9+ Best Free Anger Management Classes Of 2023

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Are you looking for free anger management classes that are completely free? If yes, you have landed on the right page. This article will share some top anger management courses that will not cost you a penny. 

Anger is a natural human emotion that every human has. However, when this anger starts affecting your daily life and relationships, it is time to intervene for a better life. Many online courses provide essential tips and strategies to manage your anger. Since many people do not want to opt for paid courses, you don’t have to worry. 

There are plenty of free courses that we have hand-picked for anger management. 

Moreover, we have also shared some of the crucial details associated with these courses so you can best decide which one you wish to go for. Nonetheless, you can try all of them since they are all free!

So let’s get right into the details!

Top 9 Anger Management Classes (2023) 

Handling anger is crucial to maintaining relationships with people around us and keeping ourselves calm. With uncontrolled anger come several issues and the best way to deal with them is by anger management. Thus, to help you handle anger, we have outlined the best seven anger management classes below. You can choose whichever seems the most suitable to you. 

1. American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association (APA) has an online brochure concerning anger management. Although it is not a course, the brochure’s content can benefit you. Moreover, if you are unaware of the basics of controlling anger, this lesson is precisely what you need.

Free Anger Management Classes - American Psychological Association

The fact that it is a reading material will also allow you to understand and apply it at your pace. And to re-check anything, you will have to scan the content, unlike video classes, where you need to watch the whole video to hear a particular part again.  

Key Highlights

  • Explanation of anger
  • Differences between levels of anger in people
  • Strategies for anger management

2. Veteran’s Administration

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs provides an online course called Anger and Irritability Management Skills (AIMS). Since it is based on training developed for veterans and service members, the practice focuses on the military. It consists of content concentrated on aiding candidates to possess self-control concerning their thoughts and actions, which helps in effective anger management. 

Veteran’s Administration

Key Highlights

  • Learn to get along with people
  • Learn to handle your reactions
  • Learning log and anger control plan

3. CBT Techniques for Anger Management

Learn anger management from Mark Tyrrell, a psychotherapist trainer for over 24 years. In this video, he explains the differences between thought and feeling and what anger makes people do. Further, he discusses the dangers of anger, which make management extremely crucial. Finally, he explains three cognitive behavior therapy techniques people can use to control anger. 

CBT Techniques for Anger Management

Key Highlights

  • Learn a breathing exercise 
  • Learn 3 CBT techniques to manage anger
  • Easy to access

4. Dr. John Schinnerer

Dr. John Schinnerer has uploaded several videos in parts to help people with managing anger. Further, he has also built a course for the same, which offers a certificate of completion but is a paid option. Nonetheless, you can watch the first part of his course for free on his blog. And although the YouTube videos won’t earn you a certificate, they will help you control your anger. 

Dr. John Schinnerer


  • Learn to manage annoyance, irritability, and anger
  • Ease of access
  • No compulsory registration for YouTube videos and Part 1 of the course

5. NuHopeCare

If you are up for watching a free session on controlling anger, NuHopeCare is the answer. This class is unique compared to other free courses because you will get to take a free test before starting the lesson. The assessment will help in analyzing the kind of anger issues you face. Nonetheless, if you need a certificate of completion, you will have to pay a fee of less than $40. 


Key Highlights

  • Help center on email and call
  • Learn emotional intelligence
  • Free 8-hour session

6. Anger Is Your Ally: A Mindful Approach to Anger

Anger is one of the many emotions we experience, so the best way to control it is by taking a mindful approach to anger. Thus, to help people follow such a path, the speaker Juna Mustad reveals how mindfulness techniques and neuroscience can aid everyone in uncovering the power of anger. Moreover, her experience in the field makes the TED talk even more valuable. So if you wish to control your anger, you must spend less than 20 minutes on this video to comprehend the tactics you can use. 

Anger Is Your Ally

Key Highlights

  • Expand your emotional awareness
  • Embrace the full potential of your emotions
  • Enhance overall wellbeing

7. How To Never Get Angry – Anger Management For Everyone

We commonly believe that our anger results from what others say or do. However, this is not the case, according to Noah Elkrief, the speaker of the course. Based on his understanding of why we get angry, he shares two things that will help people never to get angry. The first is to understand the creation of rage, which he explains in the YouTube video. And the second is regarding our beliefs about others’ opinions about us. 

How To Never Get Angry

Key Highlights

  • Free 1-hour video on how to deal with anger
  • An easy approach to anger management
  • Comprehend the roots of anger 

8. Anger Management And Conflict Resolution

You can find this free anger management course on Alison Empower Yourself, and this course’s publisher is George Patriki. Anger and Conflict are like two aspects of the same coin that you can not deny whether it happens at work or in life. If they don’t get resolved in a peaceful way, then it can impact the mental and physical health of a person badly. In this course, you will learn to manage conflicts and your anger without getting them out of hand. 

Anger Management And Conflict Resolution

You will understand all the aspects of anger and conflict and how you can control them. These lessons can help you become the best version of yourself, and they will also help you maintain healthy relationships with your friends and partner. This course is something like a counseling session that will help you explore the aspects of anger and conflict.

Key Highlights

  • The duration of the course is 3-4 hours.
  • Four different modules focusing on anger and conflict
  • Small price for a certificate of completion
  • Learn to manage your anger at the end of this course

9. Anger Control Certification Course

This is a free Udemy course on Anger management. It is a psycho-therapeutic program to help you control & prevent your anger. Most of the time, anger is the result of extreme frustration towards any subject that you feel is important. The instructor Surya Narayan Moharana shares ten anger management tips to help you prevent or control your anger. This course not only helps you control your anger but also boosts your mental health.

Anger Control Certification Course

10 Effective anger management tips:

  • Always think before speaking
  • Only express your anger when you’re calm
  • Do some physical exercises
  • Take a break
  • Identify possible solutions
  • Only speak in “I” statements
  • Do not hold a grudge
  • Use humor to avoid & release tension
  • Practice relaxation skills
  • Know when you need help

Key Highlights

  • The duration of this course is 58 minutes only
  • 24 video lectures divided into nine sections
  • Best for students, job seekers, and Job professionals
  • It helps in developing personality

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The Final Verdict: Free Anger Management Classes (2023) 

When people cannot control their anger, they are likely to regret their actions or the words they uttered while angry. This makes managing anger incredibly important for individuals with anger issues and the ones around them. 

While we can learn anger management online in the comfort of our homes, some courses are costly. This is why we shared the seven best anger management courses in this blog that you can have access to without paying at all. Moreover, you can consider watching or reading all these classes and then trying different tactics. Finally, you can stick to the strategies that you find most compelling. 


What are the five levels of anger management?

The anger arousal cycle has five levels: trigger, escalation, crisis, recovery, and depression. 

Where do I start with anger management?

It would be best to keep several things in mind to start controlling your anger. You can begin with thinking before you speak, performing exercise regularly, and expressing your concerns after being calm.

How can I fix my anger without therapy?

You can start controlling your anger by problem-solving, cognitive restructuring, relaxing, and communicating better. You can also consider taking free online anger management courses like those offered by NuHopeCare, Dr. John Schinnerer, and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

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