8+ Best Free Online MBA Courses For Growth In 2023

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MBA is a professional course that most business holders have done or thought about pursuing, and if you are wondering which are the best free online MBA courses, this post is for you!

Pursuing MBA can be expensive, varying from one university to another. However, considering its high value, MBA courses tend to be more expensive than usual. Due to its high demand and price, not everyone can afford to invest thousands of dollars. 

Fortunately, you can opt for online MBA courses which are available for free! 

This article will list some of the best online free MBA courses to help you pick the ideal course. We have mentioned free online MBA courses that are reliable. Some of which come from government institutes. 

So keep reading to find out more about the programs. 

Top 8+ Free MBA Online Courses: In A Nutshell (2023)  

If you don’t have time to go through the complete article, here is the list of selected courses. 

Sr. No.CourseProviderLength
1.Corporate FinanceIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
8 Weeks
2.Marketing ManagementIndian Institute of Management Bangalore
9 Weeks
3.Brand ManagementUniversity of London (Coursera)17 hours  
4.Leading for Equity University of Michigan
17 hours 
5.Marketing and Business StrategySkillshareSelf-paced  
6.People ManagementIndian Institute of Management
6 Weeks 
7.Leadership and Emotional IntelligenceIndian School of Business13 hours 
8.Finance For Non-Finance ProfessionalsRice University (Coursera)14 hours

Let’s have a detailed study about each course! 

1. Corporate Finance (IITK)

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur launches this course on Swayam. It usually takes eight weeks to complete the course. To apply for the course, you must know about economics, statistics, and financial accounting. The program offers self-assessments, quizzes, online discussion forums, and video lectures to understand the concept and reading materials better. 

Free Online MBA Courses - Swayam

After completing the course, you will have knowledge about finance and management in all the realms of business. You will make investing and payout decisions and long-term investment decisions once you complete it. You must pass the exam and pay a 1000 INR certification fee to obtain a certificate. 


  • It takes eight weeks to complete 
  • The course is free of cost, but certification is payable, which is optional.
  • It will give a better understanding of finance and management broadly. 
  • The course helps you make better decisions related to finance and investment. 

2. Marketing Management (IIMB)

The central government introduced the course at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore over the platform edX. It usually takes around nine weeks to complete. After completing it, students will have an in-depth knowledge of how to broaden their customer base and provide customer satisfaction. 

Marketing Management

This program offers case studies, online classrooms, examples of business models, etc. You will have the proper marketing skills at the end of this course.  


  • Nine weeks’ duration 
  • The course is free, but the optional certification requires 12000 INR
  • It will teach some of the best marketing skills with business models and case studies. 

3. Brand Management 

Offered by the university of London (London Business School), the course will take around 17 hours to complete. It has flexible deadlines. And the course is in English, but the provided subtitles help if you are not a native English speaker. After completing the course, you will market your brand more skillfully and manage it the way you want. 

Brand Management 

The study fully supports you in building your brand identity and excelling the knowledge in your business like never before. The course is beginner’s friendly, so you will not face hurdles in continuing it. As a result of completing the course, you will receive a free certificate. 


  • It takes Seventeen hours for a student to complete the course. 
  • Free Certification 
  • To scale your business, you will excel in the best marketing and branding skills.

4. Leading For Equity – University of Michigan

Leading for Equity is a course from a renowned university, the University of Michigan. They have launched the course on Coursera. It takes students about 17 hours to complete it. And though it is self-paced, you can achieve it per your schedule. A complete leadership course enables the student to approach better leadership skills. 

Leading For Equity - University of Michigan

The course is available in English. However, it provides non-native English speakers with subtitles in multiple languages such as French, Chinese, Russian, etc. After completing the course, students will better understand a leader’s duties and responsibilities and how to lead their team effectively.  


  • 17 hours 
  • Free Certification 
  • It will help you become a better leader and prominently lead your team. 

5. Marketing and Business Strategies 

The online platform Skillshare has proven fruitful for students and seekers. It contributes a lot to teach people across the countries. As a result of being available in major academic fields, it also contributes to MBA (marketing and business strategies). You can learn the course at your pace. The system has a complete guide to help you start the course and give you an idea of what lies inside it. We can see all the topics of the video lectures.

Marketing and Business Strategies 

 It also analyses some of the successful business strategies most big companies use. It explains all the issues using illustrations and designs to understand them quickly and easily. After completing the course, students can better understand how business works and the strategies that come with them. 


  • It is a Self-paced study.
  • the course is entirely free 
  • The teacher is the CEO of the company Float, so there will be so much to learn.   

6. People Management (IIMB)

The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore provides another course through the platform edX, which you can complete within six weeks. The system has flexible learning hours. You only need to give 5 to 6 hours a week to complete the course. 

People Management

It provides free reading materials and video lectures. After completing the study, you will experience practical managerial skills and better understand human behavior. 


  • It is a six-week long course. 
  • Free of cost, certification is optional and requires a fee of almost Rupees 12000
  • It will help you manage and understand emotions. 

7. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (Indian school of business) 

The Indian School of Business launched a leadership and emotional intelligence course that you can complete in 13 hours. And in our list of courses, this program is the one you can finish in a few hours. 

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

The course is made to teach you leadership components and emotion management. In addition, it will introduce you to building relationships with the people working for you and those around you.  


  • 13 hours to complete 
  • It teaches all the concepts about human emotions and helps you become a better leader. 

8. Finance For Non-Finance Professionals

This is a short course by Rice University that covers all the things related to finance which is covered in a complete semester of an MBA. It follows an intuitive approach that covers all the concepts in a short & crisp way. The ultimate goal of this course is to give you a checklist of how a finance professional makes a financial decision.

Finance For Non-Finance Professionals

This course covers compounding returns, financial valuation basics, discounting the future, and the value of money over time. You will also learn to create the basic tools of capital budgeting in this course. You don’t need any kind of previous experience with finance to learn from this course. After finishing the course, you will know how to make wise financial decisions easily.


  • Capital budgeting tools (Learn to spend money wisely)
  • How to measure cash flow and learn to create it
  • How to evaluate the cost of capital

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Conclusion: Best Free Online MBA Courses (2023)

These are some of the best free online MBA courses to make you understand managerial skills and excel in them. First, we recommend you apply to government-issued programs to have brand-issued certificates. Then, you can use the theoretical knowledge in your work. Now when business skills are at the top in demand in the market, you must enroll in any of the above-directed courses to update yourselves with time. 


Why should I enroll in any of the above courses? 

Your requirements are the best answer to this question. However, if you are a business geek and MBA feels like a heavy burden on your shoulder, the above courses are the best prescriptions for you. 

Is an MBA necessary to run a business? 

No, MBA is not a benchmark to run a business. However, business skills do matter. Business skills involve marketing, sells, creativity, critical thinking, decision making, analysis, research, and leadership, for which the above courses are favorable suits. 

In how many days can I learn marketing? 

Marketing is an ever-changing strategy that depends on the market aspects. Market aspects are not timeless. However, they fluctuate with time, so the more you practice them and how frequently you can adapt to changes, these qualities prove you to be a good marketer.

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