14 Best Coding YouTube Channels To Follow in 2024

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Learning programming on your own can be challenging, but thanks to some of the best YouTube channels to learn programming that has made learning easier. 

While plenty of programming courses are available online, various YouTubers share their years of experience and knowledge with the world, which can be an excellent option for people who don’t want to spend their money on courses. 

During the last six months, I have been spending my time researching various YouTube channels for programming. While researching, I found some really good channels that can help significantly. 

In this article, I have shared 14+ of the best coding YouTube channels that you can try. While you are going through the list, remember that each channel has different expertise. So, pick the one that matches your expectations. 

Since all of them are free, you don’t have to worry about losing your money!

So, let’s dive straight into the list. 

Best Coding Channels on YouTube: Top 5+ Picks (2024)

I understand that not everyone has the time to go through our entire list. So, in this section, I have listed my five favorite YouTube channels to learn programming and the reason behind choosing them.

Sr. No.YouTube ChannelBest For 
1.The Net Ninja Best overall YouTubechannel for programmers 
2.CS DojoBest for beginners 
3.Life of Luba Best for programmers trying to find a job 
4.Academind Best for unique programming insights 
5.Derek BanasBest for creative learning 

List of 14 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Programming

For those who want to know the best YouTube channels for programming in 2024, here is a detailed discussion on each channel.

1. CS Dojo 

Subscribers1.91 Million
Most Viewed VideoPython Tutorial for Absolute Beginners
Best ForBest for beginners and intermediate programmers.

CS Dojo is a channel led by YK Sugi. Back then, he was a software developer at Google and now is a popular YouTuber who shares his experience and knowledge with his audiences. His channel has 1.85 million subscribers who learn daily from his videos. 

Currently, YK Sugi maintains a total of 9 playlists on his YouTube channel. Through these videos, he covers several topics like how to learn coding, dynamic programming tutorials, and many other technical issues. 

Here are some popular topics for beginners and intermediate programmers. 

  •  What is dynamic programming, and how to use it?
  • Python tutorials for absolute beginners- series 
  • Top 5 programming languages to learn to get a job at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.
  • How I learned to code and got a job at Google 

The above examples are just some videos that are beneficial for beginners. CS Dojo also has many other videos which train you for better job opportunities and interview skills. 

2. Academind 

Subscribers883 K
Most Viewed VideoVisual Studio Code Tutorial for Beginners
Best ForBest for clear and simple explanations.

Beautifully crafted by Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Manuel Lorenz, Academind is one of the most successful YouTube channels for programmers and coders. Founded in 2015, Max and Manuel teach everything related to web development through their courses on this channel. 

Whether you are looking for a programming language, NodeJS runtime, JavaScript, or any other technical language, Academind caters to everyone’s needs. This channel is perfect for beginners and professional programmers looking to learn something new or brush up on an old skill. 

Some popular courses on Academind 

  • What Are Pure Functions and Side Effects?
  • Git Tutorials for beginners- The Basics 
  • What is Deno & Will it replace Node.js?

From short tutorials to fruitful crash courses, Max and Manuel discuss everything on their channel, from straightforward tutorials to advantageous crash courses. In addition, they also talk about the recent trends in the coding industry, like skills, software, etc. For more courses and information, you can also visit their Academind website. 

3. Derek Banas 

Subscribers1.26 Million
Most Viewed VideoPython Programming
Best ForBest for fun and engaging teaching approach.

Even though Derek Banas is always open to discussing any topic on his YouTube channel, his area of expertise is programming, mobile, and web development. Derek Banas has a creative and engaging approach to coaching or mentoring his learners. 

With 1.26 million followers, Derek Banas is one of the most popular YouTube channels for programming. People love his videos because he has a rather unconventional and fun teaching approach, making people learn quickly. 

Some excellent videos for programmers on Derek Banas are;

  • C++ programming 
  • Python Programming 
  • The math of machine learning 
  • How to make video games 

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Derek also has some fantastic videos for clearing the basics of programming for someone starting from scratch. For better understanding, he has covered various subjects like algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, etc. 

4. Syntax (LevelUpTuts )

Most Viewed VideoSketch App Tutorials 
Best ForBest for deep understanding of web development and programming.

LevelUpTuts, now known as Syntax, is an abbreviation for Level Up Tutorials and is led by Ben Schaaf, and Scott Tolinski. Ben and Scott offer training for various programming and web development aspects on this channel. 

The channel has several beginner-friendly and advanced programming courses and short videos with beneficial insights. It has more than 1000 free videos on versatile topics, including web development and tutorials on various software. 

Some essential courses on LevelUpTuts

  • How I Make 4k Video Intros Without After Effects
  • Meteor 1.4 + React for Everyone
  • What is React?
  • What is Webpack?

5. freeCodeCamp

Subscribers8.26 Million
Most Viewed VideoLearn Python
Best ForBest for free coding courses.

freeCodeCamp is originally a non-profit organization that offers free training in coding subjects. They also have a YouTube channel on which they keep posting videos on programming and coding languages. 

freeCodeCamp has a total of 8.26 million subscribers on its YouTube channel, making it one of the highest-ranking channels for coders, programmers, and web developers. It has several courses for beginners and professionals in the technology field. 

Moreover, they provide free learning to all the people who want to make it into programming or people who are learning it just as a hobby. 

Some popular courses are:

  • Learn Python- Full course for beginners 
  • Data structures accessible to advanced course 
  • APIs for Beginners 
  • Learn Javascript- an entire course for beginners 

6. Life of Luba

Most Viewed VideoFrom Google comfort to startup chaos
Best ForBest for informational content and simple steps while coding.

Life of Luba was founded and led by Luba Yudasin, a brilliant YouTuber and a former software engineer. She also served as a product manager and chief of staff at Airbnb and Yelp. Currently, Luba is dedicated to our YouTube channel and her community. 

Luba keeps posting various aspiring and informational video lessons on technology on this channel. These videos are based on her experience and knowledge in the field. Some of these courses also prepare for job interviews and promising career opportunities. 

Beneficial courses on the Life of Luba 

  • How to learn code? Five quick, simple steps 
  • Get started with coding: Learn this line of code
  • Top 4 programming languages to learn 
  • How to pick between data science and computer science?

7. The Net Ninja

Subscribers1.2 Million
Most Viewed VideoFlutter Tutorial for beginners 
Best ForBest for basic to advanced knowledge.

The Net Ninja is one of the top YouTube channels to learn programming from in 2024. The channel comprises beginner, intermediate, and professional levels of programming training. In addition, it has several playlists designed according to the student’s benefits. 

This playlist is divided into programming specifics to understand the students better. For example, if you want to Node.js, you can refer to the Node.js course playlist, where you will find every essential knowledge about Node.js, starting from the basic to advanced topics. 

Some critical topics on The Net Ninja 

  • Modern Javascript tutorial 
  • Flutter tutorial for beginners 
  • HTML and CSS crash course tutorial 
  • Typescript tutorial 

8. Treehouse

Most Viewed VideoHow do I start a career in Tech
Best ForBest for practical concepts.

If you’re a complete beginner and have no idea about any programming language, then the YouTube channel of Treehouse is the best place to begin. Treehouse is an online learning platform that has coding courses, and you would need to pay for its subscription to get access. But with their YouTube channel, you can get access to coding basics for free.

Treehouse has a total of 365K subscribers on its YouTube channel. Along with coding tutorials, you can find plenty of helpful content on this channel that is related to web design, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and so on.

Some Popular Videos Of Treehouse Are:

  • Learn JavaScript – Complete Course For Beginners
  • How To Learn To Code
  • Git Tutorials For Beginners
  • How To Make An Android App For Beginners
  • What You Need To Know To Be A Front-End Developer
  • Build A Chat App UI

9. TheNewBoston

Subscribers2.66 Million
Most Viewed VideoJava Programing Tutorial- 1 
Best ForBest for learning different programming niches.

With more than 2.6 million subscribers TheNewBoston is the most popular web development and programming YouTube channel. Here, you will find more than 4 thousand interactive videos

This channel is the single best resource for everyone who wants to become a software developer.

This channel has a wide range of different programming topics covering development for Android and design. The channel creator, Bucky Roberts, teaches the lessons using a simple and best-described teaching style.

The coding tutorials on this channel are popular and easy enough for anyone of any age to understand. It covers different topics like game development, design, programming topics, Android development, and more.

This channel is perfect for younger learners and those who are newbies to programming.

Some popular courses on TheNewBoston:

  • Accelerated Management Program
  • Django Tutorials for Beginners
  • Loopring Tutorials
  • Ethereum Tutorials

10. DevTips

Most Viewed VideoMy Code Editor
Best ForBest for intermediate and professional learners.

This is an excellent choice for those who are already into programming and want to brush up their programming skills.

Hosted by Andrew, DevTips is a weekly show that talks about complete programming and coding.

With this channel, you will learn coding, CSS, web development, HTML5, and much more.

They also share various tech career videos where you will get many tips to start your career successfully.

With more than 300 videos on programming and coding, this channel provides detailed explanations and step-by-step guides on each concept.

11. LearnCode.academy

Most Viewed VideoLearn Website Development
Best ForBest to improve your coding techniques.

Next on our list, LearnCode.academy is another best channel to learn coding and programming.

Will Stern provides simple and clear tutorials that cover all the web development and programming concepts.

With this channel, you will be walked through topics like jQuery and JavaScript in Stern’s different methods.

He also provides many videos on web development career guides. It will definitely help you improve your programming skills and become a coder with easy steps. 

12. Programming with Mosh

Subscribers3.49 Million
Most Viewed VideoPython Tutorial 
Best ForBest for beginners. 

This YouTube channel is definitely worth checking if you are just starting your journey into programming and coding. It features many basic-level tutorials and lessons that are perfect for anyone who wants to learn Java, Python, and more.

Mosh has uploaded in-depth videos separately for each and every concept. With more than a 3.49 million fanbase, this channel consists of more than 150 comprehensive videos.

If you are a newbie, then I would definitely recommend checking out the Beginner’s Questions playlist, which will definitely help you get familiar with basic concepts.

13. The Coding Train

Subscribers1.61 Million
Most Viewed VideoCoding Challenge 
Best ForBest for interactive and in-depth learning.

The Coding Train follows a different approach when teaching programming to their followers. The channel creator, Daniel Shiffman, uses a creative method that makes this channel stand out from others.

He presents the tutorials and programming guides in an entertaining way that helps learners understand the concept easily. He also uses some interesting visuals while explaining a concept.

Here, you will get to learn each and every method and trick that you can use to code easily and perfectly. His playlists on different topics cover videos from beginner guides to advanced-level tutorials.

I would definitely recommend you check out this channel instead of any paid programming course.

14. Codecademy

Most Viewed VideoHow To Use Codecademy
Best ForComprehensive Learning for Beginners and Intermediates

The Codecademy YouTube Channel is a prime resource for anyone looking to dive into coding. With a broad range of tutorials covering various programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS, it is perfect for both beginners and intermediate learners.

The channel features step-by-step tutorials, real-world projects, and interviews with industry professionals, providing a holistic approach to learning programming. Codecademy also offers live coding sessions and Q&A, making it an interactive learning hub. Codecademy offers coupons that you can use to get exclusive discounts on the purchase of a Codecademy subscription.

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Wrapping Up! Best YouTube Channels to Learn Programming (2024)

All the YouTube channels for programming on the list offer helpful videos and guides that you can opt for. If you are overwhelmed with the options and want to know which channel to get started from, here are my top 3 recommendations: 

  • CS Dojo -Best for beginners
  • Life of Luba –For people who want to learn programming to find a job
  • Syntax –For intermediate learners who already have the basic knowledge of coding and programming. 

You can also view their most viewed programming video to get a glimpse of what each YouTuber has to offer. Moreover, you can also research their information via their other social media platform to know more about them. 

If you want to take a step forward in learning coding, you can give Codecademy a try! I have reviewed Codecademy in detail so that you can read it to decide if the platform is worth trying out!


Can I learn professional programming languages for free?

Yes, using some of the top YouTube channels, you can quickly learn how to code in any programming language without investing any money. 

Do YouTube courses prepare you for work-related skills?

These programming channels are led by professional programmers, web developers, and software engineers. These mentors guide you in securing a job and performing efficiently at top IT companies. 

Is YouTube reliable for learning to program?

YouTube is one of the most trustworthy and reliable platforms for learning anything, including programming. You can find the top meteors and experts in every field here, contributing their valuable experiences to other individuals for growth. 

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