9+ Best Online Sewing Courses 2024 (Our Top Pick)

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Sewing! It’s not just a craft; it’s therapy!

Learning sewing might be your dream, and I guess that is why you are here looking for the best online sewing courses. Am I right?

There is a lot of content available for free on platforms like youtube that teaches you how to sew. But that might confuse you to get the proper method which will make you feel proud after wearing what you have created on your own!

Whether it be craft or therapy for you, I have made it easy for you to choose the best online sewing course amongst thousands of suggestions.

Top 9 Online Sewing Courses: In A Nutshell (2024)

Here is the list of the top 9 online sewing courses we have picked for you!

Sr No Best Online Sewing Courses Platform
1Anita By DesignYouTube
2Everything Old is New AgainCraftsy
3Sewing 101Udemy
4Sewing Patterns 101: Learn to Read Sewing PatternsUdemy
5Make wearable art with embroidery on clothes Skillshare
6Sewing Pattern Alternations: Fixing Fit IssuesUdemy
7Realistic Embroidery TechniquesDomestika
8Basic Sewing with a Sewing MachineDomestika
9Sewing EssentialsCraftsy

Let’s dig deep!

1. Anita By Design

Anita By Design – A great youtube channel that explains each and every detail of sewing. Anita herself gives you minute details about how to sew, different patterns, machines, and accessories. 

Her videos are so simple and easy to understand that you can learn things with so much ease. 

Best Online Sewing Courses - Anita by Design

Anita has a learn-to-sew tutorial that explains the fundamentals for newbies. Anita also provides thorough tutorials on garment sewing with step-by-step directions and follow-along projects for more skilled students.

You can easily become a PRO just by watching her videos and implementing her methods in your sewing.

PricingBasic – FreeMastering the basics – $397
Video course length10 mins to 1.5 Hr (varies accordingly)
Best for Complete beginners to mid-level 
Rating4.9 / 5

2. Everything Old is New Again

The next on our list is Everything old is new again by Craftsy, which focuses on the different sewing patterns over time.

This course is designed to help beginners and intermediate sewers learn new skills and techniques to create modern and fashionable clothing items by incorporating vintage styles.

Everything old is new again - Craftsy

Throughout the course, Angela Wolf highlights the importance of using high-quality notions and fabrics and provides tips on how to select the right materials for each project. 

She also demonstrates various sewing techniques, including pattern making, cutting, and sewing, as well as how to add vintage touches such as piping, pleats, and ruffles.

Video course length5 hours 34 minutes
Instructor Angela Wolf
Best forBeginner to Intermediate

3. Sewing 101- Udemy

One of the top online sewing classes is the next item on our list. If you want to learn to sew from the comfort of your home, this course is a best-seller. 

This online tailoring lesson is as introductory and straightforward as it can be. 

You will receive instruction in this course from a famous expert who, throughout his 15-year career, has taught hundreds of people how to sew in classrooms, fabric stores, and studios. 

Sewing 101- Udemy

It’s a practical course. You will therefore be equipped with the knowledge you need once you are finished.

Thus, even if you have never stitched before, you will benefit from taking this course.

Likewise, if you have been sewing for some time without a technical focus, this is one of the best sewing classes available online for you.

Video course length2 hours session
InstructorMargaret Smith
Best for Beginners 
Rating4.5 / 5

4. Sewing Patterns 101: Learn to Read Sewing Patterns

This Udemy course is especially for intermediate learners. 

You will get to know every minute detail with practical exercises. Also, you will learn different sewing patterns and techniques.

This course will help you to know how to assemble like a pro and make a beautiful outcome.

Sewing Patterns 101

This online sewing course with a certificate is wonderful. If sewing is your passion, you can enroll in this course. To take this course, there is no prior training or experience required.

Video course length1-hour session
InstructorAriana Bauer
Best for Beginners and intermediates
Rating4.6 / 5

5. Make wearable art with embroidery on clothes

This course is designed for anyone who wants to add a personalised touch to their clothing and accessories by using embroidery. 

In the course, Danielle Clough takes students through a step-by-step process of creating wearable art by first selecting a garment or accessory to embellish and then designing and stitching a unique embroidery design onto it

Make wearable art with embroidery on clothes- skillshare

She shares her tips on how to choose the right colours, threads, and stitches to create a cohesive and eye-catching design.

Moreover, you will be able you participate in her live sessions where you can ask your doubts and questions to her. 

Video course length50 minutes
Instructor Danielle Clough
Best forIntermediate

6. Sewing Pattern Alternations: Fixing Fit Issues

Sewing Pattern Alternations: Fixing Fit Issues course is designed to help sewers identify and correct common fit issues in sewing patterns. This enables them to create clothing that fits their body perfectly.

You will understand how to take accurate body measurements and how to measure and adjust patterns to fit individual body types.

Sewing Pattern Alternations: Fixing Fit Issues- Udemy

The instructor shares her tips on how to identify and troubleshoot common fit issues, such as gaping necklines, tight armholes, and excess fabric at the back waist.

The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced sewers, as Tabitha provides a detailed overview of pattern alteration techniques and also shares advanced tips and tricks for more experienced sewers.

Video course length1 hour 25 mins
Instructor Ashley Hough
Best forIntermediate

7. Realistic Embroidery Techniques

Domestika featured the Realistic Embroidery Techniques course is designed to master various sewing methods.

If you are into embroidery works, then this course is the one you should consider.

This is an excellent class for all-level embroiders to learn authentic designs through the art of needle painting. 

Realistic Embroidery Techniques

This course is taught by embroidery artist Emillie Ferris, who majorly focuses on creating unique, multidimensional embroidery designs using extended- and short-stitch techniques.

You can learn all these skills in your comfort zone anywhere and anytime.

Video course length17 lessons totalling 3 hours
InstructorEmillie Ferris
Best for Beginner to intermediate
Rating4.3 / 5

8. Basic Sewing with a Sewing Machine

Basic Sewing with a Sewing Machine includes several practical projects that students can complete using their sewing machines. 

Basic Sewing with a Sewing Machine-Domestika

These projects include a fabric basket, a cushion cover, and a simple skirt. The instructor provides step-by-step instructions for the projects, and students can follow along at their own pace.

Video course length2 hours 50 mins
Instructor Julia Reyes Retana
Best forBeginners

9. Sewing Essentials

This course is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn how to sew or wants to brush up on their sewing skills. 

It is designed to teach the fundamentals of sewing, such as how to choose fabric, how to use a sewing machine, how to sew a straight seam, and how to finish seams.

Sewing Essentials -Craftsy

It is divided into several lessons, each of which covers a different aspect of sewing.

This makes it an excellent option for anyone who has a busy schedule or who wants to learn to sew on their own time.

Video course length2 hours 18 mins
Instructor Ashley Hough
Best forBeginners

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Conclusion: Best Online Sewing Courses (2024)

Well, that’s all the 9 top picks from our side that will take your sewing skills to another level.

And if you are still in doubt, then I would strongly suggest the following 2 to choose between

  1. Anita By Design
  2. Sewing 101- Udemy

So, which online sewing course are you taking? Let us know in the comment section below!

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