AutoCAD on my own?

 Yes, you can learn AutoCAD on your own by using online tutorials and courses. Also, you can check out the courses we have listed.

How long does it take to learn CAD?

Once you are done with the basics, you will have to learn to work on AutoCAD software. You will need a minimum of 3 months to learn AutoCAD.

Can I get an AutoCAD certificate for free?

Yes, you can. There are various courses available for free on Coursera and edX. Free courses are usually for beginners and intermediates, and you can check them out and start learning.

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