10+ Best Nail Technician Courses Online For You In 2023

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Nail designing is a growingly famous technician skill. And recent advancements keep the sector vibrant and dynamic. 

You can be a professional nail technician at the ease of your own pace, thanks to revolutionary nail art, and produce creative and attractive nail art that your clientele will adore.

Being a beautician will provide you with one of the most in-demand and sought-after abilities. Clients who enjoy self-pampering often get a manicure after 10-15 days and a manicure every month.

The question now is, how can you locate one of the top nail professional courses available online?

We have compiled the list of the finest nail technician courses.  You’ll discover the best courses to cover and enhance your nail skills right here.

In this blog, we’ve suggested different nail skills, end outcomes, the price of the courses, and ratings that help you choose the ideal nail tech training for you.

Top 10 Nail Technician Courses Online: In A Nutshell (2023)

Here is the list of the top 10 Nail Technician courses available online that you can refer to if you are in a big hurry. 

Sr. No. Nail Technician CoursesPlatform
1. Guide to Becoming the Best Nail Tech Udemy
2. Nail Art Course- Mix Art with Modern Techniques Skillshare
3. Nail Technician – Three Easy Flower Designs Udemy
4. The Complete Nail Art Tutorial- step by step Manicure GuideUdemy
5. Nail Art: A Wonderful, Creative Designs to PaintSkillshare
6. Expert Nail Tech Course – Become a Super Nail TechnicianUdemy
7. Create your Nail Salon from home Udemy
8. Nail Art with Gel Painting Udemy
9. Flower Symphony – Learn to Create spectacular nail art. Udemy
10.The Nail Trail – Beginner’s Guide To Nail ArtSkillshare

1. Guide to Becoming the Best Nail Tech by Udemy

Udemy’s Guide to Becoming the Best Nail Tech is a special course for those who want to appear for the nail technician certification course and make a career out of it.

This course will cover how to behave and appear professionally. The course will make you prepare yourself for the exams. 

You get complete guidance about the tools and materials that are required and also guide on the perfect nail art.

Udemy - Nail Tech

The modules cover the proper shaping tutorials, basic manicures, odorless acrylic applications, and basic polish applications.

This course is perfect for those who are interested in pursuing their career as a nail technician.

InstructorGina Marie Quinones
Course Length1 hour


  • Simple and helpful video lessons.
  • Guide to blood exposure and complete sanitization.
  • Different examples of nail art applications and designs.
  • The lessons are lined with NYS nail specialty exams.


  • Major focus on exam and preparation.
  • The video quality is low.

2. Nail Art Course- Mix Art with Modern Techniques by Skillshare.

This is a detailed instruction manual for various distinct nail art methods. Anyone can take this course, regardless of level, and they will all undoubtedly learn something new. 

Cismas concentrates on modern instruments that can improve any nail art design. You’ll learn in this course how to create stunning and distinctive designs for your own or others’ usage.

Skillshare - Nail Art Course

Then you will go over all the processes required to complete the nail design as well as the materials we’ll use in detail.

Depending on your creativity and expertise, you will be able to create unique nail designs after taking this course, which will help you advance your abilities.

You will learn techniques like;

  • Recognize and follow news on nail art trends.
  • Learn the techniques and tools needed to create successful nail art creations.
  • Combine current methods with art to enhance your portfolio.
  • Choose and use the best tools for particular looks
  • Use double-seal nails to keep your design in place.
InstructorGabriela Cismas
Course Length2.5 hours


  • Get a wide range of attractive designs.
  • Learn to apply the skills smoothly.
  • Concrete course.
  • Get training from a certified expert.


  • Focused on specific tools.
  • No project to work on.

3. Nail Technician – Three Easy Flower Designs by Udemy

This session will walk you through three simple yet stunning tendril and flower patterns that any nail tech can easily copy and wow your customers.

It will also give you some pointers on how to use products like nail technician brushes to improve your skills. It will throw you a few surprises at the conclusion of this nail technician course as a reward for your diligence.

Udemy- Nail Technician

Beginners and intermediate students can both benefit from this nail technician training. You may renew your abilities and wow your customers whether you’re just starting out as a nail technician or if you can run a successful business by using the helpful tips, methods, techniques, and ideas found here.

InstructorRenata Kornoczi
Course Length1 Hour


  • Get covered with the three eye-catching designs to impress your clients.
  • Learn different nail tools and their applications.
  • Get step by step process to learn creative nail art.


  • Only three nail art designs are covered.

4. The Complete Nail Art Course – step-by-step Manicure Guide by Udemy

This program is especially intended for aspiring nail technicians or anyone who is fascinated by nail designs but has no prior training or credentials.

Create stunning GEL manicures, learn how to do fantastic nail art, and launch your own home-based nail salon.

This workshop includes instruction in both nail art and gel. It has everything you require to master nail manicures or to launch your individual Nail Technician business.

Udemy - Nail Art Course

A simple-to-follow nail design course that offers helpful advice on color theory and skin tone matching as well as step-by-step instructions for you to attempt for yourself. 

This lesson, which is mostly focused on gel nails, is quite instructive, and you’ll feel completely much more comfortable using and handling the gel colors.

InstructorNail Art Academy
Course Length3 hours


  • Informative and interactive course content.
  • Helps in understanding complex designs.
  • Wide range of nail designs that you can recreate.
  • Get training from nail experts.


  • You may find repetitive content in designs.
  • The audio is a bit distracting.

5. Nail Art: A Wonderful, Creative Design to Paint by skillshare

This beginner-level nail art guides you with amazing and simple-to-follow designs that will help you delve into the technicolor world of nail art!

Imarni will guide you through 8 nail designs in this vibrant workshop, ranging from simple to advanced, and she’ll build inspiration and confidence in you so you may try out your own creations in the future.

Creative Design to Paint by Skillshare

You’ll attempt these with gel polish::

  • Getting your nails ready, shape them, and apply base color.
  • Basic design methods include smoky quartz, dots, and clouds.
  • Complex designs like flames and Old English writing, as well as intermediate ones like party nails, color grades, and shattered glass.

You’ll never look at your fingernails the same way again, so get ready to be inspired by the technicolor, visual feast that is Imarni’s workshop, and think about sharing some unique artwork that you’ve created yourself afterward.

InstructorImarni Nails
Course Length1 hour 


  • Get creative learning from the international nail expert.
  • Project-based nail art training.
  • Get feedback on creativity and nail design projects.
  • Attractive and easy tutorials.


  • You may lack close visuals to the nail art designs.
  • No certificate is provided.

6. Expert Nail Tech Course – Become a Super Nail Artist by Udemy

This is the most thorough course available that covers every aspect of being a professional nail artist!

You can surprise your clientele with amazing artwork, charge professional prices, and quickly fill up your calendar if you finish the course and put what you learn into practice.

Super Nail Artist by Udemy

This course is broken into various stages with varying stages of different designs. Hence, there is a great deal of knowledge that will be extremely helpful for you even if you are a brand-new beautician, an aspirant nail artist, or an expert nail designer!

You are allowed to utilize any design you are using as long as it allows you to meet the outcomes you are striving for because the Expert Nail Technician course is not product-specific.

InstructorLiliya Saxon, Alex Saxon, Vitali Fedarchuk
Course Length6.5 Hours


  • Learn complex designs with easy steps.
  • More detailed with the minute techniques.
  • Get a certificate once you complete the certificate.
  • Perfect guide on nail structure and preparation.
  • Learn the ergonimics of working with customers.


  • Less visual tutorials of nail art examples.

7. Create your Nail Salon from home by Udemy

This course is primarily intended for people who want to launch a home-based business. Aspiring freelancers can learn from Donaldson’s years of experience as a nail tech in this course. She also gives comprehensive explanations of corporate ethics and cleanliness.

A succinct but useful course emphasizing how to master the fundamentals of manicures and leverage these abilities into a business. You’ll acquire confidence using UV gel and learn how to administer hand-and-nail treatments to industry standards.

Create your Nail Salon - Udemy

By the end of the course, you will have complete knowledge of

  • How to generate your income by using your creativity in nail treatments.
  • Doing a simple nail manicure
  • Preparing to apply UV paint to nails
  • Expert application of UV nail polish
  • Taking off UV nail polish
  • Understanding how to use the new skills for business
InstructorMichelle Donaldson
Course Length1 hour


  • A step-by-step guide to creative nail art.
  • Learn to perform a basic nail manicure.
  • Learn to remove the UV nail polish techniques.
  • Complete understanding of how to turn your creativity into a business.


  • You may find it messy while polishing the application, and also it was brushed onto the figure skin of each nail.

8. Nail Art with Gel Painting Udemy

You will discover how to use gel painting to beautify your nails in this course, in a complete sequence, and from easy to complicated. You can stay updated on the latest trends in nail art thanks to the course’s range of content. 

Nail Art with Gel Painting - Udemy

It will cover each approach using simple models like daisies, roses, leaves, butterflies, and simple flowers to show you which color gel works best and what kinds of brushes to use.

The one motion technique is also covered in this course. You can quickly produce unique models using this technique, which is easy to master. 

InstructorGabriela Cismas
Course Length3.5 hours


  • Learn to make various creative and attractive designs.
  • Get training from the best nail trainer.
  • Learn how to apply durable designs while using nail gel.
  • Full of refinement and elegance.


  • Might consume more time.

9. Flower Symphony – Learn to design spectacular nail art by Udemy

The Flower Symphony- learn to paint spectacular nail designs is a complete guide to how to paint with color gels like a pro nail technician.

This course will teach you the Alla Prima painting method for utilizing color gels.

Learn to design spectacular nail art by Udemy

You’ll discover how to

  • Paint stunning nail art with gel colors.
  • To create an unlimited color pallet, combine colors.
  • Make creative nail art using sketches.
  • Adding glazes to gel painting
  • Use the Alla Prima painting style to decorate your nails.
InstructorTifrea Raluca
Course Length3 hours


  • Learn to mix the colors and create new colors with them.
  • Get perfect with the Gel Nail Manicure and remove the gel nail manicure.
  • Experience the applying and removing with UV gel for the nails.
  • Learn to pace up your speed and technique while doing the nail manicure.


  • Focused on nail gel paintings only.

10. The Nail Trail – Beginner’s Guide To Nail Art By Skillshare

This is one of the best courses on Skillshare on Nail Art. With this course, you can get started with Nail Art and learn all the tricks to it with ease. The instructor of this course, Hannah Weir, is a digital content creator, and she shares all kinds of tutorials on her social media platforms.

In this course, she teaches you different styles of Nail art and how to prep for creating nail art. This is a very short course, but within this short time, she teaches amazing arts and techniques.

The Nail Trail - Beginner's Guide To Nail Art

With this course, you will learn to recognize the basic tools for creating nail art. You will learn to prepare the nails before creating art on them.

This course also gives you a hands-on project to submit where you will create nail art on your own and submit the pictures of it here.

This beginner’s guide to Nail Art course is great for those who don’t have much time to learn but can spare a few minutes to learn new things.

PriceSkillshare Premium costs $169 per year
InstructorHannah Weir
Course Length13 Minutes


  • Best for complete beginners
  • Simple & short lessons
  • Step-by-step guides to create amazing Nail Arts
  • Class projects are also available


  • The course is very short compared to others on this list
  • Does not teach you any advanced skills

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Final Verdict: Best Nail Technician Courses (2023)

Well, there are numerous possibilities for studying nail art skills online, and we have selected just the top classes. Even if are a novice or a seasoned expert looking to improve your skills, then you can definitely go for the most suitable nail technician course mentioned above. 

If you are still unsure about which option you should choose, then here is my suggestion:

  1. Your Guide to Becoming the Best Nail Tech by Udemy
  2. Nail Art Course- Mix Art with Modern Techniques by Skillshare.
  3. Create your Nail Salon from home by Udemy

Let us know in the comment section below, which course you are opting to start your career as a nail technician.

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