10+ Best Online AI Courses With Certificates Of 2024

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Artificial intelligence is challenging to understand. However, it’s now more accessible than ever. This is due to the fantastic selection of online courses that are offered.

Big data and analytics-friendly industries like business, marketing, advertising, banking, robotics, research, healthcare, science, or sales are heavily implementing AI. 

The following review of the top artificial intelligence courses available online might assist you in making the transition if you find yourself on the inquisitive side of this technological gap.

Top 10 Online AI Courses: In A Nutshell (2024)

To assist you in gaining this knowledge and advancing your professional goals significantly, we have put together a list of the Best Online Artificial Intelligence Courses (Best AI Courses) offered by prestigious online Platforms.

Sr NoBest Online AI CoursesPlatformRating
1.AI A-Z: Learn complete AI Udemy4.8/5
2.Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by IBMCoursera4.7/5
3.Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with PythonedX4.5/5
4.Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep LearningCoursera4.8/5
5.Learn Artificial Intelligence Program with PythonUdacity4.7/5
6.AI Foundations for EveryoneCoursera4.3/5
7.Learn with Google AIGoogle4.0/5
8.Expand your Knowledge of Artificial IntelligenceUdacity4.7/5
9.Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python Udemy4.7/5
10.IBM Applied AI Professional CertificateCoursera4.6/5

1. AI A-Z: Learn Complete AI (Udemy)

Duration130 sessions for 17 Hours
InstructorHadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko, Luka Anacin, Jordan Sauchuk.
LevelBeginner to advanced

If you want to learn about AI in depth, then this course on Udemy is a great option. It is particularly user-friendly for beginners because the course material explains the fundamentals of AI. 

You will study the foundations of AI, implementations in real-world settings, and their theoretical underpinnings in this program. 

It provides a full review of the importance of AI and you may use it to your advantage. while making it simple to understand. It is supported by professional expertise, it is simple to understand, and it will be useful to you even after the course is over.

Best Online AI Courses - AI A-Z: Learn Complete AI

Additionally, models for AI applications like automated cars will be covered. Above all, you’ll discover how to use artificial intelligence to resolve problems in the real world. The coursework is of a fair duration and covers more concepts than many introductory AI courses.

For those learning AI systems for the first time, it is the most thorough and well-liked course available.

Key Features:

  • Updated Content
  • Complete guide to AI 
  • Teaches the core concept of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning


  • Learn complete Artificial Intelligence and uses.
  • Get proficient in Artificial Designs.
  • Build virtual self-driving cars.
  • Work with A3C
  • Deep Learning Implementation


  • High School Maths
  • Basic knowledge of Python

2. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence By IBM (Coursera)

Duration4 Modules that takes 11 hours to complete
InstructorRav Ahuja
LevelBeginner Level

Another excellent artificial intelligence course is available on Coursera is Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by IBM. 

You will discover what artificial intelligence (AI) is in this course, examine the cases and techniques, comprehend AI ideas, and become familiar with words like machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Furthermore, a mini-project will enable you to see AI in action; upon successful completion of the project, you will receive a certificate.

Additionally, you will learn about numerous AI-related challenges and topics, including ethics, bias, and employment opportunities, as well as hear from professionals how to study for an AI career and launch one.

Key Features:

  • Key Features:
  • Flexible to learn.
  • Get shareable certificates.
  • Learn through programming assignments.
  • Graded practice quizzes with feedback.


  • Learn applications and examples of AI
  • Get a complete understanding of what AI is and how it helps in transforming our lives.
  • Covers various AI terms like Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning.
  • Get feedback from the experts in AI Learning and AI careers.


  • Minimum basic knowledge about AI

3. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python (edx)

Duration7 weeks 10 hours per week.
InstructorDavid J. Malan, Brian Yu

The Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python course in CS50 delves into the theories that underpin mainstream artificial intelligence, including the algorithms and principles that support applications like recognition systems, translation software, and gaming engines. 

The theory underlying graph search algorithms, classification, optimization, deep learning, and other concepts in AI and machine learning are introduced to learners through practical projects as they implement them into their own Python programs. 

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

You will be covered with the knowledge of the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, expertise with libraries for machine learning, and the ability to create their own intelligent systems.

By completing this course, you will be able to take the first step toward resolving significant real-world issues and securing your professional future.

Key Features:

  • Progress at your own speed.
  • Learn to use machine learning in python.
  • Introduction to a wide range of frameworks of AI.


  • Learn probability theory and neural networks.
  • Covers logical inference, Bayesian Networks, and Markov models.
  • Learn how graph search algorithms work.
  • Complete reinforcement learning.
  • Learn NLP.


  • You need programming experience with Python, with CS50.

4. Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning (Coursera)

Duration18 hours
InstructorLaurence Moroney

The TensorFlow course on Coursera is a component of deeplearning.ai’s TensorFlow in Applied Certification.

This course is intended for software engineers who want to create robust Intelligence algorithms in TensorFlow and who possess some expertise with Python coding as well as some expertise of machine learning and deep learning.

It involves learning how to use TensorFlow to put the principles of deep learning and machine learning into practice so they can begin developing and using scalable models to solve real-world issues.

Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence

The course is filled with plenty of programming tasks and coding examples. Even by end of the course, students will have acquired the practical knowledge necessary to develop scalable solutions to real-world AI challenges.

Key Features:

  • Get training from top experts and university.
  • Learn AI skills and apply them to assignments and projects.
  • Interactive and graded course content.
  • Learn with quizzes and assignments.
  • Get a shareable certificate.


  • Learn and train an aneural network for computer vision application.
  • Get a complete understanding of how to use convolutions that improves the neural network.
  • Project that helps you to build a basic neural network in TensorFlow.
  • Get covered with the best practices to use TensorFlow.


  • You should have experience in Python programming
  • You need basic high school maths.
  • Also prior knowledge in machine learning and deep learning would be helpful.

5. Learn Artificial Intelligence Program with Python (Udacity)

Price$399 per month
Duration3 months 10 hours per week
InstructorLuis Serrano, Jennifer Staab, Mat Leonard, Juno Lee, Mike Yi.

Udacity‘s “Learn Artificial Intelligence Program with Python” is a great beginner-oriented Artificial Intelligence course. It’s a three-month course in Python for constructing learning algorithms.

This course teaches all of the requirements for the AI course as well as general-purpose programming.

Many important AI subjects will be covered over the course of three months like Anaconda, NumPy, Jupyter, Matplotlib, and Pandasare. Many of these topics, as you may have seen, are about data analysis and data science. 

 Learn Artificial Intelligence Program with Python

This program does, in fact, address a variety of data science subjects related to algorithms. At first glance, these subjects may appear unconnected to your objectives. However, when you begin to master AI, you would recognize the significance of huge data in AI.

Key Feature:

  • Get Personalized Feedback.
  • Get unlimited feedback loops and study content.
  • Learn with practical tips.
  • Provides tips and additional resources to gain extra knowledge.


  • Learn Python, Matpltlib, PyTorch, Calculus, pandas, and Linear Algebra. 
  • Get foundational building for your own neural network.


  • You should be proficient in basic algebra and programming knowledge. 
  • Basic computer skills like running programs, navigating, and managing files. 

6. AI Foundations for Everyone (Coursera)

Duration3 months
InstructorRav Ahuja, Antonio Cangiano
LevelBeginner to Intermediate

Coursera’s AI Foundations is a specialization designed for beginners with no programming background or extensive knowledge of AI, Machine Learning, or Deep Learning.

You’ll learn about terms like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks. It will also familiarise you with IBM Watson AI services, which allow any organization to swiftly and effectively incorporate pre-built AI smarts into their products and solutions. 

AI Foundations for Everyone

You will also learn how to perform clever virtual assistants and how to use them in various settings.

By the completion of this specialty, students will have had hands-on experience with a wide range of AI settings and applications, as well as built and deployed an AI-enabled chatbot on a website – all without coding.

Key Features:

  • Track your progress and assessments.
  • Learn from the actual project.
  • Get real-time feedback on your progress.
  • Interactive quizzes and sessions.


  • Understand and clear the concepts of complete AI, and its applications. 
  • Describe the several issues and ethical concerns about Artificial Intelligence.
  • Learn complete Data science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.
  • Get a firm understanding of AI smarts and their products and solutions. 

Prerequisites: None

7. Learn with Google AI (Google)

DurationApprox. 4 hours

This course is a Google-created set of courses, tutorials, and conceptual overviews that seek to give you a solid knowledge base in AI and other allied areas.

This course is open to everyone who has ever desired to get started in AI. 

 Learn with Google AI

Google’s engineers designed it as user-friendly as possible, gradually providing you with compounded information on writing AI, ultimately taking you to the peak where you are ready to code AI programs on your own.

All of the modules include sample programs, assessments, and useful examples that are intended to make AI as simple as possible for novices.

Key Features:

  • Great understanding of AI coding basics.
  • Develop your skills with various assessments and quizzes.
  • Get complete modules on AI and Machine Learning.
  • Rich in valuable content.
  • Learn with AI and ML experts at Google.


  • Discover how to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to address social, economic, and environmental issues.
  • Learn how to identify and prepare data sources. 
  • Comprehend the kinds of issues your firm can answer with ML.
  • Study best practices for creating and utilizing ML responsibly.
  • Learn responsible AI practices.

Prerequisites: None

8. Expand your Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (Udacity)

Price$399 per month
Duration3 months
InstructorPeter Norvig, Sebastian Thrun
LevelIntermediate to advanced

Investing in the class will bring you up to speed on certain critical AI components, such as search, refinement, modeling, pattern classification, and others. 

In the first module, you will indeed be needed to use Restriction Propagation to create an agent to solve Intricate puzzles. Here from, you’ll progress to creating bots with human-like logic and symbolic logic. 

Expand your Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence

At the end of the course, you will learn about Adversarial Search and the principles of Probabilistic Graphical Models.

Udacity’s programs provide further tech support and career services, which they claim to assist learners to achieve more tangible results. This is one of the greatest AI courses available online for adding AI to your skill set and incorporating AI into your business.

Key Features:

  • Technical mentor support.
  • Real-world projects from industry professionals
  • Get access to GitHub portfolio and LinkedIn profile optimization.
  • Be a part of the student community.
  • Practical tips and techniques, along with best industry practices.


  • Learn foundational AI Algorithms.
  • Get covered with techniques like breadth first and depth first search.
  • Master the Bayes Networks and techniques of Markov Models.
  • Find the best strategies for accomplishing your agent’s objectives by learning to express general problem domains with symbolic logic and using search.


  • Basic Linear algebra and calculus.
  • Experience in programming in python.
  • Basic knowledge of computer science algorithms and object-focused programs.
  • Basic algebra and statistics.

9. Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning with Python ( Udemy)

Duration15 Hours
InstructorLazy Programmer Team

Reinforcement Learning in Python is a great insider AI course for programmers who want to learn more about Python Artificial Intelligence reinforcement. 

This course covers the preliminaries and addresses all of the necessary building components for designing sharper and best AI systems.

Reinforcement Learning with Python

It is not a decent AI tutorial for beginners because it is the most intensive technical subject on this listing. It also aids in understanding the connection between reinforcement learning and psychology.

Yet, it is the greatest artificial intelligence program you can attend if you possess strong programming experience and wish to create complicated applications.

Key Features:

  • Get training from the experts.
  • Complete guide to Reinforcement Learning
  • Get updated content.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Bring 17 different reinforcement learning algorithms into practice.
  • Recognize the connection between psychology and reinforcement learning.
  • Technical knowledge of reinforcement learning
  • Use supervised machine learning techniques using gradients to reinforce learning.


  • Numpy, Matplolib 
  • Markov models and probability.
  • Calculus or derivatives.

10. IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate (Coursera)

Duration6 Months (3 Hours Per Week)
InstructorRav Ahuja, Ramesh Sannareddy, Joseph Santarcangelo, Antonio Cangiano, Tanmay Bakshi
LevelBeginner Level

This professional certificate program on Coursera created by IBM, which is one of the global leaders in Tech and knows for its AI innovations. This course is the best option for anyone who wants to become an AI developer. 

This program has six different courses which cover everything about AI, such as its use cases and applications. You will learn concepts like image processing, NLP (natural language processing), IBM Watson, data science, machine learning, APIs, and OpenCV.

IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate

With this program, you can also learn to work with pre-built AI programs without having to create a backend for these programs. This course is great for technical and non-technical individuals both. You will also learn to create AI chatbots without using programming at all.

Once you finish this course, you will get a professional certificate from Coursera and also a digital badge from IBM. You can use the certificate to showcase your skills as an AI developer and get an amazing job in the industry.

Key Feature:

  • Get the skills to create applications that are AI-powered
  • Learn to use APIs and IBM Watson services
  • Create an AI-powered chatbot and know how it works
  • Learn the basics of Python


  • Get eligible credit for this course in University Of London
  • Get IBM digital badge
  • Learn at your own schedule

Prerequisites: None

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Which Are the Best Online AI Courses?

Are you ready to begin your adventure with AI?

But you can still be unsure about the ideal AI programs to take based on your unique requirements.

In this case, I would advise taking the AI A-Z: Learn complete AI by Udemy course if you have some background in the field and want to learn useful information about AI models.

On the other hand, if you’re just getting started with AI, I’ll suggest a straightforward course like the AI Foundations for Everyone to ease you in. If you come from a non-technical background, this session is ideal for you.

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