9+ Best Online Singing Courses You Should Try In 2022

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Want to follow your passion for singing but confused about which course to select from many options?

Well, this article has the answer! We went through thousands of courses during our research and handpicked some of the best online singing courses for you!

In this article, we will be reviewing each course in detail so that you can understand what value each course provides. 

So, let’s help you pick the right singing course to upskill your singing skills!

Top 9+ Online Singing Courses -Key Takeaway!

If you are in a bit of a hurry, then here I am, adding a quick list of the top 8 online singing courses.

CourseBest For 
MasterClass by Christina AguileraBeginners and for Expanding your vocal range
30- Day Singerbasics of being a smooth vocalist.
SingoramaBest for interactive lessons.
Elite singing TechniquesBest for technicalities of improving voice
Roger Love’s singing AcademyBest for all level learners
YousicianBest for learning core skills.
Singing Made EasyBest for learning detailed skills of singing including vowels and fundamentals of breathing.
Artistwork Vocal schoolBest for all-age learners. 

All these amazing courses sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Let’s review each course in detail below. 

1. Christina Aguilera MasterClass 

InstructorChristina Aguilera
Course lessons23 Lessons which would take around 3 hours and 43 minutes.
PriceThe annual membership is $180, which provides unlimited access to all sessions and new classes as they launch.

Learning from the famous pop-star –Christina Aguilera is no more a dream as MasterClass can help you learn directly from her! This Master Class teaches you how to expand your range, know your voice, and many vocal exercises like breathing, vocal warm-ups, vibrato, etc. 

Best Online Singing Courses - Christina Aguilera

Christina holds your hand to teach you the techniques she has earned during her journey. Christina Aguilera shares her personal experiences with the amazing vocal coaching, practice sessions, and training, along with PDF workbooks. You can also avail these classes offline or learn from anywhere through your mobile!

Course Highlights

  • Get Training from a world-renowned singer.
  • Amazing user interface
  • Learn Different styles, tones, and vocal textures.
  • High-quality production.
  • You can watch it on the Desktop and TV as well on your smartphone.
  • Gives you technical knowledge, including stage and studio microphones.


  • Majorly oriented to Pop Culture.
  • Has very few lessons.
  • It might be limited in case of proper guidance.

2. Singeo 

InstructorJulia Ziegler and Lisa Witt
Course lessons10 levels with 6 -10 video sessions of 3 to 30 minutes.
Price$15 /month for the regular course and $127 / year for private lessons.

Singeo offers the most in-depth and umbrella learning style that covers all the skills and basics you need as a beginner singer. The course focuses on a broad aspect of music, and that’s why it stands out differently than others. 

Along with weekly live lessons you get a singeo songs library so that you can practise with them. 


You can also submit videos of your singing and you will get feedback on them during the live sessions. 

Also if you change your mind, you can get a full refund from singeo!

So when you are thinking about discovering your magical voice and want to learn skills that can shape your voice, then singeo is the one!

Course Highlights

  • Most Affordable 
  • Best resources and visuals
  • Live exercises
  • Core understanding of singing
  • Best for beginners
  • Complete guide to understand your voice and shape your voice.


  • Concrete lessons
  • Need more content in video lessons

3. 30-Day Singer

Platform30-Day Singer
InstructorMentors from 30 Day Singer
Course lessonsas the name suggests, 30 Days which you can complete according to your time.
Price$29.95/ month and $129/ year
Ratings4.3 / 5

Are you a beginner who wants to follow a passion for singing? If yes, then 30 Day singer can be your perfect choice.

As the name suggests, you can grow your singing skills within 30 days. This course will not only develop and extend your vocal texture but also help you to gain confidence for performance.

30-Day Singer

Course Highlights

  • Develop vocal strength
  • Gain confidence
  • More than over 150 sessions to learn
  • Unique techniques to tone your voice
  • Develops a different style that you are interested in
  • Many different instructors and courses to choose from.


  • You can find many relevant contents on YouTube
  • Bo specific instructor
  • Too basic as it is designed mainly for beginners

4. Singorama

InstructorMelanie Alexander
Course lessons28 audio lessons
Price$67 one-time fee and $27/ month for platinum members
Ratings4.2 / 5

Get ready to gain a tone or more to your vocal octave! This one is my personal favorite as it comes with very interactive sessions and real fun, informative content.

One of the foundational skills of outstanding singing singorama is offering is the capacity to train your ear and vocals for perfect pitch. Their top-notch pitch-perfecting program will not only sharpen your abilities but also make the process enjoyable for you.


You can simply download workbooks with audio files that are designed to sing along with you. This fantastic feature guides you through the process of understanding the music.

Course Highlights

  • Best basic information 
  • All in one course
  • Real pocket-friendly
  • Outstanding resources and study material
  • The best platform to explore more about music


  • Not much up to date with new trends
  • It has audio lessons only
  • A bit technical for intermediate and advanced students.

5. Elite Singing Techniques

InstructorEric Arceneaux
Course lessons9 Modules containing 3.5 Hours of videos and 2 hours of audio.
Price$135.44 one-time
Ratings4 / 5

Udemy‘s popular -Elite singing Techniques provide a large variety of sessions, videos, workbooks, and practice classes with easy-to-follow courses.

This course will train you to remove the excess weight from your voice which leads to freeup your voice. The only requirement they have is you need to do daily vocal warm-up exercises and 20 minutes of everyday practice. 

Elite Singing Techniques

If you ask why I should get this course,  I would simply say it has a unique method that explains modern technology and old-world wisdom, which results in improving your vocal power.

Course Highlights

  • Affordable with Lifetime access
  • Core and Detailed sessions
  • Well-Known instructor.
  • Best for intermediates


  • It can be technical for beginners 
  • Sometimes it might sound like ‘over-explained’.

6. Roger Love’s Singing Academy

PlatformRoger Love’s Singing Academy
InstructorRoger Love
Course lessons14-week program divided into three parts.
Priceall three courses are for $197, $297, and  $597, respectively.
Ratings4/ 5

Roger Love’s Singing Academy is our next pick. The instructor, Roger, trains you according to your own tone and texture, singing ability, and voice type. This helps in getting mastery over the whole music concept.

 Roger Love's Singing Academy

The main reason you should take this course is, Roger Love shares some valuable and experience-based tips with you that you might not find in any other class. The best part is that Roger shares some insider secret techniques of singing that only real masters would know. 

Course Highlights

  • 3-level course 
  • Helps in finding your middle voice
  • 4 Free video lessons
  • Provides the secret method to learning the Music
  • Techniques to perform natural and real.


  • Not much affordable 
  • Level 3 might sound boring

7. Yousician – 

InstructorSelf-Taught application.
Course lessons5 levels 
PriceIntroductory course : $134.02Intermediate course : $162.44Top course : $243.67 
Ratings4.2 / 5

Super Fun! This game-like application has a unique style of teaching that makes it so exciting and attractive to learn from.  Unlike the other courses, this course gives you the freedom to learn singing at your own time and pace. 


Make your singing career interesting with this super interactive application that provides real engaging features like exercising, warm-ups, breath support, and pitch control. It also makes sure to give feedback on accuracy of your pitch and the timing of your vocal. You can also learn various instruments along with singing like guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele.

Course Highlights

  • Video game-like app with customizable features
  • Transposition Feature
  • Real interactive lessons
  • Explore 10,000+ songs & lessons
  • Learn according to your time and convenience
  • Free trial facility with any time cancellation freedom


  • You may lack Human Touch
  • Not much useful for pro-level players

8. Singing Made Easy

InstructorGabriel Burrafato
Course lessons17 lessons of 42 minutes in total.
Price$15 for Level 1
Ratings4/ 5

Singing Made Easy actually makes your singing career easy and fantastic.

Wondering how? Because you are getting the training from Someone who’s won awards for appearing on Broadway and Las Vegas Gabriel Burrafato!

Singing Made Easy

What else to think? 

Singing Made Easy level 1 has 17 lessons to learn nad 1 project to work on.  These lessons will teach you how to sing from the bottom, how to prevent vocal strain and damage and also how to use your breathing efficiently.

After successful completion of level 1 you can also enrol for Level 2.

I personally liked this course because of the informative sessions, performance activities, and many exercises to take control of your breathing.

Course Highlights

  • Lessons from the best tutor
  • Chance to work on actual project
  • Time friendly and convenient 
  • Practical projects work on
  • Teaches you to how to sing with emotions and feelings
  • Learn all the fundamental skills


  • Quite fast
  • You might get the same content on other platforms.

9. Artistwork Vocal School

PlatformArtistworks Vocal School
InstructorJeannie Deva
Course lessons17 lessons 
Price$29 for 1-month
Ratings4/ 5

Artist vocal school is a step-by-step journey that focuses on each step to learn singing. Starting from basics like breathing control, voice shaping, and practising to the master classical practice, and audition performance skills you will get all the training in this course. 

Artistwork Vocal school

Along with the practical classes, you get lifetime video lessons and music workshops. Additionally, this platform also connects you with other harmonious musicians and famous music artists. You can also request personalized feedback from top musicians to make necessary changes in your voice. 

You can consider this course for you as it promotes singing for all age aspirants. Also, it brings your vocal abilities to the next level.

Course Highlights 

  • Music theory workshop
  • Personalized feedback
  • Unlimited access to beginners
  • Be a part of the worldwide community of musicians.


  • Might not be suitable for professional singers.

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Takeaway: Best Online Singing Courses (2022)

So here we are! These are the top 9 picks that would help to follow your passion for singing. I hope you can now choose the best suitable option from the above nine courses. 

If you are still in confusion, I would recommend Chistina Aguilera’s Masterclass, which focuses on your performance skills. 

And after spending time on evaluating the best online singing course, I would say Elite Singing Techniques and Singeo might work best for you!

So what are you waiting for? Grab the Mic and start your singing journey with top picks.

I wish you happy learning!

Alvin Parker

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